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The Death of Brad Will in Oaxaca

Anonymous, 16.11.2006 19:53



Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 16.11.2006 19:31

Todo indica que la decisión de separar a Donald Rumsfeld como secretario de Defensa
estaba tomada donde antes de las elecciones del pasado dìa siete, y todo dependía del
resultado de esos comicios, aunque era importante mostrar, vísperas de la votaciòn una
imagen de seguridad y cohesión entre las altas esferas de la Casa Blanca. De ahì la
frase de W. Bush que lo mantendría hasta el final de su mandato.

Well They've It!

Joe, 16.11.2006 18:53

The article below makes clear that if the Dems are true to the people who just put them in power they will elect Rep Jack Murtha House Majority Leader. But Nooooo! Checking the news this afternoon you will learn that they have betrayed the American people Already by selecting a pro Bush/pro war hawk. So much for the "opposition."


Election Bid Raises Specter of RFID Implant Threat, 16.11.2006 18:04

Tommy Thompson Former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson is considering a run for president in 2008, a move that should spark alarm among those familiar with Thompson's calls for widespread RFID chipping of Americans. The authors of "Spychips," Dr. Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre, who closely monitor the RFID industry, caution that his position on the Board of the VeriChip Corporation and his stock options in the company make Thompson one of the most dangerous figures in American politics today.

South Africa as a model for one state in Palestine

Ali Abunimah, 16.11.2006 17:45

Ali Abunimah argues that the one-state solution is the best resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

the ivl0g show 41 - political satire

3D1on, 16.11.2006 17:37

dry like gin, but slightly bubbly, like club soda

Try George Bush Also

Tanveer Jafri, 16.11.2006 17:35

Author Tanveer Jafri If America wants the world to accept that the punishment given to Saddam is a right judgement, then George Bush too should be tried in a court. A war criminal trial should be started against him who can be held responsible for the death of lacs of innocent children, women & old persons except Bush?

21 November 2026 – Jerusalem

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, 16.11.2006 17:19

From: the Diary of Muhammad Shamsaddin Gozubuyukoglu.

World review and personal events recorded by the hand of a lifeless person, and left for vain, useless, memory.

(first published in:

Hanging Saddam Hussein: the Aurora for a New Middle East!

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, 16.11.2006 17:07

It is high time for America’s Democrats and Republicans to shape in detail a New Middle East. Without murderous tyrants names presidents! Hang Saddam, respecting both, the feeling of the majority of the Iraqis, and the verdict the Iraqi Court of Justice!

dijon/france to oaxaca : black engine oil on the mexican consulate

mustardoaxaca, 16.11.2006 16:53

support action for the struggling people of oaxaca at the mexican consulate in dijon - France

UPDATE: AnthraxGate and MurdochGate

Tom Heneghan, 16.11.2006 15:00

Anthrax case getting legs again. It can now be reported that Russian microbiologists working with rogue U.S. CIA and British Intelligence aka Gary Best Inc. had anthrax in frozen form transported to the U.K. in late Sept. 2001. The anthrax in perfume vials then found its way to none other than Pier 92 New York City, New York. Pier 92 linked to the FEMA Command and Control Center during the 9/11 Attack on America. Reference: Is it a coincidence that Bush had lunch with Putin in Moscow today on his way to Vietnam? What was the desert? Anthrax a la mode.

Know thy Warmonger…

Harris Brio, 16.11.2006 14:01

We have numerous reports by the media on how all the rich kids got out of the Vietnam War, including George W. Bush. Their comments weren’t just theoretical; they really do get out of war while they send poor kids to get ground up like hamburger meat. If there was something really unacceptable about that, the media wouldn’t say it with a smile and a nod, but that’s how they’re saying it, I am starting to believe they are proud of the fact or just feel very, very safe, they nor their children will ever serve in any war.

All the neo-con warmongers seem to have one thing in common. The media forgiveness card.

