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The Cold War Experiments

..., 03.05.2004 08:29

The Cold War Experiments
Radiation tests were only one small part of a vast research
program that used thousands of Americans as guinea pigs.
U.S News and World Report, January 24, 1994.
By Stephen Budiansky, Erica E. Goode and Ted Gest

Costs of the warr in Iraq

Arizona Dale, 03.05.2004 07:03

Before looking at all of the casualties from battles, look at the purpose and reason for the conflict. Maybe the cause of these published tragedies is not what is published by the mass media.

Are the &quot;troops&quot; rebelling?

Blogman, 03.05.2004 06:31


What really happened? Did U.S. forces mutiny and cut a deal with this guy? Are top brass trying to regain “leadership” of U.S. “troops” that have started to think, and act, for themselves? What do you make of this report from Blogman

Words of decent leader

jamie, 03.05.2004 06:09

Spanish PM: Iraq serves as warning against preemptive war
By: AP, May 2 on: 02.05.2004 [17:55 ] (384 reads) from

Freecycle comes to Manchester, CT!

Deanna Silvia, 03.05.2004 05:38

Manchester, CT has officially joined the Network of individuals recycling over the internet through Freecycling is a way to avoid filling our landfills with items that we no longer want, that others may have a use for. It is comparable to a yard sale, only it is online and everything is free!

Mexican Invasion Ravaging AZ, Southwest - Bush Oblivious

Dave Stoddard, 03.05.2004 05:30

I guess this is what you call "compassionate conservatism".

May Day Video, Dublin, Ireland

Nathan Levine-Heaney, 03.05.2004 03:12

This video is our attempt to cover the May Day march in Dublin, Ireland, from start to finish as we saw it occur.
The footage depicts serious and violent things, but also some beautiful and downright funny scenes that occurred during the so-called riot.

We come in PEACE - Tortured Iraqis

Rosario, 02.05.2004 22:11

comment for yourself

The Shame Pictures of the Tortured Iraqis - Source :New Yorker On Line

Rosario, 02.05.2004 22:05

They were living in Hell and they returned to It

Indybay Nominated for Activism Webby Award

imcista, 02.05.2004 20:45

Indybay was nominated for a Webby award in the Activism category. Cast your vote in the People's Voice contest! Voting ends May 7.

Don't Live the Lie, Boycott It.

john stanton, 02.05.2004 20:32

Looking to the satellites of the former USSR to figure out how Americans can change their federal government and their two party system. Difference between two parties at federal level is minimal.

Predictable Torture of Iraqi Prisoners

Gary Sudborough, 02.05.2004 19:59

The torture of Iraqi prisoners of war is part of US counterinsurgency strategy and is not due simply to a few deranged, sadistic American soldiers.

1º de Mayo en San Salvador

Frente Universitario Roque Dalton, 02.05.2004 19:54

Nos causa verdaderamente un inmenso dolor, el comunicarles que este día tan importante para nuestra querida clase obrera, se haya dado un terrible acontecimiento, que muestra la crisis de organización estudiantil que se vive en nuestra Universidad.

UK Band 'ist' set to BUCK the system

Kenton Hall, 02.05.2004 19:52

A UK Band are determined to buck the system on behalf of Quality Music, Film and Television



SPFPA, 02.05.2004 19:02



DHKC International, 02.05.2004 18:03


highway Armageddon - the cristian-zionist final solution

£, 02.05.2004 15:58

w$ The kingdom of David was only known inside of Israel.
Do Israelis really know what's going on in Palestine?

Latestest war report from lunaville

jamie, 02.05.2004 14:17

Here's the latest from

Desobeissance civile créatrice

Ventsteppes, 02.05.2004 13:53

Depuis l'aube des temps, tous les pouvoirs avec leurs castes et leurs privilèges (en démocratie comme en dictature), ne font que manipuler pour des intérêts particuliers au détriment des peuples -en recourrant si nécessaire à la terreur-. La conscience collective s'interroge : " Sont-ils légitimes ? " Nous sommes à un tournant : la société est entrée dans une impasse. Les injustices et la bestialité liée à la déshumanisation ne vont que s'accroître en parallèle de l'effondrement du système (fin de la sécurité sociale, krack boursier, décadence de l'économie,…) lequel prendra une tournure de « jamais vu dans l'histoire » car il n'y a plus de repères éthiques. Nous allons tout droit vers une situation comme en Russie et en Argentine. Or, le XXI ème siècle n'a jamais été aussi riche et le patrimoine terrestre appartient à tous les hommes ! Et bien, c'est le moment de relancer l'utopie

Bring the Beasts Home

glad I'm not American, 02.05.2004 11:10

Shame on the U.S. military. Where is the outrage by its citizens who fund it.
Those who go to fight the people of Iraq do it for greed, blood lust, and racism.

BTL:March for Women's Lives Draws 1 Million to Nation's Capital in Defense of..

Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus, 02.05.2004 11:03

...Reproductive Rights* Produced by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

May Day around the US

ALasBarricadas, 02.05.2004 06:00

May Day around the US - from the coasts to the heartland

3D1ON update

£, CEW (corporate executive whatever), 02.05.2004 04:55

The 3D1ON corporation (three 'd' eye on)
3D1ON is not a not-for-profit corporation.
3D1ON is not a for-profit corporation.
3D1ON is a against-profit corporation.
3D1ON is a media corporation.

