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Solidaridad del MTD Solano con la marcha en Cordoba (argentina) contra el genocidio y por la aparicion con vida de Julio Lopez

El Topo, 10.10.2006 00:16

Solidaridad Compas!!!
Nos Vemos en la Lucha!!!

Who Knew That an Elephant's Butt Could Be So Beautiful?

Mark C. Eades, 10.10.2006 00:01

As welcome as a Republican departure might be, the Democrats continue to show themselves a less-than-inspiring alternative.

Free credit Repair Debt Consolidation Grants 888 384 9608

mike green, 09.10.2006 23:34

New Programs help with free credit repair and understanding debt elimination

Piercing the Simulacrum:

Jason Miller, 09.10.2006 23:12

At best, the United States is an illiberal democracy. Which really is not too surprising. While the Founding Fathers forged a Constitutional Republic that incorporated many of the values of the Age of Enlightenment, the government they crafted was largely representative of a patriarchal society dominated by White male land-owners. Women had no right to vote, chattel slavery remained legal, the indigenous population was excluded, and the Bill of Rights was an afterthought that many of the Founders initially opposed.

America the Beautiful (Elvis has left the building)

Macu Naima, 09.10.2006 23:04

Indictment of George W. Bush for War Crimes, 09.10.2006 22:15

responces to shoot the prez

ave, 09.10.2006 21:52


Indigenous: Border Patrol is 'Death Squad'

Brenda Norrell, 09.10.2006 21:45

The US Border Patrol was described as a "Death Squad," during the Border Summit of the Americas, where the parents of Bennett Patricio, Jr., Tohono O'odham, described how the Border Patrol killed their 18-year-old son. The federal case will be heard by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

Australian government demands hand-over of Solomon Islands’ attorney general

Rick Kelly via sam, 09.10.2006 21:43

Major expansion of the military This unanimous support indicates what is at stake in the Solomons for the Australian ruling elite. Howard recently announced a major expansion of the military and specifically listed the PNG, Vanuatu and Fiji as potential targets for Australian intervention. In this context, a successful challenge to Australia’s grip over the Solomons would prove disastrous.

Death penalty case in India is a test for Indian democracy

Shubh Mathur, 09.10.2006 21:26

Afzal Guru, a Kashmiri accused of conspiring in the attack on the Indian parliament in December 2001, was sentenced to death without a fair trial. The date set for the execution is October 20.
'The fight for Mohammad Afzal's life is a fight
for all that is good and meaningful in Indian
democracy; the cry for revenge and his death
represents the dehumanized and authoritarian aspects
of the Indian State and civil society.'

Australian attorney-general insists sleep deprivation is not torture

Richard Phillips via sam, 09.10.2006 21:14

He did not regard “sleep deprivation as torture” Ruddock told the ABC he was concerned about Washington’s new legislation, which restablishes military kangaroo courts and gives President Bush exclusive power to interpret the Geneva Conventions and declare virtually anyone an enemy combattant, incarcerate them and suspend their basic legal rights, including habeas corpus. According to the attorney general, however, the new law is too restrictive and “may well limit the capacity of intelligence organisations in the future.”

This Way Out: Sue-Ann Post &amp; John Morgan Wilson

Overnight Productions, Inc., 09.10.2006 19:36

October 9, 2006: Australian comic laughs her way out of the closet; mystery writer reveals detective's secrets. Plus Brazil's anti-homophobia drive spreads, EU supports queer youth, California marriage rights loss, Foley frenzy opens homophobic floodgates, more news.

Chile: SONDA y TRANSANTIAGO, oscuro negocio

Arnaldo Pérez Guerra, 09.10.2006 19:07

casa_Navarro Sonda S.A. anunció que colocará un 25 por ciento de su propiedad en la bolsa. Según la prensa chilena, su dueño, Andrés Navarro Haeussler, pretende “atraer inversionistas extranjeros a través del mecanismo 144ª y de la regulación S. de la Ley de Valores estadounidense”. Consorcio Financiero y Santander Investment asesorarán la apertura de Sonda, que espera recaudar 200 millones de dólares. Pero Sonda, al no declarar la contingencia con TIMM -de nada menos que 390 millones de dólares-, engaña a los inversionistas y adquirientes de su próxima emisión de acciones.

