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busriders on wilshire and fairfax

Fourth Cycle, 20.09.2006 09:30


Thailand's Coup from Chiang Mai

Siska Scott, 20.09.2006 02:58

So far a peaceful military coup. Gov't has declared a national holiday, but emails and blogs seem to be blocked.

9/20: National Call-In Day to STOP Congress from Passing Anti-Immigrant Bills!

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network, 20.09.2006 01:37

On Wednesday September 20, we urge you to CALL, FAX AND MAIL your elected officials, SAY NO TO THE RACIST ANTI-IMMIGRANT BILLS!

Political Terrorist Alert

Tom Heneghan, 20.09.2006 00:05

Chris Mathews, Hillary Clinton's bitch, says Hillary will run for President in 2008 aka wreck the Democratic Party once and for all. Former Democratic National Chairman Terry McAuliffe to operate as her bagman.
McAuliffe linked to Carlos Lehder noted drug lord along with James Baker III and the Mickey Mouse Eisner gang in the bribery of Florida election officials in the overthrow of the duly elected President Albert Gore's election in the year 2000 (plus 700,000 votes nationwide).

UCLA Extension Online offers Cutting Edge Photojournalism

HWilliams, 19.09.2006 22:38

UCLA Extension online offers Cutting Edge Photojournalism taught by Brian VanderBrug, Staff Photographer, Los Angeles Times.

Le scuse del Papa e l'UE

anonymous, 19.09.2006 22:22

Bastano le abbozzate scuse di papa Ratzinger?


ORWELL, 19.09.2006 21:26



Illicit and Illegitimate Reasons for Agency Refusals of Public Records Requests

Dwight Hines, 19.09.2006 21:06

There are seven reasons discussed that agencies use to refuse public records requests that are not legitimate. We need to collaborate and make the list exhaustive so we can have ready made responses.

Just Another Peanut Festival

Dwight Hines, 19.09.2006 21:04

The Tenth Annual Peanut Festival in Plains, Georgia, is here again. President Carter, the Secret Service Giants and the Buffaloes of Plains will play softball on Sunday, as the penultimate event in the week long celebration.

Will the CIA/Mossad target and pre-empt the Pope to energize Bush's Wars?

Fauxlosopher, 19.09.2006 21:02

...the threat to the Pope's life is not so great from the angry Muslims as it is from the opportunistic Bush Nazis!

La Jornada: George W. Bush, Culpable

KO, 19.09.2006 21:01

The back page of the September 14 issue of the Mexican newspaper La Jornada ran a photo and caption of a delegation from the International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Committed Against Humanity by the Bush Administration delivering a verdict of guilty at the White House gates.

New EZLN communique: The Zapatistas and the Other: The Pedestrians of History

El Kilombo Intergalactico, 19.09.2006 20:03

English Translation: The Zapatistas and the Other: The Pedestrians of History
Introduction and Part I: The Paths of the Sixth.

A Trip to Ground Zero - Fourth In a Series

Cody Lyon, 19.09.2006 19:20 Photo courtesy-Anthony German Story of two friends who visit New York City's Ground Zero each 9/11 to pay respect and reflect. This year they find chaos, and a country that seems divided by selfish politics.

Sevilla:Vorbereitungstreffen gegen NATO

Foro Social Sevilla, 19.09.2006 17:27

Aufruf zu einer internationalen Asamblea ( Versammlung )
gegen Krieg und Neoliberalismus am 28.Okt.06 im anadalusischen Sevilla...

Stiop Oil Imperialism - u.s. Out Of Mideast NOW

Jesus Christ, 19.09.2006 14:44

Stop the murder for oil today!


EMILIO MARÍN, 19.09.2006 14:43

Esos periodistas escribían habitualmente “sobre” Cuba (en rigor “contra”) y uno de ellos, Pablo Alfonso, era el especialista en el tema, por encima de otros como Andrés Oppenheimer que tienen a Fidel Castro como pesadilla. Alfonso había percibido desde 2001 unos 175.000 dólares para participar de Radio y TV Martí, creaciones de Ronald Reagan para irradiar ilegalmente propaganda hacia la isla. Como ésta se defiende e interfiere esas malas ondas, las autoridades estadounidense están emitiendo desde un avión espía C-130, luego que en mayo de 2004 la “Comisión de Ayuda a una Cuba Libre” reforzara el presupuesto intervencionista.

Dia mundial contra el cambio climatico

Felix, 19.09.2006 13:57

El 4 de Noviembre habra manifestaciones en mas de 100 ciudades de todo el mundo, pon tu ciudad en la lista! Goes Live

Linda Neel, 19.09.2006 05:53

Former founder of does it again. 16-year-old Caleb Hayes is launching a revolution for his generation and it’s coming just in the nick of time. is born.