City Angels Roma: Corso Antistupro e Antiaggressione

City Angels Roma, 16.11.2006 13:50

Dopo le recenti notizie di cronaca i City Angels, in collaborazione con l'Associazione Acyam Italia, organizzano un Corso Antistupro e Antiaggressione.

We Want to Help You Change Your World

Miranda Akhurst, 16.11.2006 11:14

Campaign development Awards for Grassroots Campaigners.
The Sheila McKechnie Awards provide campaign development packages to grassroots campaigners, this includes
- shadowing opportunities with decision makers
- residential training in campaigning skills
- one-to-one coaching sessions with people who have expertise of campaigning in the winner's policy area
- tactics coaching from a public affairs company

Fitting the world's 6 billion people into the USA?

The Pistol Packin' Poppas!, 16.11.2006 10:28 would take a land area of 3000 miles by 3000 miles...

November 17th - Action Day for the Sagada11

antinational, 16.11.2006 10:05

Actionreport November 17th- International Action Day for the Sagada11

17. November - Aktionstag für die Sagada11

antinational, 16.11.2006 09:59

Aktionsbericht zum 17. November - Internationaler Aktionstag für die Sagada11

Make a billboard speak for you

Get Up! via Round Up!, 16.11.2006 09:44

David Hicks Legend Help us put our messages up where millions of Australians will see them. Click on the link below to donate, and you can also read the latest update to GetUp members from Major Michael Mori.

Australia: workers and young people speak out on jobs and the Iraq war

Terry Cook via Sam, 16.11.2006 09:40

Sumeyya Given the opportunity, workers, young people and housewives speak out freely on these vital issues. The “lack of interest” is a reflection of the profound alienation of broad sections of working people from official politics and the two-party system. Their concerns find no expression in the media and the political establishment.

International Day of Action for David Hicks

Civilrights, 16.11.2006 07:17

Close Guantanamo! Bring David Home! David Hicks: Five years in hell. Close Guantanamo! Bring David Home!

Brad Will: The shades of the injustice

carlos vigueras, 16.11.2006 05:35

The killers Brad Will will not be able to rest in peace.The second shot comes from
the Oaxaca government.

Bono To Face Protests in Australia

Venezuela Solidarity Network, 16.11.2006 04:20

Bono has recently come under criticism for his financial backing of a videogame called "Mercenaries 2" through his investment firm, Elevation Partners which recently invested $300 million in Pandemic Studios, the company producing the game. The game is a thinly veiled piece of propaganda that depicts the invasion of Venezuela, the killing of innocent citizens, and the assassination of the President in order to take over the oil industry. The Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network has joined the international campaign to stop this insidious game. We encourage readers to check out this story and let Bono know what you think.

cursos excel

d, 16.11.2006 03:02

curso excel

the ivl0g show 40 - professional sux0r5

3D1on, 16.11.2006 02:28

summary, hmmm...

Australian Labor Party (ALP) renews interest in green power

Daniel Ballard, 16.11.2006 02:13

Solar and Wind: Green Power The Labor Government in Victoria is winning the hearts of the environmentally conscious voter. The 2006 election campaign features a 14 point plan designed to reduce the impact that Australian families are having on the environment by 60 per cent by the year 2050.

dijon/france to oaxaca : black engine oil on the mexican consulate

mustardoaxaca, 16.11.2006 01:29

support action for the struggling people of oaxaca at the mexican consulate in dijon - France

Single mom, 17-year SUNY employee filed harassment complaint about professor... ... now SHE is without a job and future!

Monica Moshenko, 16.11.2006 00:39

Monica with her youngest son Alex For nearly 20 years single mother of three including child with autism has been working at the same job for the same office at University at Buffalo. She has had excellent work record and experience but she is told that she is not going to have a job anymore. Why? Because she complained about harassment to her boss, and other administrators at UB about harassment by the male Professor (two other female employees took lateral moves away from this same professor in the past). The single mom has had her future stripped from her because she stood up against discrimination at the University at Buffalo.

