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Oaxaca sobre la Appo 26 del diciembre

Oaxaca libre, 27.12.2006 14:29

proximo consejo estatal de Appo

Dr. Bush’s Big Bottle of Testicular Extract: Good For What Ails You

Steven Laffoley, 27.12.2006 10:53

Do you feel anxious about the Civil War in Iraq? Does your heart ache when yet another American is killed in Anbar province? Does your stomach feel queasy when more bodies turn up in Baghdad with gruesome signs of torture? Well, worry no more. The good Dr. Bush has a specially made salve at hand: Dr. Bush’s Big Bottle of Testicular Extract – good for what ails you.

Sounds silly? Well, maybe not.

A precedence for the Oz indymedia hate/race campaigns against darwin.indymedia?

yeah, 27.12.2006 07:46

new-imc have stated our collective has done no wrong - and our domain was removed illegitimately by perth imc

The hate campaigns that have been hosted on Oz indymedias since 2001 have been recognised by a number of imcers to be entirely provocative and a breach of the POU and Ed Pol

A misuse of Oz indymedias to attack activists in darwin - by autocrats in Sydney and Melbourne

see links below

A precedent for the Oz imc hate campaign against darwin imc?

human rights, 27.12.2006 05:22

Oz indy have lied and condoned violence and threats at our homes to silence us

new-imc cleared darwin imc of any wrongs - and state that perth melb and sydney imcs are the imcs that have done wrong in attacking and villifying our members

The 6 years of hate/race posts and misinformation hosted 24/7 on Oz indymedia is a breach of our human rights as are the attacks and threats ai our homes by people we expelled legitimately (it also shows why)

UN UDHR article 12.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks

so where is our domain - which new-imc claim was taken without process?


the ivl0g show - vlogospherical

3D1on, 27.12.2006 04:13

This growing vlog thread of mine I call my 'luciferian flight into self-criticism',
continues. . .

Annan, Mandela, Saud and Garland Prophesied Iraq Perfectly Beforehand

Karen Fish, 27.12.2006 04:03

These people predicted Iraq perfetly in 2002 and they were all ignored.

Greetings from Ungdosmhuset

Ungdosmhuset, 27.12.2006 02:42

Solidarity statement

Morto il professore, ingegnere e letterato Cav. Francesco d'Erme

anonymous, 27.12.2006 01:51

(ITALIA) La Terra Pontina e il Lazio si stringe in un grande abbraccio per la morte del professor ingegnere letterato e viaggiatore
Cavalier Francesco d'Erme.


Armando Yapo, 27.12.2006 00:14

Empresa Minera Peñoles (Mexicana), a través de sus agentes probablemente hizo explotar detonante, que deja como saldo 1 muerto y 1 herido. El único que está en confrontación con el pueblo de Limbani para explotar a toda costa la reserva de Oro del cerro K'apac O'rco.


z, 26.12.2006 22:14


Berbados online, 26.12.2006 22:09

I lost my virginity, pity

Ethiopian Troops Advance in Somali Towns

GlobalNEEDia, 26.12.2006 19:40

ETHIOPIAN troops have seized towns throughout southern and central Somalia in a rapid escalation of a three-day-old offensive against Islamic fundamentalists who have controlled most of the country for the past six months.



The purported removal from office or the alleged declaration of the seat of the vice president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria VACANT by President Obasanjo speaks volume about his desperation and it has made him to lose sight of the constitutional provision on the matter.

Iran vows not to cut oil exports after UN sanctions

By: middle-east-online, 26.12.2006 19:08

"The regime's dependence on export revenue suggests that it could need nuclear power as badly as it claims," Stern wrote."

Christmas at the Desert Rock Blockade

Dooda Desert Rock, 26.12.2006 18:58

Navajo elderly protesting a planned power plant in Burnham, NM, spent the cold holidays huddled around a fire, under the watch of police.

knock down the wall!!!

Ola Gulinska, 26.12.2006 18:10

Knock down the wall and click here:

france a paris selon la prefecture on ne meurt pas de froid

anti liberal totalitarisme, 26.12.2006 17:17

un pas de plus dans le cynisme officiel

france Nantes guerre anti pauvres un pas de trop de franchi

non au libéral fascisme sarkozyste, 26.12.2006 16:27

des familles de gens du voyage privées de toutes ressources en plein hiver

Haiti: Another UN massacre in Cite Soleil!

Haiti Action Committee (repost), 26.12.2006 14:41

The Haiti Action Committee calls for an urgent response to another massacre in Cite Soleil by U.N. occupation troops, this time leaving at least 10 residents dead in this center of opposition to imperialist occupation.

