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Shell in Mayo: Your Support Urgently required

Brian and Andrew, 06.10.2006 00:19

Irish police and Shell workers have forced an entrance to Shell's self-declared property at Bellinaboy. Urgent action on an international level is needed.

Take Action Join Local Hackbloc!

Hexbomber, 06.10.2006 00:05

A short article on an alternative community that will provide insight and options to aid your way of thinking. Hackbloc is not only a community of hackers, activists, anarchists and artists, it's a way of thinking!

shoof auonak

amani, 05.10.2006 23:23

the twins songs

&quot;IRAN ATTACKED A US SHIP!!!&quot; Gulf of Tonkin again - October 23rd

Karl Rove, 05.10.2006 22:28

US Warships are currently steaming toward the Persian Gulf, Iran's front yard, scheduled to arrive on October 21st. Soldiers on those ships have recieved their PDO's (Prepare to Deploy Orders) which are only given shortly before war deployment. Among the ships are a nuclear aircraft carrier and a mining ship.

It seems apparent that the US ships will mine and blockade Iran's coast, which is a classic Act Of War. Of course, US TV Watchers will be told something else. Iran will robably attack the US ships, which is well within their rights, but US Television will say that it was an unprovoked attack and we need to go to war with Iran.

OFFICERS aboard those ships are complaining that they are being sent to war without an order from Congress. This will presumably become moot when Iran "surprise" attacks the US ships.

The Moral of The Story: Fables Aid In Moral, Social And Political Lessons

Alice Alber, 05.10.2006 21:59

Fairy tales have evolved in their ability to convey moral, social or political lessons through skillful narrative and interesting characters

Minuteman speaker at Columbia University is booed offstage for racist rhetoric

the Bwog, 05.10.2006 21:38

Jim Gilchrist, a known racist speaker, after giving part of his speech is booed and practically forced offstage by student protestors. Small fights broke out, but ended basically in a non-violent free-for-all. Video is included on original page.

Beirut FilmFest Resurrected | Launched

MFNW, 05.10.2006 21:33

After a two-year hiatus caused by war and political unrest, the Beirut International Film Festival makes an unexpected return.


instituto materno infantil, 05.10.2006 21:15

Hoy el Instituto Materno Infantil se encuentra agonizante, pero Juan un pequeño bebe que recibe todo el cariño y esmerada atención de los pocos trabajadores que quedan, de los profesores y de las instalaciones, a pesar de poder pasar a la historia como el ultimo bebe que recibió el amor del Instituto Materno Infantil es una luz de esperanza.
El Inminente Cierre del Instituto Materno infantil es una vergüenza Nacional. Es plasmar la ignorancia en desconocer la importancia de la construcción del conocimiento en la solución de problemáticas del País.

WOW! Pedophile Cover Up

Tom Heneghan, 05.10.2006 21:11

Republican leadership will announce today that they will try to undercut Congressional authority to investigate Pedophile Gate by appointing Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate puppet Louis Freeh, former FBI Director, as the independent investigator. Recommending Freeh’s appointment was none other than extortion-friendly Lannie Davis who was former President Clinton’s Communications Director... MORE

Minutemen suffer defeat at Columbia University

ANSWER Coalition, 05.10.2006 20:15

A major demonstration last night resulted in a serious setback for the Minutemen organization, when Jim Gilchrist's speech was disrupted and the event shut down by militant student protesters defending immigrant rights.

Middle American Meltdown

Mark C. Eades, 05.10.2006 19:44

With the Mark Foley sex scandal another crack appears in the picture-perfect Republican image of the American heartland.

Game Over: The US Government Has Turned Against the People

Brandon Batzloff, 05.10.2006 19:23

Passage of the Military Commissions Act by both houses of Congress last week was a frightening and telling indicator of the state that the US is currently in. US citizens are now subject to being imprisoned and tortured by their own government. This fact alone has horrified much of the public, but the implications of the law go much deeper.

France : Ségolène Royal, l'affaire du Rainbow Warrior et les élections de 2007

Usager - administré (France), 05.10.2006 19:19

France: La diffusion d'images des deux agents de la DGSE impliqués dans l'attentat de 1985 contre le Rainbow Warrior, plaidant coupables devant un tribunal néo-zélandais, semble avoir suscité une levée de boucliers de la part de la "classe politique". La mise en cause d'un frère de la pré-candidate socialiste à la Présidence de la République, Ségolène Royal, a servi de prétexte à cette réaction. Mais la véritable question n'est pas celle du rôle de Gérard Royal dans la réalisation matérielle de l'attentat, mais celle de l'implication dans l'ensemble de l'affaire d'un nombre important de responsables politiques, y compris de Ségolène Royal qui était à l'époque chargée de mission auprès de la Présidence de la République.

Instituto de Medicina afirma falla la FDA en proteger a consumidores

CCHR México, 05.10.2006 19:19

La FDA ha fallado en sacar a la luz pública información importante que podría haber protegido a los consumidores de ser víctimas inconscientes de los peligros de los antidepresivos y estimulantes para el TDAH que se les da a niños e infantes.

