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Is the Climate Changing? Cold Wave hit India and claims four lives!

Soprano Bentael, 03.01.2007 21:06

The weather is changing all over the the Global warming actualy happening. an Unusual Cold Wave hits India, claim 4 lives, till now!

America’s Culpability in the Video of Saddam’s Hanging Can Not be Washed Away

Editor, 03.01.2007 20:57

Saddam Hussain's Hanging

VEOLIA victime de Hacking?

etincelle, 03.01.2007 20:25

A la veille de Noël, plusieurs milliers de personnes ont eu la désagréable surprise de retrouver dans leurs boites aux lettres un courrier envoyé par des sociétés de recouvrement pour des factures d'eau impayées totalement injustifiées.

El número 2 de la revista Youkali ya está en la red

aure, 03.01.2007 19:06

El número 2 de la revista Youkali ya está en la red

Uterus Liberation Front in South Dakota (U.S.

ULF, 03.01.2007 18:07

The abortion ban failed last election but whether or not abortion is legal in South Dakota is purely symbolic; women barely have access. In order to defend a woman's right to control her own body and to support women lacking resources and access, a new collective has formed within South Dakota: the Uterus Liberation Front (ULF).

Gerald Ford's Failures of Nerve

Paul Robat Loeb, 03.01.2007 17:56

Compared with Nixon and the Republicans who followed him, Gerald Ford looks like the embodiment of Main Street decency and prudence. Ford’s judgment seems even better when we learn that he told Bob Woodward that the Iraq war was “a big mistake," concluding, "I just don't think we should go hellfire damnation around the globe freeing people, unless it is directly related to our own national security." Ford’s words should give strength to all of us who’ve questioned the war and were attacked as unpatriotic in the process. They reflect well on his common-sense willingness to acknowledge discomforting truths. But because he’d told Woodward to keep the interview private until after his death, they don’t represent courage, but in fact a failure of nerve.


RADIO HUMANITARIA, 03.01.2007 17:48



Combate News, 03.01.2007 16:48


Australia: A bleak outlook for jobs despite official figures

Terry Cook via sam, 03.01.2007 13:20

Only the tip of the iceberg The crisis in Melbourne, once the major hub of manufacturing, is only the tip of the iceberg. According to a report by the National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR) released in July, manufacturing across Australia is “experiencing a massive decline in employment”. A total of 144,900 jobs have been destroyed since 1996, with 60,000 of these going since 2004.

U.S. Army Subpoenas Independent Journalist to Testify

Democracy Now! And Four Walls, 03.01.2007 13:12

Dahr Jamail and Sarah Olson Sarah Olson and Dahr Jamail speak out against the Army's efforts to force journalists to testify on behalf of the military.


eliass quispe p., 03.01.2007 11:50

Existe brujos aymaras con distintas capacidades. Clasificacion y sus tareas.

January 2007 National Immigrant Solidarity Network Monthly

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network, 03.01.2007 10:25

Happy New Year 2007! Get Ready for the New Immigrant Movements 2007!

3 Monate Streik an GR-Schulen: WOFÜR? Mit welchem Erfolg?

Hartmut Barth-Engelbart, 03.01.2007 09:27

Das ist kein Scherz. Der Streik war nicht in Deutschland und GR heißt nicht Grund- und Real-Schule. Gestreikt hatten die SchülerINNEN und LehrerINNEN in Griechenland. Für MEHR Arbeitszeit, 140 % mehr Lohn, kleiner Klassen, bessere Ausstattung der Schulen, Erleichterung des UniZugangs, Beseitigung des Zwangs zur ZusatzPaukschule und zum ZweitJob für LehrereINNEN. Ergebnis : eine auf 6 Jahre verteilte Einmalzuwendung von ca. 150 Euro (also pro Jahr 25 Euro mehr) will die Regierung jetzt nur noch auf drei Jahre verteilen.

Australia: Lock em up and throw away the cigaretts/bottles/needles/bongs?

