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&quot;Place&quot;, un documentaire sur le mouvement social français du printemps 2006.

Place, 21.12.2006 17:14

"Place", un documentaire sur le mouvement social français du printemps 2006.

the ivl0g show - economy pseudoscience [+jR update]

3D1on, 21.12.2006 16:16

Just some thoughts stemming from a recent "nobel" winner

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jalse, 21.12.2006 14:26

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Chavez Landslide Tops All In US History

Stephen Lendman, 21.12.2006 13:15

Hugo Chavez won two landslide victories explained in the article.

Soli für FR-Streik- gegen HAusverkauf des DGB

Hartmut Barth-Engelbart, 21.12.2006 12:35

Wenn Frankfurt die Paulskirche an eine Honkonger Immobilienfirma verkaufen würde? Kollege Sommer würde dagegen die Stirn mit Dackelfalten bieten. Beim hauseigenen (H)Ausverkauf der wichtigsten Gewerkschafts- und Volkshäuser in den neuen Ostkolonien an den US-Immobilienfonds CerberUS gehen die "Kollegen" mit der eigenen Geschichte um wie die Konkursverwalter des bankrotten Fürsten von Isenburg-Büdingen mit "dessen" (Kunst-)Schätzen. Auch hier wird unsere Geschichte einfach verramscht. Im Solidaritätsbrief an die Kollegen der FR ist die herbe Kritik an den Gewerkschaftsführungen etwas untergegangen - als bitte unbedingt auch das PS lesen:

The Scourge of Osteoporosis

Helen Lobato via tina, 21.12.2006 09:10

Drug companies are turning us all into patients It is time we all had a good look at how in the words of Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels “ Drug companies are turning us all into patients.”

The Only Way Out of Iraq? Troops and Teachers Stand Down!

Rich Gibson, 21.12.2006 07:51

Efforts to vote the US out of Iraq, to lobby the US out of Iraq, to beg the US out of Iraq, or even to march the US out of Iraq, misinterpret the causes for the empire's wars, and the sources of power that could bring them to an end.

Report from Oaxaca - Interview with Woman Swept Up in Repression, Tortured, Imprisoned &amp; Recently Released

Luciente Zamora and Nina Armand, 21.12.2006 06:14

Now more than ever we need to hear from the people who have been fighting with such determination in Oaxaca, to bring to light the government-inflicted terror currently unfolding, and to get a deeper understanding of how people are confronting these new challenges and the implications of all this are for emancipatory struggle on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border.”

Ungdomshuset Demo 16/12-06 To the international brigades:

Ungdomshuset, 21.12.2006 05:36

To the international brigades

Ungdomshuset Demo 16/12-06 An die internationalen Brigaden

69, 21.12.2006 05:31

Ungdomshuset Demo 16/12-06

An die internationalen Brigaden

The Murray /Darling valley catchments are drying fast

dave, 21.12.2006 05:01

Farmers will be forced to migrate Farmers will be forced to migrate

New Video Examines Media Cooperation with the Miltary in Generating Public Support for War

Fred, 21.12.2006 03:47

The Bush administration broke old taboos about using the media as an instrument of warfare. Manipulation of the mainstream media generated a war frenzy that led to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Relieving Pain in Darfur

Peter Benner, 21.12.2006 02:08

A Canadian master herbalist and natural medicine practitioner donates profits from her pain relief salve to International Red Cross programs in Darfur and Lebanon

MÁFIAS ou &quot;V&quot; conversa com a ex-tátua da justiça.

vera lúcia vassouras, 21.12.2006 01:56

Máfia - qualquer (qualquer) organização criminosa que usa métodos inescrupulosos...prevalecer seus interesses ou para controlar uma atividade,...por princípios de segredos e silêncios solidários, ...estabelecerem leis próprias e buscar se manter no comando do poder constituído? Houaiss (com alguns ajustes).

Brad Willey hoy/

Punto y Aparte/Oaxaca, 21.12.2006 00:50

Seguimiento de la muerte de Brad en Oaxaca.

Navajo elderly served with restraining orders

Desert Rock Blockade, 21.12.2006 00:21

Navajo elderly at a protest barricade at a power plant site were served with restraining orders by the tribe, after being threatened with arrest. Two power plants on Navajo Nation land in the Farmington area already serve primarily non-Indians, while many Navajo elderly live without electricity and running water and get sick from the air pollution.


A.C. FUERA DE FOCO, 20.12.2006 23:20

La Asociación Fuera de Foco ha producido "Mañana empieza hoy", un documental sobre el II Foro Social Mundial de las Migraciones que se celebró en Rivas-Vaciamadrid (España), entre los días 22 y 24 de junio de 2006. A lo largo de su más de media hora de metraje el documental propone un recorrido por lo más sobresaliente de este acontecimiento internacional.

