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Border Patrol, Tohono O'odham's occupying army

Brenda Norrell, 04.10.2006 16:39

Mike Wilson, Tohono O'odham who puts out water for migrants on tribal land, said the Border Patrol is an occupying army of the Tohono O'odham Nation, with a military encampment on tribal land two miles north of the international border called "The Gate."

Don’t Pass the Salted Peanuts, Henry: MAUREEN DOWD - Dr. K and W. and More

MAUREEN DOWD - The New York Times, 04.10.2006 14:01

- Dowd: Dr. Strangelove's second chance: Henry Kissinger gets a do-over in scarring the American psyche and reputation in profound ways(the complete article). - Instant Messages Obtained by ABC News Cast Doubt on Claims from Mark Foley's Lawyer and More

Nicaraguans Indict Rumsfeld

Prensa Latina, 04.10.2006 13:31

The Nicaraguan Social Movement formally accused Rumsfeld in front of the Republic's General Attorney for crimes against humanity

Flood of “Do-It-Yourself Impeachments” to inundate the houses of Congress.

Kimberly, 04.10.2006 12:53

Next Thursday hundreds of thousands of citizens are going to be mailing legal documents to the houses of Congress demanding Bush’s impeachment.

Jodin Morey, an organizer for Impeach for Peace (a Minnesota based impeachment group), researched a method for impeaching the president using a little known and rarely used part of the Rules of the House of Representatives that empowers individual citizens to initiate the impeachment process.

G8 newsletter

fields and beyond, 04.10.2006 09:58

This is the first issue of the international newsletter for the mobilizations against the G8 meeting taking place in Germany next year. This newsletter "news from the fields and beyond" will apperar regularly every six weeks from now on.

Foley Mania

Karen Fish, 04.10.2006 09:25

Carrots Keeping things in perspective.

Torture en République de Guinée

Elhadji Baila Ly, 04.10.2006 08:20

Nls-Guinee Guinée : Le doute n’est plus permis, le régime de Lansana Conté applique bel et bien la torture comme mode de gouvernance

Smoking George In A Fight To Stand Urban Warfare: A Story About A Lost Fire Arm With A Tail Of Wisdom

Michael Carmen, 04.10.2006 05:27

In a noon of roofs taken from a two storey old house in an inner area in Malate was a view where some leash of altitude of upper plane suburbian 3 o clock snack.

Protest Against Bush Attack on Iran at Norfolk Fleet Naval Base

Mac McKinney, 04.10.2006 03:56

Protesters in Front of Gate 5, NOB On October 1st, a protest against a prospective attack on Iran was held at Naval Operating Base (NOB), Norfolk, Virginia, home of the Atlantic Fleet, after it was learned that the USS Eisenhower was leaving on Tues, Oct 3, leading a strike group under orders to approach the coast of Iran by Oct 21, 2006.

Bolivia: Asamblea Constituyente, reconciliacion nacional, 04.10.2006 03:05

En BOlivia pese a los anuncios de guerra civil, secesion... se registro un proceso de reconciliacion nacional. He aqui la cronica de uno de los protagonistas.

Anti-aboriginal rights rally could be deadly for Six Nations

anonymous, 03.10.2006 23:36

Canada will not halt an anti-aboriginal land rights rally near Caledonia, even though it could result in violence or bloodshed on Oct. 15. Reflecting the same government-sponsored racism that led to violence and deaths in the southern United States during the era of Civil Rights, the government of Canada has given the green light to a rally against aboriginals at Kanenhstaton.

Human rights groups condemn US law on military commissions

Patrick Martin via sam, 03.10.2006 23:20

American police state “We only put guilty people on trial” ... Then why have trials at all? Why not rely solely on the judgment of the police, prosecutors and presidents who wield the executive power? The logic of the policies being pursued by the Bush administration, rubberstamped by Congress and the Democratic Party, is the establishment of an American police state.


