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Maia Holway

Maia Holway, 11.01.2007 01:00

En la busqueda de una sociedad mas justa, mas
igualitaria, con mas posibilidades para todo el
mundo es que proponemos que nos acompañes en
nuestro proyecto.

En la certeza que nuestro camino ayuda a ambas
partes, tanto al que da como al que recibe.

No nos olvidemos que mucha gente pierde a veces
el Sentido de porque hace las cosas, para que los
titulos, los honores, el dinero...

Si podemos hacer sonreir la mas tierna y pura de
las sonrisas que es la de una criatura que solo
quiere que la protejamos, nuestra vida cobra

Por esto, porque a vos te va a hacer bien
acompañarnos en nuestro apoyo a los desamparados,
porque a los niños, hombres y mujeres que
necesitan de un abrigo calido que les de mucho
mas que dinero. Sino que sea algo del corazon.

Te proponemos que hagas tu donacion desde el
alma, para muchas almas que estan esperando, que
estan ansiando que alguien las ayude.

Alerta Vida es lo que se llama
habitualmente ONG (Organizacion No Gubernamental)

Si queres podes poner tu gotita de agua para que el Oceano del Amor del Mar de DIOS se vea mejorado. Toda ayuda hasta la que a ti te parezca tonta, quizas es minima para ti pero inmensa para otro/a que la necesita.
Hay veces que tenemos cosas en la casa que parecen innutiles sin embargo es algo que en otra parte alguien esta ansiando...

Cuando lo desees podemos tener una reunion con tu
empresa para que ampliemos la informacion sobre
nuestra labor en Alerta Vida.

En sintesis, ayudamos a que cientos de niños,
mujeres y hombres no se mueran de hambre hoy dia
en el Mercosur Latinoamericano, tenemos bolsas de trabajo,
prestamos asistencia juridica, psicologica y
medica y contencion afectiva.

Hacemos lo que podemos , si nos ayudas podemos

Desde el corazon,
Alerta Vida Ong

Future Energy and Climate

Victoria Shymlosky, 11.01.2007 00:26

Climate Change & Energy Crisis - some ideas, strategies, concerns and questions.

Future Energy and Climate

Victoria Shymlosky, 11.01.2007 00:26

Climate Change & Energy Crisis - some ideas, strategies, concerns and questions.

Das MAMBO, autonomes besetztes Frauen/Lesben-Zentrum in Barcelona illegal geräumt

guarr@s incivic@s, 10.01.2007 21:07

das einzige autonome und selbstverwaltete besetzte soziale Zentrum von Frauen und Lesben ist am 8.1.07 von einem großen Aufgebot Bullen, den Mossos d´Esquadra illegal geräumt worden.

paris france racisme anti rroms toujours plus fort avec sarkozy

anti libéral fascisme, 10.01.2007 20:54

la face immonde du sarkozysme

Meles Zenawi – Eastern Africa’s Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden’s puppet?

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, 10.01.2007 20:19

With the extreme minority (Monophysitic Amhara and Tigray) ruling fake 'Ethiopia' dictatorially, the West signs the warranty certificate for an Islamic Terror Volcano Explosion of incommensurable dimensions and ominous impact on global developments.

Avert an East African Islamic Terror Volcano – Break down fake ‘Ethiopia’!

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, 10.01.2007 20:07

When all the world focuses almost exclusively on Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Syria and Israel, forgetting at the same time the Darfur Drama, critical developments take place in Somalia and Abyssinia, a country falsely called Ethiopia. The next rendezvous of the Islamic Terror is with Abyssinia. Published on November 24, 2006


athens demonstrations athens demos

Antiwar Demonstration in Washington, D.C., Saturday, January 27th

United for Peace &amp; Justice, 10.01.2007 19:27

Announcement of Antiwar demonstration in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, Jan. 27th

Venezuela 2006: Continued repression of popular protest

CRA - El Libertario, Venezuela, 10.01.2007 19:08

* El Libertario, the voice of the Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas of Venezuela, analyzes the how and the why of the increasing state repression against the growing social discontent that belies the pseudo-revolutionary discourse of the Chavez regime.


