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Bushfraud Continues to Obstruct Justice

Tom Heneghan, 19.12.2006 14:48

Bushfraud continues to obstruct justice in an attempt to cover up the theft of the Year 2000 Presidential Election.
George W. Bushfraud wants to appoint Jim Griffin as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. What makes this significant is that Griffin, a former member of the Republican National Committee, operated in operations research and once stated that he wanted unleash hell against Al Gore aka Griffins role in operations research. And, of course, it gets worse.
It can now be reported that Griffin was linked to...

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jalse, 19.12.2006 14:20

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New Video Examines Media Collaboration with the Pentagon in Leading Nation to War

Fred, 19.12.2006 14:04

New underground video examines the media's role in the 9/11 attacks and their treatment of those who question the official story. Is the media a check on government or a cheerleader for war and hegemony?

New Video Examines Media Collaboration with the Pentagon in Leading Nation to War

Fred, 19.12.2006 13:35 New underground video examines the media's role in the 9/11 attacks and their treatment of those who question the official story. Is the media a check on government or a cheerleader for war and hegemony?

Knock down the wall

Monika Tarajko, 19.12.2006 11:22, The web site will provides you with general information about Belarus and problems which there exist. You will also find out how, in spite of living outside the country, you can participate in actions for publicizing or solving the problems that are there. On this web site you can also find links to another web sites about Belarus.

Howard and Rudd must not ape Bush in trampling international law on nuclear

Common Sens, 19.12.2006 09:04

No excuse for making the same mistake twice “Prime Minister Howard followed Bush into the Iraq war debacle - there is absolutely no excuse for making the same mistake twice,” Senator Milne said.

Evidence surfaces that Indonesian military executed “Balibo Five”

Mike Head via sam, 19.12.2006 09:01

Not surprised that evidence had emerged The treaty parallels the one signed by Keating with Suharto in 1995, which Jakarta repudiated in 1999. On signing it, Keating lauded Suharto’s “New Order” junta as a linchpin of Australian security. Today, the Australian ruling elite still regards the Indonesian regime as an indispensable partner in securing its own strategic and corporate interests. The Balibo murders and their continuing whitewash stand as a warning of the lengths to which Australian governments, both Labor and Liberal, are prepared to go to protect these interests.

Australia: No charges against police for killing Aboriginal prisoner

Mike Head via sam, 19.12.2006 06:38

Black Deaths in Custody From Hawke to Beattie, Labor has been central to the ongoing repression of Aboriginal people, who are up to 30 times more likely to be locked up than non-indigenous people, and the maintenance of the deep-seated poverty and social deprivation that underpin this appalling disparity.

Peace and the Global O.

Dan Benbow, 19.12.2006 06:28

This article is about a peace rally on 12/22/06--IN YOUR OWN HOMES--orgams for peace!

SDO - Killing God ! mp3

martin via sam, 19.12.2006 06:12

SDO - Killing God ! mp3 A show amusing for heathens with Richard Dawkins and Nina Hagen 29:25 mins stereo. You have to go to this time - our server is full for this month, sorry.

Media of Shame

ventura, 19.12.2006 03:29 still publish's erronious and untruthful news.

the ivl0g show - ease of use - text

3D1on, 19.12.2006 03:28

Why i do not read books, yet remain informed and literate and engaged and enlightened and... and...

RHA - Red Hackers Association /REDHACK - PRESS RELEASE

REDHACK, 19.12.2006 03:13

We the REDHACK Team have started our action with the perspective of “DON’T FORGET 19TH DECEMBER AND DON’T LET IT BE FORGOTTEN First to Give Independent Artists 100% of Profits From Digital Download Sales

Indiefi, 18.12.2006 22:56

Art focused has defied industry standards by publicly announcing that they will be the first online service to give artists 100% of profits from their digital download sales. The site has applied this concept to all digital media types including audio, video, photos and e-Books.

