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Saddam And George Bush Made Millions Together Through Secret Oil Deals

Americans For Truth And Integrity, 19.11.2006 16:47

Congressman Henry Gonzales tried to expose corruption but Bush was rescued by U.S. Supreme court who ordered Texaco files to be sealed from even Congress!

It’s Not the Democrats Who Are Divided: FRANK RICH And More

FRANK RICH - The New York Times, 19.11.2006 14:12

Rich: Who’s Divided? - The Washington story that will matter most going forward is the fate of the divided Republicans.


Walk For Truth Needs Volunteer Activist

Brother Raymond, 19.11.2006 05:49

Real Christians Don't Choose War

Brad Will : Bailando con el Diablo

carlos vigueras, 19.11.2006 05:40

Brad Will Brad Will fue asesinado otra vez por el gobierno de Ulises Ruiz.
El sistema de justicia estatal quedó al descubierto como el más
corrupto e injusto que pretende hacer responsable a la APPO de los
crímenes cometidos por los paramilitares al servicio del gobernador
y reprimir al pueblo de Oaxaca.

autoproduzione video Italy 1990

birba, 19.11.2006 03:50

autoproduzione video Italy 1990

Know and Be Free

Professional Revolutionists, 19.11.2006 02:54

Know and Be Free - alternative news website

Students blocked University buildings in Belgrade

sasha, 19.11.2006 00:17

In front of Ministry of education Reports from Student Protests in Belgrade

12.10.2006 - In front of the Faculty of Philosophy two days student of this faculty gathered signs for their petition and this day they organized protest party because of high tuition fees.

Art Against Empire

Bill Fisher, 18.11.2006 23:08

Yard Sign Project Will they now be accountable?

The Great Wall of Politics

Natasha Shealy, 18.11.2006 22:24

Humanatarian aid is still not a crime. Looking into the faces of those involved
in Illegal Immigration in Arizona


Blissfuldyke, 18.11.2006 21:57

Since South Carolina started a waiting list for its AIDS Drug Assistance Program in June, three people have died because they could not access life-saving, absurdly expensive (read: big pharma profit) AIDS treatment. At least 300 more are currently on the waiting list (10x more than the next highest waiting list in the country). With over 800 more South Carolinians infected with HIV every year— the death toll will only climb as long as the program remains under-funded.

On Monday, people living with HIV/AIDS and their supporters from across South Carolina and from Alabama, DC, Georgia, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, and Maryland are coming to Columbia, the SC capital, for a protest funeral procession and prayer vigil. And in South Africa, activists in solidarity will deliver a letter to the US Consulate in Cape Town demanding government action to stop the needless deaths- NOW.

Is Honoring Mumia a Crime? by Hans Bennett

Hans Bennett, 18.11.2006 21:14

Pam Africa with French delegates, Feb.11, 2005 ARTICLE: Philadelphia's 59th Republican Ward Executive Committee files criminal charges against French cities supporting black death-row prisoner. WEBSITE ANNOUNCEMENT: This is the first article to be featured on writer Hans Bennett's new INSUBORDINATION photo-journalism website

veamos la verdad de oaxaca

miguel, 18.11.2006 20:05

oaxaca comentario sobre las 3 piezas del comflicto

Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked

Rob Kall, 18.11.2006 20:05

" "We see evidence of pervasive fraud, but apparently calibrated to political conditions existing before recent developments shifted the political landscape," said attorney Jonathan Simon, co-founder of Election Defense Alliance, "so 'the fix' turned out not to be sufficient for the actual circumstances." Explained Simon, "When you set out to rig an election, you want to do just enough to win. The greater the shift from expectations, (from exit polling, pre-election polling, demographics) the greater the risk of exposure--of provoking investigation. What was plenty to win on October 1 fell short on November 7."

When Angels Cry

jill, 18.11.2006 19:21

When Angels Cry think

Reign of Terror and the Heart of Israel

Robert Meade Israel Deaf Messenger, 18.11.2006 18:47

This arises from attempt to retrieve an article, Dwelling of Violence from UK Indymedia.

Ecuadorian Community action defeats hydroelectric projects in Amazon

Stefan Christoff, 18.11.2006 14:22

Ecuador Community resistance defeats destructive mine & hydroelectric projects in Ecuadorian Amazon

Controversial Family Physician Project

Cahide Sarı (trade unionist)-Turkey, 18.11.2006 12:34

it is about our protest. nowadays the Turkish governmet want to put controversial family physician in practice. for this reason we walked from east and west part of Turkey to Ministry of Health.


indy van, 18.11.2006 08:56

V for victory Protestors attack barricades/police van

Melbourne Australia G20 Photos

glenn, 18.11.2006 08:24

G20 Convergence Melbourne Australia G20 Convergence

hoWARd's connections with the abc in Australia and abroad

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours? Sally?, 18.11.2006 06:53

Iraq and Afghanistan that's a huge leap [So you have to have a story behind it to make up for the distance between false flag opps in Indonesia all the way across to Iraq and Afghanistan that's a huge leap to cover without a terror tale to hook into? What about the Icon of the Terror movement G W Bush? At least we know he's guilty! Osama bin Laden hasn't been found guilty of anything, yo!] And Indonesia has been blowing up bombs in their own country just to move people out of villages for years!]

