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TLC destruirá modelo costarricense de solidaridad

Comunicación Acción Ciudadana, 12.11.2006 02:05

Oposición al TLC en Costa Rica envía carta a Michelle Presidenta de Chile Bachellet
17 diputados y diputadas del principal partido de oposición costarricense enviaron una carta a la Presidenta chilena para informarla tanto a ella como a sus colaboradores de la realidad costarricense con respecto al proceso que vive Costa Rica con la conflictiva ratificación del TLC con Estados Unidos.

Nuclear Abolition for ALL

Ed Mertex, 12.11.2006 01:55

Can you imagine a world without nuclear power? I can. Not only can I imagine it, but I think a world with a nuclear technology abolition agreement makes a lot of sense if we hope to curb both violence and earth destruction in the 21st century.

Barack (Osama) Obama unmasked: Another G.E. Bush-Clinton stooge

Tom Heneghan, 12.11.2006 01:51

It can now be reported that the new US Media pet Barack Obama Democrat Illinois has amassed a 21 million dollar slush fund. The money is tied to Texas Tejas Security, a major backer of the Bush family. Barack Osama Obama is also tied to a Chicago Washington Based law firm Skadden Arps. What makes this scandalous is...

Alaskan Families Struggle through Energy Crunch

Lori Johnston, 11.11.2006 23:39

Energy Costs Heat Up Family, Income Freezes
Alaskan not-for-profit Electric Company Decreases Rates for Businesses
Alaskan Gas Company to Raise Rates by a Third After Christmas

Alaskan Families Struggle through Energy Crunch

Lori Johnston, 11.11.2006 23:01

Energy Costs Heat Up Family, Income Freezes
Alaskan not-for-profit Electric Company Decreases Rates for Businesses
Alaskan Gas Company to Raise Rates by a Third After Christmas

Openheid over irak

maarten, 11.11.2006 17:50

Het burgerplatform ‘Openheid over Irak’ eist dat de regering verantwoording aflegt voor haar steun aan de oorlog tegen Irak.

Publicité et Public - Le pouvoir et Pouvoir

oTo(comcom), 11.11.2006 15:49

Qui tiens quoi, et comment. Attendre, ne rien faire, prendre en charge, être responsable.

what's goin' on in Barcelona IMC?

z, 11.11.2006 15:24

Indymedia Barcelona is a volunteer, non-corporate effort to provide news coverage and media resources to the disempowered.
Indymedia Barcelona est un effort volontaire, non-corporatif voué a mettre à la porté des démunis des infos et des resources média.
Indymedia Barcelona es un esfuerzo voluntario y no corporativo destinado a dar cobertura informativa y recursos de comunicación a los más desfavorecidos.
Indymedia Barcelona és una xarxa voluntària, no corporativa per posar a l'abast del més febles notícies i mitjans de comunicació.

Strange Liberators Indeed: Imperialism and Rogue States You Want to Hate

Macdonald Stainsby, 11.11.2006 14:06

Review of Strange Liberators: Militarism, Mayhem, and the Pursuit of Profit, by Gregory Elich

Da una turbina eolica alle centrali a vento magnetico: salta per aria la fisica

revolution now, 11.11.2006 13:45

centrale a vento magnetico Free energy - Energia pulita rinnovabile gratis - Continua l'inganno globale - La centrale a vento magnetico, uno dei 40 metodi proposti da Schietti per autoprodurre infinite quantità di energia - Salta per aria Newton, la termodinamica e la fisica - La più grande rivoluzione della storia umana - 20 mila morti al giorno per i ritardi di produzione - Continua la censura sulle invenzioni di Schietti, chi è Schietti? - Il sistema maschera la verità, perchè?


FederationWarrior, 11.11.2006 10:03

The massive burial of the Kurds killed by Sarin Gas into the walls of bunkers in Iraq to be vaporized by the Bunker Busting Bombs was an Aussie ploy to get the OIL reserves and Sell Wheat and get the Saddam Gold while our kids are being massacred in IRAQ

TIME GOD unearthed –TIME GOD revealed –TIME GOD discovered 11/11

Alan, 11.11.2006 07:47

TimeGod1993 WORSHIP TIME GOD – A New God was in making or was there before universe began. According to the founder-discoverer-revealer ‘Time God is a no chocolate God’- Naresh Sonee ‘Sohum Sutra’ launches his God once again.

appel a une manifestation internet permanente en soutien a oaxaca contre la censure des médias officiels français

oaxaca, 11.11.2006 06:28

appel a une manifestation internet permanente en soutien a oaxaca

La censure des médias officiels français sur Oaxaca ça suffit

Veterans Day 2006.....Is it getting better?

