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Veteran in Central Command Bunker on 9/11 Speaks Out

Cathy Garger, 26.09.2006 15:39

Interview with former Sgt. Lauro Chavez, present in Central Command bunker on 9/11

Moto Perpetuo Free Energy e Terza Guerra Mondiale

revolution now, 26.09.2006 15:32

Se esistesse il moto perpetuo, esisterebbe la free energy. Se esistesse la free energy non di sarebbero più scuse per non eliminare la povertà. Si aprirebbero le gabbie mentali di sottomissione ed impotenza in cui siamo rinchiusi. Si dovrebbe rivelare la verità ai popoli. "Ci hanno ingannato per migliaia di anni per controllarci e sfruttarci". Della serie tutto quello che sai è falso. Domani potrebbe scoppiare la terza guerra mondiale.

Un atelier de mobilisation socio professionnel de personnes transgenres

freres poussieres, 26.09.2006 14:31

La compagnie Frères poussière, association de culture solidaire, accompagne son spectacle Hedwig and the angry inch d'une action en faveur des personnes transgenres.
Vers un projet social qui s’engage à soutenir la communauté transgenre désirant une insertion socioprofessionnelle.

HOT INTEL Frist and Lieberman: Two Rotten Scumbags

Tom Heneghan, 26.09.2006 14:02

Frist (R. Tenn) now fingered in infiltrating computer files of major Democratic leaders in the US Congress for blackmail purposes.

Frist, working with Odigo and a Mossad espionage team headed by Mel Sembler, have operated this program for over three years.

It can now be reported that Frist is now a subject of an ongoing investigation linking him to an Israeli espionage nest which has been spying on the United States military on behalf of Pentago Neocons who want to persist in the Iraq War MORE

GOD OF GAYS - UN Council, Presidents and Prime Ministers , Religions of every country watch.

Nareh Sonee, 26.09.2006 13:33

1 The new God finally take birth.
Homolism , Gayism , Lesbianism becomes the new religion mantra and would overtake and bypass every religion ? Should all global legend or immortal religions tense ? Should religions or political caretaker object ? Should society or sect prejudice and discriminate them?
Are such practices still considered taboo? UN Council, Presidents and Prime Ministers, religions of every country watch.

Festival du Cinéma d'Attac à Bruxelles (Botanique) du 06 au 14 octobre 2006

Alice Forrest (Libération Films), 26.09.2006 13:27

Pour un autre monde, solidaire, pacifiste, écologiste,...

Festival du Cinéma d'Attac à Bruxelles (Botanique) du 06 au 14 octobre 2006

Alice Forrest (Libération Films), 26.09.2006 13:23

Pour un autre monde, solidaire, pacifiste, écologiste,...

Greenpeace action: toxic death ship blocked

Capitan Giona, 26.09.2006 12:52

Estonia — Our activists have blocked the toxic ship Probo Koala in the harbour of Paldiski, Estonia and branded it an 'EU Toxic Crime Scene.' The Probo Koala dumped toxic waste in Abidjan, in the Ivory Coast, killing seven people and causing mass panic, with 44,000 people seeking medical assistance.

Organización LGBT mexicana apoya lucha vs Coca-Cola FEMSA

Comité Orgullo México, 26.09.2006 12:10

El comité organizador de la Marcha del Orgullo LGBT de la Ciudad de México hace público su apoyo solidario a la lucha legal de Roberto Mendoza Ralph contra la trasnacional Coca-Cola FEMSA, a la que acusa de haberlo discriminado por su orientación homosexual


&quot;worked over too&quot;, 26.09.2006 11:06

Workcover South Australia the unlimited Powers of entry under Section 110 and lack of Confidentiality.

Workcover corporation of South Australia.

&quot;worked over&quot;, 26.09.2006 10:56

Workcover illegally stop injured workers pay.

