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America not respecting Islam in Iraq

Remixer, 16.02.2004 17:59

American Military will not let Iraqis use Islam as the law for their own country.

Proudhon e a definição de Justiça

Francsico Trindade, 16.02.2004 17:47

Proudhon e a definição de Justiça

Bundesdeutsche Flüchtlingspolitik und ihre tödlichen Folgen - 1993 bis 2003

Antirassistische Initiative Berlin, 16.02.2004 17:36

Sitz des Berliner Innensenators 1995 Die Dokumentation beschreibt in circa 3400 Einzelgeschehnissen die Folgen der Ausgrenzungs- und Abschottungspolitik auf die Flüchtlinge. Menschen, die gehofft hatten, in diesem Land Schutz und Sicherheit zu finden, und letztlich an diesem System zugrunde gingen oder zu Schaden kamen.


diego lk, 16.02.2004 16:32

Globalization Copyleft

Google, P.C. Cowards or Anti-Enviro Activists?

Jason A. Lefkowitz, 16.02.2004 16:31

You're not going to believe this.

Last week, we at Oceana decided to buy two of the small text ads you see on the right side of the page when you search the Web using Google. These are called "Google AdWords", and we thought they would be a good way to introduce new people to the ocean issues that Oceana -- and you -- care so passionately about.

Those ads started running on Friday, February 6. Two days later, Google shut them down, telling us our ads had been "disapproved". Why?

Because they contained "language that advocates against Royal Caribbean"!

Smartass Dumbass Kerry Bush Respectively

marco, 16.02.2004 15:42

W Is For Women fascinating George Bush is a dumbass.
John Kerry is a smartass.
What else did we learn from the debates?
Not much, really.

The first lawsuit in Japan to bring justice to Japanese ODA.

supporter, 16.02.2004 14:40

Let's Support the victims of Japanese funded dam in Indonesia's Sumatra island.
8,396 residents and natural ecosystem filed
Koto Panjang Dam lawsuit in Tokyo.

zak szymanski, 16.02.2004 11:48

a web based project that has documented the last four days at san francisco city hall

Complaint filed against The Observer (UK) with Press Commission

Swami Dhyan GIten, 16.02.2004 11:23

A complaint has been filed today by Osho Virtual Press Office against The Observer (UK) with The Press Complaints Commission under the Code of Practice on the grounds of defamation and inaccuracy.

US Out of Americas - Kerry Too?

S. Allende, 15.02.2004 19:45

We ask all those opposed to the Iraq War, corporate globalization and the US maintaining military bases in 130 countries to demand answers from John Kerry – or forget all about elections.

SEP runs candidate in US

Levine, 15.02.2004 19:14

Socialist candidates running against war and austerity policies of the Democratic and Republican parties. The Green party holds that capitalism can be reformed within national boundaries, but this ignores the world crisis; their bankruptcy was proved in Germany. Support the Socialist Equality Party and the interests of the international working class.

Camilo y Manuel Profetas de nuestros tiempos

Frente Internacional ELN Colombia, 15.02.2004 18:43

Camilo y Manuel dos vidas una lucha

South Korean Immigration Office is Threaten to Smash Migrant's Union

KCTU/ETU-MB, 15.02.2004 18:39

Samar on a last year's anti-war demonstration Yesterday South Korean immigration officers arrested Samar Thapa, KCTU/ETU-MB's chief, in Seoul

Speaking of Scandals

Brent, 15.02.2004 18:11

Republican scandals which, sadly, had nothing to do with an orgasm stain on a blue dress were not reported

Is John Kerry a 'sleazebag'?

Brent Herbert, 15.02.2004 17:33

It's time for politics in America, once again, and we all know what that means.

Prophetic Bush Speech describes rise of the BEAST

Brent Herbert, 15.02.2004 16:19

Karl Rove must be hard at work crafting what is supposed to be the election year platform that will get Bush reelected in the fall (although with this Diebold voting machines leaving no paper trail, where there is a will there is a way...) This election year platform is riddled with hypocrisy, and could only sell to some in America, but nevertheless, I found it prophetic, in that it described the rise of the BEAST and an international police state...but then its the apocalypse, right, so I suppose you would expect to start seeing that sort of thing...

Mas sobre cinicos y mentirosos

Libardo Garcia, columnista de un diario regional, La Tarde del Quindio, Colombia, 15.02.2004 13:49

Reflexion a proposito del viaje realizado por el Presidente de Colombia Alvaro Uribe Velez (Barbaro Balas) a Europa.

First George to Last George

Ahmed Amr, 15.02.2004 09:49

Which George is "unAmerican", "unpatriotic" ... ?

Bush playing us for fools on WMD

ANDREW GREELEY, 15.02.2004 09:48

Actually, like all Fascists, the PNAC/Bush Regime is signalling that it will continue to forge ahead until it is FORCED to stop.

justicia para mujeres de juarez

skunkrising, 15.02.2004 07:45

pms media report from v day in juarez

Kerry's role in Bush corruption

McLuhan, 15.02.2004 05:05

documentation of Kerry's involvement in Bush mafia's murder, drug dealing and gun running

New spoken word!