Estudiantes de todo el Estado se oponen a la nueva LOU

Paco M. Hoyos, 18.12.2006 22:08

“Estudiantes en Movimiento” se definen como un Punto de Encuentro en el que trabajan 14 colectivos estudiantiles “en defensa de la universidad pública”, de 14 universidades distintas.

les athées sont les déçus du socialisme

amilcar, 18.12.2006 21:32

et nous les comprenons fort bien


Taylor Omelak, Arts Director, Redwire Native Youth Media, 18.12.2006 20:52

REDWIRE Magazine Call For Submissions!
Are you a Native/Indigenous/First Nations/Aboriginal etc. youth (29 or under)?
Or do you know someone who is?
Redwire's spring issue theme is Religion and Spirituality.
What does that mean for you? For your people?


Arvakyr of EXOTERRENE Arts, 18.12.2006 20:12

American rule for the peace of the universe...

Knock down the wall

Monika Tarajko, 18.12.2006 18:48 The web site will provides you with general information about Belarus and problems which there exist. You will also find out how, in spite of living outside the country, you can participate in actions for publicizing or solving the problems that are there. On this web site you can also find links to another web sites about Belarus.


Jean Valjean Lives, 18.12.2006 18:02

Happy Holidays From Jean Valjean Lives-see how you can shape the world we share.

RHA - Red Hackers Association /REDHACK

REDHACK, 18.12.2006 17:36

We the REDHACK Team have started our action with the perspective of “DON’T FORGET 19TH DECEMBER AND DON’T LET IT BE FORGOTTEN”.

This Way Out: The Conch Republic 2 &amp; Holiday Cheer

Overnight Productions, Inc., 18.12.2006 17:14

December 18, 2006: Key West tour continued; queer carols. Plus UN consults with Euro-queers, Dublin's High Court rejects Canadian marriage, New Jersey couples won't settle for civil unions, "Don't Ask" gays and lesbians why the Pentagon can't speak Arabic, and more news.


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 18.12.2006 17:02

En sus seis años como presidente de los Estados Unidos, George W.
Bush, posee un abultado expediente delictivo por el cual pudiera ser
calificado como peligroso delincuente, con razones para procesarlo
judicialmente y expulsarlo de la Casa Blanca.
Así, de pronto, algunos observadores pueden pensar que son
imputaciones demasiado graves que debieran ser muy bien probadas, pues
se trata de impugnar a la primera figura del país más poderoso de la


Por Néstor Núñez, 18.12.2006 16:53

En días en que la comunidad internacional vuelve a la carga para exigir la inmediata liberación de los Cinco combatientes antiterroristas cubanos presos ilegalmente en los Estados Unidos, los acontecimientos confirman la necesidad de que tan valerosos patriotas asumieran las tareas de infiltrar a los grupos contrarrevolucionarios radicados en la Florida con el apoyo de la Casa Blanca.

Red Hackers Association /REDHACK - PRESS RELEASE

REDHACK, 18.12.2006 16:51

We the REDHACK Team have started our action with the perspective of “DON’T FORGET 19TH DECEMBER AND DON’T LET IT BE FORGOTTEN”.

Out of Sight: BOB HERBERT +

BOB HERBERT - The New York Times, 18.12.2006 13:38

HERBERT: The way the poorest and most vulnerable victims of Hurricane Katrina have been treated so far by government officials at every level has been disgraceful. THE COMPLETE ARTICLE AND MORE

Nazidemo 30.12.2006 in Salzwedel

AASalzwedel, 18.12.2006 13:36

Keinen Naziaufmarsch in Salzwedel !!!

A Counterproductive U.S. Advice to Palestinians

Nicola Nasser*, 18.12.2006 12:37

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ decision to go without national consensus to early presidential and parliamentary elections was divisive, counterproductive and conforms to U.S.-Israeli plans to remove the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” from power or pressure it into accepting what its rival Fatah had accepted: A peace process on their dictated terms and conditions.