VITAL Intelligence Debriefing on Bogus Polls: PollGate is Hillary-Harold Ickes Gate

Tom Heneghan, 20.12.2006 22:53

Hillary camp fabricating bogus polls for the media

Flunking Our Future: MAUREEN DOWD - The Basics in Iraq ; Syria in Bush's Crosshairs +

MAUREEN DOWD - The New York Times, 20.12.2006 21:54

DOWD: Once our leaders get a grasp of the basics in Iraq, we can hit them with a truly hard question: What on earth do we do now? THE COMPLETE ARTICLE AND MORE

Navajo elderly threatened with arrest at power plant blockade

Dooda Desert Rock, 20.12.2006 21:31

Navajo elders maintaining a barricade at the proposed site of Desert Rock Power Plant are being threatened with arrest if they do not vacate the site. The threat of arrest is directed at an elderly Navajo woman, Alice Gilmore, who holds the grazing permit to the land and does not want a third power plant in this area near Farmington, NM.

Navajo message to powermongers: the spirit of resistance is alive

Bahe Katenay, 20.12.2006 21:26

As Navajo elders are threatned with arrest, Bahe Katenay describes the long struggle of Navajo people in the Burnham area, with these words: "To the U.S. Capitalists and to the Navajo Nation Council for Greed: 'Wake up and realize. You all thought you had killed us and killed our movements, but we had told you 'We'll be back!'"

Australia: Photos from Palm Island solidarity protest in Melbourne

Simeon via sam, 20.12.2006 20:25

Palm Island solidarity protest Photos from today's Melbourne protest in solidarity with protests around the nation re Palm Island in Far North Queensland, Cameron Doomadgee's death in custody and the lack of action against the Queensland Police responsible for his welfare at the time.

Against the Dictatorship of Allah

Eric W.Bragg, surrealist from, 20.12.2006 20:01

A statement denouncing the fascist dictatorship of Allah and Islam!

De waarheid over nederland

Rasjid (russian informer of FSB), 20.12.2006 19:24

De waarheid over nederland, wat jij niet weet

Venezuela 2006: más represión a protestas populares

Rafael Uzcátegui, 20.12.2006 17:55

* Un integrante de la redacción de El Libertario, vocero de la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas de Venezuela, describe y analiza cómo y por qué se ha venido agudizando la represión estatal contra el creciente malestar social que desenmascara el discurso seudo revolucionario del chavismo.

Every Pig is Wilbur

Heather Moore, 20.12.2006 17:53

If you’ve read Charlotte’s Web—E.B. White’s poignant tale about a spider who saves a pig from slaughter by weaving the words “Some pig,” “Terrific,” “Radiant” and “Humble” into her web—or watched the new movie version, you likely cheered when Wilbur’s life was spared.

Boicotta CTS

fenix, 20.12.2006 12:50

Boicotta Cts, libera Fenix

Rumsfeld the War Criminal: Snowflakes on Mass Graves, 20.12.2006 12:16

Of course Rumsfeld is a war criminal, but then the entire Executive branch of the US govt. has been in "war criminal" mode since the CIA was invented to carry out secret wars, executions, torture, terrorism & etc. for the Big Corporations & other elite power-brokers.

Neue AntiRassistische Gruppe in Norddeutschland

ARGA, 20.12.2006 11:57

Wir sind ARGA und sind aus Norddeutschland.

Impeachment Good for Republicans and Democrats

Jodin Morey, D. Larkin Corvin, 20.12.2006 07:29

A debate is raging as to whether the U.S. should impeach George W. Bush, but it’s not a partisan debate. Democrats and Republicans fall on both sides of the issue. Members of both parties opposing impeachment seem to be worried that pursuing impeachment will hurt their chances in the 2008 presidential elections and beyond. Given that the argument seems to be turning on whether impeachment is good for winning elections, it seems odd that so many members of both parties are in agreement about opposing it. Obviously, one of the parties will get a political bump.

Aussies fed up with Howard's greatest human catastrophe

Baxterwatchers via sam, 20.12.2006 07:02

Major self-harm Wednesday December 20 2006 - "One of the Baxter detainees who a few weeks ago initiated major self-harm has now poured boiling water over his feet while in the Royal Adelaide hospital in a new desperate attempt to prevent authorities from returning him as planned to the Baxter detention centre," WA Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning.

Australia: High Court clears way for expansion of federal power

Mike Head via sam, 20.12.2006 05:56

A profound weakness in the legal checks and balances Callinan declared that the federal government was “trespassing” and “intruding” into “the industrial and commercial affairs of the states”. Their parliaments would be reduced to “impotent debating societies,” with “far-reaching” consequences for “the future integrity of the federation”. Kirby said the decision revealed “a profound weakness in the legal checks and balances which the founders sought to provide to the Australian Commonwealth.”