Bundesweite Jahrestagung der Food Coops 2006

Klatschmohn Karlsruhe, 26.09.2006 08:27

Die Food Coop Karlsruhe ( ) ist diesjähriger Ausrichter der Tagung der BAG (Bundesarbeitsgruppe der Bio-Lebensmittelgemeinschaften/ Deutschland).

cmpd misuse power

anonymous, 26.09.2006 00:27

just one of many articals made about the event of sept 23rd in down town area of charlotte nc witch led to the wrongfull aressts of several people

Political Whore Alert: Frist fingered as Extortionist

Tom Heneghan, 25.09.2006 23:43

William Frist (R. Tenn.) has been subpoenaed by the SEC and now faces three counts of criminal indictment for fraud and insider trading.
Noted Republican from Tennessee William Frist was subpoenaed two weeks ago by the SEC (reference documents linked to the HCA Inc. which involve a loan of 1.4 million dollars and the sale of his HCA Inc. stock aka a tip from his brother who is a director of HCA Inc.)

JACK FLASH clanCY S.O.S. and Diamond REO

Jack Flash, 25.09.2006 22:47

Sum of All Fears, Tiffany Hall a.k.a. I son man tEARS, BAzooKA Joes, and oCCult wOEs...hoping I'm wrong about tonITe for CYmbals in the air and in fLight...Mayor eating on fine CHINA...instead of mRe's...MISSION CRITICAL...portAble O2...Brass Band ReBIRth...MUsIC rising...Saints Marching via U2 and Green Day where a new PAint job on the SUperDOME is still Fresh...Let IT drY.

Addiction Recovery Advocate Vows to Help Others

Drug-Free Alliance, 25.09.2006 21:36

A story of one individual’s efforts during National Recovery Month

&quot;Red Doors&quot; &amp; New Queer Music

Overnight Productions, Inc., 25.09.2006 21:17

September 25, 2006: Asian-American family comes to terms; singers from Canada, Texas, and New York. Plus southern Anglicans set schism course, Latvian legislature ok's workplace bias ban, influential Indians urge sex law repeal, Jerusalem makes time for Pride, more news.


SUTE HUARAZ, 25.09.2006 21:08


Crisis Is Upon Us

Craig Roberts, 25.09.2006 20:20

"Perhaps the answer is that what appears as irrationality to experts is rationality to neoconservatives. Neocons seek maximum chaos and instability in the Middle East in order to justify long-term U.S. occupation of the region. Following this line of thought, neocons would regard the loss of a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf as a way to solidify public support for the war. American anger at the Iranians could even result in support for a military draft in order to win "the war on terror."

Despite Growing Violence, Iraqi Communities Find Ways to Assist Those Most in Need: The EPIC Ground Truth Project interviews a Baghdadi Pharmacist helping Women &amp; Children in War-torn Iraq

Contact: Emily Leaman of EPIC (202-) 543-6176, 25.09.2006 20:07

In an exclusive interview with the Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC), Dr. Rashad Zaydan – founder of the Iraqi non-profit Knowledge for the Iraqi Women Society – explains how community-based organizations are essential for ending the violence in Iraq.

PR Grants Available for Non-Profit Organizations

CyberAlert, Inc, 25.09.2006 18:25

CyberAlert, Inc., an online media monitoring company, today announced that, for the fourth consecutive year, the company will award a minimum of 10 public relations grants to not-for-profit organizations. Each grant consists of one full year of free news monitoring / press clipping services, ranging in value from $2,700 to $3,900. The aggregate value of the grants is expected to total at least $25,000.




Who Will Save Thai Democracy?

Jotman, 25.09.2006 17:02

The taxi driver Chat Chai who was interviewed for this story Confidence that the coup d'etat will go smoothly may be misplaced. It's as if people assume 80 year old King Bhumibol will always be there to keep the generals in line, or move the country swiftly back to democracy should they try to cling to power.

Keep on traveling

Loesje, 25.09.2006 15:48

mars An easy way to reduce greenhouse gasses

Première internationale dans la production d’une énergie nucléaire propre

N. ARABI, 25.09.2006 14:19

Un jeune physicien, maroco-bulgare, aurait mis au point une technologie inédite. Une "Tour d’énergie" reproduisant de l’antimatière, des mini trous noirs et des mini soleils.
Article paru le 25 septembre 2006 dans le journal marocain L'Opinion (

Due Process, Bulldozed : BOB HERBERT - Proposal to carve up Iraq moves forward

BOB HERBERT - The New York Times, 25.09.2006 13:59

- Herbert: No Due Process - The absence of concrete evidence against Iraqi journalists who have been held without charge by American and Iraqi forces is disturbing.

