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che, qué pasa?

una, 30.04.2004 23:59

se cortó?

Acción ciudadana por la III República-boicot a la boda

Zruspa, 30.04.2004 23:32

¡¡Protesta ante el Senado el 22-M!!---Con motivo de la celebración de la boda del Príncipe de Asturias el próximo día 22 de Mayo en la ciudad de Madrid muchos ciudadanos nos reuniremos ese mismo día a las 10:30 de la mañana frente al Senado con objeto de reventar la boda como forma de protesta por problemas que nos afectan directamente como la carestía de la vivienda, la precariedad laboral, el recorte de libertades etc.. además de mostrar nuestro rechazo hacia la herencia franquista que supone la institución monárquica . Es nuestro deseo emplazaros a todos a que acudáis a ese lugar y sin ninguna duda lograremos ser muchos más. HAY UNA GENERACIÓN QUE YA NO TIENE MIEDO. .

New Anti-Bush - Website 3-D Bush (Deaths, Deficit, Deceptions)

American Citizen, 30.04.2004 23:30

Cool Links, all in one place

Purported al Qaida Operative Disappears off Yahoo

Jeremy Reynalds, 30.04.2004 23:05

Purported al Qaida Op is no longer on Yahoo. Group YAnked

Call Sinclair 410-568-1500 Express Outrage at Censorship

FAIR, 30.04.2004 22:46

This evening, ABC's Nightline broadcast will be devoted to reading a list
of U.S. soldiers who have died in Iraq. But some viewers won't be able to
see the program: The Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns several ABC
affiliates, has announced that it will not air Nightline on its stations

The Nazis once bowed to a public protest

repost, 30.04.2004 21:59

We have more power than we ever seem to realize. This is a story from the Nazi era – of a protest that saved 2000 lives.

Bill Ayers: Up Close And Personal

Luis-Alejandro Dinnella-Borrego, 30.04.2004 21:01

This article was written following a viewing of the Academy Award Nominated documentary, "The Weather Underground." I had the chance to interview a member of this organization, Bill Ayers, and wrote the following article in response to what I saw and what I read in Ayers' book "Fugitive Days."

Say Yes To Democracy

Luis-Alejandro Dinnella-Borrego, 30.04.2004 20:59

This article makes a case for voting for an independent candidate for President. In this case, I'm explaining my reasons for turning toward Ralph Nader.

The Outcry of the Student Reform Movement

Luis-Alejandro Dinnella-Borrego, 30.04.2004 20:57

This is an outcry directed at all students nationwide and to any and all reformers. It is modeled after the "Port Huron Statement" for the Students of a Democratic Society. The Student Reform Movement seeks nothing more than fundamental changes in the way our society works. This article should if anything awaken the fires of activism in those who read it.

World Vision Ad Placed Opposite Poster Offering $15 Million for Rumsfeld

Jeremy Reynalds, 30.04.2004 20:28

World Vision Ad Placed Opposite Poster Offering $15 Million for Rumsfeld

The punishment of God on the people of the past

syed nasir ali, 30.04.2004 19:33

Giants of the past who brooked no opposition and deemed themselves all powerful were laid low by the command of Allah

Electronic Harrassment

..., 30.04.2004 19:31

I'm posting this because the info. is of some use on the subject of directed energy weapons (weapons that are perfect for Cointelpro type discredit tactics and psychological warfare). A link to more primitive versions of the weapons are at:

Latest war news in brief:

jamie, 30.04.2004 19:29

To all who want peace,

More death today in Iraq. reports that 739 GI's have died in Iraq as of this time. Here are the latest particulars:

How To Recognize Political Manipulation: A Closer Look at

The Dean of Cincinnati, 30.04.2004 18:45

The Dean examines political manipulation by a Cincinnati politician.