Mandrake, 15.02.2004 04:44

New spoken word artist to release spoken word album.

M20 : Time to prepare for the next massive demonstration

AmigaPhil, 15.02.2004 02:02

March 20, 2004 - The World STILL Says No to War Time to prepare for the next international demo: March 20, 2004 - The World STILL Says No to War !

Virginia Delegates want secret government

Roy Clark - WYQZ Radio, 15.02.2004 01:31

Secret meetings: Three of Loudoun's delegates think the public should be kept out of meetings of the General Assembly.

L'étrange procès de 17N grec

periklis, 14.02.2004 23:43

L'étrange procès de 17N grec

CIA 'Literature Analysis'

..., 14.02.2004 23:18

The following is a post by scientist Allen Barker on the subject of subliminal as well as overt deniable harassment techniques through 'between the line' messages by intelligence agencies like the CIA

Where's Michael Moore's (And Nazi Punks Fuck Off!) Concession Speech?

Goodbye, Wesley, 14.02.2004 22:38

I'm checking out Michael Moore's website and I can't find any mention of the demise of the campaign of his hero, war criminal Wesley Clark.



In the past 48 hours the Israeli Occupation Forces have killed over 15 Palestinians (including a child) and have wounded another 50 in the Gaza Strip.

World Technology: News? Entertainment? Ad? Art?

£, 14.02.2004 20:12

~ the growing love revolution has long since arrived, and it is an illustrated one...

indyradio friends need our help

Matt (Bob Bossie), 14.02.2004 19:16

Last Free Radio In Amsterdam Under Serious Threat!! Last Monday afternoon the Dutch Telecom authorities,Agentschap Telecom (AT), attempted to take Free Radio Patapoe (97.2 FM, Amsterdam operating 24/7) off the air. All messages of support are welcomed and should be sent without delay to TIME IS TIGHT!

BRITAIN SPIED ON UN ALLIES to aid in legitimating the War


The Katherine Gun espionage case is showing just how far the US and Britain were prepared to go in their ultimately unsuccessful attempts to persuade the world of the case for UN support for war against Iraq.
Details are emerging in the relation to the Gun case about the US-UK operation to spy on diplomatic missions at the UN a year ago. The US-UK espionage occurred at a time when the US still hoped to get a second resolution from the Security Council legitimating the war on Iraq.


Maggie Thurs, 14.02.2004 18:40

Any surprise that the corporate media and their right-wing trailers have
turned the focus on the supposed "indecency" of Janet Jackson, a black
woman, "allowing" herself to become exposed on television, instead of
expressing indignation at the sexual and racial implications of having a
simulated sexual assault by a white man on a black woman disguised as
entertainment for the Super Bowl, the world's most watched television
program, on the day when the greatest number of sexual assaults against
women occur every year?

That is the real "indecency" that needs to be exposed.

Published on Wednesday, February 11, 2004 by the San Francisco Chronicle
Fallout from Breastgate: Sexual Assault as Entertainment
by Maggie Thurs

Super Bowl Sunday ended up a great day for fans of football, television
commercials, popular music, live entertainment and, as it turns out,
fourth-degree sexual assault. The stunt/accident/malfunction (or whatever
you choose to name it) forced on millions of unsuspecting viewers by
Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson was a remarkably realistic
dramatization of sexual violence rivaled only by online pushers of rape on
the Internet.

Such online merchants may have to keep track of a new competitor: prime-
time network television. The drama played out during the Super Bowl's
halftime show is what most state's statutes would consider fourth-degree
sexual assault. Punishments vary from state to state, although a hefty
fine and prison sentence are not uncommon.

But as disturbing as the Super Bowl's halftime portrayal of sexual
violence was, it is more disturbing that public discourse has revealed a
complete apathy toward the violent content. Callers to nationwide radio
shows have expressed dismay over the appearance of a breast on prime-time
TV. Jackson has been accused of exposing herself, despite the fact that
she did not remove her clothing; Timberlake did. A nation, shocked into
frenzy by a breast, has accepted a woman having her clothes violently
ripped off as entertainment.

Where's the shock over a woman being assaulted by a man informing her,
without negotiation, that she will soon be naked -- dramatization or not?
Have we come to a time in America where sexual violence, particularly
against women, is so mainstream, so unimportant, so entertaining that
exposing a single breast is more shocking than assault? Has the
relationship between sex and violence, justified and promoted by so many
sexual predators, pedophiles and misogynists, become a normal part of our
national consciousness?

How frightening for the hundreds of thousands of us who, according to the
U.S. Department of Justice crime victimization survey, will be sexually
violated in the year to come. No wonder our sons will grow up thinking
that healthy sexuality is about violence and power. No wonder so many
victims live their lives without telling a soul. No wonder so many of our
daughters simply accept sexual violation as a part of growing up in
America. The journal Child Abuse and Neglect estimates that one 1 of every
4 girls in this country will be sexually violated before she turns 18.
Considering what happened during the Super Bowl, and how America reacted,
it's really not so shocking after all.

