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Hillary Clinton's Squandered Money and My Visa Bill

Paul Loeb, 11.12.2006 22:54

Why HIllary Clinton wasted resources on a race she was guaranteed to win, when those same resources could have defeated more Republican candidates elsewhere... And how it contrasts with the personal sacrifices that I and others made

The Mirror

RaQuim, 11.12.2006 22:16

A reflection on some issues of the world today that some might not know about. A call for peace and a call for action to bring that peace.


Oaxaca Solidarity March / New Zine Available for Upload

comida no migra!, 11.12.2006 21:11

Brief summary of a solidarity march that happened in small Carrboro, NC for oaxaca, as well as a pdf of a great bilingual zine we handed out during the event. Please spread them far and wide!!

Climate Change through the Lens of Youth

Hermann Greuel, 11.12.2006 19:24

“The strongest way to deliver an environmental message and to create an impact is certainly through film…”
(Nick Bonner, cartoonist, landscape artist, and filmmaker from Beijing, China)

HOT BREAKING: Internal MOSSAD Gestapo Gets Their Marching Orders; Hillary, Lieberman &amp; Hadley Attend Secret Meeting

Tom Heneghan, 11.12.2006 19:24

It can now be reported that both Bill and Hillary Clinton along with George W. Bush's NSA Director Stephen Hadley, all met with noted MOSSAD bagman Haim Saban for three days in secret at the Saban Institute For Middle East Studies at the Brookings Institute.
Saban, a tax cheat, has promised Hillary (in-the-closet) Rodenhurst-Clinton $500 million for her 2008 Presidential Campaign and Saban has also planned to use the Sara Lee Corp. Chicago, Illinois to get Barack Osama Hussein-Obama $150,000 for his alleged campaign. Of course, both Hillary and Obama, north of the Mason-Dixon line liberals from blue states are sure to lose in 2008 and make excellent shills for the Ruling Elite.

This Way Out: The Conch Republic &amp; &quot;Hard Times for Closet Cases&quot;

Overnight Productions, Inc., 11.12.2006 19:03

December 11, 2006: Touring inclusive Key West, FL; world premier of Romanovsky political song. Plus Canadian marriage equality repeal fails, UK partnerships proliferate, Italy's Senate prods Prodi for civil unions, South Australian queer couples win, Bayard Rustin bio, and more!


Paola Molina, 11.12.2006 17:18

Del 12 al 14 de diciembre, 150 jóvenes de organizaciones sociales de todo el país, debaten en Moreno.

British political editor investigated over misleading articles on Iran

Campaign Iran, 11.12.2006 17:17

Political Editor on the Daily Telegraph exposed by report reveal catalogue of lies over Iran

Designing the Future of the Earth Collectively.

Mr. Jan Hearthstone -, 11.12.2006 16:21

I order to prevent violent conflicts occurring in real life, the future of the Earth should be designed with the participation of virtually anyone in model first--possible conflicts could be resolved in model, before those conflicts happen in real life.

Augusto Pinochet, asesino

José Pablo Feinmann, 11.12.2006 16:16

PINOCHET MONUMENTO AL ASESINO Y se murió de viejito nomás. En una cama, del corazón (un corazón al que sólo acudió para morir tranquilo), rodeado de fascistas y dolorosamente impune. Cuesta encontrar las palabras para expresar la monstruosidad de este hombre.

Presentada multimedia sobre la obra y la vida de Fidel Castro

Paco Hernandez, 11.12.2006 15:56

Con motivo de la celebración del 50 aniversario de las FAR y de los homenajes que se le realizaran en Cuba a Fidel Castro a inicios de diciembre, el Portal Cubasí presentó un reportaje multimedia sobre la obra y la vida del líder cubano.

George Mougios Reports

George Mougios, 11.12.2006 15:40

More on the corruption in Connecticut but in this issue we also relate info about the Greek Orthodox Church in Bridgeport, CT and my experiences in fighting to save the Church hundreds of thousands of dollars to no avail.


