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Rose Colored Glasses: A New &amp; Unique Public Education &amp; Deprogramming Video Series.

RCG Webmaster, 13.10.2006 18:56

This FREE educational video series is the ultimate visual indictment of the Bush Administration/the Neo-Cons, etc. I had two goals when making this series. To make a permanent historical record of these dark times, AND to make these videos available as cheap and easily mass-produced Super VCD's for apathetic and uninformed people to be able to watch on their Televisions. It is my hope that activists might use them as tools to educate and to inspire the populace.


KosmikK, 13.10.2006 18:41

Full of strange inconsistencies this sounds like a Show Trial to me: is this man mentally fit enough to be tried?

Brazil: The perfect electoral crime.

James Burk, 13.10.2006 18:36

The election was totally clean? Was there fraud in the election? God only knows. And some corrupt ones, also. Specialists warn: the security and the allegiance of the result of the electronic ballot box are not fidiciary.

Convocatoria. Reunión con la Sexta en Tijuana, México

laotraenelotrolado, 13.10.2006 18:24

Convocatoria a compas y la raza adherente que viven, trabajan y luchan al norte del río Bravo para que participen en las reuniones con la delegación sexta.

Nobel per la pace al “banchiere dei poveri”

Antonio - Vero Sudamerica, 13.10.2006 18:13

Muhammad Yunus, economista originario del Bangladesh, ha vinto il riconoscimento forse tra i più importanti e significativi: il premio Nobel per la pace 2006. Ecco perché:

Cross-Canada Rollerblader Raises Hope for Leukemia, 13.10.2006 18:05

Christine Ichim rollerbladed across Canada for her mother, Florica On the tenth anniversary of completing a grueling Cross-Canada Rollerblading crusade dedicated to her mother, a leukemia patient, Christine Ichim has organized a day of hope for leukemia patients. A press conference will be held in the Queen’s Park Media Room on October 16th, marking Hope for Leukemia Day

Afzal’s death sentence: Politics or clemency

Tanveer Jafri, 13.10.2006 16:45

Author Tanveer Jafri The death of Indian soldiers who laid their lives during the encounter with the terrorists must not be forgotten. They laid their lives while defending the sanctity of Indian Parliament. Their relatives have to pass through the quite difficult periods. What else can be in store of these plotters? Only & only death sentence. Ancien Regime- Measure for Measure.

conflict zone film fund: call for proposals

mfnw, 13.10.2006 15:26

The Conflict Zone Film Fund is now accepting proposals.


KosmikK, 13.10.2006 15:14

Full of strange inconsistencies this sounds like a Show Trial to me: is this man mentally fit enough to be tried?

Support The Sharmila Irom's hunger strike to repeal Armed Forse special Power Act (AFSPA 1958)

Anivar Aravind, 13.10.2006 14:41

Sharmila irom is under hungerstrike for last 6 years demanding the repeal of armed force specail power act from Manipur. Dor more DeWebsite

Will the Levee Break? : PAUL KRUGMAN - Republican Majority Ends Election Day and More

PAUL KRUGMAN - The New York Times, 13.10.2006 13:18

Krugman: Storm Surg e- A huge Democratic storm surge is heading toward a high Republican levee(the complete article plus poll graphic). Cindy Sheehan Nobel Peace Prize finalist and more


stephen Lendman, 13.10.2006 12:25


Commonwealth Games 2010- Time for Broadcast Revolution

Manu Dagar, 13.10.2006 12:00

Previously BW TV to CTV… Now Standard Definition to High Definition

CPP congratulates DPR-Korea for nuke breakthrough

Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), 13.10.2006 10:47

CPP-NDF Jose Maria Sison &amp; Luis Jalandoni with BAYAN The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today congratulated the people and government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for successfully and safely carrying out its first-ever nuclear test and hailed the successful test as a “militant assertion of national sovereignty and the right of an independent country to develop its own powerful self-reliant defense capability amidst constant efforts by the US to impose its imperialist hegemony over the world, maintain its monopoly of nuclear weapons along with a few other powerful countries, and subvert the sovereign will of the DPRK.”

Guerrilla News Network Is A Psy-Op

Emily Roemer, 13.10.2006 09:47

A recently-completed investigation into the Guerrilla News Network ( has found that two of the four site owners were previously involved in American intelligence media operations abroad, while a third worked as an investment banker for the Israeli intelligence-connected technology firm Check Point Technologies. The evidence seems to suggest that GNN itself is an American intelligence disinformation operation.

Alan Woods e il Venezuela come modello anticapitalista

Antonio - Vero Sudamerica, 13.10.2006 09:17

In questi giorni in Italia si stanno tenendo una serie di incontri organizzati dalla campagna “giù le mani dal Venezuela”. Vediamo di cosa si tratta e analizziamo le parole di Alan Woods il promotore di questa iniziativa.