Corporate abuse: Unfair labor practices exposing violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 &amp; Union Corruption: Teamsters Local Union, No. 435

nadog12, 18.12.2006 08:19


This Website is designed to inform the viewer and listener the time has come to see the world as it is regarding matters of grave importance concerning corporate misconduct and unfair labor practices. The Company’s union did not represent this employee as they should have. This union accepts and tolerates inappropriate behavior in the mistreatment of individuals or employees whose rights have no place in one corporate industry. This corporation allows and encourages managers and supervisors to discriminate, deceive and disregard the dignity and respect of individuals rights. The exposure of this corporation’s true intention and philosophy is built on power, control and intimidation. This corporation claims to respect the rights of all employees. Yet, the destitute of those employees feel they were unlawfully terminated for unjust cause are now captivated and imprisoned within the confines of his/her employment experiences. These employees encourages individuals and employees to challenge this corporation and hold them accountable to live up to their policy: "We help and encourage our people to develop themselves and we keep our employees informed about company activities and plans that may affect them on their work. We are also committed to providing and maintaining a work environment that respects the rights of all employees, that is free of harassing, hostile, or offensive behavior that is safe and healthy". One individual who was employed by this corporation cries out with other Voices That Challenge and says: Well, PROVE IT! Live up to this policy and standard you claim and you will not have to be embarrassed in what you and the public are about to witness through sight and sound of transcripts and audio tracks revealing violations of mistreatment, abusive behavior and disrespect toward this employee. This employee challenged this corporation during several grievance hearings relating to his payroll problems and was accused of an allegation made against him and was without merit. During his grievance hearings this employee was harassed creating a hostile environment as the union stood by and accepted and tolerated inappropriate behavior from the company. The company and the union did not follow through in their agreement to look into his payroll problems regarding illegal deductions being made out of his payroll checks. Note: This Corporation is not an equal opportunity employer and does not make such a claim on their employment applications: "We Are an Equal Opportunity Employer". The company does not summit to regulations enforced by laws set forth to protect individuals or employees from a free of harassing, hostile work environment in accordance to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. You the viewer and listener will experience first hand from this website evidence of letters, witnesses, and real live experiences from transcripts and audio tracks exposing how one corporation violated this employees rights in the mistreatment and disrespect of this employee during his grievance proceedings, local hearings and what transpired at the National Panel Hearing regarding his payroll problems that were alleged and still unresolved. Allegations exist today where this company continues to violate laws and statues within the confines of their management workforce and workplace and breaks those very rules that governs and protects those individuals and employees from discrimination of any kind. View and listen to one employee’s experiences, like you never viewed and heard before. Feel free to contact this website and email your responses and opinions to: & after you have reviewed and heard the facts. Note: The Artist of "Voices That Challenge" is not responsible for the context of this website. Preview: News & Resources Page.

Princess Diana, An Advocate For Banning Landmines - Was Murdered

American Vet, 18.12.2006 06:36

Diana With Just One Of The Many Landmine Victims Worldwide It is my humble opinion that Princess Diana was murdered by the powers-that-be in England, France, the U.S. and quite possibly Israel. I'll tell you why....

&quot;Tu&quot;, personaje del año 2006: La gran hipocresía del Time de Nueva York

Attilio Folliero, 18.12.2006 05:43

El Time de Nueva York escoge come personaje del año a Tu, queriendo con esto hacer referencia a You tube, el sitio web de mas éxito este año y al publico de la web el verdadero protagonista de Internet y en particular de este sitio. Nosotros estamos plenamente de acuerdo con esta atribución. Sin embargo pensamos que hay una gran contradicción y una gran hipocresía por parte del Time que no ha tomado en consideración el juicio de este mismo publico de la web, que había elegido a Hugo Chávez Frías.