Anti-Force, 03.01.2007 08:58

Anti-Force Generally it is considered better to make up one's own mind about weather to give up vices or not but here is an example of a NSW Labor State government prepared to 'force' people to give up a vice. What do you think? What if they just use it to get rid of people? There are lots of pests and the more ways the authorities have of taking care of them seems more likely they will have other options besides complete mental illness, a criminal offence, suspected terrorist. So does this open the door to more draconian law for more ordinary people? I think so and I also think that is the reason it is being introduced. Even if it were introduced and they were fair dinkum, would it work? Please make a comment. Thanks

Somalia: New Hotbed of Anti-Americanism

Nicola Nasser*, 03.01.2007 08:29

The U.S. foreign policy blundering has created a new violent hotbed of anti-Americanism in the turbulent Horn of Africa by orchestrating the Ethiopian invasion of another Muslim capital of the Arab League, in a clear American message that no Arab or Muslim metropolitan has impunity unless it falls into step with the U.S. vital regional interests.

New Direction in Midwifery Heralded by Psychologist’s Appointment as Academic Supervisor.

Karen Cooper-Johnston, 03.01.2007 07:02

Mother and Child form a neurochemical bond at birth Post traumatic stress disorder, post natal depression and high emergency intervention levels prompt new approach in education (

Photo Taken of ALLAH in serbia

Arty, 03.01.2007 05:46

Allah Taken prisoner eats pork AllAH Captered by UN in Serbia

Support arrested defenders of Ungdomshuset!

[PGA_Europe_resistance], 03.01.2007 05:40

16th of December a demonstration to defend social center Ungdomshuset in
Copenhagen turned to a riot. House was given to be self-governed by youth
in 1982, but in 1999 it was betrayed by city and sold to a fundamentalist
christian sect.

German police killing Adfricans

Initiative in Memory of Oury Jalloh, 03.01.2007 05:16

Oury Jalloh burned to death in a police cell in Dessau, east Germany, on the 7th of January, 2005. Two years have now gone by; two years in which the court in Dessau has effectively blocked any hearings from taking place against the responsible police officers. This alone is evidence enough that neither the police nor the judiciary is willing to see that the events surrounding the death of Oury Jalloh are clarified.

German polie are killing Africans

Initiative in Memory of Oury Jalloh, 03.01.2007 05:02

Oury Jalloh burned to death in a police cell in Dessau, east Germany, on the 7th of January, 2005. Two years have now gone by; two years in which the court in Dessau has effectively blocked any hearings from taking place against the responsible police officers. This alone is evidence enough that neither the police nor the judiciary is willing to see that the events surrounding the death of Oury Jalloh are clarified.

Support arrested defenders of Ungdomshuset!

[PGA_Europe_resistance], 03.01.2007 04:54

16th of December a demonstration to defend social center Ungdomshuset in
Copenhagen turned to a riot. House was given to be self-governed by youth
in 1982, but in 1999 it was betrayed by city and sold to a fundamentalist
christian sect.

Italy wants global capital punishment ban

Connie Stevens, 03.01.2007 04:20

A political error Saddam's execution by hanging on Saturday was denounced virtually across Italy's political spectrum, with former premier and conservative opposition leader Silvio Berlusconi calling the killing a political error and centre-left leader Prodi expressing worry that the execution will fuel more violence in Iraq.

viaje al 2007

Rosana Rey, 03.01.2007 04:09

Viajemos juntos en un viaje de partida con una llegada ,como tantos viajes ,pero pensemos en las diferentes situaciones que nos hacen que emprendamos ese viaje .....a ustedes a encontrarse y reflejarse en el

Buried secrets - Brutal truths

pr, 03.01.2007 03:48

Gerald Ford was part of a rolling crime wave that has gotten worse each time.

