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Five years since Australia’s SIEV X tragedy: the official cover-up continues

Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 19.10.2006 07:59

Those responsible be held to account Only through the development of a new political movement of the working class, completely independent of the establishment parties and organizations and prepared to challenge the very foundations of the present social and economic order, will the truth about the tragedy of SIEV X emerge and those responsible be held to account.

Bush/Clinton Crime Syndicate Permindex Assassination Teams

Tom Heneghan, 19.10.2006 05:58

Hillary (Republican-in-the-closet) Clinton has been fingered traveling to Lake Nippissing, Ontario Canada to meet with U.S. FBI, CIA and RCMP and elements of British Intelligence aka Permindex, a Halliburton subsidiary tied to the Royal Bank of Scotland and various domestic political assassination teams operating on American soil.

the ivl0g show episode 23 - hax0r1ng scenes

3D1on, 19.10.2006 04:19

c more of my award winning, international acclaimed series at (-;

10/8/06: $250,000 Reward For Information About Election Fraud In The November Election, 19.10.2006 03:59

10/8/06: $250,000 Reward For Information About Election Fraud In The November Election

National Student Video Film Festival 2007

Biju Mohan, 18.10.2006 22:50

After the big success of National Student Video Film Festival-2006, we proudly announce the second edition of NSVFF on 10, 11 and 12 February 2007. Keeping pace with the success of NSVFF 2006 at the national level, we moved one step ahead to international level. This time two new award categories are introduced for foreign student film makers. Along with the Students Video Film Festival this year we are also introducing a National Photography Competition for students. Due to the intense fame of NSVFF, we are also organizing a National Level Conference on "MEDIA Education: Challenges Ahead", with some of the prominent league of speakers from the Media fraternity to be a part of this fabulous and happening national event.

Del 12-10 al 10.-12. Por la renovación ética del significado y fecha de la Fiesta Nacional

Javier Sampedro, 18.10.2006 22:08

Carta abierta a Rodríguez Zapatero

france le taser l'arme qui va mettre le feu aux quartier

raidh, 18.10.2006 22:02

non au tazer et aux armes de tortures

france 24 octobre solidarité avec les ouvriers sans papier de modeluxe

solidarite avec les sans papier, 18.10.2006 21:13

comment le patronat francais exploite les sans papiers

New Campaign Urges the US to Dialogue with Iran

Lee-Sean Huang, 18.10.2006 19:29

Screenshot of the CeasefireCampaign website The Res Publica launches a new campaign asking Netizens around the world to urge the US government to begin open, direct talks with Iran about its nuclear program.

Call For Human Rights For Katrina Displaced Persons

Michael Steinberg, 18.10.2006 19:26

The director of the US Human Rights Network called UN Humans Rights to be applied to people displaced by last years hurricanes.

Bush/Clinton,Obama,Rahm Immanuel/Mossad + Stolen $45 Trillion

Tom Heneghan, 18.10.2006 18:55

Ambassador Leo Wanta is still not being paid. It can now be reported that the forty-five trillion dollars due the U.S. Treasury, aka implimentation of the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols, are still not being fulfilled.

Ambassador Wanta, the U.S. Intelligence Trustee, in charge of dispersements, alleges that the Protocol funds, are being used to fund 30 major U.S. corporations and support the U.S. stock market between now and the election in November.

The lynchpin corporation is Saudi-owned Citi Bank and are using the Reagan-Mitterrand funds to create derivatives in gold and oil greater than the GNP of the European Union.

Hunting Culture Tied to School Shootings

Paula Moore, 18.10.2006 18:32

The recent string of fatal school shootings has rightly spurred President Bush to action. The Bush administration is hosting a meeting of education and law enforcement officials to search for ways to stem the tide of violence in our schools.
Installing more metal detectors and locking school doors is all well and good, but it’s not enough. Unless our leaders also examine the hunting culture in rural America—where most mass school shootings take place—and its role in these disturbing incidents, little will change.

Miami FL Real Estate Officially a Buyer’s Market

Alex Shay, 18.10.2006 18:21

It’s officially a buyer’s market in Miami. Miami FL real estate market conditions have been less than favorable lately if you are a seller in Miami.

New Expose´of ExxonMobil, &quot;Out of Balance&quot; Released

Joe Public, 18.10.2006 17:36

Joe Public Films has released its fourth documentary, “Out of Balance: ExxonMobil’s Impact on Climate Change”. The hour-long expose´ of the oil giant focuses primarily on ExxonMobil’s support of climate change “skeptics”, and its influence on the Bush administration.

Diálogo do vazamento das fotos do dossiê vai à rede:

Josias de Souza - Folha de São Paulo, 18.10.2006 16:37

A armação do delegado da Polícia Federal para prejudicar o PT .

The Credit Card RIP announces the availability of a website for Consumers.