- Report: Geneva Conventions Have Already Been Violated and More

HEAR this HOT Intelligence Briefing: Bin Laden is Dead now comes the Timeline Question

Tom Heneghan, 25.09.2006 13:21



Serpentina di Schietti, ACQUA POTABILE gratis per tutti: siamo salvi!


Il Kit Serpentina di Schietti Perchè l'UNICEF, l'OMS e la FAO sostengono che ci vogliono decine di centinaia di miliardi di euro per dare acqua potabile a tutto il mondo per costruire acquedotti di migliaia di km quando invece con il costo della missione in Libano è possibile dare acqua a tutto il mondo?

Another silver bullet for Africa? Bill Gates to resurrect the Rockefeller Foundation's decaying Green Revolution

GRAIN, 25.09.2006 11:11

Two leading US private charitable foundations – Rockefeller and Gates - have proclaimed a “new” Green Revolution for Africa. $150 million are to be poured into the continent in the form of new seeds, and in efforts to get small farmers to grow them. Yet none of this is new. It is the same recipe, using the same ingredients, and pushed by the same agency that perpetrated the original Green Revolution starting in the 1950s. It failed in Africa then because it failed to listen to – failed even to ask – the indigenous farmers, who had worked their land for generations.


Marge Segre, 25.09.2006 10:49

Situation of women in Armenia: interviews, surveys, comments

New spin on Israeli Palestinian conflict

Dayo, 25.09.2006 09:56

Old support for Palestinian freedom from Ultra Orthodox Jews

9/25: The Immigrant Battle Shifts to the Senate – More Calls Needed!!!!!

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network, 25.09.2006 08:10

The next struggles will be at the Senate, we need to spare no time to non-stop calling the Senate!

911 Airplanes - Who &quot;rigged and installed&quot; the aircraft's remote-control systems?

R.Bleckstyne, 25.09.2006 05:53

The end of the Cold War was putting a crimp in the profits and even threatened the future existance of large arms/aviation industries plus their friends in the US Govt.could no longer justify to the voters,the huge military spending budgets.Along comes 911 and the war industries are back in business big time!

September 23rd 2006 Police Brutality in Charlotte NC

psuedonym mcnally, 25.09.2006 05:27

To Whom It Concerns

Please read this in its entirety...

I am completely at a loss for words to tell you how important it is that word gets out about a situation that was covered up, twisted, and ignored by local media. I was present on September 23rd. I am six months pregnant and stood crying, pleading with a police officer to not point his taser at me because it could potentially kill my baby. He responded saying quite simply, "I don't care." and told me I would be arrested for inciting a riot if I didn't quiet my crying. A 20 year old girl at six months pregnant incites a riot? I think not. And yet that was the case.. over 10 of my friends were arrested for charges that cover the entire spectrum of ridiculousness. Johnathan Moss, the man who was tasered at the start of the police assault ended up charged with an open concealed container. Is that worth getting electrocuted for? Nearly everything that happened that night was a blatant disregard for everyones first amendment rights, and an unbelievable abuse of power on the part of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. Please Please do whatever you can to get this heard.

Thank You....

Rebecca Rosario

Threat of federal police force against the people's movement of Oaxaca

Katiuska, 25.09.2006 04:41

The people of Oaxaca and the Federal government attempt to resolve the situation under threat of intervention by police forces.

Protestors shot at by bodyguards of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz in Oaxaca City

Katiuska, 25.09.2006 04:39

Atleast one wounded and several dissapeared in protests today in Oaxaca City


FX, 25.09.2006 03:19

Free to rebroadcast A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive! QT Report welcomes new support from news and reviews reader Mike Snitch. Thanks for all your help Mike.

