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Valium Sales Skyrocket in Sadr City

Karen Fish, 25.11.2006 22:19

The Root of the Problem We feel the need for speed.


DHSEXHKFYLGYHB, 25.11.2006 21:29


Report From Anti Fascist Demo at bnp &quot;conference&quot;.

Anti Fascist, 25.11.2006 20:57

A report from the anti fascist demonstration in Blackpool which was called to show opposition to the planned bnp "national conference" at the Kimberley Hotel. The conference was a flop with only 50 delegates locked inside the hotel. Anti fascists out-numbered the conference delegates 5 to 1.

International Stop Violence Against Women Day

Chris M, 25.11.2006 19:59

Take Back The Tech On this international Stop VAW day, a camapign has been launched
to Take Back The Tech. On a separate and related issue the problems
with the Irish Collective are ongoing.

Two violent attacks on a named and two un-named female writer/activists
have been retained on the newswire for periods of one hour and over
a week- despite Complaints about the issue of violent incitement
in the language used.


nano, 25.11.2006 18:07


MRTA-Venceremos, 25.11.2006 16:33

Deslinde con las posiciones oportunistas del MRTA y no hay tregua contra el gobierno de Alan Garcia

One more step in stopping ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION

Windsong, 25.11.2006 16:12


El mexicano Castillejos reivindica a los indígenas en su poesía

cultura, 25.11.2006 15:32

El escritor y periodista mexicano rescata en su poesía la lucha de los indígenas, comparte las inquietudes del amor e intenta descorrer el velo de la pasión.

No One to Lose To: MAUREEN DOWD - A Civil War? +

MAUREEN DOWD: The New York Times, 25.11.2006 14:54

DOWD:A Civil War? - In Iraq, the only question is, who can we turn the country over to? THE COMPLETE ARTICLE AND MORE


Leora Skolkin-Smith, 25.11.2006 13:53

Audio Edition of "Edges, O Israel, O Palestine," Edited by Grace Paley
The novel “Edges, O Israel, O Palestine" by Leora Skolkin-Smith
and edited by Grace Paley will soon come to life in audio form.
Tovah Feldshuh, has finished her narration of the novel in an original audio edition. The production was directed by Charles Potter, a three-time grammy award winner and director of Maya Angelou's audio poetry book.


roberto caferra, 25.11.2006 13:19


Kronika de un desalojo

C.S.O.LA MAKABRA, 25.11.2006 12:30

Crónica del desalojo del centro social okupado la makabra, de Barcelona.

Interview with Daniel Martinez of radio APPO

Christiaan, 25.11.2006 11:55

Oaxaca, 24-11-06
Behind the barricades of the autonomous University Benito Juarez in Oaxaca I talked with Daniel Martinez. He is involved in the APPO (Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaxa) and is active at the only remaining APPO-radiostation Radio Universidad 1400 AM.


EDWARD JAMES, 25.11.2006 10:35

A wagon load of police attended the NSW State Parliament on the last sitting day in responce they said to a complaint someone had been offended by the voice of a lone activist exerciseing the right to freedom of expression.

Freiheit für Mumia!: German Book Reveals New Evidence

Hans Bennett, 25.11.2006 07:34

Ballistics analysis This is a shorter “reader-friendly” essay review of German author Michael Schiffmann's explosive new book on Mumia Abu-Jamal featured at based on my exclusive reading of the English language version (not yet published in the US) and an extensive interview, which is the only public English language resource that documents the many new facts and original ballistics analysis presented in the German book. This version features several accompanying graphics.

Solos no somos nada, unidos todo podemos

tupac isaac2, 25.11.2006 06:00

La ubicacion de diferentes listas en la tierra de Vallejo en Santiago de Chuco-Peru trajo como consecuencia el triunfo de la extrema derecha

&quot;U.S. Plans for Mideast&quot; or Why Iran Needs the Bomb

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, 25.11.2006 05:04

"NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan has been successfully divided, all but in name. Animosity has been inseminated in the Levant, where a Palestinian civil war is being nurtured and divisions in Lebanon agitated. The Eastern Mediterranean has been successfully militarized by NATO. Syria and Iran continue to be demonized by the Western media, with a view to justifying a military agenda. In turn, the Western media has fed, on a daily basis, incorrect and biased notions that the populations of Iraq cannot co-exist and that the conflict is not a war of occupation but a "civil war" characterised by domestic strife between Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds.