Top Flight Sales Executive Hired by Hollander Consultants

Matthew Bratschi, 05.10.2006 19:13

Kevin May Joins Hollander Consultants Inside Sales Force

El psiquiatra responsable de la muerte de Daniel Smith

CCHR México, 05.10.2006 19:03

El médico forense R. Cyril Wecht afirmo que un cóctel de antidepresivos intóxico y mató al hijo de Anna Nicole, sobre prescripcion

Otro tiroteo de escuela, ¿otra droga psiquiátrica?

CCHR México, 05.10.2006 18:54

“Tenemos buena evidencia que los psicofármacos pueden volver violenta a la gente”, dijo David Healy, director del departamento de medicina psicológica de la Universidad Cardiff en North Wales

Will Americans Accept Political Placebo Or Demand Real Change?

Joel S. Hirschhorn, 05.10.2006 17:56

All the momentum for revolt built up during years of the Bush-worst-presidency-in-history is about to evaporate if Democraps win the coming mid-term election. If Americans want to take back THEIR country, then they must concentrate on strategy and tactics, because what we face is not just winning an election – it is winning a war against political and economic elites and aristocrats that benefit from the current plutocracy and the two-party duopoly. This means waging war over some years.




CzechTek 2005

raver, 05.10.2006 17:07

videos and photos about police violence at CzechTek 2005


EL GUARDIAN DEL FARO, 05.10.2006 17:04


Málaga fronteriza

manolo bastazo, 05.10.2006 15:28

El interés de los servicios secretos occidentales por málaga

America's Collective Delusion Must Endure

Jason Miller, 05.10.2006 15:24

On any given night, 1.2 million children are homeless. "By deliberately lavishing obscene sums of public money on the murderous military industrial complex while seriously neglecting programs to attack the root causes of poverty, the ruling elite of the United States are waging an agonizing form of economic genocide against homeless people."

SOA Watch FOIA Request Denied by the Pentagon

SOA Watch Media, 05.10.2006 14:24

FOIA Denial The Bush administration's culture of secrecy has deepened with the recent denial of SOA Watch’s FOIA request, and inconsistencies continue to shape the public relations campaign of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), formerly known as the infamous U.S. Army School of the Americas.

Poor, Black and Dumped On: BOB HERBERT ; Republican Party Pre-Planned Pedophilia Coverup +

BOB HERBERT - The New York Times, 05.10.2006 14:12

- Herbert: Dumped On - Wildly disproportionate numbers of hazardous waste sites have been placed in communities with large concentrations of black and Latino residents(the complete article). - "What we did is exactly what we had planned to do if there was this type of situation," Hastert said. The U.S.House Republicans Pre-planned a Pedophilia Coverup. Previous Experience and More

Kissinger's 1969 Vietnam Memo to Bush!

National Security Archives, 05.10.2006 13:43

As revealed in Woodward's latest book, Kissinger passed along an infamous memo on getting out of Vietnam to Bush. Published in full at the National Security Archives,

Removing Hamas: Brinkmanship Tactics or Coup D’etat

Nicola Nasser, 05.10.2006 10:59

Within the context of a U.S.-Israeli determined campaign to remove the elected Islamic Resistance Movement from power, the best of the Palestinian mainstream anti-occupation activists of Fatah and Hamas are being polarized into a deadlocked divide that is already threatening an historic national unity with a looming civil war as a result of either risky brinkmanship tactics or what Hamas says a coup d’etat.

Midwest and Eastern Debates 2006 Elections I

Samizdat, 05.10.2006 07:27

Download five televised debates from the Midwest and East 2006 mid-term elections. Each debate runs approximately one hour.

Indonesian Ministry of Forestry smoked out by Greenpeace

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 05.10.2006 06:53

Haze chokes Southeast Asia again as Indonesian government fails to halt forest conversion.

Tlatelolco y la comuna de Oaxaca

Iván Rincón Espríu, 05.10.2006 02:24

Todo listo para sofocar a sangre y fuego el movimiento popular

Central bankers affected by Monopoliomyelitis

Economists Without Sphincters, 05.10.2006 01:49

A rare disease is affecting central bankers:
Monopoliomyelitis (Monopoliomielitis Nummaria)
FAQ: What is mono-polio?


FX, 05.10.2006 00:43

Free to rebroadcast A review of news, opinion and photography recorded from the Indymedia Newswire. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

Convenio 2006, frezzer pra laburantes

hugo chirino - UNyC - ETUN - Uncuyo, 05.10.2006 00:09

Ref: Al reencasillamiento no docentes y el acuerdo entre CIN y Fatun representantes de trabajadores donde conteplan las situaciones laborales hasta el 2004 en el corriente 2006.

Creada la Red Latinoamericana de Periodistas con Visión de Género

Modaira Rubio, 04.10.2006 23:51

Fue creada en Mèxico la Red Latinoamericana de Periodistas Con Visión de Género con la participación de periodistas y comunicadoras sociales de Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Perú, República Dominicana Uruguay, Venezuela, y México.