Richard Garcia, 18.10.2006 16:33

Newport Beach, CA... October 18, 2006. We are all tired of feeling
powerless, of being worried, of getting that queasy feeling every time the
phone rings and every time the mailman comes. Cardholders can eliminate
these feeling if they are stress or overwhelmed with credit card debt.
Newport Beach, California (PRWEB) March 23, 2006 -- This subject was
addressed in a resent article at Newswire Today (newswire - Hoschton, GA,
United States, 03/18/2006) titled: "After Bankruptcy Reform Consumers are
now Learning How to Discharge Debt.”

Barney and Baghdad: THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN - Events in Iraq like Tet offensive &amp; More

THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN - The New York Times, 18.10.2006 16:23

Friedman: Jihadist P.R. - What we’re seeing in Iraq seems like the jihadist equivalent of the Tet offensive - THE COMPLETE ARTICLE Congress aides ignored bribery signs: report and more

France banalisation du racisme anti rom

anti racisme, 18.10.2006 16:09

en france le racisme institutionel se banalise aprés la chasse aux sans papiers c'est maintenant a la chasse aux roms que Sarkozy le ministre de l'intérieur se livre a grande echelle avec en plus la complicité de nombreux élus y compris de gauche qui ferment les yeux sur ses atteintes aux droits de l'homme


post from msnbc, 18.10.2006 16:05

It's the first time that Wal-Mart has faced a worker-led revolt of such scale, according to both employees and the company. Just as surprising, the company quickly said it would change at least one of the practices that had sparked the protest. Late in the day on Oct. 16, there was some disagreement over which of the new policies would be put on hold.


Stephen Lendman, 18.10.2006 16:00


In Vodka Non Veritas: MAUREEN DOWD - McCain is starting to sound downright Clintonian +

MAUREEN DOWD - The New York Times, 18.10.2006 14:59

Dowd: Drinking Games - I did not have drinks with that woman! (the complete article). Housing Slowdown Creating "Ghost Towns" and More

On a cloué le bec au Barbizon (pamphlet lyrique)

JIM, 18.10.2006 14:44

Mur de parpaings C'est avec un mur de parpaings que la préfecture de Paris a décidé de bâillonner cet ancien cinéma réhabilité en espace culturel polyvalent.

Hot Discussion Topics at Solidarity Economy.Net

Carl Davidson, 18.10.2006 14:27

Digital Solidarity Discussion of market socialism, its strategy and practice, and related policy issues.

China gris

Amira Armenta, 18.10.2006 12:20

Hong Kong vsto desde el barco el 19 de agosto de 2006 (Foto: B. Eijsvoogel) En China, la contaminación del ambiente parece estar llegando a extremos de pesadilla. El país parece estar cubierto a toda hora por una espesa bruma que no deja ver el azul del cielo.

Slaughter of wild life in the Delta of Danube

Romanian newspapers (Jurnalul National), 18.10.2006 11:37

Help us stop the slaughter of wild life in the 3rd as size European nature reserve, Delta of danube - Romania!

Zapatistas defend village against violent eviction

Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group, Scotland, 18.10.2006 11:28

Zapatista families in the northern zone of Chiapas, Mexico urgently need solidarity in an important struggle to defend their community against a violent threatened eviction.



La Mesa de Convivencia de Puente de Vallecas y Villa de Vallecas organiza por segundo año consecutivo “Vallekas: Descubriendo Barrios Sin Fronteras”, unas jornadas interculturales que tienen como objetivo fundamental analizar la convivencia y la interculturalidad en los diversos barrios de estos dos distritos y desarrollar actividades que promuevan el acercamiento del vecindario autóctono y el inmigrante.

Demo Vs the EuropaBio conference in Greece (+video)

order81, 18.10.2006 07:52

Hundreds of protesters marched in October 7th against the 3rd International Biotechnology conference in Greece

Plaza at 7

Julie Rasmussen, 18.10.2006 07:48

An Opening Night with Acclaimed Dallas Painter, Michele Mikesell

Asia Inaugural Conference for Small Tankers, &quot;Small Tankers Asia 2006&quot; to be held in Singapore

Weena Lim, 18.10.2006 06:20

To be held from 7-8 Dec at the Ritz Carlton Millenia, Small Tankers Asia 2006 aims to be Asia’s definitive Annual Small Tankers conference that brings together players in the Palm Oil, Chemicals and Clean Petroleum Products (CPP) sectors.

Call to Artists, Musicians, Human Rights Activists &amp; Educators

HawaH, 18.10.2006 06:13

Project H(Ome) an arts based international peace and conflict resolution initiative will launch this winter through India and Pakistan. We are currently seeking those who desire to be a part of the expedition... bringing a voice to positive change through poetry, hip-hop, and workshops on sustainabilily, colonization, and oppression... small stipends available.

Socialism Conference in Los Angeles

Party for Socialism and Liberation, 18.10.2006 05:16

Socialism Conference Socialism Conference in Los Angeles
Join the Struggle for Revolutionary Change!
Saturday, November 11, 10am - 5pm

Prueba de Envio de Historia

Miriam, 18.10.2006 05:01

Esto es una prueba de envio de historia

Shell Oil in Mayo, Ireland

turoe, 18.10.2006 01:05

The official response to protests against Shell’s plan to build a high-pressure raw gas pipeline to an onshore processing facility in Rossport, Co. Mayo, Ireland, has suggested a worrying level of interference in the institutions of the State, its media, and the constitutional rights of its citizens by a multinational corporation.

Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant

Alan L. Maki, 18.10.2006 00:53

Stop the closing of the Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant. Public ownership needed.

Socialism Conference in Los Angeles


Socialism Conference in Los Angeles
Join the Struggle for Revolutionary Change!
Pre-Register for the Conference Below

Demo Vs the EuropaBio conference in Greece (+video)

order81, 17.10.2006 21:11

The poster of the demostration Hundreds of protesters marched in October 7th against the 3rd International Biotechnology conference in Greece

Cover up of the Bush/Clinton True Colors assassination teams

Tom Heneghan, 17.10.2006 20:48

Note: It can now be reported to Matthews that NBC General Electric has been linked to Yang Enterprises and Chinese software programs that are tied to the stolen Year 2000 Presidential election i.e. the overthrow of Albert Gore's Presidential election.

Joe Klein of Time Magazine is now promoting NWO stooge Barach Obama as a Presidential candidate.

Obama, Hillary's firewall, is again tied to massive money launderings and narcotics and arms dealing tied to Dennis Hassert and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Obama, also conspired with then Illinois Democratic Speaker of the House in the Year 2000 to remove motor voter rolls from the Illinois Registrars office in advance of the Year 2000 Election. This was all done to benefit Bushfraud.

Item: Joe Klein of Time Magazine, a MOSSAD asset, is tied to the cover up of the Bush Clinton True Colors assassination teams which murdered William Colby and of course assassinated John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1998 before he could publish True Colors in George Magazine and of course before JFK Jr. could run for office and stop Hillary from becoming a Senator.

Klein was also aware of the attempt to assassinate then VP Albert Gore over Chicago in 1998. The assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr. and the attempt on Albert Gore was a True Colors program to clear the field for Hillary in New York and Bushfraud without a real opponent... MORE

Demo Vs the EuropaBio conference in Greece (+video)

order81, 17.10.2006 20:10

The poster of the demostration Hundreds of protesters marched in October 7th against the 3rd International Biotechnology conference in Greece


Stephen Lendman, 17.10.2006 18:36



MABELLE SMITH, 17.10.2006 17:22


(Please, Send Me An Estimation On This Publication Through-
out All The Major Media In The World!!!, A.S.A.P. Thanks!

Victor Yanulevich

Human Rights in Russia!, 17.10.2006 16:49


El imperialismo es derrotable: Venezuela en la ONU

Modaira Rubio, 17.10.2006 14:05

Resultado de las elecciones del representante de Amèrica latina en el Consejo de Seguridad


Tom Heneghan, 17.10.2006 13:29

Karl Rove has pulled his October surprise. Rove has got extortion-friendly Hillary (Gay-in-the-closet) Rodenhurst-Clinton , business partner of the Bush Crime family to file her exploratory Presidential papers as of today. This will lead, of course, to Hillary being the media face of the Democratic Party and the immediate collapse of the Democratic Poll Numbers in the South and the Midwest. Yes, the Bush family plays the Clinton card... MORE

Sami's Shame, and Ours: NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF - Jailed Journalist; PAUL KRUGMAN +

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF - The New York Times, 17.10.2006 13:00

Kristof: Jailed Journalist - There is no public evidence that Sami al-Hajj committed any crime other than journalism for a television network the Bush administration doesn’t like(the complete article). N Korea: Sanctions a 'declaration of war' and more

No human rights violations in Western Sahara

Mbarka, 17.10.2006 08:53

Young men brutaly beaten by Moroccan security forces There are no human rights violations in Western Sahara, says Morocco that occupies the territory since 1975. Images of brutaly beaten people says otherwise.

Public rejects psychiatric view of mental helath - and research says they are right

Dr John Read - New Zealand, 17.10.2006 03:18

A review of studies from all over the world, including several from the USA, show that the public rejects the bio-genetic view of schizophrenia and other mental health problems promoted by biological psychiatrists and the drug companies.

Noble Prize : Prof. Yunus brought economics to the poor

Tanveer Jafri, 17.10.2006 02:29

Author Tanveer Jafri The leading leaders of the world must take inspiration from Prof. Yunus & should feel that this incarnate has done so much that even United Nations Organisation could not do. So all world must take inspiration from Prof. Yunus & came forward for constructive help to the poor & the helpless to enable them to get employment.

Facing Up To 30 Years in Prison, Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart

DemocracyNow! via sam, 17.10.2006 01:32

Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart Speaks Out Facing Up To 30 Years in Prison, Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart Speaks Out As She Heads To Courthouse for Sentencing

Watch this Australian Aboriginal film

Diet Simon, 17.10.2006 01:14

KANYINI ( a story told by an Aboriginal man, Bob Randall, who lives beside the greatest monolith in the world, Uluru in Central Australia. Based on Bob's own personal journey and the wisdom he learnt from the old people living in the bush, Bob tells the tale of why Indigenous people are now struggling in a modern world and what needs to be done for Indigenous people to move forward.

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