...and they are worried!!! mp3

martin via sam, 15.11.2006 22:33

...and they are worried!!! mp3 Satire with Don, and more 17 mins stereo

More News From The Occupied West Bank

Jane Smith, 15.11.2006 22:28

Here is more news from a UK activist working in Palestine. She is working mainly with two organisations Zaytoun, and the International Women's Peace Service.

Brad Will: Las sombras de la injusticia

carlos vigueras, 15.11.2006 21:17

Asesinos de Brad Will Brad R.Will no podrá descansar en paz. Las sombras de nuevas injusticias rondan por Oaxaca en busca de culpables que substituyan a los verdaderos asesinos.Hasta este momento el heroíco pueblo de Oaxaca
ha puesto los muertos y ahora el gobierno de México quiere que le busque entre su propia gente a los culpables de este asesinato para
exonerar a los verdaderos asesinos de nuestro compañero Brad.PRESENTE.

Les vertus de la salade verte

Laurent Richard, 15.11.2006 21:10

Réaction à la chronique d'Eric Le Boucher "Arrêtez la salade verte" parue dans le monde daté 12-13 novembre 2006.
Opposer économie et écologie comme le fait, M.Le Boucher, est une aberration.

Médecins du Monde, Rroms et escroqueries

vox rromorum, 15.11.2006 20:21

Une ancienne employée de la mission rrom de Médecins du Monde sera jugée en correctionnelle par le TGI de Créteil le 17 novembre 2006 à 13h30. Accusée entre autres pour dénonciation de délit imaginaire, abus de confiance et contrefaçon de chèque, cette femme roumaine (non-rrom) avait créé avec des collègues de Médecins du Monde une association "Identité rrom", qui lui a servi comme outil de ses méfaits.


Force de l'anonymat, 15.11.2006 19:17

Ne perdons plus nos énergies dans des luttes partisanes stériles

EPA complicit in secret hazardous dump in O'odham territory

Brenda Norrell, 15.11.2006 18:53

US EPA's final assessment of a planned hazardous waste dump in O'odham territory reveals hidden agenda: Dump hazardous waste on Indigenous in Mexico

Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, by Jimmy Carter

Lena Khalaf Tuffaha, 15.11.2006 17:53

Lena Khalaf Tuffaha reviews Jimmy Carter's latest book, which reveals the apartheid nature of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

La Masonería del Gran Oriente de Francia crece con fuerza en España

Luis Felipe Jaber, 15.11.2006 17:33

La principal Obediencia de la masonería adogmática en el mundo crece con fuerza en España.

El Gobierno pretende desentenderse del caso de la desaparición de Enrique Galeano

Sindicato de Periodista del Paraguay, 15.11.2006 15:25

Desde Paraguay- Seguimiento del caso del periodista Enrique Galeano, desaparecido el 4 de febrero pasado

Jandek &quot;biography&quot; published

Stephen Ritchie, 15.11.2006 14:58

&quot;Niagra Blues: Slingerland&quot; by Danen Jobe - Available now from Single Cell Press Socialist publishing co-operative Single Cell Press this month release the fictional biography of notoriously reclusive and independent outsider musician Jandek.

(Burgos) Inauguración del espacio social ocupado La Zarza

La Zarza, 15.11.2006 13:54

Un grupo de individualidades del espectro anarquista y antiautoritario de Burgos ocupamos hace unas horas una casa abandonada propiedad municipal en el barrio san Pedro de la Fuente.