Why Adolph Hitler had much better &quot;poll ratings&quot; than Dubya Bush!

k.hawley, 09.10.2006 18:53

Hitler was a uniter and a miracle at least for the German economy whereas Dubya has created nothing except dissention and ill will and his stewardship of the American economy has been nothing short of a diaster!

Back Breaking News: Emergency Update on North Korea

Tom Heneghan, 09.10.2006 18:28

Barbara Starr on CNN at 9:20 PDT stated that the alleged Korean nuclear test may not have been a nuclear test.

There was a 4.2 Earthquake registered in the area and the explosion according to the US Geological Survey was less than a thousand kilotons.

CNN states subliminally at 10AM PDT that the DMZ is a fault line.

PS Do not be fooled nothing happens in North Korea without the Chinese and Russians giving them the Okay.

U.S. Satellites are under siege from Chinese satellites and US National Security now in dire jeopardy thanks to the helpless Occupunk Bush.

ciberactivismo y surversión

meulén, 09.10.2006 18:23

el Papel del ciberactivismo en tiempos de levante latinoamericano, y de los pueblos del orbe...


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 09.10.2006 18:03

No pocos habitantes de este mundo, incluidos los norteamericanos,
se preguntan sí es mejor o peor ahora la situación en Iraq, que la
existente el 19 de marzo del 2003, el día antes del comienzo de la
Y la interrogante tiene lógica a partir del desbordante triunfalismo
de los momentos iniciales trasmitido al mundo desde Washington,
Londres, otros países integrantes de la coalición y hasta de la ONU.

Oaxaca: Please write for political prisoner Pedro Garcia!

Cha-Cha in Chiapas, MX, 09.10.2006 17:19

The following is a form letter demanding freedom for Pedro Garcia, political prisoner, student, and activist with the Popular Assembly of People in Oaxaca (APPO). Below is the english version, then the spanish version, then the government addresses to send your letter to.

El siguente es una carta hagando un llamado al gobierno federal mexicano por la libertad de Pedro Garcia, prensa politica, estudiante, y activista con el APPO. Abajo hay la version en inglés, la version en español, y despues los direcciones del gobierno para mandar nuestras cartas.

Crude oil spilling danger to the marine life

Qasim Rajpar, 09.10.2006 16:56

The crude oil spilling into the sea from the oil barge which capsized near the Karachi Port on Friday may pose a grave danger to the marine life as well as people living on the seaside.


Giselle García, 09.10.2006 16:32

Afiche Estreno de un documental imprescindible para entender la problemática de la hoja de coca en los andes sudamericanos.

Il Paraguay ritira l’immunità ai militari USA

Antonio - Vero Sudamerica, 09.10.2006 16:06

Finalmente il governo paraguayano ha deciso per il ritiro dell’immunità di cui godevano i militari degli Stati Uniti che operavano in Paraguay

Just Another Mother Murdered

alwaysshariff, 09.10.2006 15:50

Neighbors report that Israeli soldiers had been beating her husband because he wasn't answering their questions. Foolishly or valiantly, how is one to say, the 35-year-old woman had interfered. She tried to explain that her husband was deaf, screamed at the soldiers that her husband couldn't hear them and attempted to stop them from hitting him. So they shot her. Several times.


PAUL KRUGMAN: The New York Times, 09.10.2006 13:42

Krugman: Paranoia - Dennis Hastert, the speaker of the House, is a leading figure in a political movement that exemplifies what the historian Richard Hofstadter called "the paranoid style in American politics"(the complete article).

PLUS: Hundreds of Iraq police sick from poison and more

Great Day in Court for Corporate Reparations Case

Restitution Study Group, 09.10.2006 13:18

Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely with Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, Lead Plaintiff On September 27, 2006, lawyers for descendants of enslaved Africans delivered powerful arguments in the landmark class action case against corporations complicit in slavery. The case is pending in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, IL. Plaintiffs from around the country filed the cases in March of 2002, demanding that defendants create a humanitarian trust fund to benefit the descendants of enslaved Africans. The case is entitled Farmer-Paellmann, et. al. v. Brown and Williamson, et. al. brings Web 2.0 Collaboration for the Enterprise

Jerry, 09.10.2006 11:10

A complete functional review of





test, 09.10.2006 05:47


is the undersea 6.2 earthquake near Tonga caused by the N. Korea nuclear bomb test?