Irish Republican Video Discussion Series

Brian Wardlow, 26.12.2006 13:55

Discussion with Mags Glennon, chairperson for the Westmeath Cowpark Users Group that is campaigning to retain use of the community cowparks used for over fifty years by landless farmers who pay rents to graze their cattle on the land in County Westmeath Ireland


MOKOSSO DIVINE KEMING, 26.12.2006 13:23

It is truth and universally acknowledged that every genuine government of the people, for the people by the people, must take the cries and worries of its citizens, as issues fundamental to their own very existence. Thus failure to follow aforementioned principle, coupled with the use of coercive methods and the conspiracy of silence in dispute resolution aches patriotic Cameroonians!

Mercredi 27 décembre 2006: conférence - débat sur les Rroms

voxrromorum, 26.12.2006 13:17

Une conférence-débat sera organisée le 27 décembre 2006 à 19 heures à La Belle Etoile (14, rue St-Just à la Plaine Saint-Denis) par l'association Parada-France. Y participeront divers acteurs de terrain. Vous êtes conviés pour enrichir le débat avec vos opinions et vos questions

SDO - We all are crazy ! mp3

martin via sam, 26.12.2006 09:58

SDO - We all are crazy ! mp3 Boxing Day Show with various madness themes and great music by Panika and Bo Kaan 29:28 mins stereo

convocatoria a mitin en apoyo al pueblo de oaxaca y por la libertad de lospresos políticos

fapo, 26.12.2006 06:50

convocatoria a mitin en apoyo al pueblo de oaxaca y por la libertdad de los presos políticos

Oaxaca chanson sur la barricade

solidarité avec Oaxaca, 26.12.2006 06:44

parce qu'a Oaxaca les luttes se font aussi en chantant

Cronica de un Encuentro Historico

Pedro Rodriguez Medina, 26.12.2006 02:29

El Concurso Latinoamericano y Caribeño ha sido convocado por la Fundacion Guayasamin con motivo del 80 aniversario del natalicio del Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz, presidente de la Republica de Cuba.

De Paris à Oaxaca, de lutte à lutte, de cour à cour

solidarité avec Oaxaca, 25.12.2006 23:44

Oaxaca paris planéte terre la lutte continue

OAXACA update Dec. 25

Vulkanizadora, 25.12.2006 21:02

OAXACA,Under the Thumb



ACCIONES POR LA JUSTICIA (AXJ) ACTION FOR JUSTICE OF SPAIN La Portavoz de ACCIÓN POR LA JUSTICIA internacional (AXJ) en España, SALUDA a la Prensa y a todos los medios de comunicación en general, e informa: Acción por la Justicia (AXJ) es un movimiento internacional, que lucha democráticamente y sin violencia, para recuperar y devolver al ser humano, la Dignidad, el Equilibrio, y la Paz, que, por JUSTICIA UNIVERSAL y por DERECHO PROPIO, le pertenecen.

This Way Out: Audiofile 2006 Year in Review

Overnight Productions, Inc., 25.12.2006 18:06

December 25, 2006: Celebrate the holiday season with the music of Darren, Levi Kreis, Jen Foster, Josh Zuckerman, Ferron, Jason & deMarco, and Nedra Johnson -- our picks for the year's best queer CD releases.

Foro Mundial de Cultivos Ilícitos

Secretaria FMCI, 25.12.2006 16:08

El Centro de Estudios Rurales y de Agricultura Internacional (CERAI) de España, junto con la Asociación de Poblaciones de Montaña del Mundo (APMM) de Francia está promoviendo un Foro Mundial para abordar la susodicha temática.

Este problema desde hace años preocupa a diversos organismos y entidades, desde Agencias ligadas a las Naciones Unidas (FAO, ONUDC), a gobiernos de los países donde tales cultivos se llevan a cabo, a ONG´s, y a técnicos y profesionales del desarrollo, y por supuesto a los propios campesinos productores, bien de manera organizada (como los sindicatos de cocaleros en Perú y Bolivia) o bien individualmente (cuando les imposible organizarse por razones obvias).

Por ello se está trabajando desde estas dos organizaciones desde hace meses en la preparación de un encuentro que aborde la problemática de los cultivos ilícitos pero esencialmente desde el punto de vista de los campesinos y de sus organizaciones.

El Encuentro se llevaría a cabo en España hacia finales del año 2007 y se desea que en él participen todos aquellos que vienen trabajando desde hace años en esta cuestión.

Para mayor información pueden dirigirse a la Secretaría del Foro cuyo correo electrónico es:

france Réponse des sans papiers à la Présidence de l’université de Paris 8

sans papier en lutte, 25.12.2006 10:51

Réponse des sans papiers à la Présidence de l’université de Paris 8 la lutte continue

Pre-empting Arab Mediation in Palestinian Divide

Nicola Nasser*, 25.12.2006 09:53

The U.S administration and Israel are accelerating their coordinated meddling in the internal Palestinian divide between the Fatah-led presidency and the Hamas-led government to pre-empt a series of Arab mediation efforts, the latest of which is a UAE-Syrian try according to a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