JOSE CAMELLO MANZANO, 11.12.2006 15:05

A la televisión púbiica en Extremadura le han bastado 12 meses para asumir todos los males de un medio de comunicación público manipulado

Murió el monigote y títere Pinochet.

txanba payés, 11.12.2006 14:45

la rabia y la alegría van de la mano en estos momentos en que el dictador Pinochet ha fallecido. Rabia porque no se hizo justicia condenándole como merecía sus delitos y atrocidades pero sí, la justicia del pueblo le había condenando hace ya mucho tiempo, y alegría porque la justicia divina se llevó al caimán, si es que existe, la justicia divina.

Outsourcer in Chief: PAUL KRUGMAN And More

PAUL KRUGMAN - The New York Times, 11.12.2006 14:24

KRUGMAN: Privatization through outsourcing is one reason the Bush administration has failed on so many fronts. THE COMPLETE ARTICLE AND MORE

‘Tis the Season for Activists on RAD[io] RAD[io]

chicgail, 11.12.2006 13:24

New streaming radio program gives voice,form and velocity to those working for positive change to broadcast its KICKASS Holiday Spectacular.

La impunidad de Pinochet

José Gregorio González Márquez, 11.12.2006 12:44

Muere Pinochet y con él parte del sombrío pasado de la Dictadura chilena

Greenpeace activists arrested for demanding that Indonesian government stop issuing “License to Kill” the Forests

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 11.12.2006 10:34

Twenty three Greenpeace activists were arrested and detained by Indonesian police for a non-violent protest held at the Ministry of Forestry this morning. The activists blocked the entrance of the Ministry with wooden cross and chains to demand that the Ministry stop giving “Licenses to Kill” the forest to logging companies in Indonesia.

Towards a Framework for Sustainable ASEAN Fisheries

Tambuyog Development Center, 11.12.2006 09:59

The ASEAN fisheries roadmap is based on an overall free-trade economic strategy and thus fails to take into account the inherent limits to biological commodities like fish, and the consequent danger that free trade of fishery products from the region will lead to overfishing and, ultimately, to the collapse of fisheries production without an effective fisheries management system. What is needed is an alternative framework of integration that links trade with the imperatives of fisheries sustainability and rural development, particularly that of the artisanal fisheries sector.

Free David Hicks - 9 Dec. 2006 - Day of National Protest in Australia - Sydney video

andy b. for aebworld (UTV), 11.12.2006 09:28

a casual observation.........and maybe, of passing interest to those in the USA

There was a street rally on 9 Dec. 2006 to bring
home david hicks in Sydney Australia and Australia country wide on the 5th anniversary of his illegal dentention....

Pinochet dies and protestors clash with Santiago police, 11.12.2006 07:43

Augusto Pinochet died today without having ever been prosecuted for the atrocious crimes he committed against his fellow Chileans. While he was in power, at least some 3,197 people were murdered by death squads to suppress political dissent, and 1,000 are still missing. Good riddance! Pinochet seems to me like the kind of guy Richard Nixon would idolize.

Los dados y los protestors de Pinochet clash con el policía de Santiago, 11.12.2006 07:42

Augusto Pinochet murió hoy sin siempre el procesamiento para los crímenes atroces que él confió contra sus chilenos del compañero. Mientras que él estaba en energía, por lo menos las escuadrillas de la muerte asesinaron a unas 3.197 personas para suprimir la disensión política, y 1.000 todavía están faltando. ¡Buen riddance! Pinochet se parece a mí como la clase de individuo que Richard Nixon idolize.

Iraq tribunal to present Lt. Watada case (Jan. 20-21, Tacoma, WA)

Citizens' Hearing on the Legality of U.S. Actions in Iraq, 11.12.2006 03:55

Tribunal to put the Iraq War on trial before the Feb. 5th court martial of Lt. Ehren Watada at Fort Lewis.