TomSongs, 11.11.2006 05:19

"We asked them for their lives and they agreed Now they're asking for the benefits that they thought were guaranteed"

SNOW IN LA - fall/winter shopping event

A Little Birdy Told Me, 10.11.2006 21:40

"Snow in LA" is a shopping event where you will immerse yourself in an amazing day filled with shopping, drinks and music. Fashion Elements (fem) will showcase the collections of up to 40 new and emerging fashion designers selling their fall/winter collections at discounted prices. Be the first to discover the next "it" designer. Come and experience the most exceptional talent L.A. has to offer.

Bayer Contaminates US Rice Exports

a hopi indy via sam, 10.11.2006 21:17

Have been contaminated LLRice was supposed to be a test crop and was not approved for human consumption. This type of rice was spliced with a gene by Bayer to make it resistant to a pesticide -- sold by Bayer. Now it has become apparent that the billion dollar US rice exports have been contaminated.

Lynch The N Word

Kamal Imani, 10.11.2006 19:12

Spoken word poetry by Kamal Imani produced by Jonathan of regarding the N Word and it's negative use as a "term of endearment" in the Black community and it's way too frequent use in the hip hop community.


TONY &amp; HEATHER TREGALE, Lifestyle in Supported Accommodation, 10.11.2006 18:48

"Hello Mr Bracks!" The DHS, Disability Services, must consider they are not included, for they remain an out of control, unaccountable, bureaucratic juggernaut crushing disadvantaged people! Talk to us Mr Bracks, we have all the evidence! Tel: 9434-3810.........

Canada’s Boreal forest being flushed down Europe’s toilets

Greenpeace, 10.11.2006 18:41

Greenpeace activists set up blockade at Kimberly-Clark Italian headquarters To protest the destruction of ancient forest such as Canada's Boreal, Greenpeace today set up a blockade at the Italian headquarters of paper giant Kimberly-Clark. Kimberly-Clark uses pulp from Canada's Boreal forest to manufacture Kleenex brand tissue products.

Bush Inspires Artist, can we impeach them yet??

Brino Ism, 10.11.2006 16:38

I ain't no star, just an artist inspired by the times At least this president inspired me to paint this painting, but the thrill is gone, I want new inspiration.
Can we impeach them yet?

What Business benefit from SaaS

jerry2005, 10.11.2006 16:00

Geographically separted teams? see how can benefit you

War Correspondents Gather in Cuba

César Vallejo, 10.11.2006 15:34

The mass media war and the use of the Internet as a new battlefield were the topics on the first day of an international gathering of war correspondents taking place at the "Jose Marti" International Institute of Journalism in Havana. The first session was attended by Orlando Fundora, President of the World Peace Movement.


CLEMENCIA, 10.11.2006 13:25

GUILLERMO GOMEZJURADO ACUSADO POR SEGUNDA VEZ DEL DELITO DE VIOLACION Quien controla los bienes del Estado, cuando los utilizan para poteger a un violador, el 9 de agosto del 2005, se monto un fuerte operativo policial para proteger al violador y a su madre la complice.
aquién protege la policia a los delincuentes o a las victimas, deben pronunciarse las autoridades de control. tanta denuncia en contra de la policia y nadie dice nada. o tambien son parte de esa corrupción


CLEMENCIA, 10.11.2006 13:20

PROTECCION PARA POLICIA VIOLADOR, UTILIZAN CARROS, BUSES, TODO DE LA POLICIA En medio de un impresionante operativo policial, digno de una película policiaca, declaró ayer Guillermo Gomezjurado Astudillo, el capitán de Policía acusado de atentar contra el pudor de la Reina de esa institución a nivel local, Ana Sánchez.

Unos uniformados daban seguridad al acusado. Se utilizaron dos patrulleros y el bus de la Policía.

La gente se impresionó por tamaño operativo, y más de un ciudadano, entre ellos la activista de los derechos humanos, Paulina Rueda, lamentó que para custodiar a un sospechoso se monte un operativo de ese tipo, mientras que el lunes, para defender el Area de Gobierno, misión que sí le corresponde a la Policía, llegaron los uniformados cuando ya era tarde.
En medio de un impresionante operativo policial, digno de una película policiaca, declaró ayer Guillermo Gomezjurado Astudillo, el capitán de Policía acusado de atentar contra el pudor de la Reina de esa institución a nivel local, Ana Sánchez.

