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Supergrass en el festival MIMED 2004

Festival MIMED, 06.05.2004 10:39

Información sobre la segunda edición del festival MIMED de Mislata (Valencia)


Jonathan McIntosh, 06.05.2004 09:58

The front lines at the presidential palace! Photos and commentary from one of the many May Day protests that took place in Jakarta Indonesia. Demonstrators representing a diverse array of workers organizations participated, including unions of transportation workers, farm workers, women workers and students activist groups.

who works for the army ?

davide, 06.05.2004 08:11

The American economic rising and the army role in it.

ASESINAN EN MEXICO A joven activista

Gruppe B.A.S.T.A., Muenster, Alemania, 06.05.2004 03:20

El pasado 19 de abril Pavel Gonzales activista y estudiante de la ENAH y de la UNAM fue asesinado en un acto de represión y bajeza... El siguiente es una carta de solidaridad desde nuestros compañeros de Alemania

[PFMPE] commandments of men

mike montagne — PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy, 06.05.2004 03:11

Requires Bush, as purported messenger of God, to provide God's message on central banking.

Playing With Sounds in Your Head

..., 06.05.2004 01:19

Police and government aganecies can certainly use these types of devices to discredit activists (ie. make them believe they are schizaphrenic)psyops, or continually drive activists crazy with different mood altering sounds as described below in the article.
The device because of the mood manipulation potential can also become a behavior modification weapon

Man of color found hanging from tree in Mississippi

AP, 05.05.2004 23:36

A brother named Roy Veal, just got lynched in Mississippi on Friday. Roy lived in Seattle and had gone to Mississippi to help his family secure their property that a white man was trying to take from them (oil was found on the land). He was found hanging from a Mississippi tree on Friday morning.

War In Iraq, Not Sunday School

Gary Revel, 05.05.2004 23:17

War is hostility between two groups of people. Hostilities that are vicious, deadly, irreverent, and at the point of conflict resist conformity to rules of ethical conduct. Only those who don't know the reality of war can believe there is a civilized way to win at war. Training people to kill other people and sending them into a war zone puts them in a frame of mind that doesn't lend itself to niceties. The hazing of prisoners in Iraq falls short of being criminal or against the precept of winning at war at all costs. We must win this war or civilization as we know it is at risk of becoming a memory.


geneX, 05.05.2004 22:31

Le Collectif « K.O. A CANNES ! » appelle...


geneX, 05.05.2004 22:27

Rétablissement des droits pour les recalculé(e)s de l'Unedic. Bonne nouvelle, pour des centaines de milliers de personnes : le ministre "du travail et de la cohésion sociale" vient d'annoncer, ce soir, le rétablissements des "recalculé(e)s" dans leurs droits.

Reuters post on www.lunavilleorg

Posted by jamie, 05.05.2004 22:17

Here's the latest war news from Iraq as of about 6:30 EST 5/6/04. U.S. still taking heavy losses.

Iran Contra Rides Again

DOGSPOT, 05.05.2004 21:48

Imagine a White House that deliberately hid money from Congress to invest in a war in the Middle East. Imagine that same White House crafted secret deals with an oil-rich Islamic fundamentalist theocracy with ties to terrorism, and appointed ideologues to key diplomatic posts in a war-torn region. Think you are watching '80s reruns of the Iran-Contra scandal? Think again.

Anarcosindicalismo transnacional

Axel Montenegro, 05.05.2004 21:37

¿cuales son las pocibilidades del movimiento obrero frente a la impotencia de los estados nacionales en el contexto de las empresas transnacionales? ¿como globalizar una lucha por el derecho a la seguridad del desarrollo de las culturas marcadas por las practicas culturales hegemonicas? Moralidad vrs. praxis.

Ruptura del PTS (Argentina)

Very Important, 05.05.2004 21:05


Live Special Radio Forum on the Issues of Globalization 6-9 pm EST

WRFG, 05.05.2004 20:53

Live Special Radio Forum on the Issues of Globalization 6-9 pm EST

New Nukes, More Tests, Say NO

Voice4Change, 05.05.2004 20:10

Both the Senate and House Armed Services Committees are likely to begin writing the
annual defense authorization bill this week. The full Senate and House are then
scheduled to vote on these bills the week of May 17 before the Memorial Day recess.

Disney Blocks Moore's new movie!!! Contact Disney!

