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FX, 12.10.2006 03:52

Free to rebroadcast A review of news, opinion and photography recorded from the Indymedia Newswire. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

victory for the poor!

dave, 12.10.2006 03:41

harrisburg quaker meeting house new federal court house blocked

Iraq Freedom Congress Safety Forces Begin Deployment in Baghdad Districts

Communist League, 12.10.2006 03:07

IFC safety forces deploy in Iraq, protecting neighborhoods from the occupation troops, and sectarian violence

Iraq Freedom Congress Safety Forces Begin Deployment in Baghdad Districts

Communist League, 12.10.2006 03:06

IFC safety forces deploy in Iraq, protecting neighborhoods from the occupation troops, and sectarian violence

Puppies and Roses

DAJ, 12.10.2006 01:04

terrorism 911 security security 911 terrorism national security 911 sacrifice terrorism 911 security preemptive strike homeland 911

A New Movement is Born - Congratulations Democrats NOW Do Your JOB !!

William Douglas, 11.10.2006 22:17

Republicans have sold their souls and are unreachable by anyone who doesn't have millions for their campaign coffers. The Democrats appear to be poised to gain some power.

We watched the Democrats allow the 2000 election to be stolen by allowing black voters to be disenfranchised in Florida. Did you see Farenheit 911? Not one Democratic Senator would stand up with the black caucus.

I watched the Democrats stand by and leave Cynthia McKinney dangling when she found the courage to demand of Rumsfeld "Where's the $2.3 trillion you lost?" and "Investigate 9/11."

So, where are we. We have a weak opposition party that has performed dismally. One that finally may gain some power. One that may not do anything with that power unless they wake up with 1 or 2 million demands from us citizens that something be done to change our country for the better forever. is a vehicle to make that happen.

Rechazo de FADIUNC a banca privada (Bco. Patagonia)

hugO chirinO - UNyC - Uncuyo -Mendoza, 11.10.2006 22:14

Ref: A licitación de nuevo agente bancario para los trabajadores universitarios de la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo.


Macu Naima, 11.10.2006 22:07

General Smedley Butler was approached to lead a coup d'etat to overthrow democracy in 1933 & 1934. (Reminding modern readers, 1933 was the year Hitler assumed power in Germany.) He declined, and exposed the plot. The plotters then employed the time honored theory of defense: "if you have enough money you can get away with murder."

Foley Predator EmailGate and the 2000 Election Coup d'État

Tom Heneghan, 11.10.2006 21:29

Florida Democrat Party is demanding the Florida AG Charlie Crist (gay-in-the-closet) and candidate for Florida Governor immediately turn over all emails and Internet messages between Congressman Foley and ex-Congressional Pages during the November/December 2000 Timeline.

Take Back Washington Sends Film Crew To D.C. Next Stop: Las Vegas, NV

Debbie Lewis, 11.10.2006 19:20

In response to the newly released documentary, One Nation Under Siege, the Take Back Washington crew is headed west for more input by fellow Americans trying to make a difference.

If You’re Not VERY Afraid You Haven't Been Paying Attention!

Editor,, 11.10.2006 18:44

The Eisenhower Carrier group is en route to Iran. The GOP is in free fall. Put the two together and wonder if Karl Rove isn't desperate enough to pull off an attack in time for the elections....

El Movimiento Indígena Ecuatoriano y las Elecciones

Raul Llasag Fernandez - Jurista Kichwa, 11.10.2006 18:33

CONAIE Ha nivel internacional entre los sectores progresistas hay un desconcierto por las noticias acerca de lo que está pasando en Ecuador. Por un lado la alegría por un posible triunfo de la izquierda y por otro lado la incredulidad por la predecible derrota del dirigente indígena Luís Macas en las elecciones del domingo 15 de octubre.

Oaxaca: occupied radiostation

Carla, 11.10.2006 17:47

At this moment you can listen to Radio La Ley del Pueblo from Oaxaca on internet. Radio La Ley is the only remaining of the 9 occupied radiostations in Oaxaca.
You can listen via the website of APPO (Asamblea Popular de Pueblos de Oaxaca),

Interview with John Whitfield, author of In The Beat Of A Heart: Life, Energy, And The Unity Of Nature

small WORLD Podcast, 11.10.2006 16:32

In The Beat Of A Heart: Life, Energy, And The Unity Of Nature In the Beat of a Heart combines biography, history, science and nature writing to capture the exciting advances—and the people who are making them—that are triggering a revolution as potentially important to biology as Newton’s insights were to physics.