Attempts at intentionally creating animosity between the different ethno-cultural and religious groups of the Middle East have been systematic. In fact, they are part of carefully designed covert intelligence agenda.

Even more ominous, many Middle Eastern governments, such as that of Saudi Arabia, are assisting Washington in fomenting divisions between Middle Eastern populations. The ultimate objective is to weaken the resistance movement against foreign occupation through a "divide and conquer strategy" which serves Anglo-American and Israeli interests in the broader region."

On Alcatraz, American Indians and Palestinians offer thanks

Brenda Norrell, 25.11.2006 04:03

Indigenous and Palestinians were among those gathered for sunrise prayers on Alcatraz Island on Thursday. Among the speakes was Munyiga Lumumba, of the All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party, praising Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for accurately describing George Bush as "the Devil." Lumumba pointed out that New York does not belong to George Bush, but is the homeland of the Iroquois and other Indigenous Peoples.

Alec Baldwin &quot;Giving thanks to Hilliay Clinton&quot;?

SaintN, 25.11.2006 03:00

Also Bill Clinton is currntly being "sued" by the government of Scotland (story on the net!) over his involvement in the Arkansas "Prison Blood Scandal"

U.S. To Ship Tons of Uranium Across Globe for Nuke Energy Production

Steve Peacock, 25.11.2006 02:25

Nuclear cooling towers belch steam in the distance. Over 17 metric tons of highly enriched uranium (HEU) are slated for transfer into the hands of private contractors, whom under the auspices of the U.S. Dept. of Energy program will "down-blend" the weapons-grade material into nuclear reactor-friendly low-enriched uranium (LEU) -- which would then be shipped to foreign nations.

Would the Egyptians knock down the Pyramids?

GetUp, 25.11.2006 00:04

Ancient indigenous rock art under threat in Australia - help save it! Take a moment to imagine a cultural icon six times older than the Pyramids, eight times older than Stonehenge.

Imagine probably the earliest surviving rock carvings on this planet: close to a million images of ancient faces and the earliest Australian fauna, including the mighty Tasmanian tiger, spread throughout a group of small islands alongside the west coast of Australia.

This world treasure is in danger of being destroyed by industrial development.

dont forget oaxaca: life at the barricades

whetto in oaxaca, 24.11.2006 23:45

life at the barricades in oaxaca

Are the &quot;Pest Control&quot; companies responsible for creating the &quot;Bed-Bug&quot; infestations?

Frank T, 24.11.2006 22:49

Lots of money in bug genocides!

Julie Lasky, I.D. Magazine interview

small WORLD Podcast, 24.11.2006 20:57

I.D. Magazine Julie Lasky is the editor-in-chief of I.D. Magazine. Julie Lasky was previously the editor of Interiors and the managing editor at PRINT. She is the recipient of a Columbia University National Arts Journalism Program fellowship; a Richard J. Margolis Award for journalism; and was a Journalism Scholar in 1995 at Northwestern University. Lasky's essays and book reviews have appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times, The American Scholar and Forward.

Noted civil rights photographer presents Sri Lanka in photos in 10-city tour

Kathlyn Stone, 24.11.2006 19:22

Bob Fitch photo: Sri Lanka girl In 2005 Nonviolent Peaceforce sent noted photographer Bob Fitch to Sri Lanka to document its work there in Sri Lanka's ongoing civil war. Through photography, Bob tells of the history and current challenges the citizens of Sri Lanka face and illustrates how the unarmed Nonviolent Peaceforce Field Team members apply proven strategies to protect human rights, deter violence, and help create space for local peacemakers to carry out their work. During this Season of Peace Tour, Bob will be taking participants on this photographic journey of NP’s work in Sri Lanka.
Linda Sartor is an original member of the Nonviolent Peaceforce field team in Sri Lanka and has been working there since 2003. Linda has been a peace activist for as long as she can remember including going to Iraq with Iraq Peace Teams in February 2003, and she has a PhD in Integral Studies with a research emphasis in Learning and Change in Human Systems and a masters' degree in Environmental Education. Linda will be sharing her in depth experiences and stories from the field on this tour, as well as providing an update of the current situation in Sri Lanka.