Trump Panama

Trump Ocean Club, 25.12.2006 08:51

Trump Panama The latest real estate development by Donald Trump came with his announcement of Trump Ocean Club, International Hotel & Tower. The project is to be built on an artificial peninsula on the Panama Bay and will cover an area of 140,000 sq. ft. The property will be 855 ft. tall and the total construction area will be more than 2.4 million square feet. The $220-million development will offer many high-end amenities including a 45,000 square-foot casino, spa, pool deck, a private beach club on Contadora island in the bay, a 24-hour yacht club consisting of 500 one, two and three bedroom condominiums, as well as 300 hotel rooms, which will also be sold as furnished condominium properties. The construction on the ultra-luxury property should begin by the end of the year and the development is expected to be completed by 2009. And, as for the pricing, the one to three bedroom condominium units will be priced at $250,000 to $450,000 and the hotel condominium properties will be priced for around $250,000.

AlaskanTrailer Blaze lights Santa's Way on Christmas Eve

Lori Johnston, 25.12.2006 04:43

Trailer catches fire in east Anchorage. Police arrive before firefighters, no one is hurt. Cause unknown.

AlaskanTrailer Blaze lights Santa's Way on Christmas Eve

Lori Johnston, 25.12.2006 04:33

Trailer catches fire in east Anchorage. Police arrive before firefighters, no one is hurt. Cause unknown.

I Got One For Ya: I Invented Blogging As We Know It, And I Have Only Indymedia To Thank

3D1on, 25.12.2006 03:11


Where is the Thai Indymedia Site???

Matthew McDaniel, 25.12.2006 00:43

Where is the Thai Indymedia site we tried to establish?

the ivl0g show - mideast peace plan.

3D1on, 25.12.2006 00:15

I have figured out one of the most trying issues of the day
I got the real plan, forget the rest
You ain't heard nothin like this before - merry xmus et al
Here is my gift to save the world...

Chile: The ghosts of torture

Tito Tricot, 24.12.2006 23:23

Pinochet is dead, but the ghosts of torture still live in the memory of thousands of Chileans who became victims of the military

The FOP's Misuse of a Widow - Maureen Faulkner and Mumia Abu-Jamal

Kevin Price, 24.12.2006 23:06

Please feel free to distribute the following article. A copy is also attached. I feel that it is very important for people working towards justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal to continually expose the Fraternal Order of Police. They are a major force working against us and we must take them head on.

nouveaux sites et liens pour la solidarité avec Oaxaca

solidarité avec Oaxaca, 24.12.2006 23:01

la lutte et la solidarité pour le peuple de Oaxaca continue

Merry Christmas

Leandro Teles Rocha, 24.12.2006 20:46

. .

Maroc: nouvelle chasse aux migrants

Attac Maroc, 24.12.2006 20:42

Plus de deux cents migrants subsahariens résidant au Maroc ont été arrêtés samedi 23 décembre au petit matin et expulsés vers la frontière algérienne. Depuis ils tentent de regagner le Maroc mais près de 150 personnes n'ont pu à cette heure être encore localisées.

George Mougios Reports-The Xmas Grinches In Bridgeport, cT

George Mougios, 24.12.2006 19:10

More on the corruption in Bridgeport and how the corrupters took control on my family residence and tore down a Christmas tree planted by my grandmother thirty years ago. More on how the Greek Orthodox priest, Rev Demetrios Recachinas, came a day later to comfort me after it was all over and how parishioners at his church, which is my church too, were obvlious. More on how city crooks when tied in court can afford the highest priced lawyers,actually, we are seeking an answer to how they can pay these guys who charge thousands of dollars. Read for more info....

Lynch The N Word!

Kamal Imani (Jonathan of, 24.12.2006 18:30

Brother Jonathan of has an ongoing campaign to "Lynch the N Word". He asked Spoken Word Poet Kamal Imani to meet him in Brooklyn NY and give some social commentary and spit some fire poetry about his feelings on the words nigger, nigga, and niggaz.

Citizens Arrest (po po)

Kamal Imani &amp; Ras Isatu of Eastern Philosophy, 24.12.2006 18:11

Citizens Arrest is a spoken word piece by Eastern Philosophy Collectives Kamal Imani & Ras Isatu. It addresses the ongoing police terrorism against the African American and protest community.

France: deportation of the Raba family

Réseau Education Sans Frontières Haute-Saône, 24.12.2006 17:54

Réseau Education Sans Frontiéres (RESF) an anti-deportation network in France is asking for help to bring back to France the Raba family deported to Kosovo.

Halliburton, KBR, Libya, HIV, the NYT, and the CIA.

Craig Smith??, 24.12.2006 15:58

Why did the The New York Times eliminate a reference to KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton from the same story, by the same writer, in the International Herald Tribune? ?

Nuovi colori al Fenix

passante, 24.12.2006 15:37

fenix 24 dicembre 2006 Il fenix, dato in gestione al'Informagiovani del comune di Torino (Italia) viene ricolorato

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