Cris Ericson, 09.10.2006 05:02

is the undersea 6.2 earthquake near Tonga caused by the N. Korea nuclear bomb test?

Review of 9/11 Synthetic Terror; Made in the USA (Progressive Press, 2005)

Michael Bielawski, 09.10.2006 04:34

Book review and interview of historian/activist and arguable leader of 9/11-truth movement...


CESAR ACHING GUZMAN, 09.10.2006 03:22

“Si asumes que no hay esperanza, garantizas que no habrá esperanza. Si asumes que hay un instinto hacia la libertad, que hay oportunidad para cambiar las cosas, entonces hay una opción de que puedas contribuir a hacer un mundo mejor. Esta es tu alternativa” Noam Chomsky

Why Swap Boxes?

maks, 09.10.2006 01:16

Swap Box in action With a whir of a hand drill and several randomly found objects some time this past may, the Swap Box Project was born in Ottawa, Canada . What is the Swap Box Project and why does it need to go global? The Swap Box Project was born out of a desire to bring back a communal area to public space and as a microcosm of the world I want to see. If we want to make public space our own again, then it is up to us to build it as we will.

Special Political Alert

Tom Heneghan, 09.10.2006 00:06

Harris and Halpern are on Hillary’s ABC Mickey Mouse Disney Mossad payroll, just like Chris Matthews of MSNBC...

It was duly elected US President Albert Gore Jr. that has given the dynamic speeches at the “Daughters of the American Revolution” and at that has fingered Bush for what he is a criminal fascist. Bill Clinton now attacks Al Gore in this ridiculous book written by these two in-the-closet misfits.

Accordingly do not be fooled by Bill Clinton’s Fox News stunt. He remains Daddy Bush’s Bitch.

la culture berbere et l'avenir au thamazgha

hannaouy lahcen:president d'association ADRAR act berbere, 08.10.2006 23:28

les berberes sonts les premieres habitants d'afrique de nord ,ce pour cela que j'ai ecris plusieurs sur les berberes culture berberes...les berberes au maroc...les berberes dans le monde...

Fauna de la COPE IV

Pedro Lambra, 08.10.2006 22:38

Sobre los insultos de los Neofascistas a Chavez y a toda la izquierda

Stop the U.S.-Peru FTA Vote

Anonymous, 08.10.2006 21:56

A year ago, the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) was pushed through the House of Representatives by just two votes in the middle of the night. People of faith united with student, labor, environmental and health groups to say that expanding the broken North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) model to Central America violated principles of trade justice. Now, the Bush Administration wants to push through a new trade agreement, this time with Peru. Unfortunately it is based on the same harmful model.


ERCP, 08.10.2006 21:51

ercp Como es de saberlo, ahora los medios de comunicación controlados por lxs mismxs de siempre tratan de tergiversar y hacer creer a la gente que lxs encapuchadxs son delincuentes que salen a la calle a destruir todo lo que encuentren a su paso. Para qué más, lxs poderosxs usan tácticas para criminalizar a las personas que se oponen a su sistema burgués, y con el apoyo de la ignorancia de la gente (ignorancia que proviene principalemente de la televisión con programas sin sentido y farándula) logran con mayor facilidad la creación de leyes antiterroristas para luego imponerlas en la sociedad. Parece que a nuestro gobierno "socialista" y "demócrata" se le olvidó el terrorismo de estado que hubo durante la década del 70 y 80 en chile, y que seguimos con la constitución pinochetista de ese entonces hasta hoy en día. Será que la concertación mantiene "silenciosamente" el sistema heredado de la dictadura militar?, será que el sistema neoliberal les favorece con sumas ganancias en los bolsillos?. Ahora lxs que se ........

rojo y negro pinguino(redistribucion)

estudiantes rebeldes, 08.10.2006 21:45

estudiantes rebeldes rojo y negro pinguino especial edition!