Freedom of Speech, 05.05.2004 17:57 Contact Disney and tell them to distribute this movie!

The solution to all this bullshit?

King Amdo, 05.05.2004 17:56

Just a reminder....

Bremer knew?

jamie, 05.05.2004 17:00

The info below suggests that U.S. "man in Bagdadd" Paul quite some time ago about the abuse of human beings at prison facilities he was responsible for. He did nothing? jamie

last year: Horror at POW Sex Abuse Pics

xx, 05.05.2004 16:55

“Then I saw some sexual pictures. One looked like an Iraqi PoW being forced to give a soldier oral sex. I think the Iraqi was naked — you could just see the top half of him and the bottom half of the soldier. “There was also a close-up of the naked backsides of two Iraqis, as if they were simulating anal sex.

U.S. soldier dies in Iraq after dump truck attack

Reuters, 05.05.2004 16:25

Post contains latest coalition troops losses. That is, the ones they admit.

The Big Ape is coming to Ireland!

Free Faller, 05.05.2004 15:55

President Bush will be arriving in Shannon, a civilian airport on the West coast of Ireland at the start of a EU-US summit. Join Us on the 25th June 2004!

Illusions, Propaganda and Lies

Gavin Hewitson, 05.05.2004 14:25

Is it really that difficult to believe that US and UK soldiers can behave in an inhumane way?

Disney 'blocks' new Michael Moore documentary

The Guardian Newspaper, 05.05.2004 14:04

The controversial film-maker's anti-Bush polemic is 'on hold' after a row between Disney and Miramax.

globalization sticker

£, 05.05.2004 13:00

1495bytes png original art

Dresden-Ahaus Castors: “We’ve got the other shock absorber!”

Diet Simon, 05.05.2004 12:50

HTR-2 Castor for nuclear waste to run from Dresden to Ahaus. The intiative "We’ll buy Hanau!" has landed a sensational coup by renting for the next 16 months one of two special shock absorbers sought by the Saxony government to truck nuclear waste from Dresden in eastern Germany to Ahaus near the Dutch border in the west. Saxony has been saying there are only two sets of the special equipment, each worth 90,000 euros, in Europe. One is in Germany and the other was to be sought. That’s the one the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) say they have. This would seem to scotch for now Saxony’s plans to halve the number of Castor transports from 18 to nine.

Nablus Shelled

The Palestine Monitor, 05.05.2004 12:48

Helicopter gun ships have fired shells into the residential
neighbourhood of Al Yasemina in the Old City of Nablus.

UK Band 'ist' set to BUCK the SYSTEM

Kenton Hall, 05.05.2004 12:26

A UK Band are determined to buck the system on behalf of Quality Music, Film and TV

Clipart4all Begins Distribution of Logos for Legitimate Use

Clip Art 4 All, 05.05.2004 11:01

Corporate, and Federal logos to use in a newspaper article, or for a protest poster are being distributed gratis.

Israeli soldier beating a palestinian student -Palestine

Zajel youth exchange, 05.05.2004 08:38

The soldier decided that he would ask the student some questions from the book, and he was told that if he did not reply to the question correctly he would be punished. The soldier asked the Palestinian student what the size of the state of Israel was. The Palestinian student did not reply, and he was silent for a long time. A strong beat came from the soldier onto the face of the student.

Painfull trip to home..!! -Palestine

Zajel youth exchange-Palestine, 05.05.2004 08:31

I will never forget the day that we were forced to pass through the sewage water pall without our shoes. The soldiers were laughing at us and cursing. It was as if they were watching a comedy movie on t.v.

The Refugee Camp of Jenin-Palestine

Zajel youth exchange-Palestine, 05.05.2004 08:21

I can't live my normal life now, because what I saw was not easy. I could not continue my university life as normal students, because the nightmares follow me everywhere. I will never forget when we were just waiting for death, our turn to die, tears, fear, worry, screams, blood. I will never forget the scene of the dead bodies, which were mixed with garbage and the streets dust.

“I will not surrender my education to the occupying forces….” -Palestine

Zajel youth exchange-Palestine, 05.05.2004 08:16

soldiers occupied all entrances to the City. We had no choice but to try Huwarah checkpoint and ask the soldiers to allow us to enter. The Israeli soldiers not only refused but also started beating some guys who were with us. They forced us to stay in the hot sun for hours. I saw some teachers who were trying to pass the checkpoint to attend their classes, but they were forced to go back.