Visible Technologies Announces Strategic Partnership with MVP Sports Media Training to Provide the Latest Technology in Internet Brand and Online Reputation Management to the Sports Industry

Thu-An Bui, 11.10.2006 16:21

Seattle, WA – Visible Technologies and MVP Sports Media Training (MVP) have created a strategic partnership to provide cutting-edge online reputation and brand management services to professional sports organizations, collegiate admissions and athletic departments, professional athletes, and sports agents.

cultures of resistance: call for footage

mfnw, 11.10.2006 14:57

makefilmsnotwar is compiling footage from filmmakers around the world for a feature-length documentary tentatively called CULTURES OF RESISTANCE. The film will be a collaborative cinematic collage about the myriad ways in which people are opposing war, oppression, and corporate-led globalization in their everyday lives.


dersim, 11.10.2006 14:13


Australian Wheat Board “oil for food” inquiry ends with threats of terrorism charges

Rick Kelly via sam, 11.10.2006 14:02

The affair and the Howard government While the Australian media and the opposition Labor Party have happily promoted the AWB “scandal”, neither has raised any connection between the affair and the Howard government’s sordid calculations in the lead-up to the Iraq invasion. Their silence again demonstrates the complicity of the entire political and media establishment with the criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq, and the violent drive of the Bush administration to seize control of its resources.

Treasury of Saint Graal

marco di Mauro, 11.10.2006 13:19

The Treasury of Saint Graal EXIST.

Declaration of War: The Manifesto of the Living

peptide via sam, 11.10.2006 12:54

655,000 Iraqis died due to invasion: study 655,000 Iraqis died due to invasion: study

Aracruz uses media and billboards to turn people against indigenous communities.

By: ARACRUZ Cellulose X INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES 07/10/2006 22:46, 11.10.2006 12:29

"Aracruz brought progress. Funai*, the indians”.

*Funai - Protection Agency for Indigenous Rights

Spreading works like that in billboards around Espírito Santo, the multinational corporation Aracruz Cellulose hopes to gain support from the general population to avoid the demarcation of 11 thousand hectares of indigenous land. The Minister of Justice Márcio Thomaz Bastos has approximately 4 days to sign a regulation declaring the area the property of the Tupinikim and Guarani communities, accused by Aracruz of not being true indigenous groups.

Greenpeace returns barrel of bunker oil from Guimaras back to Petron

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 11.10.2006 06:03

An unexpected surprise from the shores of Guimaras was brought to the doorsteps Petron corporation’s headquarters in Makati City. As Greenpeace activists delivered a container drum of spilt bunker fuel to highlight the company's irresponsible lack of urgency in retrieving the remaining bunker fuel which continues to spill out from the sunken MT Solar 1 tanker chartered by the oil giant.



CALL 911

Back Breaking News Exposes Chris Matthews of MSNBC

Tom Heneghan, 11.10.2006 02:35

He condones Congressman Foley’s sexual activity with a Page of 21 years old because he was of age at the time.
Matthews ignores the solicitation of the Page by the pedophile Foley before the Page turned 21 years old.
Then it gets worse. Matthews compares the activities of homosexual-in-the-closet Foley to what Matthews considers scandalous which is President John F. Kennedy’s marriage to Jacqueline Kennedy when she was 22 years old and he was 34 years old. Is he insane or what?

Once a criminal, always a criminal: Discrimination of public housing applicants

Shawna Williams, 11.10.2006 02:24

Discrimination of public housing applicants who have a criminal history.

El nuevo tablero de Chavez

Alberto Garrido, 11.10.2006 00:03

Hasta ahora, el eje de los movimientos de Hugo
Chávez ha sido la geopolítica. El fin: la
construcción de un mundo multipolar capaz de
enfrentarse a Estados Unidos.

Not to the evict of the Almagro`s Assembly !

Grupo La Rivolta, 10.10.2006 23:41

Que se vayan todos!!! Almagro`s Assembly has been recovered by its neighbours four years ago during the event`s of 2001 and the death of the two piqueteros; Maximiliano Kosteki and Darío Santillán, this space is now under legal negociations to be evicted.

Not to the evict of the Almagro`s Assembly !

Grupo La Rivolta, 10.10.2006 23:38

Que se vayan todos!!! Almagro`s Assembly has been recovered by its neighbours four years ago during the event`s of 2001 and the death of the two piqueteros; Maximiliano Kosteki and Darío Santillán, this space is now under legal negociations to be evicted.

LA Decomression - 10.14.06

A Little Birdy Told Me, 10.10.2006 23:29

Coming to the Arts District on Saturday October 14, 2006 is the annual Los Angeles Burning Man street-fair known as Decompression. The fair is traditionally held the month following the Burning Man Festival. (Burning Man is the internationally recognized festival known as a radical experiment in community and self-expression that annually takes place in the Nevada desert).


Elyse Van Breemen, 10.10.2006 22:58

The future is vast and just waiting to be filled. Let it be filled by causative people who actively create a better civilization. Let’s move our kids toward cause. The future of Teen Screen and mandatory health screening of every man, woman and child is a population controlled and made effect by psychiatric drugs.

Partout des libertés et des droits en péril

Sisyphe, 10.10.2006 21:09

C'est un cliché de le rappeler: la droite, qu'elle soit religieuse ou politique, gagne du terrain partout. Les droits et libertés sont de plus en plus menacés dans le monde, même dans les pays de tradition démocratique.

“A Photo Opps…no thanks !”

Mary Jahn, 10.10.2006 18:25

Governor Schwarzennegger sets up a phony staged publicity event that will look-like a local public presentation by the kowtowing major media. No one was there but the actors. Another media mis-leading "news" story. Watch it on your TV.

