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alle primarie'07 vota la Fatanuda

comitatofn, 29.12.2006 06:34

vota la fatanuda

primarie 07

comitatofn, 29.12.2006 05:58

alle primarie '07 nella tua città vota la Fatanuda

How to Lose Your House at an Alcohol/Drug Recovery Meeting

Robert Striker, 29.12.2006 04:55

U.S. Police/Agents Can Seize and Forfeit Your House For What You Say
At Alcohol/Drug Recovery Meetings

FDA approves Attack of the Clones

Pablo nonDiablos, 29.12.2006 04:28

FDA has approved cloned foods - where's the protest???

Woyanne invasion of Somalia exposed its sinister lies and intentions

Ethiopian Review Dec 28, 2006, 29.12.2006 02:02

We had been told by Prime Beggar Meles Zenawi and his cheerleader in the U.S. State Department, Ms. Jendayi Frazer, that the Somali Islamist Courts Union (ICU) is a terrorist group, Taliban-like, linked with al Qaeda, etc. After several months of orchestrated propaganda campaign, with the wilful collaboration of the major news agencies like AP, Reuters, and BBC, the Woyanne leader unleashed his weapons of mass killing (jets and tanks) against a few thousand poorly trained, lightly armed Islamist militia. The Woyanne army had reportedly received assistance in the form of bird's-eye-view intelligence from U.S. military assets in the region. It was a high-tech, U.S.-sanctioned war against a rag-tag militia. So now the battle--not the war--is almost over, what was achieved? And what have we learned?

A Spade Is A Spade: Google Is Part Of A Censorship Regime

3D1on, 29.12.2006 01:40

Theories on alterations to their ad scheme having a immediate bearing on page ranking for blogs thematically related to sex

Open Letter to President Bush I . M . N . E . T . (INTERDIMENSIONAL MEDIA NETWORK)

Yafet Tekle, 29.12.2006 01:17

ear Mr. President:

Today Somalis and Ethiopians who are members of the same human family – descendants of Lucy (Dinkenesh) whose distant grandparents used to reside in the Rift Valley area – the current battlefield, are fighting a proxy war. By the latest count there are a dozen or so countries that are covertly and overtly involved in this colossal shame and Africa’s giant tragedy. Such latest dubious maneuvers and involvement of some antagonistic and demonic forces is strongly opposed by the enlightened World Pubic Opinion. ... Concerning Ethiopia and Eritrea, Zenawi and Afeworki are illegitimate leaders whose hands are stained with blood from previous senseless wars. No Western aid or perfumes of Arabia will sweeten their bloody hands. Both are dictators who waged bloody wars among fraternal peoples repeatedly and stayed in power by sheer brute force. They are inherently anti-democratic and their allegiance to democracy is a ruse and a mockery.

Know Your Rights

Robert Walker, 28.12.2006 23:47

We have rights. We have the right to purchase things. We have the right to purchase a car and use it. We have the right to have a mule and tie that mule to a wagon get in the wagon, and have the mule pull that wagon and give us a ride. It is called traveling. Travel by that mode of transportation is quite legal. While we travel along the mule can produce a bit of fertilizer. A fertilizer that is much more useful than the fertilizer that the politicians produce. The politicians’ fertilizer only adds to global warming. And that is okay, ‘cause cold is unpleasant.

Judges Takeover Of Court Clerk Responsibilities A Real Mistake

Ben Childs, 28.12.2006 23:40

With little fanfare it has been announced that the Eighth Judicial District Court will be radically reorganized. It is no secret that Clark County Clerk Shirley Parraguirre is vehemently opposed to the reorganization.

At The Clark County Detention Center Rights Violations Are Taking Place

Rolando Larraz, Editor-In-Chief, 28.12.2006 23:14

Craig Titus, strapped to wheelchair, naked, bound and blind-folded Once again authorities have created a phantom scenario in order to excuse their inexplicable behavior, violations of rights, and abuses of power. This time they have accused nationally known bodybuilder Craig Titus, who has been at the Clark County Detention Center in solitary confinement, of planning an escape and they tied him with belts, completely naked onto a wheel chair.

Let's Toast to Ten Good Things About 2006

Medea Benjamin, 28.12.2006 22:25

Medea Benjamin Gives Us Ten Good Things for us to celebrate for 2006 in the world of activism and politics

The Other Side of the Pet Store Window

Christina Matthies, 28.12.2006 21:39

Every time I see a shopping mall pet store, I wish I could stand in front of it and show the passersby an elderly Chihuahua named Sophia. Sophia is the reason no one should ever buy an animal from a pet store. Like most dogs for sale in stores, she came from a puppy mill.