Foro Social Uruguayo de Salud

nohelia de uruguay, 15.11.2006 13:50

El 2do FORO SOCIAL URUGUAYO DE SALUD, es un espacio autoconvocado que se
inserta en un doble proceso. Por un lado, se vincula a las movilizaciones
mundiales en el marco del FORO SOCIAL MUNDIAL, que propone OTRO MUNDO ES

Egyptian Police Arrest Demonstrators!

anonymous, 15.11.2006 12:54

sexual harrasment in cairo encouraged by the egyptian government

México | Comunicado de la Organización Insurgente-1 de Mayo

Organización Insurgente-1 de Mayo (TDR-EP), 15.11.2006 06:05

Bandera "Las acciones armadas que realizamos la madrugada del lunes 5 de noviembre en coordinación con otras organizaciones revolucionarias son una forma de expresión política dirigida a objetivos elegidos por tratarse de instituciones que han contribuido desde tiempo atrás y ahora de una manera más abierta al resquebrajamiento de la democracia al cerrar los cauces de participación legal y ser instituciones representativas de la ultraderecha que gobierna en el país a través de una política económica y unas leyes que en nombre de una supuesta paz y un “Estado de derecho”condenan todo acto de inconformidad y rebeldía del pueblo que viene organizándose y creando diferentes formas de resistencia para oponerse y enfrentar la violencia del Estado ejercida en su contra." -- FRAGMENTO --

NATO QUEBEC CONFERENCE: NATO Involved in flawed Afghanistan Bomb, Brute and Bribe Operation

Joan Russow, 15.11.2006 00:14

NATO QUEBEC CONFERENCE: NATO Involved in flawed Afghanistan Bomb, Brute and Bribe Operation

Joan Russow (PhD)
Global Compliance Research project

At Quebec conference, NATO states ignore key issues

(i) NATO misconstruing article 51 of the
Charter of the United Nations
(ii) NATO violating UN Charter by failing UN conditions
(iii) NATO ignoring fundamental international principle
(iv) NATO using Machiavellian “hearts and minds” strategy

Murtha Decries Swift Boat Tactics

CNN, 14.11.2006 23:56

"Anti-war Congressman John Murtha, who is the new House leader's pick for majority leader, fended off what he called "swift boat-style attacks" on his ethics record Tuesday." Those who really want to see the U.S. ot of Iraq will support Murtha. Please spread the word. jamie

Sobre el asesinato de Brad Will, y el movimiento popular de Oaxaca

Alejandro Morales, 14.11.2006 23:52

quien mató a Brad Will, por que lo hizo?

To the Victors Belongs Impunity:

Jason Miller, 14.11.2006 22:36

"Yet will the contrivers of these decidedly evil US intrigues, campaigns, and invasions endure an iota of Earthly castigation?

No. While men like Saddam pay the ultimate price for their crimes, equally maleficent US American leaders reap significant rewards."

Contact Congress About IMPEACHMENT

al Qaeda = PNAC, CIA, Mossad, 14.11.2006 21:46

It's time to call the bluff of the people who asked you to "vote for change".

It's time to hold their feet to the fire, and demand that they live up to their promises.

Convocan en Dominicana Encuentro de Solidaridad con Cuba

Pedro RioSeco, 14.11.2006 20:30

La Campaña Dominicana de Solidaridad con Cuba convocó a su XVI Encuentro Nacional, a celebrarse el próximo domingo 19 en esta capital con delegaciones de sus 25 filiales en las diferentes provincias del país.

Festivus 2006

Jessica Troske, 14.11.2006 20:27

Inspired by the Seinfeld episode in which an alternative to Christmas is (re)invented, the mission of our holiday market is to provide a fun, human-scaled alternative to the loneliness of on-line shopping and the hassle of big box holiday parking lots by featuring the best of local cottage industries whose business reflects our core values of ecology, fair trade, craftsmanship and personal customer service. Staged on the same parking lot as the downtown Crescent City Farmers Market (700 Magazine Street), experience Festivus on the first three Sundays of December. Bring your kids, bring your problems. Air your grievances at the Festivus pole. Visit the Office of Homeland Serenity, the Re-Gifting Station, and the Flattery Booth. Spend local money. Have fun. Smile.


Jean Valjean Lives, 14.11.2006 19:51

A brief expose into the aftermath of the 2006 mid-term elections.

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