Tom Heneghan, 03.10.2006 21:14

It can now be reported that the reason why Rumsfeld and Rice ignored the July 10, 2001 warnings of George Tenet, then CIA Director and the U.S. State Dept. is that Bin Laden was not only in the UAE for dialysis treatment in June/July 2001; but was there on a secret mission on behalf of the U.S. NSA to sell Promis Software to the Emir of the UAE in Dubai. That’s right folks, Rumsfeld and Rice ignored these warnings because Bin Laden (never caught now dead) was still a CIA Agent (aka Tim Osman). We now understand why Bush ordered an NSA spy dragnet against his own State Dept. on the day of 9/11 itself.

On Oct 5th - smash Bush regime

selected presidents are string puppets, 03.10.2006 20:49

Archbishop gives a handjob to Bush Bush is a sick, twisted fuck.

Foley Pedophilia Scandal is Tip of the Iceberg

anonymous, 03.10.2006 20:11

Links to articles showing a long-standing pattern of pedophiliac sex, prostitutes and most importantly, BLACKMAIL of powerful officials in washington.


R. E. WHITELAW, 03.10.2006 19:55



Rosemary E. Whitelaw, 03.10.2006 19:54


Cidadania e ficção no País do Carnaval / Voto obrigatório: a realidade da pantomima? Artigo literário

Jacob (J.) Lumier - Rio de Janeiro, 03.10.2006 19:22

Idéia para compor em um idealizado Blog um artigo/conto literário combinando um plano de composição de um relato fictício com algumas palavras-chave para uma reflexão sociológica sobre o voto obrigatório como obstáculo à Democracia nos países subdesenvolvidos.

Regarding Neoconservative, Neoliberal Newspeak

Hamid Golpira, 03.10.2006 18:54

The neoliberals have sided with the neoconservatives in almost everything of any great import (in deed, not in speech) so it becomes difficut to tell the two apart any more. All the rhetorical terminology serves only to confuse. What we have are two wings of the business party.

A Compendium of Republican Sex Scandals Involving Children

Daily Kos, 03.10.2006 18:28

[9-21-05] "President Bush decided Wednesday to waive any financial sanctions on Saudi Arabia, Washington's closest Arab ally in the war on terrorism, for failing to do enough to stop the modern-day slave trade in prostitutes, child sex workers and forced laborers." - The Associated Press

HOT INTEL: 9/11 Now Exposed

Tom Heneghan, 03.10.2006 17:55

It can now be reported this morning that a U.S. Justice Dept. warrant and an Interpol Red Notice has been issued for Israeli Mossad agent Jacob Coby Alexander. Alexander linked to the noted Urban Moving Systems/Odigo Mossad Group which operated in the New Jersey, New York area pre-9/11.

Fact Not Fiction: An SEC case issued against Alexander (Docket 19796 Aug.9/06) has accused Alexander of backdating Put Options on United Airlines and American Airlines. Alexander has also been accused of using his company Odigo, an Israeli espionage operation, for the purpose of making these illegal trades.

Proverbial Moses

Gerben Kor, 03.10.2006 17:47

This is a short song about a president. From his bed of yellow roses he will lead us across denial to a promised land of oil and profit. He's our proverbial Moses.

Depression Screening – A Cruel Fraud; Exposing “National Depression Screening Day”

Mary Collins, 03.10.2006 17:08

Why is Depression Screening a fraud?

Make a movie that matters

NUFF Global, 03.10.2006 15:07

NUFF Global is a worldwide call for young filmmakers everywhere to submit film ideas on Climate Change. An international committee of film and environmental specialists has already been assembled, and will the top ideas approx. 5,000 US dollars each in production funds. Completed films will be screened at NUFF 2007 ( For detailed information please check

No Justice from Halliburton/KBR

David Webster, 03.10.2006 14:25

This was an email sent to steve arnold asking for an investigation into the dealings of KBR and their bias investigation process. This situation was judged, juried, and executed while David Webster was on R&R. He was never allowed to rebutt any of this. Eight out of 50 people were asked to give written statements, those were the people that were coached by the conspirators. You find out quick if you are not in their house you are on your way out. Please pass this on to anyone and everyone.