IT Scenario in Orissa

Devi Prasad Mahapatra, 19.09.2006 05:47

Information Technology (IT) is one of the most dominant and growing industry in the global economy today. The dynamic technological advancements in the Information Technology has reinforced the changes in the economy and social sector that are transforming the business and society. In this article, the author has made an effort to portray the required basic infrastructural amenities available in Orissa to attract IT companies.

National television under siege in Hungary

lajos, 19.09.2006 05:10

Angry demonstrators occupied the state television headquarters on Liberty Square in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. The people had been gathering at Kossuth square (in front of the parliament, pretty near to Liberty square) since Sunday evening, with the strong will to send away the government. Before that on the same day a record was leaked with a speech from Gyurcsány Ferenc, the prime minister. The tape was recorded during a closed meeting of the ruling socialist parties fraction in may, after they have won the elections.

HP tops most toxic notebook PCs

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 19.09.2006 04:57

Greenpeace activists staged a picket at the office of computer giant Hewlett-Packard in Bangkok in protest against the use of toxic substances in its PCs.

Day for Darfur: Tens of Thousands Rally in Global Day Against Genocide

Democracy Now! via sam, 19.09.2006 03:12

Darfur Rally Tens of thousands of protesters rallied around the world on Sunday in a global day against genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. The global day of protests was organized to coincide with the start of the United Nations General Assembly debate this week on Sudan. We speak with Darfur refugee Mohamed Yahya as well as the head of a Sudan divestment campaign.

Benedicts Apology

Jonathon Valley, 19.09.2006 02:41

While the West has a long history of mistreating the Middle East and the Bush Whitehouse seems intent on continuing this trend, the violent fundamentalist response to the Pope's recent speach show there may be a lot more the idea of Islamo-Fascism than many on the left are willing to admit.

Swami Calls For An Up-Wising - Wise Up, Everybody The Evolution Has Begun

Swami Beyondananda via sam, 19.09.2006 01:15

Wise Up, Everybody The Evolution Has Begun Can we change the course of history? Can we shift our karma into surpassing gear? I cannot say for sure, but if we choose to give up that old Dodge and trade it in for an Evolvo, that's a good first step. So ... let the Evolution begin. We don't have to wait until the first Big Shot is fired. If we create a powerful enough field, the Big Shots will end up firing themselves.


50 Is Enough Network, 18.09.2006 22:14

Meaningless Realignment Will Not Restore Damaged Credibility

Civil society critics reacted to news that the IMF had board had approved minor changes in its voting allocations with criticism and indifference. The measure, approved by 90.6% of IMF voting shares, was touted by the IMF as way for middle income countries to play a greater role in decisions.

"The power of the U.S. and other G7 countries on the board is entrenched, and the `consensus decision-making' process is manipulated to quell any dissent before it can even be articulated," said Sameer Dossani of 50 Years Is Enough: U.S. Network for Global Economic Justice. "Giving China or Turkey an extra percentage point will not contribute to changing IMF policy, and it will not empower developing countries."

This Way Out - Andrew Holleran's &quot;Grief&quot;

Overnight Productions, Inc., 18.09.2006 21:19

September 18, 2006: Author discusses new novel. Plus progress on Uruguay civil unions, South African activists doubtful about partner law, Australian taxman slams queer ex-couples, lesbians outed by Ugandan tabloid, recent arrests alarm Nepal LGBTs, more news.

BREAKING HOT INTEL: Anthrax Case Now Solved

Tom Heneghan, 18.09.2006 20:59

It can now be reported that FBI Division #5 aka the Internal American Gestapo, was behind the Anthrax letters sent out post-911. An Arab/FBI translator named Dr. Ayaad Assaad, was harassed threatened and even almost framed by elements inside the FBI and U.S. Justice Dept.

Sobre Líbano

MAI, 18.09.2006 20:40

Analisis del MAI sobre la invasión del Líbano.

Some Shit I Wrote Lastnight

Rizzo, 18.09.2006 20:38

How economic development and enviromental qulaity are related.


Por Néstor Núñez, 18.09.2006 19:06

Cuarenta y seis años apenas es un suspiro histórico. Lo corroboran
la vigencia de ideas, prácticas y preceptos justos que se mantienen
incólumes en el tiempo. Ejemplos hay muchos. Los enunciados
esenciales de unidad e integración regional latinoamericana, por
ejemplo, tienen su base allá por los tiempos de Francisco de Miranda y
Simón Bolívar, que tan lejanos suelen parecer.

What part of the law does Bush not understand

Rainbow Hawk, 18.09.2006 17:46

The illegal actions of the current U.S. administration, based upon the law.


by N4P, 18.09.2006 17:00

The Machetero - the cultural icon and protector of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico is the oldest colony on the planet. For over 500 years Puerto Ricans have struggled to free their country from the clutches of imperialism. First with Spanish imperialist rule for 400 years and recently with u.s. imperialist rule for the past 108 years. This is a breif introduction to the 500 year Puerto Rican struggle for liberation.