El socialismo del siglo XXI

Armando Hart Dávalos, 11.12.2006 03:54

¡Adelante Hugo Chávez con el socialismo del siglo XXI! Ahora corresponde a los estudiosos e investigadores de estos temas examinar, a la luz de los grandes forjadores, las ideas socialistas, los puntos clave de este pensamiento, por ello, a manera de conclusión, les presento dos definiciones, una de Carlos Marx:

be you self

procyonlotor, 11.12.2006 02:12

its alway perfect light will win at the end
love you verry much

Istanbul: Repression trifft auf Widerstand

Feda, 11.12.2006 01:49

07. Dezember 2006; DHKP-C im Widerstand Am 07. Dezember 2006 startete die Istanbuler Polizei mit einem über 2000-Mann starken Aufgebot mit Unterstützung der Anti-Terror-Einheiten, Mobilen Einsatzkräften und Wasserwerfern eine Angriffswelle gegen demokratische Einrichtungen in Istanbul, welche die Föderation Temel Haklar (Basisrechte) zum Ziel hatten. Der Polizeieinsatz endete damit, dass über 30 Personen festgenommen wurden.

Is Jain Minority Right in India Receiving a Fair Deal?

Bal Patil, Secretary-General, All-India Jain Minority Forum, New Delhi, 11.12.2006 01:42

In view of the unimpeacheable constitutional, judicial evidence I submit that the Government of India should take an expeditious decision on issuing a Notification declaring Jains as a national minority on par with Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Zoroastrians.

Giovanna Taviani &quot;Ritorni&quot; docu-film. Intervista di Andrea Sorrentino de Il Firenze

Andrea Sorrentino, 11.12.2006 01:10

Giovanna Taviani nel docu-film Ritorni prodotto dalla Nuvola Film, si pone le stesse domande ma da un punto di vista inatteso: un exsodus nella direzione opposta che da voce a chi “ce l’ha fatta”.

Layers of Bureaucracy Delay Raises

Robert Nowosielski, 11.12.2006 01:02

Court ordered pay raise ion 7 March, 2006 and both DHS and USProtect can not pay it. DHS says it is broke. The UGSOA, Local 52 is getting the run around from day one; even the Congressmen that are involved.

Two Anarchists prisoners on hunger strike in Greece

i.m.c. Athens, 10.12.2006 23:45

2 of the 3 detainees, accused for the May 6 Athens Greece riots during the social forum's march, are on hunger strike. Tarasios Zadorozni since November 29 and Gerasimos Kyriakopoulos since December 7. All their appeals where rejected, and they are demanding for their release. Tarasios demands the unconditional release of his codefendants, the withdrawl of categories and ceasing of their case.
Please suport the prisoners.

War Continues for &quot;Bush's Ego&quot;? My Rear End!

Cathy Garger, 10.12.2006 23:35

War for Profit Continues - No &quot;Mistake&quot; About It! Response to Paul Craig Roberts who claims we are staying the course in Iraq due to President's ego and his mistake.

Behind the boom: Emigres tackle poverty (Narender Pendyal)

Narender Pendyal, 10.12.2006 22:18

Muere el ex dictador chileno Augusto Pinochet, 10.12.2006 21:16

Los grandes capitalistas, los golpistas, los torturadores, El Mercurio y su cadena, la UDI, RN, los ex DINA-CNI, están de luto y empiezan a dimensionar a Pinochet, al criminal más grande de la historia de Chile y Latinoamérica

The Spirit of Democracy in Venezuela

Stephen Lendman, 10.12.2006 18:53

Venezuelan election a model of the democratic process.

Carta de las Visitadoras a Charo, la prostituta

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 10.12.2006 18:32

Las visitadoras del Pantaleón de Vargas Llosa explican a Charo, la vieja prostituta de las Ramblas de Barcelona que excluirlas sería no solamente un efecto de la conspiración de los medios de comunicación para distorsionar los conceptos de Estado Nación, de ciudadano y de institución multilateral, sino cerrar alternativas reales a quienes tratan de combatir la misma.

Carta de las Visitadoras a Charo, la prostituta

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 10.12.2006 17:36

Las visitadoras del Pantaleón de Vargas Llosa explican a Charo, la vieja prostituta de las Ramblas de Barcelona que excluirlas sería no solamente un efecto de la conspiración de los medios de comunicación para distorsionar los conceptos de Estado Nación, de ciudadano y de institución multilateral, sino cerrar alternativas reales a quienes tratan de combatir la misma.