Shell in Mayo: Your Support Urgently required

Brian and Andrew, 03.10.2006 13:24

Irish police and Shell workers have forced an entrance to Shell's self-declared property at Bellinaboy. Urgent action on an international level is needed.


Radio Resistencia, 03.10.2006 11:34

Te pedimos tu adhesión a este manifiesto. Puedes enviarla a
Gracias y salud.

New Sony PS3 Film Called ‘Real Time’ soundtrack by Aim

spudz, 03.10.2006 10:35

PlayStation 3 have created a three minute film called ‘Real Time’ which visually illustrates how real life can be simulated via a new function of the forthcoming console: Real Time Physics.

Greenpeace, farmers carve RP's first ever crop circle vs. Bt corn

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 03.10.2006 06:09

The Philippines' first ever crop circle marks the Global Day of Action to protect corn—one of the world’s most important staple foods—against contamination from genetically-engineered (GE) varieties.

Surprise Surprise, It's Another Al Qaeda Blockbuster Release

Various, 03.10.2006 05:55

Regardless of how many "taped confessions" the people clamouring for Perpetual War For Perpetual Profit release to the world, they cannot hide the lingering fact that in over five years, the Bush/PNAC Neo-Fascists have been completely unable to produce the still-missing, independently-verifiable and compelling evidence which would exist - and be forthcoming - if their Conspiracy Theory were true.

Bush Blackmailing Top Military Officers

raven, 03.10.2006 05:08

Retired Marine Commandant's Diary contains details of homosexual blackmail of the top ranks of the US Marine Corps and names leading politicians and military leaders.

Debs Day Rally on Oct. 7 in Terre Haute, IN

Cathy McGuire, 03.10.2006 02:49

Anne Feeney will play for the Terre Haute anti-war rally on Oct. 7th. The rally will be followed by a showing of the new film, Iraq for Sale with a discussion led by the producer of the film, Rick Jacobs of Brave New Films.

Australian charities boycott “welfare to work” measures

Tania Kent via sam, 03.10.2006 01:25

Designed to force workers It is no coincidence that the Welfare to Work measures have been imposed alongside the new workplace relations laws, because they go hand in hand. The industrial legislation is designed to force workers onto individual contracts that will rip up wages and basic conditions. Having no choice but to accept sub-standard jobs, the unemployed, single parents and the disabled will be used to undermine the conditions of all workers.

Mohawks join Tohono O'odham in solidarity at border summit

Brenda Norrell, 02.10.2006 23:21

Mohawks joined Tohono O'odham in solidarity at the Border Summit of the Americas, calling for a halt to the proposed border fence, human rights abuses of indigenous at the borders and corporate profiteering by Boeing and Halliburton.

The Corrib Gas Controversy: Irish State Collaboration with Shell Exposed

Brian and Andrew, 02.10.2006 23:13

The following article is a position paper on the Irish Government's attempt to placate growing opposition by the appointment of a so-called “independent mediator” to defuse the crisis over the outright handover of Irish energy resources to multinational corporations. It also includes an update on the present crisis at Corrib.

Woodward: Over 800 attacks every week in Iraq

Guardian Unlimited, 02.10.2006 22:21

The Bush administration has misled the American people about the level of violence in Iraq, where there is an attack by insurgent forces every 15 minutes, Bob Woodward, the investigative journalist, said (Saturday).

On Zionism and anti-Semitism

Eric Stewart, 02.10.2006 22:19

Everyone needs to get used to the idea, and I mean everyone, that people of their own race are entirely capable of selling them out. This is what makes the threat of these times cross all racial boundaries. Oppressors come in all colors as do the oppressed.

Stop the HOLOCAUST of animals

ALF, 02.10.2006 21:50

Stop the HOLOCAUST of animals Stop the HOLOCAUST of animals

Woodward: Over 800 attacks every week in Iraq

Guardian Unlimited, 02.10.2006 21:48

The Bush administration has misled the American people about the level of violence in Iraq, where there is an attack by insurgent forces every 15 minutes, Bob Woodward, the investigative journalist, said (Saturday).