Pro-nazi insanes indulge in anti-Stalin propaganda

Marthanda, 20.12.2006 05:29

Rejecting anti-Stalin propaganda of imperialists.

Australian political scapegoat to face retrial for a Walkley award

Parrot Press, 20.12.2006 04:59

Scapegoats have become the latest fascism But the facts about his torture seems a little difficult for John Howard's ABC to spit out in today's news! And John Howard's motives should be very clear to everyone. Scapegoats have become the latest fascism.

Bullshit talks of capitalists, imperialists and Trotskyites

Marthanda, 20.12.2006 04:55

Rejecting anti-Stalin and anti-Mao propaganda done by capitalists, imperialists and trots.

Again They Come Out With The &quot;Acetaminophen Toxicity&quot; Card

£, 20.12.2006 04:55

[first draft - uneditted]

I am going to go out on a limb to start. This is not the greatest idea, being the extreme sensitivity of the subject.

Here it is: every medical association in North America believes that acetaminophen toxicity is a constant primary public health crisis.

Imperialism - The biggest challenge of communism

Marthanda, 20.12.2006 04:46

Challenging the imperialism of corporate capitalist states.


Anon Y. Mous, 20.12.2006 03:26

T-music/ blatanly violates international copyright laws.

U.S. Military Draft Announced in Simple Code Today by President Bush

Karen Fish, 20.12.2006 02:58

Crusader Conscription Read in context President Bush announced a military draft today.

Such an ugly site. CIA rules? *cough* OK, point is

HFX_BEN, 20.12.2006 01:21

*Q: how has Indy become so ugly and clinical?*

Lenin was right about media. Holywoood followed that lead and proved it; USofA sez California is a cesspool of madness.

a mesage from god

lord procyonlotor, 20.12.2006 00:42

Them Dems must love this war?

Alex Cockburn, 19.12.2006 22:44

"Guess what our "anti-war" Republicrats, I mean Democrats, are doing? Read below to find out!"

Call for Submissions- Rooftop Films Summer 2007

Rooftop Films, Brooklyn, NY, 19.12.2006 22:04

please submit films to Rooftop Films 2007

INTELLIGENCE ALERT: Economic Defcon 1 repeat Defcon 1

Tom Heneghan, 19.12.2006 21:48

At 12 Pacific Time it can be reported that Paulson, U.S. Treasury Chieftain, is traveling the world specifically the G8 Nations asking them to go along with a Derivative rollover of worldwide debt at a 1% collateral basis. Previous agreements were at 4-5 %. And without the interest the Europeans have told Paulson to "stick-it." And, of course, now that Iran is ready to replace dollars with Euros, it is just a matter of time before the European Union writes-off their Bush Clinton Euro Derivatives at a profit and reissues French Francs, German Marks and Dutch Guilders.
What this means is that the U.S. Treasury is broke, the European Union is broke and the Russians and Chinese...

Navajos at power plant site don't back down

Dooda Desert Rock, 19.12.2006 19:34

Navajo elderly at a resistance camp on the Navajo Nation met with the Navajo president yesterday and said they are not backing down and will continue the blockade.

Democrats &amp; the Youth Vote

Paul Rogat Loeb, 19.12.2006 17:41

How access to higher education is getting limited and how the Democrats can do the right thing by reversing it. How youth are supporting the Dems and the need to build on this

Moto Perpetuo, Grandi opere, Setta ingegneri scientisti e Motore di Schietti

passaparola, 19.12.2006 17:16

Ogni giorno ormai vengono consegnati più di 100 motori di Schietti. - Ribadiamo nuovamente che ognuno deve costruirsi clandestinamente il proprio modello di Motore di Schietti funzionante e crearne copie da distribuire segretamente ad amici fidati - Non fate vedere prototipi! - Si uscirà allo scoperto solo quando i giornali e le televisioni non parleranno di altro e in tutti i negozi sarà possibile acquistare un Motore di Schietti abbinato ad una Serpentina. - Non mettete a repentaglio la vostra vita inutilmente, stiamo combattendo contro un nemico potentissimo, che non conosciamo e che non è disposto a trattare ed ad essere aiutato. - Non sappiamo perchè i nemici dell'umanità non ci lascino dare acqua ed energia gratis, ma noi abbiamo deciso di darla lo stesso!

Bomb Threat at House of Representatives

yezbok drahcir, 19.12.2006 15:13

There is something going on in Washington this morning that seems very frantic. Someone mentioned a bomb, but as of yet there is no official word, but I would like to be able to beat the press this time.

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jalse, 19.12.2006 14:49

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