Justice for Mulrunji

no more deaths in custody!!, 18.12.2006 05:15

rally for mulrunji Rally for Justice for Mulrunji Midday, Wed Dec 20, Queens Park, Brisbane City because the public prosecutor won't charge policeman who killed him

Saddam And George Bush Made Millions Together Through Secret Texaco Oil Deals

Rob Patterson, 18.12.2006 03:33

So says explosive book IMACULATE DECEPTION written by retired U.S. Armey General So says explosive book IMMACULATE DECEPTION written by retired U.S. Army General Russ Bowen

Press Release for Dec22nd Day of Actoin

Mollie, 18.12.2006 03:10

here's a press release intended to be used for any city in the states that is doing december22nd solidarity events. al folks can plug in their local information accordingly and make changes if necessary---- most importantly---we just need someone to take on the task of releasing this press release to the press---this also can be sent out to national media.

BREAKING NEWS: Assassination Dots Connected: Litvinenko, Dr. Kelly, Hello FBI!

Tom Heneghan, 18.12.2006 01:59

1. The Assassination of Italian Agent Nicola Calipari and British weapons expert David Kelly are now tied to poisoned Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko and a worldwide Russian Israeli FSB British Mi6 Assassination team directly linked to Scooter Libby and the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security aka Michael Chertoff.
2. News to the effect that the Israeli nuclear arsenal has greater and more dangerous capability than anyone knows in fact criminally insane punk Benjamin Netanyahu has recently okayed a plan that in the event of an attack on Israel, the Zionist state will retaliate with strikes on all Western European capitals in effect an anti-Christian gentile rage.
3. A political update which ties the Ruling Elite to use both Hillary Clinton and Barach Obama as a 9/11 2008 Democratic ticket which would effectively cover-up the pre-9/11/01 criminal activity of both the New York-Chicago Federal Reserve Banks.

Anarchist Ethics: A Utilitarian Approach, 17.12.2006 23:39

Although anarchists do not usually like to define their beliefs in terms of ethics, the anarchist emphasis on the need to maximize individual freedom can be seen as fundamentally rooted in utilitarian ethics. If one is interested in minimizing global suffering or maximizing global happiness or maximizing the number of individuals who achieve self-actualization and creative fulfillment, as utilitarians are, it seems clear that one must first seek to maximize individual freedom. No one is better equipped, at any given time, to take action to reduce an individual’s suffering, increase an individual’s pleasure, or increase an individual’s feelings of self-actualization than the individual himself, because no one else can completely know the individual’s intimate desires or psychology.

Global action against Guantánamo

Amnesty International, 17.12.2006 23:35

On 11 January 2007, the Guantánamo detention centre will be five years old. Outraged by this symbol of US abuse and injustice, human rights activists worldwide are joining together in solidarity with the detainees and their families, to demand once more that the US government close Guantánamo.

Call me Ebenezer, but Christmas as we know it needs to go...

Jason Miller, 17.12.2006 22:43

While Christmas may only come once a year, the pernicious effects of the Consumerism it manifests to such a high degree are virtually omnipresent in a society premised on acquisitiveness. Consumerism is the tap root of the sprawling and gnarled tree of predatory Capitalism. Like an aberrant black walnut tree of gargantuan proportion, American Capitalism(1) exudes toxins that stunt or eradicate nearly every living thing attempting to grow within the circumference of its expansive root system.


G.F., 17.12.2006 22:15

UN'ASSOCIAZIONE CITTADINA TIENE SEQUESTRATO MIO FIGLIO E RECENTEMENTE - NON CONOSCO LE RAGIONI DI QUESTO - HA TRASFERITO, HA FATTO IN MODO DI TRASFERIRE O A LASCIATO CHE MIA MOGLIE TRASFERISSE MIO FIGLIO A ROMA PRESSO ANALOGA ASSOCIAZIONE INTERPONENDO TRA ME E MIO FIGLIO UNA DISTANZA DI 300 Km, ALLONTANANDOLO - DOPO AVERLO SOTTRATTO ALLA SUA CASA, A SUO PADRE E AI SUOI AFFETTI - ANCHE ALLA SUA CITTA' Nella stessa relazione della Questura si legge che a seguito di un colloquio con personale dell'Associazione svoltosi con mia moglie in data 01/09/2006, in quell'occasione fu decisa la data (04/09/2006) in cui mia moglie avrebbe dovuto allontanarsi da casa con mio figlio per essere accolta all'interno dell'Associazione. Nonostante il grave pregiudizio per il minore, rilevato in tutta evidenza dal Tribunale dei Minorenni di Firenze, nessuno, l'Associazione che si occupa di tutela di minori, non mi ha mai fatto sapere niente né si è mai adoprata- pur facendo parte questo compito della Sua missione a tutela dell'integrità psico-affettiva dei minori, affinché mio figlio non subisse il trauma dello sradicamento dalla sua residenza affettiva e della interruzione improvvisa del suo rapporto con il padre. SCOMPARSO NEL NULLA...