Quacks in Islam- Well wishers or harmful

Tanveer Jafri, 13.10.2006 08:50

Author Tanveer Jafri In reality, the Islam seems quite unsafe in the hands of these quack religious leaders who earn their living by these religious activities. Before this, that the Islam plays fiddle in the hands of these quacks & becomes unsafe & helpless, the elite, liberal & progressive Muslims should come forward & discharge these illiterates, fanatic, believers in blind faith, dogmatic & who are for sale, religious leaders so that the Islam, which is pious & teaches the lessons of humanity on every step, is saved from the grip of these so called religious leaders.

Documentally, the progressive podcast interview

small WORLD Podcast, 13.10.2006 08:12

Documentally Documentally is a human interest audio blog with interviews and music. Mentally documenting the mind.

Magister e Fortuna, os campeões da exploração e vulgarização esotérica na internet brasileira

Alguém, 13.10.2006 07:55

Magister e Fortuna, os campeões da exploração e vulgarização esotérica na internet brasileira


KERI BOWERS, 13.10.2006 00:58

My son, Taylor has autism. Two years ago we made a film, Normal People Scare Me. It has been a wonderful success for us. Here is my story, from the beginning when I was told Taylor might never walk or talk, through the miracle of possibility, to present day. I'm hoping I'll find others who can relate to my "Journey to Normal"

World Day to End the Silent Holocaust

John Aaron Avalos, 13.10.2006 00:37

This Press Release is about exposing Organized Stalking and Electromagnetic harassment against innocent citizens of the World.

Yet another Show Trial in the UK?

KosmikK, 13.10.2006 00:10

This sounds like a Show Trial to me, full of strange inconsistencies: is this man mentally to be tried? He has been accused of all manner of extravagant plots but they're all on paper, there are no known fellow 'conspirators', he has no funds to carry-out any of the alleged projects and there is no evidence that any atrocities were being prepared! Yet the man pleads guilty in a high-security court and judgement is to be made in circumstances of even higher security. Is this nothing more than another in a long line of political trials where a mentally vulnerable man is being victimised by the British state and its thought police?

Oaxaca, call for actions

Carla, 12.10.2006 23:18

In Oaxaca, south Mexico, the situation is very tense at the moment.
There is really a need for actions worldwide to get attention to the struggle of the people of Oaxaca. So: please do something!

Los inmigrantes, potenciales líderes para América Latina.

Manuel R Villacorta O, 12.10.2006 23:16

La calidad del desarrollo integral de un país depende de su nivel educativo. Todos los países desarrollados otorgan importancia y atención permanente al proceso educativo, desde la educación primaria hasta la especialización universitaria. Asimismo, todos los países subdesarrollados tienen graves deficiencias en su sistema educativo, en no pocos casos, se hace referencia a sistemas colapsados.

African Delegates Agree to Form &quot;United States of Africa&quot;

African Socialist International, 12.10.2006 21:55

Delegates from throughout the African continent and diaspora met in London from October 7-9, 2006 and laid out a program for building a single international organisation to forge a continent-wide "United States of Africa".

Newspeak, 'Scarcity' and the CIA Bali Bombing Anniversary

Parrot Press, 12.10.2006 20:25

The blue planet Lies, lies, spin, spin and more lies and spin from john Howhard and his abc.

Encerrado en un hospital piquiátrico: &quot;un infierno en vida&quot;

CCHR México, 12.10.2006 20:18

Según la revista Scientific American, expertos en salud mental propusieron que el término esquizofrenia fuera abandonado.

Incredibilidad de los diagnósticos de &quot;esquizofrenia&quot;

CCHR México, 12.10.2006 20:13

Según la revista Scientific American, expertos en salud mental propusieron que el término esquizofrenia fuera abandonado.

Plea to the Awake, Aware and Outraged

Cathy Garger, 12.10.2006 19:40

Blood Stained Hand Americans, with bloodstains on our hands, must ACT.
A heartfelt plea for each and every American citizen to take action. With 2 political parties so corrupt, voting is not going to save us. So now what? Doing nothing is *not* an option.

New study says US war has killed 655,000 Iraqis

the editorial board via sam, 12.10.2006 18:39

Those responsible for the war be tried as war criminals The SEP demands that those responsible for the war be tried as war criminals. The election program also calls for the US government to compensate the Iraqi people for the destruction and suffering it has caused, as well as the families of American soldiers killed in the war and the men and women who have been wounded, both mentally and physically.

Hope for Leukemia Day

Paul Nagourney, 12.10.2006 18:05

Hope for Leukemia Day is to share success stories of leukemia survivors

EXPLOSIVE: Tampa Bay News has Conspiratorial Emails in 2000 Election Fraud Coup d'État

Tom Heneghan, 12.10.2006 17:48

Tampa Bay News now in possession of Douglas Alexander (former U.K. E-Commerce Minister) election emails. Emails deal with direct communications between Alexander, Karen Hughes (chief aide to Bush) Mel Sembler aka Bay Point Schools and Democratic traitor Al Rodgers of Fort Lauderdale, Florida along with current Florida A.G. Charlie (gay-in-the-closet) Crist.