Complete tour schedule and local contact information for each of the 13 public presentations can be found at

Hermesos.Com Online...., 24.11.2006 18:43 online

Veils &amp; the Muslim women

Tanveer Jafri, 24.11.2006 18:39

Author Tanveer Jafri Every controversial matter should not be viewed from the angle of the Christianity or the Islam. The merits & demerits must be seen & that too without prejudice. If either in the Islam or in any other religion, there is something that is not beneficial for the society & hampers the educational, intellectual & mental growth of the society, then it should be done away with & the religious leaders or the responsible group should not stand in its way.

When Votes Disappear: PAUL KRUGMAN - 'Banana Republic?' +

PAUL KRUGMAN - The New York Times, 24.11.2006 14:31

KRUGMAN: Misssing Votes - Do we have to wait for a constitutional crisis to realize that we’re in danger of becoming a digital-age banana republic? THE COMPLETE ARTICLE AND MORE

Move It Back Into the Streets-Stop the War Now!

Ron Jacobs, 24.11.2006 13:52

A look at history and a call to oppose the US' wars in the streets

The bed bug epidemic

Brent Herbert, 24.11.2006 12:27

Bed bug bite They're back. Deplorable conditions in North America's homeless shelters and tenements have contributed to the exponential increase in the bed bug population. Some advice for the wary follows...

La conciencia irrumpe en el mercado

Eva Sáez, 24.11.2006 12:13

REPORTAJE: La búsqueda de un comercio norte-sur más justo, clave para lograr un nuevo equilibrio en beneficio de los más pobres

The Agony Of Demolitions In The West Bank.

Jane Smith, 24.11.2006 12:02

This is the latest article in a series from a UK activist currently working in Palestine with Zaytoun, and The International Womens Peace Service.

The Agony Of Demolitions In The West Bank.

Jane Smith, 24.11.2006 12:01

This is the latest article in a series from a UK activist currently working in Palestine with Zaytoun, and The International Womens Peace Service.

Apoyo a las luchas contra el proyecto hidroeléctrico en Tipaimukh, Manipur, India

Citizens Concern for Dams and Development (CCDD), 24.11.2006 11:57

Desde mas de 15 anos voces se alzan en el noreste de India en contra de un proyecto de represa hidroectrica en Tipaimukh, distrito de Manipur. Aunque el movimiento de oposicion esten muy activos, el gobierno de India decidio inaugurar las obras el 2 de diciembre del 2006. Una campana de recaude de firama esta abierta hasta el 28 de noviembre...

Philippines: Another militant labor leader shot dead in Laguna

BMP, 24.11.2006 10:50

Four young assassins shot dead another militant labor leader in the Calabarzon area past eight this morning. Killed on the spot was Andrew “Bok” Iñoza, union president, for 11 years now, of Alaska Milk in San Pedro Laguna.

Filipino women demand justice for Nicole, speedy resolution of Subic rape case

Akbayan, 24.11.2006 10:48

Justice for Nicole Women from Akbayan (Citizens Action Party) converged at the Welcome Rotonda today joining nationwide protests for the speedy resolution of the Subic rape case and to call for justice for Nicole.

La canción del soldado

Mariano Cabrero Bárcena, 24.11.2006 08:09

Ex presidente de IraK Batimón (filosofo) manifestó que “si alguna cosa justificaba aún el calificativo de primitivo es la pena de muerte”. “Si capitán me manda matar soldados, /no mataré jamás hermanos; /he de vivir sin paz matando, / quiero morir sin ser soldado”, vieja canción: la canción del soldado.( ... )

Contesting the Conquest of the Senses

pattrice jones, 24.11.2006 07:32

Balboa throwing homosexual Indians to the hounds From homophobia to global warming with a visit to a factory farm along the way.