Impeach Nancy Pelosi's Mind...

Jodin, 10.11.2006 11:40

It only takes a moment to help convince Nancy Pelosi to Impeach.. Pelosi most likely said impeachment was "off the table" to remove any appearance of conflict-of-interest that would arise if she were thrust into the presidency as a result of the coming impeachment.


Bruce A. Gorcyca, 10.11.2006 11:33

Dictator may disclose past oil deals of Bush Family and Texaco

Evangelical College student kicked out of School for protesting war

Brother Raymond, 10.11.2006 06:32

To Phone the School 1-800-44-faith


Islamic Community Net, 10.11.2006 05:41

Thanks to the policies of dajjal Bush and Vladimir (ras)Putin, Bert is back in business.

Visit to the Motherland of Songun Politics in Pictures

John Paul Cupp, 10.11.2006 05:03

John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) Visits Korea


anonymous, 10.11.2006 04:42

Since Thursday, November 2nd, students at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina have been holding a 24/7 encampment to raise awareness about Oaxaca and to provide solidarity with the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO).

No hay que rendirse hasta que caiga Ulises (testimonio de un guerrero anónimo)

por Juan Pablo Romo, 10.11.2006 04:23

testimonio de un joven que lucho en defnsa de la UABJO el pasado 2 de noviembre en Oaxaca

Censura en el Canal 41 - America Te Ve

Pedro Rodriguez Medina, 10.11.2006 01:44

Pues bien, el Sr. Nelson Rubio trabaja para el canal 41 de AMERICA Te Ve., en el programa titulado "Arrebatados" de la conductora Maria Larias en Miami y para la emisora de radio WQBA., guarida de propaganda al servicio de los intereses anti cubanos. En la WQBA, este sujeto dirige el noticiero matutino en compañía de Daniel Torres, quien era el director del Noticiero Nacional de Radio en Cuba. Obviamente, los dos personajes siempre se mantienen en la comida, tanto en la Isla de Cuba como en Miami. Ambos se arrodillan fácil. Son los abanderados de los Periodistas Dependientes junto a Raúl Rivero y tantos otros camaleonescos personajes de la farándula desinformativa, encabezada por el asalariado Padrino Carlos Alberto Montaner.

La solidarité avec le peuple méxicain s'organise

Entente Internationale des Travailleurs et des Peuples, 10.11.2006 00:54

La défense du peuple mexicain et de sa souveraineté, c’est la défense de tous les peuples et de leur souveraineté. L’arrêt de la répression et le respect de la démocratie au Mexique, c’est le respect de la démocratie dans toutes les nations. L’Entente internationale respectera ses engagements de solidarité pris vis-à-vis du peuple mexicain, comme elle l’a toujours respecté ses engagements vis-à-vis d’autres peuples.

Barter Exchange Merchants Lured Into Costly Tax Scam

North American Barter Association, 09.11.2006 22:41

Helpful hackers pose as barter exchange to collect company's banking information

Anti-Chaining Laws Protect Dogs and People

Emily Allen, 09.11.2006 22:34

Last month, California became the third state in the country to pass a statewide law restricting chaining. The bill, which outlaws the tethering of dogs for more than three hours a day, was signed into law by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who stated that it “helps protect dogs from cruelty and enhances public safety by preventing aggressive animal behavior that can result from inhumane tethering.”

Daniel McGowan and codefendants accept non-cooperation plea in Oregon Green Scare case

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan, 09.11.2006 22:27

Daniel McGowan We would like to inform everyone about the events in court today. After months of negotiations and consideration, Daniel, along with Jonathan Paul, Joyanna Zacher and Nathan Block, pled guilty to some of the many charges. We cannot emphasize enough what an extremely difficult decision this was for Daniel and we will continue to give him our full support.

fbi/cia world inhumane domination.the fox is in the hen House.

geral sosbee, 09.11.2006 20:55

I send my Best Wishes to the Palestinian People and my prayer that Israel will come to its senses.
Please see evidence of fbi/cia world inhumane domination in the article below:

Australian government provocations heighten political crisis in Fiji

Rick Kelly via sam, 09.11.2006 20:45

An arena of growing rivalry The south Pacific has become an arena of growing rivalry, with European and Asian powers seeking to challenge US and Australian predominance. Of particular concern for Canberra and Washington is the rising influence of China, which is using aid and investment to extend its strategic foothold in the region.