White House Office on National Drug Policy lies about marijuana growing on public lands

Steve White, 17.12.2006 19:24

The White House Office on National Drug Control Policy has been putting out phony statistics on the harm done by marijuana growing on public lands. This article recounts my attempts to trace down numbers they were using, and my discovery that they were simply made up.

Tune in to Radio 1812 on International Migrant's Day!

Rene Plaetevoet, 17.12.2006 15:39

The countdown to the Radio 1812 radio marathon is on. With programmes from across the world produced by local radio stations often in collaboration with migrants organisations, this initiative is organised by December 18 vzw to celebrate International Migrant's Day.

Perché nasce la Campagna del Fiocco Blu

V.S., 17.12.2006 14:18

Tra Firenze e Roma l’alleanza di due centri antiviolenza privati – Artemisia e Differenza Donna finanziati con fondi pubblici dai rispettivi enti locali e supportati dalle Commissioni Pari Opportunità di diverse città italiane - hanno dato vita alla Campagna del Fiocco Bianco. Ovvero una forma più sottile di criminalizzazione maschile all’insegna dell’assunto:”so che tu non sei violento, ma se non ti schieri pubblicamente al nostro fianco urlando contro gli uomini violenti, sei comunque colpevole perché loro complice!” Ed il fiocco bianco indossato dagli uomini doveva rappresentare un segnale di schieramento al diktat, e di conseguente riscatto dalla colpevole complicità.

The Good Daughter, in a Brothel: NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF &amp; Mary Cheney’s Bundle of Joy: FRANK RICH

FRANK RICH, NICHOLAS KRISTOF - The New York Times, 17.12.2006 14:13

- KRISTOF: In poor countries where sex trafficking and globalization have fostered new forms of slavery, stories like Yan Kosal’s are still wrenchingly common. - RICH: Gay-baiting may do candidates who traffic in it more harm than good. THE COMPLETE ARTICLES AND MORE

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Slave Descendants' Fraud Claims Against Major Banks, Insurers

Bruce Afran, 17.12.2006 13:26

A federal appeals court today upheld fraud claims against major US banks, insurers and transportation companies who concealed their slave trading histories from consumers. A press conference to announce the victory will be held on Dec. 14, 2006, at 11 a.m. at the United States Court House at 500 Pearl Street in lower Manhattan.

Schweickart's 'For What May We Hope? Historical Materialism and the Question of Socialism

Carl Davidson, 17.12.2006 04:16

Marx as a Young Student [A contribution to discussions about Economic Democracy, the Socialist Market Economy, and how to get form here to there.]


Growing Censorship at Democratic Underground

Chris Taylor, 17.12.2006 04:01

Increasing censorship on Democratic Underground forum raises questions about its openness and support of free speech.


Lloyd Hart, 17.12.2006 01:59

abbie Good fucking luck Democrats.


ventura, 17.12.2006 01:30

UK Indymedia censors the news

Cheap Web Hosting Non Profit Web hosting Deals

Mike Greene, 17.12.2006 01:21

Web Hosting Free Domain Name Registration Study Non Profit Web Hosting

Human Evolution and Religion—A Global Truce through Anthropology

Ezra Niesen, 16.12.2006 18:36

Every religion in the world was created to serve the needs of humans who are evolutionarily equal, and therefore, have asked the same questions about life. Anthropologists have identified a number of universal constants of religion, and have discovered that different religions aren’t so different from each other after all.

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