Venezuela: the hijacking of a sacred stone

CRA - El Libertario, 30.04.2004 18:33

* The Pemon people of Venezuela calls to the international solidarity in their struggle for the return of the sacred stone Kueka

CAFTA: The Trojan Calf

Quixote Center, 30.04.2004 17:56

Because it is such a broad issue, free trade is a difficult issue to convey to the public. In it's struggle to oppose CAFTA- the Central American Free Trade Agreement, Quest for Peace has created a short flash film which it hopes will highlight some of those problems found in free trade agreements.

George W. Bush's 2004

0bs1d1an, 30.04.2004 17:53

Bush's 2004 "Freedom is the freedom to say 2+2=4. If that is granted, all else follows." ---George Orwell, 1984

worldwide-revolution part six . the truth .

ferhat ataman, 30.04.2004 17:06

worldwide-revolution goes on .

Racist stereotype of a Mexican

Paul Lopez, 30.04.2004 15:54

OC Weekly has a racist stereotype of Mexican on the cover of their magazine


e, 30.04.2004 15:03

progress Evolution of Christianity in America

Black Mesa (USA) Gathering 6th-9th May

King Amdo, 30.04.2004 14:10

Special LOVE this one...

capitalist woman (w$)

£, 30.04.2004 12:57

w$ la capitalista

Global Indy Archives now browsable - Offsite

Pretzel Liberation Front, 30.04.2004 10:43

Since the day Sadaam Hussein was captured, has been in various stages of crippleness. From no newswire at all to an ineffective two inch column, going back about 1 day. Links to the newswire archives are all broken. Yet the "geeks" who maintian this site seem pretty pleased with themselves.

That's why the Pretzel Liberation Front was driven to set up a browsable index of the Indymedia Newswire.

Sinclair Broadcasting - Propaganda Machine #1

the news mole, 30.04.2004 08:22

Sinclair is the largest US broadcasting company, reaching 25% of the population. They are stepping up their propaganda efforts and they don't want you to hear the names of dead soldiers.

Wal-Mart Begins RFID Rollout

By Mark Roberti, 30.04.2004 07:56

The retailer today begins tracking pallets and cases of product with EPC tags at one of its distribution centers and seven of its stores in Texas as part of a test being conducted with eight suppliers.

New Hampshire Motto Changed to: &quot;Live Free or Die... Unless You're a Queer&quot;

concerned, 30.04.2004 07:25

New Hampshire Bans Gay Marriage. What a bunch of uptight boobs.

American Activist Jailed in Bangkok

Antonio Graceffo, 30.04.2004 03:09

American Activist, Matthew McDaniel has been working with Thailand's Akha Hill tribe for thirteen years. A constant irritation to the government and military, he was expelled from the Kingdom last week. He vows to continue the fight.

Sinclair Broadcast Group Censors Nightline For Bush

raVEN, 30.04.2004 02:44

Sinclair Broadcast Group has ordered its ABC-affiliated stations not to carry tomorrow's "Nightline," which will air the names and photos of soldiers who have been killed in combat in Iraq.

Violation of the World Law, Pictures of our treatment of Iraqi soldiers

1planet1people, 30.04.2004 02:35

On Display CBS 60 minutes aired a video of our abuses of Iraqi Prisoners. Come to NYC for the RNC and tell this administration that they are fired! Aug 27 - Sept 4.


Comite d'indifférence active, 29.04.2004 21:58

4000 Indiens guaranis occupent depuis quelques jours des camps de pétrole qui appartiennent a des multnationales près de la ville de Camiri (Département de Tarija - BOlivie).

urgent call for medics and vanguard journalists

urban guerrilla liberationf front, 29.04.2004 21:39

urgent revolutionary group forms aid station, medic corps, and coomunications center for upcoming protestsnt call for people to train as street medics

FDA Approves Human Brain Implant Devices

..., 29.04.2004 20:08

FDA Approves Human Brain Implant Devices

Apr 13, 6:34 PM (ET)


The extermination of Palestinian children

dagallemaal, 29.04.2004 19:57

A powerpoint presentation

Viva Palestine? With Friends Like These…

Clifford D. May, 29.04.2004 19:16

Consider what's required to wear the label: “Pro-Palestinian.”