New documenary exposes evangelical hypocrisy/Bush war crimes

Brother Raymond, 28.12.2006 21:12

Real Christians Don't Choose war

A teoria da evolução no Socialismo

elsa david, 28.12.2006 20:44

o socialismo adapta-se por força de elementos extra-políticos ou a necessidade determina a procura de novos socialismos

Come Out With Your Hands Up, Grover Trask!

Janet C. Phelan, 28.12.2006 20:41

Call for the arrest of public officials, including the Riverside County D.A., on charges of cover-up/collusion in attempted murder.


story of two indian jews, 28.12.2006 20:09

the soty is about the two indian jews one of it is very rich who always had prodness and was abad man did wrong things another was a poor man but gave good culture to family and also taught about god ot family and the sotry is about them what happens next is the secret read it there

Cameroon: Searching the Mind of the Girl Child.

RADA, Cameroon, 28.12.2006 18:06

It is truth and Universally acknowledged that world leaders have put in place many schemes, declarations and conventions over the years, to help salvage the unfair treatment of women and the girl child. But enormous effort is still needed to ensure meaningful empowerment and gender equality on the ground.

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission as an Instrument for the Recovery of Embezzled State Funds in CAMEROON?

Mokosso Divine Keming, 28.12.2006 18:00

RADA currently views the present level of corruption and embezzlement in Cameroon as a matter of high treason, because the theft of billions of cfa francs from State coffers tantamounts a conspiracy to torpedo the Cameroonian nation. Also, we vehemently condemn the actions of some unscrupulous and unpatriotic Cameroonians and their associates, whose diabolic activities have tarnished the image of our beloved country, and undermine the growth of common good!

Kwanzaa: Holiday from the FBI

Fawn Boulter, 28.12.2006 17:57

Kwanzaa is a holiday for white liberals, not blacks... and was created by an FBI stooge.

America's Ailing Guardianship System

Robin C. Westmiller, President National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse, 28.12.2006 17:40

The Senate Special Committee on Aging hosted a hearing on September 7, 2006. This is The National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse response to the senator's request for proposals to "improve" this national crises.

The War Against Corruption: Let’s step up the Hunt for Malignant Whales in Cameroon!

Mokosso Divine Keming, 28.12.2006 17:10

The Research and Development Association (RADA), a civil society think-tank based in Buea energetically states that "there should be no "sacred cows" in this ongoing War-Without-End, and no granting of political asylum to kleptocrates, by any State party to international conventions against corruption !" Therefore, international arrest warrants should be issued for the apprehension of graft suspects wherever and whenever necessary!

The Predicament of Youths in Cameroon

Mokosso Divine Keming, 28.12.2006 17:03

The rebirth of political pluralism in the 1990s saw violent political expression of the feelings of some youths, in the wake of clarion calls by certain politicians. Also, the embarrassing uprisings of the students of our State universities in April/May 2005, presents a clear testimony of an established youth crisis in Cameroon. Whatever the case, these youths have always been victims of circumstances. For some of them been used, maimed and even killed, as they strive to carve a comfortable niche for themselves in their beloved Cameroon, where some senile unelected top public officials and politicians have blotted out the word Retirement from their good old books!


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 28.12.2006 16:46

Plena de inobjetables realizaciones, vencedora de gigantescos retos
y tan vital y llena de sueños por conquistar como el primer día, la
Revolución cubana arriba este primero de enero a su Aniversario 48.


The Research and Development Association (RADA), 28.12.2006 16:46

RADA strongly believes that the stakeholders within the SDF family have the necessary potential to redress their current conflict of interests, through dialogue and understanding, and prove triumphantly to Cameroonians and the world atlarge that goodwill, camaraderie and the tenets of democracy and good governance enshrined in the party’s constitution remains paramount to their own very existence.

A Look Back and Ahead in an Age of Neocon Rule

Stephen Lendman, 28.12.2006 16:42

A review of past year and look ahead to new year.


Wilar Yapo, 28.12.2006 15:23

A los 21 días del mes de diciembre, explota un detonante en la Mina K'apac O'rco, que se ubica en el distrito de Limbani, este hecho a problamente sido planificado por persona extrañas a la Asociación Minera, en tanto estos solo semanas antes recibieron amenazas de parte de la EMPRESA AJANNI SAC. que fue contratada por PEÑOLES para la construcción de carretera hacia la mina.

Stand up, stand up for Herod!

Uri Cohen. I am the co-editor of 21st Century Socialism web magazin, 28.12.2006 14:12

A seasonal story of ancient Palestine: the Arab Jewish moderate king, the suicidal religious militants, the re-invention of God and the abolition of Jerusalem. The historical truth is both stranger and more familiar than the tales in the Gospel.