Black Hydrogen

Mike Johnston, 02.05.2004 04:42

A look at the steam reforming of gasoline, with surprising results

Mexican Student Activist Found Dead: Justice for Pavel

Punx, 02.05.2004 04:25

Mexican Student Activist Found Dead

The Truth about Abu Ghraib

Rowan Wolf, 02.05.2004 03:55

There is a massive deception being perpetrated by the US government about the torture at Abu Ghraib prison. Seven soldiers are taking the full brunt of a policy that had private contractors in charge of interogations, and the CIA and military intelligence present and encouraging the soldiers in their abuse.


Naomi, 02.05.2004 02:23

eattle, WA – 05/01/2004 to donate money to

May Day and Iraqi/Palestinian Armed Resistance

John Paul Cupp, 02.05.2004 01:44

Clean Up Fascism! .

Article by Federation of American Scientists on Non-Lethal Weapons

..., 01.05.2004 23:01

Secrecy is obstructing public awareness and discussion of the emerging field of so-called "non-lethal weaponry," a development that may have profound and possibly alarming implications for military strategy, law enforcement, and civil liberties.

Derecho de guerra...

Axel Montenegro, 01.05.2004 22:14

Breve analisis sobre los derechos de los pricioneros de guerra

Occupations, police charges and injured during MayDay.Barcelona

adelayde, 01.05.2004 21:40

News update on what's happened this evening in Barcelona.

Tax Credit for Compost Piles? The Dean of Cincinnati Uncovers a Conspiracy

The Dean of Cincinnati, 01.05.2004 21:12

The Dean of Cincinnati uncovers yet another example of City Government working to profit unjustly.

Psicosociología de un rumor político

Antoni Domènech y Daniel Raventós, 01.05.2004 21:09

Sobre un posible estado de excepción en el Reino de España


Roane Carey &amp; Adam Shatz, 01.05.2004 20:15

Thick as Thieves (Bush looks like he's been drinking) Sharon may be toasting his agreement with the Bush Administration, but his pastrami sandwich is a recipe for continued warfare.

Mayday - London Animal Action

Riddler, 01.05.2004 20:14

A day out with LAA from start to finish

ANALYSIS: Real Death Count Of US Troops Closer To 1081

marco, 01.05.2004 18:29

I believe the US death count climbed over 1000 a week or two ago.

May Day roundup, 01.05.2004 18:11

Links to May Day events from around the globe, updated all day. Please add any events or relevant information on the site.

Live Video and Audio from Barcelona and Milano: MayDay Protests

adelayde, 01.05.2004 17:46

See below for links:

ted koppel 721 soldiers

vincent / blast furnace radio, 01.05.2004 17:11

controversal tv show show those americam soldiers that have died in iraq

Iraqi pow abuse IS systemic - Multiple deaths - What the Pentagon does'nt what us to know

by SEYMOUR M. HERSH, 01.05.2004 15:39

American soldiers brutalized Iraqis. How far up does the responsibility go?

About a dozen nuclear transports in the next six months might be too much for German activists to fight

Diet Simon, 01.05.2004 15:25

German anti-nuclear activists may be overstretched protesting all the waste transports criss-crossing their densely populated country the rest of this year. A licence has just been issued for another trainload of 12 Castor caskets to run from France to Gorleben in north Germany by 31 December. And any time soon at least nine truckloads of waste, possibly 18, are likely to run more than 600 kilometres on motorways from Dresden in the east to Ahaus near the Dutch border in the west.

Where did all the trash-talking Muslim haters go?

Walrus, 01.05.2004 14:44

Internet chat sites and forums, formerly filled with jingoistic, Muslim cursing, trash talkers are now thankfully free of their diatribes.

may 1 non-advertisement

£, 01.05.2004 12:55

w$ black


Dr. Nasir Al Baghdadi, 01.05.2004 11:15

General Relieved of Duty, 6 Others Chraged in Iraq Abuse Case: Tip of the Iceberg at Notorious Saddam Prison? (images copyright CBS)

British Army Abuse of Iraqi's....

King Amdo, 01.05.2004 09:54

Article from the UK newspaper the Guardian...

BTL:White House Extends Deployment of Troops Serving in Iraq as...

Between the Lines' Scott Harris, 01.05.2004 07:10

...Violence Shakes U.S. Occupation* Interview with Nancy Lessin and Charlie Richardson, Military Families Speak Out, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

Recent article by Stan Goff on this May Day and more

jamie, 01.05.2004 07:03


Below find a very moving May Day statement by Stan Goff. After that please read several very telling notes taken from the website If you are as affected by them as I am please share them with others. Peace, jamie

War Against War: Sweet Dreams

Clinton Fein /, 01.05.2004 06:09

For thousands of Iraqis, liberation has been laser guided destruction and horror. Clinton Fein’s 'Sweet Dreams', 'Uncomfortably Numb' and 'One Summer' provide three brutally realistic audio-visual commentaries.

Are Jihadis Planning to Attack English Yahoo Groups and Other Sites?

Jeremy Reynalds, 01.05.2004 04:38

It looks as if Jihadis/Radical Muslims are Planning to Mount Terror Attacks on the Internet

Yahoo's German Division Hosts Group Trashing Coalition Troops in Iraq

Jeremy Reynalds, 01.05.2004 03:43

Yahoo's German Division Hosts Group Trashing Coalition Troops in Iraq
Terrorists Use Yahoo and Company Subsidiary Geocities to Spread their Message

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