The Impact of the Imposed Israeli Occupation Siege on An-najah national university

Zajel youth exchange-Palestine, 05.05.2004 08:09

The report regards the violation of our students rights to live as normal students, the difficulties and the obstacles they have to face on their daily bases life, not only at the Israeli occupation army checkpoints but also in the city of Nablus, specially during the different invasions of the Israeli army in the city.

Sitting in demonstration in Okinawa

Naoko Tomita, 05.05.2004 06:50

Sitting in demonstration Inhabitants of Henoko(Nago/Okinawa), who are against the boring reserch for constructing new U.S.base in Henoko, have started sitting in since 19th April.

Arabs Want International Tribunal: for US War Crimes

DOGSPOT, 05.05.2004 03:35

Attorney Guy Womack told NBC television that Specialist Charles Graner "was following orders ... The people we should hold accountable are the people above them who gave those orders."
The Arab world has shouted it's agreement in a swell of anger.

The Journal of a Friend of a U.S. Soldier

jenlight, 05.05.2004 02:37

Journal entries exposing sentiment of U.S. Soldiers in Iraq.

Gulf War Vet Speaks with Books

Former Gulf War Lieutenant William J. Simmons, Sr., 05.05.2004 01:10

I would write a lot but I am very tired... Please click on the link below for more info...

Telltale Signs of Torture Lead Family to Demand Answers

Dahr Jamail (with Brian Dominick), The NewStandard, 05.05.2004 01:08

US troops captured an Iraqi family man on July 21, 2003 only to drop him off at a civilian hospital more than a month later, beaten and in a vegetative state. We try to piece the story together and find out just what happened to Sadiq Zoman.

Methane found on Mars

£, 05.05.2004 00:46

Mars Express discovery

A Hero Killed While Finding Out the Truth?

ralou, 05.05.2004 00:23

What was this cameraman hearing or seeing before our soldiers murdered him, supposedly in a friendly-fire incident?

May Day workers Protest - Jakarta Indonesia!

Jonathan McIntosh, 04.05.2004 23:58

The front lines at the palace Photos and commentary from one of the many May Day protests that took place in Jakarta Indonesia. Demonstrators representing a diverse array of workers organizations participated, including unions of transportation workers, farm workers, women workers and students activist groups.

Rumsfeld gives press conference on Major Breaking News

Ideazman, 04.05.2004 23:52

Rumsfeld seen showing actual size of Bush's brain after today's discovery Quote and photo from press conference given by Donald Rumsfeld on Major Breaking News.


Uri Avnery, 04.05.2004 22:00

Golem: The Israeli Settler Movement is Now in Control In a democratic society, a small, fanatical and highly motivated minority can influence matters more than a big but apathetic and flabby majority.

News Organizations Responsible For Terrorist Attacks

Gary Revel, 04.05.2004 20:19

Could CNN, Fox News, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News and all other major news organizations in America be partly responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks? One of the great failures of modern times and as responsible for the terrorist attacks of 9/11 as the government of the United States of America are the major news organizations.


reeenvio, 04.05.2004 20:12

Sin ningún tipo de explicación, el Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires prohibió la realización del “Festival contra la Intolerancia”, por la despenalización de la tenencia de drogas para consumo personal, que estaba previsto para el domingo 2 de mayo a partir de las 16 horas en el Rosedal de Palermo. Este festival se reveía realizar en el marco de la “Millon Marijuana March”, en 348 ciudades de 44 países en todo el mundo.

russian mayday

magduv, 04.05.2004 19:34

russian mayday, in english, copied from alter-ee maillist

Tell Rep. Nadler that a Ghetto Is a Ghetto

JATO-NYC, 04.05.2004 18:20

Come tell U.S. Representative Jerrold Nadler that his support of ghettos and attacks on international law are not acceptable!!
Saturday, May 8, Noon-2:00 p.m.
72nd St. subway station plaza, West 72nd St. & Broadway
Manhattan, New York City

Kim Il Sung Lauded by U.S. Group for Study of Songun Politics

Songun Politics Study Group (USA), 04.05.2004 16:56


A million European anti-nuke signatures sought

Aktionsbuendnis CASTOR-Widerstand Neckarwestheim, 04.05.2004 15:38

Unbenanntes DokumentNGOs and political parties from six European countries have pledged support to a Europe-wide campaign to collect a million anti-nuclear signatures launched by Finnish activists.

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