Australian government unveils nuclear science graduate program

Parrort Press, 03.01.2007 00:07

DU Baby Encouraging young Australians to pursue a career in nuclear science?


celinette, 02.01.2007 23:12

Isabel Coe, Ambassador of Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, is calling for all support to come and join on 26 January 07, Sovereignty Day. Camping site, all environmentalists and defenders of Human Rights welcome


Christopher Story, FRSA, 02.01.2007 22:14

Saturday 30 December 2006 20:05
2nd January 2007: Henry M. Paulson appeared late at the National Cathedral service for the late President Ford, and took a seat behind Nancy Reagan and next to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. US and British sources inform us that Paulson was exfiltrated from Europe on a British plane.

We are expecting to receive spectacular REconfirmation of the arrest and indictment of the US Secretary of the Treasury shortly. In the meantime, those Americans who, deceived for years by their intelligence community, cannot accept that we publish only what has been carefully verified, and who believe that we are another intelligence disinformation site, will have to back off and face up to the realities of the situation. If correctly handled, the developments are going to be hugely beneficial for the United States and for the Rest of the World. If malevolently handled, there will be a hyperinflation in the United States, soup kitchens, and a global depression. Stay tuned...



America Nazi Murderer Homeless HUMANS

Rabbi Yachannan bn Yisroil BERNAYS, 02.01.2007 20:05


How To Delete Songs From Your Apple iPod Nano

Karen Fish, 02.01.2007 19:29

iPod Nano Discover the secret.

Politics of Svarajya: The Non-Violent Destruction of Akhand Bharat

Aditi Sharma, 02.01.2007 19:06

Gandhi's role in the blood-soaked partition is often neglected due to the homage and invincible shield around him. This essay seeks to highlight the destructive role of appeasement he played vis-a-vis the Muslims. His utter ignorance regarding Islamic theology speaks volumes about his mistakes.

How to Start a Civil War

wakeupfromyourslumber, 02.01.2007 18:39

"Americans want to get rid of Moqtada Sadr, who stands in their way of delivering Iraq’s oil to the American oil companies, and what a better way to do that then to get the Sunni resistance in Iraq to turn their guns on Moqtada Sadr, rather than fight the Americans. The actors who were given the script to shout “Moqtada, Moqtada” to Saddam during his hanging was to incite Sunni feelings against the Shia. To show that the hanging was an act of Shia vengeance against the Sunni Saddam."

Seven Voices, Seven Views

Alaina Simone, 02.01.2007 17:34

Kathleen Spicer, &quot;Stellar&quot; Seven world renowed artists from around the globe come together to present, "Seven Voices, Seven Views" on display at the G.R. N'Namdi Gallery in Chelsea until Jan 20th.

Ediciones Estrategia investigacion militante

Ediciones Estrategia, 02.01.2007 16:09

Pensamos, nos preguntamos e investigamos experiencias y valores, planes y proyectos, acciones y movimientos, clases sociales y generaciones, ideas y culturas, momentos y circunstancias de la historia de la lucha de los pueblos por construir y componer un mundo más justo.

Philippines: shameless act of collaboration of the Arroyo regime and the U.S. government

Task Force Subic Rape (TFSR), 02.01.2007 11:02

Justice-for-Nicole "It's an utterly shameless act of collaboration of the Arroyo regime
and the U.S. government."

This was the statement of Myrla Baldonado, spokesperson of Task Force
Subic Rape (TFSR) on the stealthy transfer of custody of Daniel Smith
from the Makati City Jail to the U.S. Embassy.

SDO - Pent - Agonizing Australia mp3

martin via sam, 02.01.2007 07:40

SDO - Pent - Agonizing Australia mp3 Radical radio show 29 mins stereo

Bush suddenly hung Saddam few days before new U.S. Congress with Democratic majority convenes., 02.01.2007 04:12

SEND THIS TO OTHERS. War criminal President George Bush and his ruling class handlers late Saturday night December 30, 2006 handed over Iraq President Saddam Hussein to their Iraq puppet government, to immediately execute Saddam by hanging, after his unfair trial, inside an American military base in Iraq....suddenly over the New Year weekend before the new Democrat majority U.S. Congress was to covene a few days later - to prevent the new Democrat Congress from possibly stopping the execution of Saddam.

