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Irwin Cotler, 28.09.2006 01:51

The World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance in Durban, South Africa, which was the "tipping point" for the emergence of a new wave of anti-Semitism masquerading as anti-racism

Pres libro: Los &quot;indios&quot; invisibles... con prologo de Bayer. Charla, diapositivas...

Nuestra America Profunda ( Buenos Aires ), 28.09.2006 00:48

“Memoria y resistencia: el regreso del Inka"
“El Enmascaramiento del Malón de la Paz
Por Lic. Marcelo L. Valko

South Asia through the director’s lense

Laila Kazmi-Barsotti, 28.09.2006 00:27

isaff2006 Seattle's 3rd Independent South Asian Film Festival opens this week

grabbing attention and keeping it for a spell

DAJ, 27.09.2006 23:12

Only pride invites humiliation.

Political Whore Alert: BITCH &amp; BUSH IN A SLEEZE BOX

Tom Heneghan, 27.09.2006 21:30

Bill Clinton's Fox News outburst was scripted however Bill Clinton has told his wife Hillary (Republican in the closet) that she can’t win a Presidential election and is a Dukakis in a dress. Hillary also faces major problems if she is forced to turn over her medical records since she has congenital Herpes contacted from her White House lesbian prostitute Susan. This is a National Security problem


Tito Pulsinelli, 27.09.2006 21:26

Il FMI sta in cattive condizioni di salute, attualmente ha le casse colme ma ha perso clientela, e sta svanendo lo status di unico erogatore di crediti. Per una banca è il colmo aver perso il 95% del portafoglio-clienti. C'è poca gente agli sportelli, perchè non è un affare ricevere crediti a patto di dare in appalto al FMI la sovranità sulle economie nazionali. E' un bizzarro liberismo quello di pianificare dall'esterno le scelte economiche e monetarie degli altri.

Logros de la revolucion bolivariana

Attilio Folliero, 27.09.2006 21:17

Todos los logros de la revolucion bolivariana y de l gobierno que encabeza Hugo Chavez en la Republica bolivariana de Venezuela

Manchester Sat 22nd September- Neo-Labour &amp; The Party Conference

dan K, 27.09.2006 21:08

protest party OUTSIDE chanel M peaceful demonstration turns into cheeky free party on Manchester streets as charity & civil rights groups bosses congratulate themselves in corporate private party

6 compañeros detenidos en chile

RADIO LINEA 4, 27.09.2006 20:19

6 DETENIDOS EN CHILE CON RELACIÓN A LOS HECHOS DEL 10-9 EN SANTIAGO DE CHILE. La policia entró en una casa okupada deteniendo a 6 personas. Se les "confiscó" material para crear bombas molotov. CONCENTRACIÓN ANTE LA EMBAJADA DE CHILE EL JUEVES 28 DE SEPTIEMBRE. C/CASPE 33
El texto que sigue es el que irá impreso en las octavillas que se repartirán durante la concentración.


Grewal Eye Institute (GEI) has become the first and the only institute, in the whole Indian Sub-Continent to offer the revolutionary *'Collagen Crosslinking with Riboflavin' (C3R) Treatment* to the masses. The C3R procedure, the only known treatment that can permanently halt the progression of the dreaded Keratoconus disease. GEI, now, offers comprehensive treatment for this previously untreatable disease.

7-11Cuts Ties with Citgo

Elfcat, 27.09.2006 19:39

No reaction on Citgo's site yet.







bare knuckle reporting

Waldemar, 27.09.2006 18:24

Two time Pullitzer winner Eric Nalder shares his investigative reporting methods.

Support the unification and liberation of Africa - African People's Solidarity Day

African People's Solidarity Committee, 27.09.2006 18:11

African People's Solidarity Day, nationwide events 10/28-11/12, calls on white people and peoples of the world to show solidarity with the unification and liberation of Africa and African people worldwide.

VCU IS RACIST!, 27.09.2006 17:17


II Encuentro Nacional por los Territorios, la Autonomía y la Dignidad Indígena

Caracol Intergalaktico Venezolano, 27.09.2006 16:36

7, 8y 9 de Octubre de 2006


Fred Johnston, Manager, 27.09.2006 16:15

The Western Writers' Centre (Ionad Scribhneoiri Chaitlín Maude) based in Galway on the West of Ireland, is looking for new work for its website.

I Pledge Allegiance to the Corporations....

Jason Miller, 27.09.2006 15:20

Students reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in school on Flag Day in 1899 Tragically, the forces of avarice, militarism, nationalism, and lust for power have all but extinguished the bright illumination cast by those amongst the Founding Fathers who were deeply influenced by the Age of Enlightenment. Despite its military and technological prowess, the United States is awash in ignorance, superstition, repression, and fear reminiscent of the Dark Ages.