Babya introduces Film Central 2007

Babya, 28.12.2006 13:54

Babya today announced that a preview version of Film Central-Babya's video graphics asset management application is now available

ACCIÓ : 1ª muestra de videoActivos y de desobediencia

Plataforma Popular contra el Pla Caufec, 28.12.2006 13:24

logo de la mostra Les queremos invitar a la 1ª muestra en Esplugues de videos de acciones de desobediencia. De esta manera nos gustaría contar con su presencia y también con los videos que nos hagan llegar.

Money acceptable a lot, 28.12.2006 09:56

Holy hit, it happened again, so what to do

George Mougios Reports

George Mougios, 28.12.2006 08:53

More infom on 82plus year old Anti-abortionist Stanley Scott of Fairfield, CT and his sentencing by Superior Court Judge Keegan to some 520 hours of community service. More on the scandal in Bridgeport, CT run by Cocaine addict John Fabrizi.

President supported Indonesian Invasion of East Timor

Democracy Now!, 28.12.2006 08:03

Supported Indonesian Invasion of East Timor President Gerald Ford Dies at 93; Supported Indonesian Invasion of East Timor that Killed 1/3 of Population

Death of Cricket -

You be a Judge for Death Of Cricket -, 28.12.2006 07:48

Major Victory for Worker Recovered Factory &quot;Jugoremedija&quot; in Serbia

Association of Worker-Shareholders of Serbia, 28.12.2006 07:42

A major victory for worker's rights and struggles in Serbia has been won following a 9 month factory occupation and a 2 and a half year strike by the workers of Jugoremedija in Zrenjanin, Serbia. Jugoremedija is set to become the first factory amongst the "transition" countries in Eastern Europe undergoing neoliberal privatization to be recovered and controlled by its workers.

Death of Cricket -

You be a Judge for Death Of Cricket - Wicke(d) Cricket !!, 28.12.2006 07:38

Death of Cricket -

Compa preso en el penal de Miahuatlan Oaxaca

Familiares y amigos de Sacramento Cano Hernandez, 28.12.2006 02:34

Breve sintesis de su detensión y su situación juridica

the ivl0g show - latinization

3D1on, 28.12.2006 00:11

From a student of schmollywood movie opening credits

Voice of Freedom, Radical Podcast

VolodyA! V Anarhist, 27.12.2006 23:25

Voice of Freedom logo Voice of Freedom, Radical Podcast has been restarted.

What happened to &quot;Radio . Indymedai . org&quot; (web site down)

ted... ( victoria BC canada), 27.12.2006 23:19

What happened to the "radio" . indy media web-site ...?

Imagine Preparing for Peak Oil and Global Warming by Uniting Activist Communities Worldwide!

Imagine Seven, 27.12.2006 22:45

Can You Imagine Preparing for Peak Oil and Global Warming by Creating a Self-Sustainable, Progressive Town with the Help of other Progressive Communities And Organizations? Join us!

First They Came for My Mother

Janet C. Phelan, 27.12.2006 22:45

Local police death squads now operating in the U.S.--a survivor tells her story.

new book on Christian objection to war and military service

Dan Shubin, 27.12.2006 22:25

new book on Christian objection to war and military service

media global report failure

maxwell doherty alias vedran skocen, 27.12.2006 21:38

google. article shows neglecticness of current area residence regarding top political concerns.

More Communities Throw out Fluoridation

New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc, 27.12.2006 21:00

Fluoride, added to water supplies, is harmful to your health.

FOR THE LOVE OF BRAD (In 2 Parts) Videos and One Poem

Warcry Cinema, 27.12.2006 20:29

Poem for Brad 2 Videos and One Poem By Brad's friend and colleague.

Alert: Trucks moving into Desert Rock site

Dooda Desert Rock, 27.12.2006 18:21

Navajo elderly call for support, trucks arriving at power plant site at blockade.

Cameroon: Macabre Execution of Unarmed University of Buea Students

RADA, Cameroon, 27.12.2006 18:07

Cameroon: Macabre Executions of Unarmed Students During the University of Buea Students' Strike.

Despite False Rumors MBE’s Reputation Is Stronger Then Ever

Antoinette Padjack, 27.12.2006 17:53

Merchants Barter Exchange Reaches A New Level of Success From
New Website Page “MBE News.”


lord epsylon, 27.12.2006 15:07

Presentación Oficial del nuevo sitio Web

Le Cml vientos de Oaxaca ne répond plus

Solidarité avec Oaxaca, 27.12.2006 14:32

est une attaque contre le Cml Vientos de la part du gouvernement fasciste mexicain ou une panne nous ne le savons pas encore

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