Then the Democrat-controlled Congress (which replaces the Republican majority Congress of the past several years) could have sent investigators to Iraq to interview Saddam, and discover from Saddam things that would make the Bush regime look bad. So the Bush regime decided to hurry up and kill Saddam before that could happen. Saddam was kiled about a half hour before the most holy religious day in Iraq, the Eid. Yet the Iraq constittution prohibits executing anybody on that specific religious holiday. But Bush was in a hurry. The Democrats were caught asleep at the wheel as usual on this.

And some Democrats, including Senator Hillary Clinton, immorally support this illegitimate war of aggression and conquest by our government - which was based on lies by Bush and his handlers. The truth is...Iraq was not behind 911, did not have weapons of mass destruction, was not building a nuclear bomb, was not a terrorist state, posed no threat to America. The American government gave Saddam a lot of military aid for years, when he was at war with Iran, while being conveniently silent about Saddam's record on human rights.

If Saddam is a war criminal who deserves to be hanged, then for sure Bush is, because as commander-in-chief, Bush ordered the American military to attack, invade, occupy and conquer Iraq - to steal Iraq's oil and for the greedy war profits of big corporations that fund the Republican Party...and killing many thousands of Iraqi ciitzens for rightfully trying to repel the American invaders. Our troops also kjilled thousands of non-combatant Iraqi civilians, by bombing them from airplanes, artillery shelling, shooting, etc..

The U.S. government (CIA) has kidnapped and tortured many people in Iraq, in a very oppressive and brutal way. These are war crimes of Bush, his handlers and the American military, which is no better than Hitler's Nazis.

NO Americans were being killed by any Iraqi until after we attacked and invaded Iraq in an attempt to conquer it. Getting rid of Saddam was not the real reason either. Since he posed no threat to America. The real reason was for oil and war profits. That is what over 3000 American troops really died for. But the military brainwashes them to think they are the saviors of Iraq. In reality, they are the destroyers of Iraq, which wa s a stable couintry until we invaded it. Reconstructing Iraq was needed after we bombedIraq massively, in a war of terror we conducted to try to errorize the people of Iraq into sureendering to us. But the brave people of Iraq fight back against us, the evil Americans. Just as Germans supported Hitler, Americans support Bush.

But nobody has the power to bring the Bush regime to justice, except the U.S. Congress which is full of corrupt, uncaring, self-serving politicians, who are mostly paid whores of the ruling class they serve - Big Business.
The American news media is owned by the very wealthy, who support the Bush regime (which serves the wealthy) and serve as it's mouth, and just reports whatever Bush says, regardless of how false and misleading it is.
President Dwight Eisenhower, a four star general, in his farewell address in the 1950's, warned the public that the American "military-industrial complex" statrts wars for its own profits. The Vietnam war was also an example of that, in which America killed about a million people in Southeast Asia. Vietnam never posed any threat to America. It is dangerous to oppose the American war machine. That is why the CIA and American military assassinated Presdient JOhn Kennedy (he said he was going to wihtdraw from VBIetnam and elimitae the CIA a few months before he was shot dead by the CIA, not by Oswald) then his brother Seantor Robert Kennedyb was shot dead by the CIA (Sirhan was hypnotized by the CIA to shoot him) becuase Robert Kennedy wa srunning for Presdient, and if he won, he would have brought to justice the CIA killers of his brother...and the U/S. military shot Martin Luther King dead, becuase after he was shot dead, it was discovered that the U.S. army had snipers on rooftops there that day. Why? To shoot Ming of course, becuase he had recently started to publicly oppose our war in Vietnam. After JOhn Kennedy wa sshot dead, he was replaced by Vice-President Lyndon Johnson who promptly escalated the war. That was the plot. It worked. War profits for big corporations and huge profits for banks on the war debts. The December 28 2006 issue of Rolling Stone magazine sattes in a big article, that a leading world economist in America has calculated that the Iraq war will cost the American taxpayers $2 million in national debt. THat could have paid fopr universal health care instead of paying to kill and conquer in Iraq...and in Afghanistan. It's time to rebel.