Danzan Dos en Matanzas, Cuba, del cuatro al ocho de octubre

Bárbara Vasallo Vasallo, 27.09.2006 13:26

El evento de danza en dúos más importante que se desarrolla en Cuba, volverá a ocupar escenarios en la ciudad de Matanzas, a 100 kilómetros al este de La Habana, entre los días cuatro y ocho de octubre con la participación de numerosos invitados.

Eficacia de fijadores externos RALCA ante catástrofes naturales

Bárbara Vasallo Vasallo, 27.09.2006 13:19

Ortopédicos cubanos demostraron la eficacia de los fijadores externos RALCA en pacientes víctimas del terremoto que azotó a Pakistán en octubre de 2005, durante la última sesión del Congreso Internacional de esa especialidad.

Europe's seas becoming mass graves while need for migrant workers rises

David Lundy, 27.09.2006 12:14

Today in the European Parliament, Civil Liberties coordinator for the GUE/NGL group Giusto Catania (Italy) drew attention to the hypocrisy at the heart of Europe's immigration policy, pointing to the fact that while thousands of people looking for a better life in Europe die at sea each year, the need for migrant workers becomes more urgent.


Stephen Lendman, 27.09.2006 11:51


Warsaw and Vilnius brandishing &quot;energy security&quot; cudgel over Baltic Sea ecology

Arvidas Kovalevski, 27.09.2006 10:21

The Baltic states' striving for the so-called "energy security" may lead to an irremediable ecological disaster in the region

Wikipédia: offensive des défenseurs du droit d'auteur à tout prix

Imaginatif, 27.09.2006 10:14

Le "fair use", dérogation aux lois sur le droit d'auteur, sorte de droit de citation étendu aux images, est en passe d'être interdit sur le wikipédia en langue française. Un vote de la communauté est en cours.


Islamic Community Net, 27.09.2006 09:54

A HOTEL boss who welcomed British soldiers to Iraq with flowers told a war crimes court martial yesterday he feared they would kill him during a savage 72-hour beating. Ahmad al-Matairi said he and nine staff were rounded up and had sacks put on their heads before being handcuffed then repeatedly punched and kicked.

Solar Panels: Uni-solar

Energy Matters, 27.09.2006 07:40

Unisolar solar panel Amorphous silicon cell solar panels

Solar Panels: 80W Sharp solar module

Energy Matters, 27.09.2006 07:35

80W Sharp Solar Panel Solar panels suitable for 4wd and RV applications

Solar Pumping: Lorentz Submersible Solar Pumps

Energy Matters, 27.09.2006 06:43

Information about using solar power to pump water

Reasons why Bush Regime wants special &quot;Rights&quot; to torture prisoners?

Fauxlosopher, 27.09.2006 06:02

Bush's whole 911/alQueda subterfufge would be revealed and go right up in smoke if these prisoners were tried in a US courtroom.

A call for international direct action! Stop the merchants of Death!

anonymous, 27.09.2006 04:15

Come to Edina, MN or take a stand, resist, or fight back in your community
Tenth Anniversary of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience at Alliant Techsystems Corporate Headquarters

Monday, October 2nd - 7 AM
Alliant Techsystems Corporate Headquarters
5050 Linclon Drive, Edina


Alex S. Gabor, 27.09.2006 03:54

Wake us up when the revolution is over.

Pig Farmer's &quot;Mountain Oysters&quot; CD

James P. Hellerich, 27.09.2006 02:24

Press Release

Hey-Ho (Howard The Coward) - A workers anthem - free song download included

scart, 26.09.2006 23:38

Finally, a truly Australian rock anthem for workers, unionists, activists and those that don't believe the HYPE!" -Amelia Taylor, UCWA & LHMU

9/11: Pathetic &quot;Left&quot; Disinformation

John Doraemi, 26.09.2006 22:12

The ravings of Alexander Cockburn / CounterPunch (among others) and the Limits of Permissable Discourse Concerning 9/11
-Crimes of the State

france limagrain harcéle des amis et amies de luttes anti ogm

non aux nécros sciences, 26.09.2006 21:36

Limagrain et Monsanto assassins de la planéte et des générations futures

Police brutality at local human rights protest

B, 26.09.2006 21:14

On Sept 23, cops brutally attacked band members and the crowd attending a Human Rights Fest in uptown Charlotte, NC. The event had been going great attracting a multinational crowd of some 200 people. Many people passing by stopped and joined in. The Human Rights Fest featured performances from Dirty South Revolutionaries, Tax Slave, 25 Minutes To Go and Southside Punx. The police forced the permitted event to shut down early. Then dozens of cops charged into the crowd, jumping on people and using tasers on some. One person was beaten by several cops and people were arrested. Full story at

We demand that the charges against David Crane, Joshua Lane, Edward Auer, Johnathan Moss, and Brandon Magness be dropped and any violations of their civil liberties be redressed.