Baloch Independence movement gets American push

Ahmar Mustikhan, 04.10.2006 23:40

Balochistan is a Texas sized region divided among Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Much like the Kurd people, and in fact very similar to them, Baloch people are fighting a war to have an independent state.

Man Says He Was Arrested After Criticizing Cheney

Associated Press - P. Solomon Banda, 04.10.2006 21:51

A Colorado man filed a lawsuit in federal court Tuesday accusing a Secret Service agent of arresting him on trumped-up allegations of assaulting Vice President Dick Cheney after he told Cheney the administration's policies in Iraq were "reprehensible."

Bush is a Closet Faggot

raven, 04.10.2006 21:45

The reason for the GOP's concern was that the investigation was getting dangerously close to exposing Bush's suspected homosexual activity with other members of his TANG unit.

Black Judge Abandons Corporate Slavery Reparations Case

Amadi Ajamu, 04.10.2006 20:37

A lone Black Judge, Ann Claire Williams, sat on a panel of three judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals 7th Circuit selected to hear oral arguments in the historic corporate slavery reparations case. Judge Williams had participated in hearing all the cases on the Circuit docket that Wednesday morning of Sept 27, 2006, but when the reparations case began she was suddenly replaced. Her absence from the landmark lawsuit against fourteen blue chip U.S. corporations including J. P. Morgan Chase, Fleet Bank, and Aetna Insurance Corporations was not explained at that time. Subsequently, three right-wing, conservative, white male jurists heard litigation on the case of reparations for the descendants of enslaved Africans in the United States.

Oaxaca yesterday and today

Carla, 04.10.2006 20:30

We are at the moment in Oaxaca and will try to cover the things who are going on

HOT HOT HOT Backbreaking News: Mark Foley+Karl Rove+Jeb Bush+Hassert+Frist+....

Tom Heneghan, 04.10.2006 20:24

Justice Dept. sources are now confirming that the FBI Inquiry of alleged pedophile Mark Foley reports that email and phone records have now been discovered linking White House political hack Karl Rove to direct communication with Republican Congressman Reynolds (R. NY.), Hassert (R. Illinois), Baynard (R. Ohio) and Frist (R. Tenn.) in the closet... MORE

Student Activist DISSAPEARED in Oaxaca!!

Cha-Cha de Worcester, MA, USA viviendo en Chiapas, MX, 04.10.2006 20:08

If you can, protest Friday, Oct 6th at 11:30AM in front of the Mexican Consulate in Boston, or anywhere you happen to be! Please also demand immediate freedom for political prisoners, including Pedro Garcia who has been disappeared in Oaxaca. Translation above, original Spanish below. Traduccion esta arriba, español original abajo

Documental Libano Las Huellas del imperio

ANMCLA Libano, 04.10.2006 20:06

Agosto 2006. Un documental venezolano de producción independiente que muestra las cicatrices de la guerra y el espíritu de resistencia de un pueblo. Disponible en línea en la página de la Asociación Nacional de Medios Comunitarios, Libres y Alternativos, Venezuela

EZLN Communique on Intergalactic

El Kilombo Intergaláctico, 04.10.2006 19:51

English Translation of EZLN Communique on upcoming International Encounters

If I Had One Wish: THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN hoping the Republicans lose the House and Senate

THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN - The New York Times, 04.10.2006 18:56

- Friedman: One Wish - 'Here’s hoping the Republicans lose the House and the Senate'(the complete article). - Blogger 'outs' page in Foley scandal and more

Oaxaca: pictures from yesterday

Carla, 04.10.2006 18:55

We are at the moment in Oaxaca.
The meeting will start any minute now.


RADIO TV HUMANITARIA, 04.10.2006 18:33



RADIO HUMANITARIA, 04.10.2006 18:12


The Patient Gown Stinks

Richard Warner, 04.10.2006 17:52

October 5th is National Depression Screening Day (NDSD), a carefully orchestrated media campaign brought to you by the pharmaceutical and mental health industries for the purpose of scaring you out of your wits. Think of it as Halloween for drug companies and their pill pushing minions. Imagine them going door to door in ghoulish masks transferring fistfuls of green stuff into their overflowing Cash O’Lanterns while offering to make you a zombie too, and you’ll have it pretty close.

[Hype News] Internationally Celebrated Photography Exhibit To Open At Venice Arts Gallery On November 4th

Colleen O'Mara, 04.10.2006 17:27

On November 4th, the Venice Arts Gallery will proudly host the opening for “The House is Small but the Welcome is Big,” a photography exhibit featuring images taken by 15 HIV positive South African women (all mothers or mothers-to-be in the townships of Cape Town). The women were taught how to document their lives photographically by a team of photographers from Los Angeles-based Venice Arts.

A Scary Day

Richard Warner, 04.10.2006 17:11

October 5th is National Depression Screening Day (NDSD), a carefully orchestrated media campaign brought to you by the pharmaceutical and mental health industries for the purpose of scaring you out of your wits. Think of it as Halloween for drug companies and their pill pushing minions. Imagine them going door to door in ghoulish masks transferring fistfuls of green stuff into their overflowing Cash O’Lanterns while offering to make you a zombie too, and you’ll have it pretty close.

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