estudiantes rebeldes, 08.10.2006 21:43



ESTUDIANTES REBELDES, 08.10.2006 21:40

estudiantes rebeldes REVOLUCION PROLETARIA
2 de Agosto, 2006


ESTUDIANTES REBELDES, 08.10.2006 21:35 Índice.
Carta al Che (Frei Betto)
Chile entre la Democratización y el Golpismo (II) (Patricio Altamirano)
Consideraciones sobre “Fe, razón y universidad” de Benedicto XVI (Kamal Cumsille)
Construcciones de organización y movimiento estudiantil a fines del siglo XX (III) (Patricio Lagos).
Comunicado público de los compañeros y compañeras detenidxs el 26 de septiembre (Jorge, Alvaro, Victor, Miquel, Carla y Danae )
El 11 de Ricardo Lagos (Pablo Portales)
Más allá de lo conmensurable: la experiencia del arte contemporáneo y el triunfo de la voluntad industrial (I) (Miguel Arancibia)
México en la encrucijada (Federico Vázquez)
Origen de La delincuencia (2ª Parte) Fernando Morales
¿Practicas Antisindicales una Política en retirada en Codelco Chile? (Cristian Cuevas)
Rol de las FFAA: Hacia la integración latinoamericana. (Mónica toro)
Víctor Jara no se vende (Hugo Morales)

Is the October Surprise a Major Escalation in the War for U.S. Global Dominance?

Michel Chossudovsky, 08.10.2006 21:28

The Bush administration has recently succeeded in passing legislation that makes it easier to round up and torture American citizens, among others, and now it seems to want to start World War III. One can't help but wonder if threatening the entire planet (plans have allegedly been drawn up entertaining the nuclear option in Iran) is this administration's way of dealing with a very bad month of relevations. When they don't get their way, terrorism is threatened, for those with eyes to see.

A war against Iran will really hurt us. Stop those trying to start one, Hurry.

Joe, 08.10.2006 18:51

"Exiles peddling back-channel intelligence, upstart advocacy groups pressing for regime change, administration hawks intent on remaking the Middle East—the scene in Washington is looking eerily familiar as the Iran standoff grows more tense. Instead of Ahmad Chalabi, we have the likes of Iran-Contra arms-dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar. A new Iran directorate inside the Pentagon features some of the same people who brought you the Iraq intel-cherrypicking operation at the Office of Special Plans. Whether calling for outright regime change or pushing “democracy promotion” initiatives to undermine the Iranian government, an expanding cast of characters has emerged to promote confrontation between the U.S. and Iran. What follows is an abridged list of the individuals and organizations agitating to bring down the mullahs."


D.Mann, 08.10.2006 18:19

Empezar Movemiento por 9-11 TRUTH


Teddy Crispin, 08.10.2006 16:18

Christian Ranucci : ( 1954 - 1976 ) : ein junger Mann mit reinem Herzen, zu Unrecht enthauptet durch die französische Justiz?


Alma Rosa Vidales, 08.10.2006 16:16

Dos Records Mundiales Guinness fueron otorgados a L. Ronald Hubbard, en la Feria de Libros de Frankfurt, por autor mas traducido y autor con mas numero de obras publicadas.

Mise à jour VIDEO oct. 2006 sur l'Infoblog des Luttes!

Eric Freidhe, 08.10.2006 14:34

L'update mensuel de la rubrique vidéo est en ligne, 25 nouvelles entrées regroupant une soixantaine de films.

Listen to the Iraqis: NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF ; Death by Instant Message: MAUREEN DOWD &amp; More

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF, MAUREEN DOWD - The New York Times, 08.10.2006 13:13

Kristof: Listen to Iraqis - Announce a timetable for withdrawal of our troops within one year(the complete article) and more.

Treasury of Saint Graal

marco di Mauro, 08.10.2006 12:16

Deposit Treasury of Saint Graal exist and Code Da Vinci exist.!

Articulos sobre Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia...

Izquierda Punto Info, 08.10.2006 11:30

Articulos con un analisis marxista de la lucha de clases internacional


Zalea TV, 08.10.2006 11:00

On a besoin de vous, c'est urgent et utile et ça ne vous prendra que deux secondes!
Signez l'appel ci-dessous et relayez-le dans vos réseaux....
Il nous reste 8 jours !
Attention : répondre à

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