Al-Qa'eda &quot;Revolution or Terrorism&quot; - A Free Writing Article

Fadi Serhal, 26.09.2006 20:33

In our Days , Resistance and Liberation Revolutions ging outside the line of the so-called Greater Forces , are likely to be named Terrorists .
The citizens of this World arrived to a point , where their minds are full with Lies and Stories Created to take of the revolutionary thoughts from this world. In this article i am not trying to defend Al-Qa'eda as i have a few comments on them wich i will write below , but i will more show that what the US called a war on terror , was a war for benefits and personal claims...

U.S. Prepares for War on Iran

Stop War on Iran, 26.09.2006 20:32

Nuclear aircraft carrier Eisenhower to deploy Tuesday, Oct 3rd for Persian Gulf.

Standing for the sacred in San Francisco

Brenda Norrell, 26.09.2006 20:25

Indian tribes march and sang the warrior song outside the Ninth Court of Appeals, in San Francisco, Calif., as tribes argued in court against the Snowbowl approval for making snow from recycled sewage water on San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, Ariz., where medicine men gather herbs and hold ceremonies.

Brothers &amp; Badges: real talk About Real Issues.

Nadra Enzi, 26.09.2006 19:15

This is a renewed the author made to have the city of Savannah, GA. participate in community discussions with Black men living there. It comes after a weekend shooting spree: .

Call for action to stop the whale slaughter

ocean defender, 26.09.2006 18:33

Japan kills whales As the Japanese whaling fleet prepares to kill 1000 whales Sea Shepherd launches "Operation Leviathan" an massive effort to shut down the whaling fleet.


Asambleya Independentista 6 d´Otubre, 26.09.2006 18:18

El próximo día Viernes 6 de Octubre, desde las 20:30 en las escaleras de la DPZ (Pza. Expaña), se va celebrar una concentración-manifestación con el lema “Dengún estatuto nos ferá libres”.

Indigenous summit to expose abuses at border

Brenda Norrell, 26.09.2006 17:55

An indigenous Border Summit of the Americas will collect testimony from indigenous people who are being abused at the border and expose the truth of the Bush administration's border crisis. It begins Friday morning, Sept. 29, 2006, in San Xavier on Tohono O'odham tribal land.

Temple of Love's Open Letter to Ziggy Marley and All Celebrities

Karen Fish, 26.09.2006 17:45

Ziggy Marley Look at the synchronicities.

Sjöstedt slates Commission's indifference on air pollution in EP farewell speech

David Lundy, 26.09.2006 17:40

Condemning the Commission's lack of ambition on reducing atmospheric pollution in the EU, Swedish GUE/NGL MEP Jonas Sjöstedt called attention to figures that show that over 360,000 premature deaths each year are caused by waste particles.

New legal basis needed to ensure public services survive &quot;outside the logic of the market&quot;

David Lundy, 26.09.2006 17:39

Debating the report on services of general interest today in the European Parliament, GUE/NGL President Francis Wurtz said the Rapkay report involved issues that were at the heart of the debate on the European social model and called for the establishment of a new legal basis to guarantee the survival of public services "outside the logic of the market".

&quot;Send a clear message to Turkey on human rights and the Cyprus issue&quot; - Triantaphyllides

David Lundy, 26.09.2006 17:38

Speaking in the debate on Turkey's progress towards accession today in the European Parliament, Cypriot MEP Kyriacos Triantaphyllides called for a clear message to be sent out to Turkey on accession and stressed Turkey's obligation to open its ports and airports to the Republic of Cyprus and lift the veto on the participation of Cyprus in international organisations and multilateral treaties.

Nanette Carter presents &quot;Aqueous&quot; at G.R. N'Namdi Gallery

Alaina Simone, 26.09.2006 17:16

Aqueous #27 The G.R. N'Namdi Gallery is pleased to announce an Artist Talk featuring Nanette Carter, Visiting Professor from Pratt Institute of Art on October 1st, 2006 from 2-5pm.


Wilar Yapo Cayte, 26.09.2006 16:10

Las posibles consecuencias de instalarse la MINSUR (minera del sur) en Tacna, y el abuso a los derechos del pueblo a su determinación libre de desarrollo. El gobierno de Alan García y la imposición de la mineras en el Perú.

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