New WW2 film Recon 7 down with Dirk Benedict

art swenson, 02.01.2007 03:02

Recon 7 Down photo RECON 7 1943 During WW2 many secret missions ment to confuse the Germens were sent behind their lines, to confuse the Nazi high comand. Some of them are still classified even today


WWW.WORLDCANTWAIT.ORG, 01.01.2007 23:52


Building Bridges Radio: Rep John Conyers-National Health Care – The Time Has Come

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg, 01.01.2007 22:54

WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report presents this 29 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW

Allison Quets fights for the return of her twins! Demonstration!

Heather K., 01.01.2007 22:05

Allison Quets has been fighting the legal system since signing papers allowing her twins to be adopted. She was under extreme duress, and had a life threatening condition, during her pregnancy and for some time following. She has since fully recovered, and had revoked the consent for adoption hours after signing. She had been pressured to sign the documents.

This Way Out: Pride on Screen 2006

Overnight Productions, Inc., 01.01.2007 21:35

January 1, 2007: Another tumultuous year in the global struggle for LGBT equality was
reflected in the cinema and on television. Our top picks include "Brothers and Sisters," "Dante's Cove," "3 Needles," "Red Doors," "Strangers With Candy," "Shortbus," and "Quinceanera."

Clad mad and bad gad, 01.01.2007 21:32

I lost my virginity, pity, or not

Melbourne indymedia's neo-nazi connections

whistlingwhileIwork, 01.01.2007 19:46

MIM censored this article and in particular a comment about the ties between the Eureka flag and neo-nazis

melb imc seem to believe censorship will undo reality - something else they have in common with neo-nazis

Nationalism is not what indymedia is about

Focus people! Runaway Global Warming is the Primary Issue and Problem. Need: Carbon Binding/Biodiversity Expansion &amp; Preservation

Frank Snapp, 01.01.2007 18:21

Coming runaway global warming and need for immediate revolution.

Saddam's Hanging: Psyops as Usual

TPM Cafe, 01.01.2007 14:23

You only have to look back a few years (we won't mention JFK) to find a huge event aimed at viewers with media complicity intended to induce trauma. Recently, in Iraq, we have a two pronged psychological attack, the first being aimed at placating the bloodthirst of a vicious and warmongering American mind (by and large) and the other intended, I reckon, to create War on Terror security, i.e. induce martyrdom, insurgence, and further justification for the Bush global military thrust.


Islamic Community Net, 01.01.2007 06:40

Like a blue-blood version of a Mob family with global reach, the Bushes have eliminated one more key witness to the important historical events that led the U.S. military into a bloody stalemate in Iraq and pushed the Middle East to the brink of calamity.

Northeast Anarchist Consulta in Preparation for May Actions:

Northeast Anarchist Consulta, 01.01.2007 00:38

Calling All Anarchists and Anti-Authoritarians,
Converge at the Northeast Anarchist Consulta this February 24th and 25th to strategize and organize for a massive Week of Resistance this May, from our participation in May Day (May 1st) and the movement for migrant workers' rights to the Biotech Convention (coming to Boston May 6-9) and the movement in defense of the earth.

Osama Bin Laden is Dead, Again

Brad K. Berner, 01.01.2007 00:37

Commentary on the political/media view of Bin Laden in the United States as either the leader of a worldwide terrorist army or an impotent fugitive hiding in a cave.

Los Angeles County's MacLaren’s Legacy goes well beyond abuse and neglect

JayMee Jackson Karicas DuBarry Richens, 31.12.2006 23:47

Mac Laren Hall There was much more method in the Madness of the abuses and atrocities of the now "closed" MacLaren Hall a place "for abused and abandoned children" that was far more brutal and sick than juvenile jails.

American Leaders Promise More Pain

john stanton, 31.12.2006 23:17

Democrats, Republicans, CEOs, Generals United

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