'MARJINAL' welcomes George Bush to Jakarta

Sasha, 24.11.2006 07:27

marjinal protest George Bush's visit to Jakarta On November 20, 2006, a community of punks took to the streets of Jakarta to wish George W. Bush a very warm 'welcome to hell.'

Thanksgiving--National Day of Mourning, Plymouth, Mass.

Custer died for your sins, 24.11.2006 05:07

Every Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Native American people hold a National Day of Mourning to protest the Pilgrims coming and stealing their land and lives. Today in Plymouth about 300 people attended despite a driving rain.

Mumia's Best (and Last) Chance for a New Trail: A Legal Update

Hans Bennett, 24.11.2006 05:00

Nov. 2, 2002 Black death-row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal's battle in court heats up as case is now on fast track with public hearings set to begin


prophets not profits, 24.11.2006 04:56

Here is the text of a leaflet I wrote for Buy Nothing Day; this will be distributed to Boston's shoppers on Friday.Let's force the retail sores to go into the red--what's bad for capitalism is good for the People.....

MWSS and new Maynilad owner will not bring water to waterless communities

Bantay Tubig, 24.11.2006 04:28

Bantay Tubig's Esguerra believes that in the end the Maynilad creditors will be paid, MWSS will recover money it used for the bailout, the company is rehabilitated – but services for the waterless communities will not be delivered.


Wilar Yapo Cayte, 23.11.2006 23:22

Abuso continúa impune de parte de las empresas mineras en diversas parte del país, está vez la victima es la comunidad distrital de Limbani, y el centro poblado Saytuma. El gobienro de AGP no solamente ampara legalmente sino ayudar abusar contra pueblos con ejército.

UN rejects coercive measures against human rights violations

César Vallejo, 23.11.2006 21:01

UNITED NATIONS (PL) —. The UN General Assembly this Tuesday, November 21 rejected the use of coercive measures as a tool for political or economic pressure against any nation for impeding the complete fulfillment of its citizens’ human rights.


asturias republicana, 23.11.2006 20:54

Nuevos artículos sobre Sixto Cámara y Fernando Garrido, sobre la muerte de Paul Lafargue y Laura Marx y el informe completo del ex ministro y diputado Félix Gordón Ordás sobre la represión de la Revolución de Octubre de 1934

A socialist answer to war, environmental disaster and social inequality

Nick Beams via sam, 23.11.2006 20:25

Construction of an international organization The achievement of this task requires the construction of an international organization, striving to consciously unify the working class on the basis of this perspective. That is the goal of our movement, the Socialist Equality Party and the International Committee of the Fourth International. We urge you to give it your most urgent consideration and join the world party of socialist revolution.

Hicks: Major Mori speaks

Marlene Obeid, 23.11.2006 20:06

Invented charges do not stick According to Mori, ?g All it would take is for the attorney-general to make a telephone call [to Washington] and David would be coming home?h. But the Australian government has a political problem, he said, because for five years they?fve labeled Hicks an ?gaccused terrorist?h or a ?gterror suspect?h. They?fve admitted that if Hicks was brought home they could not charge him with anything because he has not committed a crime under Australian law. Mori believes the Howard government is still hoping the US will do the dirty work for them.

Would the Egyptians knock down the Pyramids?

GetUp!, 23.11.2006 19:44

Six times older than the Pyramids The truth is, we don't have to choose between destruction or development. Experts agree new gas can still be extracted offshore, but processed at a different location. If enough of us speak up now we can save the remaining rock art without dampening the economic development of Western Australia's growing industry.

George Mougios Reports-Even on Holidays?

George Mougios, 23.11.2006 17:31

This article is one in a continuing series of investigative reports on the Fabrizi corrupt adminstration in Bridgeport, CT and other issues in surrounding towns and cities in Corrupticut where the corruption goes unheeded.

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