BERARDI BRUNO, 18.09.2006 15:57


For the Victory of Revolution, Long Live MLCP!, 18.09.2006 15:06

Workers, Labourers, the youth, revolutionaries and comrades;

Cameron’s fever…Murder in Montreal …Random acts of violence…perpetual war…The pope is a whore…it looks grim…

DrHALger, 18.09.2006 13:39

Cameron’s fever…Murder in Montreal…Random acts of violence…perpetual war…The pope is a whore…it looks grim…

Impeachment a &quot;Gatekeeper Meme&quot;?

Michael D. Morrissey, 18.09.2006 13:34

Impeachment vs. indictment

SBA Government Programs Work at Home Jobs

Mike Green, 18.09.2006 12:53

SBA Government and Private Programs

Who Are We And Who's Responsible For What We've Become? Free Album From NEU World Order

NEU World Order, 18.09.2006 12:48

Add together Truth, Freedom and Humanity with the power of garage rock, the influence of the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth and NEU! and the end result is NEU World Order. Four months in the making, a non-profit project and the debut self titled album Freely downloadable from the website at The album features the voices of Cynthia McKinney, Alex Jones, John Pilger, Mario Savio amongst others, and combines to create a social commentary for the times.

King of Pain - PAUL KRUGMAN - Bush, Torturer; The Kafka Strategy - BOB HERBERT -Bush &amp; Co.

PAUL KRUGMAN, BOB HERBERT - The New York Times, 18.09.2006 12:45

Complete articles: - Krugman: King of Pain - Why is President Bush so determined to engage in torture? - Herbert: Kafka Strategy - What we’ve seen over the past few years from Bush, Cheney & Company has been the stuff of Kafka, not Madison and Jefferson.

Lago d'Aral: 1.000 m3 di acqua gelata contro l'evaporazione

comitato spontaneo per l'acqua potabile, 18.09.2006 08:49

Fra pochi anni un conflitto con miioni di morti infiammerà le repubbliche centroasiatiche. Da una grande idea del geniale Domenico Schietti acqua ed energia gratis per le regioni del Lago D'Aral. Riempire nuovamente il lago è possibile. Evitare la dispersione delle acque arginando i bassi fondali è possibile. Maxideumidificatori o Torri di Schietti?

Should the Practice of Scientology Carry A Warning Label?

Jerry Staton, 18.09.2006 06:20

Evidence suggests that the practice of Scientology should indeed carry a label warning of its potential drawbacks and side effects. Many of Scientology’s methods, if not illegal, are downright dangerous. As with any other diet or self-improvement program, information—both pro and con—should be provided to anyone considering becoming involved with Scientology in order to allow them to make a well-informed decision.

Toxic substances in laptops: Greenpeace study exposes HP’s lie

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 18.09.2006 05:35

A Greenpeace study has revealed the presence of toxic substances in well-known brand laptops, with HP and Apple having the highest contamination levels(1). HP’s statement on its website that brominated flame retardant (BFR) decaBDE had been removed many years ago from its products has proved to be a lie, as Greenpeace investigations found that this chemical is still present(2).


Modaira Rubio, 18.09.2006 04:13



Modaira Rubio, 18.09.2006 04:10

Discuten nuevo papel de FFAA en América Latina en II Seminario Internacioanl Soberanía e Integración Regional

TC Media Alliance Presents “Citizens and the Future of News” Public Forum

Colette Davidson, 18.09.2006 02:46

The Twin Cities Media Alliance joined the Twin Cities Daily Planet to present a public forum on the future of news, both locally and nationally. Featuring The Daily Show's Lizz Winstead and NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller, the half-day event sparked a heated discussion on politics, corporate-run media, and the struggles of mainstream and community-based local media in the Twin Cities and beyond.

A Special New York City Screening of STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote

Kat L'Estrange, 18.09.2006 01:04

Screening of new documentary by award-winning filmmaker, Dorothy Fadiman, on September 21st at Millennium Film Workshop, 8 PM.

L'11 settembre è passato ma la memoria resta!

La Moneda, 18.09.2006 00:45

Santiago del Cile.
Ultimo discorso di Salvador Allende.

Not Yours To Give

Col. David Crockett, 18.09.2006 00:31

Actions speak louder than words.


U.S. holds AP photographer in Iraq

Associated Press, 18.09.2006 00:30

What did this guy know, see, or photograph that made him such a threat?

And if you're wondering why folks in the Middle East laugh about American-style 'democracy' in Iraq, please note: this man has been detained with no charges for 5 months, and there is no indication as to when - if ever - this man will be charged with a crime.


CESAR ACHING GUZMAN, 17.09.2006 22:17

Sepan todos los venales que los intereses de las mayorías nacionales están por encima de cualquier interés particular...

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