Pàgina negra en la historia del periodismo argentino

Jorge, 09.11.2006 18:52

Centenaria instituciòn educativa de prensa troca en estafadora por no pagar un premio de 2000 dólares y diploma obtenido hace diez años.

La Escuela de Periodismo Círculo de la Prensa estafó y humillo la dignidad de un colega.

Jorge, 09.11.2006 18:46

Una organizaciòn educativa de prensa estafó a un colega con múltiples engaños y maniobras, pero los medios silencian la cuestiòn.
Por un premio de 2.000 dolares y diploma la Escuela de Periodismo Circulo de la Prensa de Buenos Aires ofendiò a un colega y manchò una trayectoria centenaria.

Medical Liability Murder

Malcolm Everett, 09.11.2006 17:22

Justice for all...! "Miscreant doctors, nurses and hospitals are not above the law despite their pretensions."

LAN Members Oppressed By The Government In Sta. Maria Bulacan And San Jose By Misleading Local Folks

Michael Carmen, 09.11.2006 17:18

It's been almost half a year since some of the families transfered from other places to San Vicente raw houses. It's approximately very few were learned and accostumed to adjust the air and unemployment in Sta. Maria Bulacan and most of us were affiliated to the political PPM (Philippine Punk Movement) since 1987. It's been establish that GMA Channel 7 were one of those who stalked us along with some agents of the Government and with used gadgets such as Radio Communication Equipments, Cell Phones, and Computer surveillance system. Most of the members of the Local Anarchist Network were harrased in San Jose Bulacan down to Halang, Sta Maria where hooliganist tactics drawn by the oppressor's draft masterplan equated with competition of Broadcast Corporations.

Mexico's Indians target of sterilization sweep

Linda Diebel/Toronto Star Latin American Bureau, 09.11.2006 16:53

Indians in Mexico are victims of No. 3 Brigade sterilization sweep.


David Lundy, 09.11.2006 16:43

We, the undersigned Members of the European Parliament, recently returned from a fact finding mission to Israel and Palestine, are shocked and appalled by what we have seen and experienced in Gaza.

Amnesty: US inspiring torture and 'killing fields'

Brenda Norrell, 09.11.2006 16:08

The United States is inspiring torture and secret prisons, while giving comfort to dictators around the world, according to Amnesty International USA's Western Region Conference in Tucson.

Condenan a dos estudiantes secundarios por porte ilegal de bombas molotov

Alejandra Lobo de, 09.11.2006 15:39

Condernaron a 3 años de cárcel a estudiantes secundarios en Chile. Su delito fue supuestamente portar botellas , telas y combustible en sus mochilas...


PRAVEEN DALAL, 09.11.2006 14:46

PRAVEEN DALAL, ARBITRATOR, CONSULTANT AND ADVOCATE, SCI. The aim of this article is to analyse the existing legal position regarding collection, analysis and use of cyber evidence in India. The same is an essential part of cyber law in India as computer forensics and cyber law in India are interrelated. The problem lies in the fact that in India we have very few experts who can manage the technical aspects of digital evidencing in India. At the same time we are running short of techno-legal professional who have a good knowledge of both the legal provisions and the technological knowledge collectively. The net result is that generally we can have, at best, either a technical expert or a legal expert but definitely not a techno-legal expert.


Stephen Lendman, 09.11.2006 13:16

The miscarriage of justice in Saddam's trial.

PHILIPPINES: Junk the Toxic Deal with Japan! Junk JPEPA!

AKBAYAN Partylist, 09.11.2006 13:04

“Save us from this destructive deal, Junk JPEPA!” With the battle shifting to the Upper House, AKBAYAN Partylist today trooped to the Senate to call for the junking of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA). “Japan may have done it once, but we will not allow the dumping of toxic wastes in the country again”, the group said referring to the 1999 incident, when 122 containers declared as “recyclable paper” (which turned out to be clinical wastes) arrived at the Port of Manila.

Saddam’s Trial in Context: Episode of Victors’ Injustice

Nicola Nasser*, 09.11.2006 11:16

American and European official and public opinion reactions to Saddam Hussein’s guilty verdict on Sunday artificially removed both the trial and the death sentence out of context and focused instead on “flaws” in the legal technicalities of a fair trial and on death penalty as a punishment, which exposed the trial/s in Baghdad as merely another episode in the U.S.-British so far unsuccessful efforts to establish their occupation of Iraq and to develop the current status quo there as the new order.

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