Stop deportation of two million Afghan Refugees from Iran

IFIR, 29.04.2004 19:15

Islamic Republic of Iran is going to forcible deportation of 2 million afghan refugees from Iran.
For support afghan refugees please sign this petition:

The 'Rape of Iraq' Acquires a New Meaning

W. C. Hack, 29.04.2004 19:03

Liberation and rape go together.

Aktionen in Berlin anlässlich des Besuches von Chinas Premierminister Wen Jiabao, 3 - 5. Mai 2004, 29.04.2004 17:02

Wir möchten durch unsere Präsenz sowohl Wen Jiabao als auch den deutschen Geschäftsmännern und sehr wenigen -frauen klar machen, dass wirtschaftliche Beziehungen zwischen China und Deutschland bei einer weiteren Unterdrückung der Tibeter nicht akzeptabel sind!!!

European No man's land, 29.04.2004 16:27

With the progress of the accession negotiation Europe's interest in the situation of the East European Roma has considerably lessened. In the enlarged Europe there is a high risk that neither the national governments will feel responsible to end their plight.

And now more news from the front

Joe, 29.04.2004 15:40

Here is the latest from Remember that these figures are "conservative." Actual "coalition of the willing and getting fewer" losses are likely far greater. Joe

Chicago Independent Television - Season One, 29.04.2004 15:23

Chicago Indymedia's video collective has finished production on Season One of Chicago Independent Television.

To all working for a more just world

jamie, 29.04.2004 14:37

To all working for a more just world,

Every day it becomes clearer that Bush, the Neocons, and other elite rulers have blundered and committed a colossal error in “guiding” and stewarding the system of exploitation that has tormented the peoples of the world for so long. In their greed and haste, they have open up the possibility of a “new day.” Revolutionaries the world over, seize the moment! All out to DC June 5 to reject the criminal war in Iraq! No it is not over. The Iraqi people are daily giving the lie to that fantasy. And let everyday between now and then and after be days of local action and organizing to build a new society to create a world where the human needs of all are held above the quest for individual privilege. Let’s continually express this popular call in ways that are ever more visible to all. Of course they will not give us the mic or the stage willingly. Be creative. “If not now, when?”

San Antonio Texans for Nader Needs Volunteers

Don DeBar, 29.04.2004 14:27

Phone: 210 320-3452

With barely a week remaining before the deadline, the San Antonio Texans for Nader office needs YOUR help to guarantee that Ralph gets on the ballot in the Lone Star State.


£, 29.04.2004 12:35


The Leftist Mindset and Thought Process is a Destructive Mental Disease

American Citizen, 29.04.2004 11:39

There is no leftist argument that, under the scrutiny of logic and reason, does not collapse like a mud hut in a thunderstorm. The pillars of leftist dogma such as hate, conspiracy theory, communism and tyranny have in every manifestation throughout human history, crumbled into a pile of rubble before the truth and moral certainty of capitalism, reason and individual rights.

TV shows US troops abusing Iraqis

BBC, 29.04.2004 11:16

A US television station has broadcast pictures allegedly showing US soldiers abusing Iraqi inmates at Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad

Represion durning EEF in Warsaw

frank, 29.04.2004 06:35

check it!

Democracy Now! Keeping Us Safe From The Truth

Shiu Hung, 29.04.2004 06:03

The "forensics" of 9/11 research and analysis discovery is currently overwhelming in support of a vast government/media coverup, and it is received with silence on DN.

The Dirty Work of Canadian Intelligence

Faisal Kutty, 29.04.2004 05:08

The article calls for an independent investigation into allegations of misconduct by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in dealing with Muslims and Arabs.

Islam means Peace

Peace Out, 29.04.2004 04:48

An introduction to Islam

Jew to Draft Iraqi Constitution

International, 29.04.2004 03:48

TEHRAN (Mehr News Agency) -- An Iraqi analyst revealed on Saturday that a Jew, originally Iraqi, who acts as an advisor to the U.S. administrator in Iraq Paul Bremer, has been missioned to draft the Iraqi constitution.

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