ONU condena embargo EEUU a Cuba en votación récord

Pedro RioSeco, 18.11.2006 03:40

La Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas pidió el miércoles 8 de noviembre a Estados Unidos levantar su embargo económico de 44 años contra Cuba, en una votación récord de 183 contra cuatro y una abstención.

[video] UCLA student shot 5 times with a taser gun by UCLA'S UCPD

cassius, 18.11.2006 03:14

[PL/EN] Protests in Poland 18.11

wegelodz(@), 18.11.2006 00:50

Three demonstrations in Poland!

The real 9/11 smoking gun…

Craig T. Furlong, 17.11.2006 23:29

The US Government…incriminated by its own facts—so ironic and yet so perfect.
The perfect evidence, because it is from the US Government.
The real 9/11 smoking gun…no one has debunked this yet…and it’s not a “theory”—just the facts.
“Plane Impact” Times: Incriminating Evidence of 9/11 Coverup & Complicity

Stop the massacre in Oaxaca!

Sergio Segarra, 17.11.2006 23:01

Federal troops burst into Oaxaca massacring the people.The best of the working people of Oaxaca have risen up to face the troops of the murderous government.

Evil Tyranny in Southern New England going on for Six years Part Two - Dept of Corrections State of Mass.

Aaron Masciotra, 17.11.2006 22:09

What happened with the Somerville police and the "citzens" of Somerville and Cambridge followed me into police custody, I was marked for destruction, seen as a threat to Police interests as a I result of what happened with the Somerville police since they did violiate my civil rights in profound real life 1984 ways and lots of people saw me as an American hero for standing my ground; I was terrorized at Nasuha street jail and South Bay CC. and then illegally transfered to Bridgewater state Hospital with malice of forethought.
BSH I was illegally civilly committed and institutionilized and was on the verge of being made a sucide (murdered) for three and a half months on the way
out. I wrote about this in real time (222 pages)

US ambassador gets taxpayers to buy a Roman monument to himself for on $113 million

Wes Fager, 17.11.2006 22:08

Last year the Washington Post reported that US ambassador to Italy Mel Sembler and Congressman Bill Young bought a building in Rome for $113M and dedicated it to themselves. But there's more. $30M to refurbish the 1929 mansion, $50M for a bridge out to Sembler's Island home in Florida, $10 million for a stupid Italian Aids vacine pipe, and $2M for Ms. Sembler's drug rehab program.

A Simple Solution: Rights or sovereignty for Palestinians

Zahi Khouri, 17.11.2006 21:28

Zahi Khouri criticizes Israel's unilateral actions in the period following the signing of the Oslo Accords and calls for a renewed effort from the American administration to acheive a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

President Authorized Abu Ghraib Torture, FBI Email Says

New Standard, 17.11.2006 20:23

Among a new batch of documents rights groups have forced the gov't to release, a Bureau communication refers to a presidential Executive Order endorsing some forms of torture witnessed at Iraq prison.


Citizens that live the REAL situation in Oaxaca, 17.11.2006 20:11

Se ofrece un análisis objetivo de aquellos que vivimos y convivimos con el problema de Oaxaca, y de los sucesos uno a uno de cómo se fueron dando

Divisive New Lawsuit on Behalf of Venice Beach Food Not Bombs Excludes Key Activists

Barbara Peck, 17.11.2006 18:58

Venice Food Not Bombs is highly visible in the struggle for First Amendment rights on Venice Beach Boardwalk, Los Angeles, California. By reading their articles you would get the impression that they are the only ones getting ticketed and arrested. Sadly, this is far from the truth as there are a host of artist/activists who are suffering the same treatment with little or no help. Peggy Lee Kennedy and Calvin Moss of VNFB have opportunistically exploited the volatile situation to suit themselves. On October 16, 2006 they filed a second lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles excluding all but themselves and a few "cronies". This exclusivity drives a wedge between all "free-expressionists" on Venice Beach Boardwalk and disempowers those who have been left to fend for themselves. The following articles were published in "Spirit of Venice Speaks" (SOVS) on November 1, 2006.