Canberra’s dirty tricks ahead of Solomon Islands no-confidence vote

Rick Kelly via sam, 02.10.2006 21:01

Neo-colonial grip Whatever the outcome of this week’s parliamentary session in the Solomon Islands, the Howard government has made clear that it will stop at nothing to oust Sogavare and impose a government more in tune with Australian interests.

Waste Runoff from Livestock Operations Likely Culprit in Contaminated Spinach Outbreak

Heather Moore, 02.10.2006 19:54

The recent outbreak of E. coli contaminated spinach, which killed several people and sickened at least 189 others in 25 states, has many people scratching their heads in bewilderment. After all, E. coli is typically found in ground beef and other animal products, not vegetables. But many experts believe the mass production of farmed animals has led to the outbreak of tainted spinach, just as it has led to avian flu and mad cow disease.

Der AntiHartzer - Videokunst gegen Sozialabbau und Entmündigung

Wilda WahnWitz, 02.10.2006 19:53

Es stinkt zum Himmel. Die MultiMediaGuerrilla bietet einen Film zum Mutmachen in verhartzen Zeiten.

CIA's George J. Tenet had plans ready to attack Afghanistan - 2 days after 911!

Fauxlosopher, 02.10.2006 19:44

How did Tenet and his employees at the CIA gather up all the miniscule and far flung evidence,including identifying the purported 911 airline hijackers in just 2 short days?

Escape nuclear en Atucha I

Haroldo Gutierrez, 02.10.2006 18:48

Argentina: durante la ultima semana de setiembre de 2006 habria ocurrido un micro escape en los dispensores de temperatura de la central atomica de Atucha I por falta de mantenimiento.

BREAKING INTEL: Pedophile, 9/11 Update

Tom Heneghan, 02.10.2006 17:50

Marc Grossman, former Undersecretary of State under Colin Powell, has been indicted (sealed), in the Valerie Plame outing case. Grossman now tied directly to Israeli espionage against the U.S. Grossman linked directly to the attempt to plant WMD in Iraq thru Turkey and to the 9/11 Cover-up of the July 2001 warning to America in which Donald Rumsfeld and Con Rice knowingly ignored the warnings of George Tenet, former CIA Director... MORE

This Way Out: &quot;Talk About It&quot; &amp; &quot;Harvey Milk, Gay Hero&quot;

Overnight Productions, Inc., 02.10.2006 17:45

October 2, 2006: National Coming Out Day wit & wisdom; LBGT History Month bio series. Plus ANC head slams South African marriage rights, RI lesbians qualify for Mass. wedding, New Zealand church keeps straight & narrow, Filipino queers back candidate, more news.

Protester Found NOT GUILTY in both felony charges. Michigan police lose major case.

(A)ndy of Dein Haus Anarchist Collective, 02.10.2006 17:37

Protester Jaquelyn Winkler was charged with Assault of an officer, resisting arrest, and attempting to disarm an officer all protesting NEO NAZIS at the National socialist Movement's statewide rally. These charges were placed on her because the police needed a scapegoat to prove that the overwhelming use of force on protesters was necessary and effective. Lansing needed to win at trial because of the massive amount of money spent and effort used to protect NEO NAZIS.

Make a movie that matters

NUFF Global, 02.10.2006 17:22

NUFF Global is a worldwide call for young filmmakers everywhere to submit film ideas on Climate Change. An international committee of film and environmental specialists has already been assembled, and will the top ideas approx. 5,000 US dollars each in production funds. Completed films will be screened at NUFF 2007 ( For detailed information please check


John A. Murphy, 02.10.2006 17:19

banner Delaware Valley Veterans For America support John A. Murphy’s position on the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq. John Murphy is the Independent candidate for house of representatives in the 16th district of Pennsylvania.

Rural uplift linked to urban development

Qasim Rajpar, 02.10.2006 17:16

Cities could not prosper unless villages are properly developed, said speakers at a seminar here on Saturday. The seminar on “Environmental problems and our responsibilities” was organized by the Department of Sociology, University of Karachi.

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