Government Grants and Winterization

Mike Green, 25.09.2006 03:16

Government Grants Winterization Government Offers Government Grants For Winterization

Of the Caves to the Modern Age II

Paulo &amp; Fernando Zornitta, 25.09.2006 00:52

In the Caves to the Modern Age Second Official Report, By Paulo Zornitta & Fernando Zornitta, to the Artists and First Official Report to Cultural Media ARTS NETWORK – Birthday of 10 years of the CULTURAL SCAM Happened in Brazil.

Osama’s “death”, CIA, OIL, and Opium Smuggling

Wayne Madsen, 25.09.2006 00:37

The smoke and mirrors surrounding Osama's supposed death, relieves pressure on the Pakistanis. The relationship to the CentGas pipeline, Unocal the Taliban the Bush family and of course CIA Opium Smuggling..

Art of War : War Games

Larmee, 24.09.2006 23:24

War Games War Games

free jah cure!

christina grand, 24.09.2006 22:14

important announcement gaining worldwide attention

Where Goeth Hugo Chavez: Mediocrity or Thug? (Or Both)

Michael O'McCarthy, 24.09.2006 22:09

A Response to: Mother Jones’ Must Read:
Hugo Chavez: Mediocrity or Thug? (Or Both?)
MoJo Blog Vol. 4, Issue 38, September 22, 2006

The elitist, espresso café, white American faux Left’s spokespersons, Kos, Cooper and Julian Brookes join the New Axis of American Idiocy, Rush, Joe, Nancy, Charlie. Shit, name any of them! They’re at it again!

Royal Society tells Exxon: stop funding climate change denial

Guardian Unlimited - David Adam, 24.09.2006 21:14

Britain's leading scientists have challenged the US oil company ExxonMobil to stop funding groups that attempt to undermine the scientific consensus on climate change.

International action agains ALCOA and the Icelandic State

John Doe, 24.09.2006 20:44

Alcoa and the Icelandic state have gotten togeather in destroying one of the last untouched wilderness in Europe and are going to fill in the dams in the end of next week. We want to ask for everyones help to phone, fax and mail jam Alcoa and Landsvirkjun, which is the national power company contructing the dam at Karaknjukar. We want to blockade their phones, faxes and mails for as long as we can, starting by tuesday and going to the end of the week if possible

Uruguay_Bella Uniòn: Ocupaciòn por Justicia, Tierra y Libertad

Red Latina sin fronteras, 24.09.2006 18:22 LLamamiento a la Solidaridad sin fronteras!
Uruguay, Bella Uniòn: en lucha por la Reforma Agraria integral

Clean Clothes Campaign

Anonymous, 24.09.2006 18:03

The current minimum wage for garment workers, fixed around twelve years ago, stands at 930 Bangladeshi Taka (Tk), equivalent to just Euro10.75 or US$13.63 per month - one of the lowest in the world.

Making History: 50-60,000 People Demonstrate In Manchester, UK

Michael Meaney /, 24.09.2006 15:47

Despite MSM reports of just 10,000, over 50,000 activists, politicians, religious groups and members of the public gathered in Manchester today, to demonstrate against the criminal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to also call for British Prime Minister Tony Blair to step down.

Stuff Happens Again in Baghdad - FRANK RICH - Looting of Iraq ; MAUREEN DOWD's Latest +


- Rich: Looting of Iraq - Three and a half years later, have we learned anything(the complete article with all hyperlinks)?

- U.S. gets ‘Sovietized’ and More

Perchè è storicamente strategico organizzare comitati autonomi nonviolenti subito?

REVOLUTION NOW, 24.09.2006 13:34

1) Una dissertazione piacevole di qualche anno fa di Domenico Schietti in cui si ripercorre l'evoluzione del potere nella storia umana ed in cui si intravede la convenienza strategica di organizzare sin da ora Comitati Autonomi Spontanei Nonviolenti in ogni casa, quartiere, città per la ridistribuzione del potere, l'autodeterminazione e la difesa degli interessi locali contro i poteri forti nemici dell'umanità. 2) Tanti Comitati autorganizzati collegati fra loro come nodi internet senza un potere centralizzato che gestisca e manovri tutti.

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