Stephen Lendman, 17.11.2006 18:24

The harm at home and abroad from Bush administration policy

DebtCC Blog Hunt – golden opportunity for Bloggers

Ryan Smith, 17.11.2006 18:17

DebtCC Blog Hunt has started Blog Hunt, a competition for bloggers. The objective is to find out useful and informative blogs for the web.

BNFL MOX Nuclear Fuel Shipment - 22nd November 2006

turoe, 17.11.2006 17:17

According to news sources, a shipment of MOX fuel will leave the Sellafield Nuclear Facility in the UK, for France. The shipment is due for arrival on Wednesday the 22nd of November.

AUSTRALIA: Office Occupation at Oricas Head Office in Melbourne

mia, 17.11.2006 09:59

Demands Close to one hundred protesters occupied Oricas chemical services department in Melbourne early this afternoon. The protesters gathered due to concerns over Oricas track record s in transportation blunders of dangerous chemicals and their involvement with the Barricks, Lake Cowal Gold Project.

One two three four take a hike? from g20 today

pc via sam, 17.11.2006 07:47

Embassy Falun Dafa stole the show, but I missed the action at Orica - though there were enough cameras around that somebody ought to be able to report?

War Profiteers Targeted on Corporate Engagement day

Luther Blisset via sam, 17.11.2006 06:37

Benny Media release for actions Friday 17th

Australias &quot;Guantanamo&quot; on remote Xmas Island

Elliot K - Perth Indymedia, 17.11.2006 05:24

&quot;Guantanamo&quot; on remote Xmas Island A new maximum security immigration detention complex under construction on Christmas Island, has been dubbed "Australia's Guantanamo Bay". Australia's new remote offshore detention centre will have cameras in bedrooms, electric fences and electronically controlled doors - to force centre-wide lock-downs. The level of security and surveillance, greater than at any existing detention centre, makes parts of the complex comparable to a maximum security prison.

The 1200 bed centre, is said to cost more than $300million...

Apoyo a Oaxaca desde Fortaleza, Brasil

alexzapa, miembro del coletivo de apoyo a la Comuna de Oaxaca, 17.11.2006 03:44

[pt] [es]

The Bush/Cheney Govt. &quot;showcases&quot; its altruism,humanity and progressive world vision in Iraq???

k.hawley, 17.11.2006 02:47

Show me who your friends are...

Anatomy of Terror

Jenny Campbell, 17.11.2006 02:34

This is an article in poetry to help dissolve any confusion surrounding the 'War On Terror'

War On Islam Shifting Fronts?

Kalima Aswad, 17.11.2006 02:20

The following is a new article written by CA prisoner Kalima Aswad. It is followed by a poem that he
asked to be included along with it. If you would like to contact him about the pieces, he can be reached at: Kalima Aswad (R. Duren), B-24120, PO Box 2000, CMF-J-106-L, Vacaville, CA 95696-2000.

El otro lado de Apan, Hidalgo

Karen Cisneros, Diana García, Raquel Gómez, Aldo Hernández y Yanely Solís, 17.11.2006 02:19

La capital del pulque es visitada por cinco personas, las cuales exponen sus visiones y recuerdos sobre el viaje.

Looking for partner for VoIP device!

candy, 17.11.2006 02:15

VoIP Phone

Iraq: Trafficked Labor Building US Embassy?

Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, 16.11.2006 23:13

While US troops risk their lives in the war in Iraq, some private businesses are reportedly engaged in human trafficking. Worse yet, they may be building the new US embassy in Baghdad. Human rights group Free the Slaves has started a campaign called 'WarSlavery' to end taxpayer-supported trafficking in Iraq.

Starbucks Workers Plan Strike

Anonymous or made up, 16.11.2006 22:54

Starbucks workers plan strike for this Nov. 24-25. Demands include unionization, an end to false firing, and better treatment of ethiopian farmers. Click more for the full story.

The Metropolitan Called LAGOS

Healson Adedayo Farore, Sr., 16.11.2006 21:50

This article talks about one of the greatest metropolitans on the world located in the heart of Nigeria, a giant nation in the continent of AFRICA.

Stop Unfair HIV Discrimination

Lambda Legal, 16.11.2006 21:46

Join Lambda Legal in telling the State Department that we won't stand for archaic HIV policies! Sign our petition and send Condoleeza Rice a World AIDS Day message!

Méventes du parti pour la décroissance - les actionnaires dissolvent le peuple

Gérald Garcia, Etienne Maillet, François Monbellet, Jean-Luc Pasquinet, 16.11.2006 20:59

le parti pour la decroissance déclare nulle et non avenue son assemblée constitutive. Les petits porteurs se rebiffent. La police intervient. Le peuple est dissout

UK/ Date rape drugs largely a myth

Parrot Press, 16.11.2006 20:20

Drug rape study shows alcohol link Drug rape study shows alcohol link

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