Dutch reports on Oaxaxa

Krizz, 10.10.2006 18:04

The gouvernor who has got to go! Dutch activists are in Oaxaca right and are writing about the struggle.

La gauche gagnerait les élections à l'équateur

Nelson F. Nuñez Vergara, 10.10.2006 17:43

L'Équateur réalisera des élections générales le 15 octobre prochain, et ses résultats peuvent provoquer des changements importants politiques dans le pays, et un effet important dans la région. Dans les dernièrs sondages, les deux candidats principaux sont Raphaël Correa, représentant de la gauche (33 %) et social-démocrate León Roldós (22 %), qui passeraient au deuxième tour. Conformément aux normes électorales, celui qui obtiendra plus de 40% des voix avec 10% de plus que son plus proche rival, peut être déclaré vainqueur, et Correa est tout près d'atteindre ce but.


Tom Heneghan, 10.10.2006 17:00

CBS News ready to report that North Korea Nuclear Test was not a nuclear test at all in fact the explosion in North Korea was an accidental detonation of dynamite linked to three regiments in the North Korean army who patrol the area.

Bush, Putin and the Chinese President created this façade to disguise a massive fund transfer out of the Northern Trust Bank in Chicago linked to funds that were designated for the payment of the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols; funds that were due to Ambassador Leo Wanta.

The funds of course belong to the US and French Treasuries not to the Chinese Box Gang.

Athens indymedia is on the hands of fasicts!

just a user, 10.10.2006 16:51

Athens indymedia is on the hands of fasicts!

The Covenant of The Knights of the Round Table

???, 10.10.2006 16:46

just a thing

Nouvelle affiche de PETA Europe contre la fourrure

PETA France, 10.10.2006 15:32

La campagne faisant apparaître la créatrice de mode Sadie Frost dans le plus simple appareil a été dévoilée pendant la semaine de la mode à Londres


Nelson F. Núñez Vergara, 10.10.2006 15:31

Ecuador will have presidential elections next month October 15, and election results can stimulate important political changes within the country and a significant effect in the region. According to the latest surveys, the two main candidates are, the leftist Rafael Correa (33%), and Social Democrat Leon Roldós (22%), most likely to continue on into a second round of voting. Electoral norms dictate that a winner gain over 40% of the electorate votes in addition to having a 10% lead over the next closest rival. Correa is presently close to reaching that goal.

InFocus on Skills, Knowledge and Employability

Claudia Driussi Milewski (MBA), 10.10.2006 14:36

The International Labour Organization seeks to heighten awareness of the problems associated
with youth unemployment and the advantages and disadvantages of the various policy
options affecting the design and implementation of programmes and schemes for youth
employment. One approach, the so-called “enterprise-based youth employment
promotion”, assists young people in setting up their own businesses,.

Acto de repudio al 12 de Octubre de 1492

Coordinadora por el 12 de Octubre, 10.10.2006 13:51

Acto de repudio al 12 de Octubre de 1492

Acto de repudio al 12 de Octubre de 1492

Coordinadora por el 12 de Octubre, 10.10.2006 13:51

Acto de repudio al 12 de Octubre de 1492

Back Breaking News: Further Update on N. Korea fraud, a hoax

Tom Heneghan, 10.10.2006 13:33

None other than Fox News is reporting that the French Defense Minister has announced that the alleged North Korean Nuclear Test was a failure.

Question: Why did Occupunk Bush, Putin and the Chinese President put out this fraud, that was supposedly a Nuclear Test, upon the people of the World?

Congressional Candidate John Murphy to Wear Chicken Costume

John A. Murphy, 10.10.2006 07:25

Independent Congressional candidate John Murphy will wear chicken costume and handout candy corn to members of Rotary club who will be attending a debate between the Republican and Democratic candidates. The Rotary club refused to invite the independent antiwar candidate to the debate.

The Imaginary Wasteland

A Little Birdy Told Me, 10.10.2006 06:47

Richard Heller Gallery is proud to present The Imaginary Wasteland, an exhibition of small scale sculptural work by artist Jeremy Mora. This exhibition will run October 14, 2006 through November 11, 2006. An opening reception will take place on Saturday October 14th at 5:00pm.

Anti-Gay Witch Hunt In Uganda

Communist League, 10.10.2006 05:21

A newspaper owned by a half-brother of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has carried out a witch hunt campaign against gays and lesbians. The newspaper printed the names, addresses, and phone numbers of those who are allegedly gay, prompting physical attacks on them.

Ford Motor Company to Cut 44,000 Jobs by 2008.

Communist League, 10.10.2006 05:15

Ford’s new “Way Forward” will slash 44,000 jobs and close 16 auto plants in North America by the end of 2008.

The First of Many Outcries to America

Citizen Pain, 10.10.2006 05:14

A few photos of odd conditions First-person account of the failings of out medical system, and it's impact on one local community.

News On Free Credit Repair

mike green, 10.10.2006 05:06


Who Knew That an Elephant's Butt Could Be So Beautiful?

Mark C. Eades, 10.10.2006 00:24

Welcome though a Republican departure might be, the Democrats continue to show themselves a less-than-inspiring alternative.

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