HepCAware Telethon

Kelly Zirbis, 12.10.2006 16:50

Please contact HepCAware/Kelly Zirbis for the Telethon information or read further. Thank you, Mary Baldwin

Tibetans and Supporters Protest Killing of Unarmed Refugees by China

Kalaya'an Mendoza, 12.10.2006 16:47

Body of Tibetan Nun Shot by Chinese solider. New York City – Tibetans and supporters will demonstrate at the Chinese Mission on October 13th from 2 to 6 pm, in response to shocking eyewitness reports from Tibet that Chinese border guards opened fire on a group of 70 Tibetans escaping into Nepal on September 30th, killing a young nun and a small child. At least 10 young Tibetan children who were part of the group of refugees were seen being taken into custody at gunpoint by Chinese soldiers. Presumably, they remain in detention. 41 of the original group of 70 are reported to have safely made it to Nepal, the whereabouts of the remaining members of the group are unknown.

Social Policy magazine covers Police Brutality in Atenco, Mexico; Student Protests in France; Low-Power Radio vs. the FCC

Caitlin Corrigan, Managing Editor, 12.10.2006 15:58

Cover photo by Jean-Jacques Tiziou NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – October 13 – Social Policy magazine, a New Orleans based progressive quarterly journal with 30+ years publishing history, releases new issue, including in-depth coverage of the May 3rd and 4th events in Atenco, Mexico, along with coverage on the spring protests in France, plus the movement to take back community airwaves from media monopoly.


Stephen Lendman, 12.10.2006 15:09


The fascist bomb factory you won't hear about

Islamophobia Watch, 12.10.2006 14:36

This story was never reported by the mainstream UK national media, why?

Protesta en motivo del Día Internacional Contra Mc Donald's

Helena Escoda, 12.10.2006 14:09

Así era una hamburguesa antes de ser hambuerguesa Estimado activista, nos place a invitarte a celebrar con nosotros el día Internacional contra MC Donald’s. Este próximo domingo, día 15 de Octubre, a las 12 horas, una activista vestida de payaso ensangrentado asustará a los viandantes del Portal de l’Àngel de Barcelona, mostrando que es lo que comen cuando entran a un Mc Donald’s.

Encuentro Internacional de la Cultura. Ripollet mira a Latinaomerica: El Salvador

Car, 12.10.2006 12:08


Plea to the Awake, Aware and Outraged

Cathy Garger, 12.10.2006 12:03

Americans, with bloodstains on our hands, must ACT A heartfelt plea for each and every American citizen to take action. With 2 political parties so corrupt, voting is not going to save us. So now what? Doing nothing is *not* an option.

Abusing the Arab Peace Initiative

Nicola Nasser*, 12.10.2006 11:05

The failed Qatari mediation in the still unresolved inter-Palestinian divide was in practice an American success in turning the Arab Peace Initiative (API) into a pressure tool that further exacerbates fractures both in Arab and Palestinian ranks

UN report uncovers global child abuse

David Usborne, 12.10.2006 10:56

A shocking picture of physical abuse and mistreatment of children in countries in every corner of the world, ranging from corporal punishment in schools to forced prostitution, rape and mutilation, was revealed in a survey by the United Nations last night.

Role of E-factor in Mainstreaming Tribal Youth in Orissa

Devi Prasad Mahapatra, 12.10.2006 09:08

The huge public investments and growth so far have been concentrated in a few pockets of Orissa. Some tribal districts have a high concentration of mining activities and many polluting sponge iron units with little development in the condition of the tribal population. But the tribal people are far away from the mainstream. In this article we have made an effort to cover the role of education in the tribal life for mainstreaming.

Chandigarh Surgeon creates history and does India proud, 12.10.2006 09:00

Dr Pankaj Garg becomes the first person in South Asia to perform a new revolutionary procedure for treating Anal Fistula

Suisse et Europe contre les migrations

lesdeuxbarques, 12.10.2006 08:19

nouvelle loi en Suisse, copi de Schengen

Número 2 de la publicación anticapitalista La lumbre

La lumbre, 12.10.2006 08:15

Ya está en la calle el nº 2 de la publicación La lumbre

Hope for Leukemia Day is Oct 15th

Paul Nagourney, 12.10.2006 07:19

10th Anniversary of Cross Canada Rollerblade Campaign to Save Dying Mother Announced as "Hope for Leukemia" Day

Democrats offer no &quot;Salvation&quot; to Americans and deserve &quot;NO&quot; congratulations! ! !

k.hawley, 12.10.2006 04:32

If Americans vote for either the Republicians or the Democrats in Novemeber they will once again be voting for nothing except more "Corruption"!

Melody &amp; Mental Illness: The Outsider Musician &amp; Artist

Claire Beaver, 12.10.2006 04:28

The article is about outsider artists who suffer from mental illness and includes a short rundown on what outsider art & music is and how that art or music is percieved and how outsider artists or musicians as individuals are percieved. These perceptions also reflect society at large's attitudes to people with mental illness.

Kim Jong Il Causes Regime Change in America

Karen Fish, 12.10.2006 04:02

Jessica Here is the inside dish from Hollywood to Pyongyang.

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