Exit strategy: Civil war

Pepe Escobar, 10.12.2006 17:02

Dear friends,

Any "leftest" committed to defeating the US/UK imperial venture in Iraq should read read the article below. Though it is a little dated now, it tells us clearly about the divide and rule plan neocons are undertaking in that hapless land. But make no mistake, this one is for all the marbles. Like time at the speed of light, "it would have a stop." If the invaders are foiled in their plan to steal the wealth of Iraq, it will be imperialism that will "have a stop." This is why so many of our "leaders" are fond of saying "failure in Iraq is not an option." Capitalism runs on oil. Without more of the precious crude, soon, it will end. If you truely want a new world, no effort to defeat the occupation of Iraq can be sparred. jamie

La J.S. y las influencias de Jaime Vilela en la UMSA

Nino, 10.12.2006 16:15

Nuestra respuesta como estudiantes de base ante la acometida de la politica de Jaime Vilela

Bread, Bread, Everywhere, Yet not a Morsel to Eat

Jason Miller, 10.12.2006 15:29

"Staring me in the face was the tragic image of a Kenyan child condemned to the abject suffering of death by starvation. A massive tear confirmed the depth of his misery, yet his angelic eyes still beamed with the radiance of his life force. Not even the brutal assault of famine could extinguish the persistent flame of the human spirit."

The Sunshine Boys Can’t Save Iraq: FRANK RICH - No Quick Fix Here +

FRANK RICH - The New York Times, 10.12.2006 14:09

RICH: By prescribing placebos, the Iraq Study Group isn’t plotting a way forward but delaying the recognition of our defeat. THE COMPLETE ARTICLE WITH ALL HYPERLINKS


Islamic Community Net, 10.12.2006 13:05

Images from the US crime against Ishaqi innocent people

Fallujah - The Hidden Massacre, 10.12.2006 06:14


Algo huele a podrido en Fray Bentos

José Pablo Feinmann, 10.12.2006 05:46

Que hay detrás del conflicto por las papeleras entre Argentina y Uruguay?

Does the past impact the future? Take the journey. You decide- see it!!

fetti, 10.12.2006 03:20

Powerful Known for its many different uses, from storage to defining social class, Brown Paper Bags delves into the many uses of a brown paper bag in the black community. Set in the boroughs of New York City, a series of interconnected dramas unfold, linking various peoples to a brown paper bag. Spanning twenty four hours, the audience will explore its many facets.

Behind the boom: Emigres tackle poverty (Mercury News)

Narender Pendyal, 10.12.2006 01:18

The goal of the American India Foundation, which helped these students of Government High School, Cotton Pet, is to remind the world of the ignored poor and provide a way out of the web of poverty.

Indigenous Peoples were disposables to nuclear industry

Brenda Norrell, 09.12.2006 22:48

Indigenous villagers around the world arrived on the Navajo Nation with the same histories of being targeted by uranium corporations, which left behind a trail of cancer, birth defects and strewn radioactive waste.

Bring David Hicks home - thousands of people rally across Australia

Parrot Press, 09.12.2006 21:54

Adelaide Rally "John Howard, he doesn't want (to) bring David Hicks here for so many reasons, because he's a good witness against the crime of the government overseas."


ANTI-FUR SOCIETY, 09.12.2006 21:47

Portuguese Animal Protection Group, "ANIMAL" goes inside Portugal's rabbit fur trade to reveal the suffering of the animals and the international participation in the fur industry.

"ANIMAL" has partnered, in the USA, with the Anti-Fur Society and RabbitWise, Inc, a rabbit advocate organization, and in France, with Fourrure Torture, to expose this trade.

Collaborators Wanted

Jean Valjeanlives, 09.12.2006 20:49

Help Wanted-Can you write-Do you want to be viewed by a larger audience?

Luminaires Components - Promotional Designs

Electricals Designing Staff, 09.12.2006 20:12

A full range of successful designs are available as promotions for you, as full open designs ready to go into your manufacturing

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