But there are things any individual can do to challenge the commingling of
sex and violence broadcast around us. Criticizing media is using, not
violating, First Amendment rights. When we comment to the media about the
images and messages that become part of our cultural scenery, we're
participating in our culture and our economy.

In particular, parents should talk about sexuality and sexual violence
with their children. One way or another, children will decide for
themselves what is healthy sexuality. Will they learn it from you or
Justin Timberlake?

Maggie Thurs is a public awareness coordinator for the Coalition Against
Sexual Assault in Madison, Wis.

Why Mel Owes One To The Jews

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, 14.02.2004 18:27

From audiences around America, I am encountering bitterness at Jewish organizations insisting that belief in the New Testament is de facto evidence of anti-Semitism. Christians heard Jewish leaders denouncing Gibson for making a movie that follows Gospel accounts of the Crucifixion long before any of them had even seen the movie. Furthermore, Christians are hurt that Jewish groups are presuming to teach them what Christian Scripture "really means." Listen to a rabbi whom I debated on the Fox television show hosted by Bill O'Reilly last September. This is what he said, "We have a responsibility as Jews, as thinking Jews, as people of theology, to respond to our Christian brothers and to engage them, be it Protestants, be it Catholics, and say, look, this is not your history, this is not your theology, this does not represent what you believe in."

The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse

Brent Herbert, 14.02.2004 18:08

666 Mark of the Beast prophet on the loose, bloody horse with a big sword making war, tax cuts for the very wealthy while the economy tanks, and now animal plague. Truly the end of the world has arrived. But then its the Apocalypse, right, so you have to expect that sort of thing...

Is There A Legal Age for Political Dissent? Teens at Protests!

kirsten anderberg, 14.02.2004 12:40

Teens and Protests...should we be sharing nonviolent protest training with them? Are protests age-rated events? Should a street medic treat a teen without parental consent? Much like sex ed for teens, these topics are thorny...

Citizens Against Human Experimentation page

..., 14.02.2004 08:51

Citizens Against Human Experimentation page now up

Washington's Terrorists

Craig Hanley, 14.02.2004 06:17

US planning preemptive strikes against North Korea and China.

Ha'Aretz: The new Jewish problem

Daniel Ben Simon, 14.02.2004 06:13

Israel was once the hope of the Jewish people. Now, it's their biggest threat.

Catia TVe, Televisora Comunitaria del Oeste de Caracas, Venezuela

Catia TVe, 14.02.2004 02:17

Catia TVe hace un llamado público ante la salida al aire de su señal. La idea es transmitir, además de las producciones realizadas por los barrios de Caracas, las producciones internacionales antiglobalización.


Flotillas of HOPE, 14.02.2004 01:45

Flotillas of HOPE The Flotilla of Hope welcomes the Australian Senate's call for the closure of the Nauru detention centre.

New anti-nuclear transports resistance groups formed in Dresden

Sebastian, 14.02.2004 01:07

&quot;Wir stellen uns quer - we will stand in the way&quot; Activists have formed a group in Dresden to resist transportation of nuclear waste caskets more than 600 kilometres across Germany to Ahaus near the Dutch border. About 20 people from various groups met on Friday 6 February to organise the resistance against transports, probably by road, expected to begin in March. They’ve given themselves the name “Aktionsbündnis Castor-Stop Dresden” (Dresden Castor Stop Action Alliance).
The highly active was is now in the grounds of the former research centre of Rossendorf, about 12 km from Dresden.

US allocates $700 mn to Pak

Press Trust of India, 14.02.2004 00:38

The United States has allocated its anti-terror ally Pakistan $700 million from its International Affairs Budget for the fiscal 2005, to help boost the country's security and economy


ulls, 13.02.2004 21:08

ulls ulls

RCW News

RCW, 13.02.2004 21:02

Latest bad news as reported in Romanian press

Bush the Deserter

Ken O'Keefe, 13.02.2004 20:36

Bush/Hitler For a good laugh now however (never lose your sense of humor), go to the following link and see/hear Bush’s press secretary tap dance like a man on a frying pan. It is one of those rarest of times that the US media actually does its job and asks highly relevant questions.

Cheney predicts war that last generations

Brent Herbert, 13.02.2004 19:12

The extreme right wing in America continues to milk 9-11 for all its worth.
"On Sept. 11, 2001, our nation made a fundamental commitment that will take many years to see through," Cheney said.

More Evidence that Bush Is a &quot;Dry Drunk&quot;

Katherine van Wormer, 13.02.2004 18:36

This article explains why George W. Bush had such a drive to get the U.S. into an attack on Iraq, that he even was willing to dupe the public with a "bait and switch" tactic to do so. This article takes the evidence offered by Paul O'Neill into a deeper level into the why of Iraq.

American Indian Movement webcasts (recommended)

King Amdo, 13.02.2004 18:27

Check out this URL for the AIM media project...


Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez, 13.02.2004 17:25

Homenaje a Julio Cortazar not reachable for sever uhrs

d@vid, 13.02.2004 17:08

starded about 15:00 or early'r local time netherlands
still now it is about 18:06 local time

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