Islamic Community Net, 10.01.2007 18:23

As Col. Oliver North recently put it so well in Human Events magazine:

“Sending more U. S. combat troops is simply sending more targets.”

Brazil: To whom belongs the future?

Sergio Ferolla and Paulo Metri, 10.01.2007 18:10

In socially mature countries , consolidated and really sovereign, the prospections of the future are made by groups of university thinkers, of governmental and enterprise institutions, as well as groups associated to national NGOS.

CE-Show log - HD; ethics

3D1on, 10.01.2007 17:58

Somesome while wading through hours of presentations and podcasts and blogs over the past few days...

Bush’s War Heating Up—Attack on Iran Imminent

Craig Roberts, 10.01.2007 16:37

"Most Americans believe that Bush’s Iraqi misadventure is over. The occupation has lost the support of the electorate, the Congress, the generals and the troops. The Democrats are sitting back waiting for Bush to come to terms with reality. They don’t want to be accused of losing the war by forcing Bush out of Iraq. There are no more troops to commit, and when the "surge" fails, Bush will have no recourse but to withdraw. A little longer, everyone figures, and the senseless killing will be over.

Recent news reports indicate that this conclusion could be an even bigger miscalculation than the original invasion."

Love Among the Ruins: MAUREEN DOWD - Deadly Embrace +

MAUREEN DOWD - The New York Times, 10.01.2007 13:38

DOWD: The search goes on for the right relationship metaphor to describe our deadly embrace of Iraq.


Campaigners claim British Home Secretary, John Reid, is “not fit for porpoise”

NCC, 10.01.2007 13:18

Demand for Home Secretary to resign grows as protesters take to the streets

Pfc. Steven D. Green, Golf and the Burning Bush

Karen Fish, 10.01.2007 11:57

Golf Bushes Golf is like life only on a larger scale.

La Ejecución de Sadam Hussein

José Gregorio González Márquez, 10.01.2007 10:57

La ejecución de Sadam Hussein se convirtió en un circo

The Wars of Petropolis: S.U.R.G.E.

Tupac Enrique Acosta, 10.01.2007 05:42

Indigenous Peoples perpectives on the global wars of petropolis, and actions in response.

Join Revolutionaries Delegation to Venezuela

Edward Mercado, 10.01.2007 02:33

The objective of US - Venezuela Bolivarian Exchange is to build bridges between the Bolivarian movement in Venezuela and the social justice movement in the United States, facilitating exchanges of delegations between community-based organizations from each nation.

Newly release product comparison: Nokia v Apple

3D1on, 10.01.2007 01:42

N800 Was it the best showing yet for digital video cams at CES

Either way, anyone who knows me knows my softspot for (endagered species) linux powered mobi-computing So here are two whole new ones released today

Primera emisión de &quot;La Verdad sea dicha&quot;. Programa del Gobierno Legítimo de México

mex, 09.01.2007 23:53

Primera emisión del programa de TV del Gobierno Legítimo de México. Se transmite a nivel nacional los lunes por Canal 13 a la 1:00 AM

World Peoples Youth Conference

ILPS-Youth Commission, 09.01.2007 22:03


Invitation to Democratic Organizations and Individuals!

The ILPS-Youth Commission calls all anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist youth movements and organisations to participate in the World Peoples Youth Conference!

2- 4 March 2007
NH Hotel ZOETERMEER, Danny Kayelaan 20, 2719EH Zoetermeer, Holland

Dear Comrades,

We, ILPS Youth, are proud and pleased to send out this invitation. World Peoples Youth Conference, whose preliminary preparations has been in progress for the last one year, has finally completed its internal preparations and now takes this opportunity to publicize its program.

Through this invitation, we would like you to participate actively in this conference. The further information regarding the conference could be gained from the website. On the website, there is the invitation, the poster, the statement and the registration form of this gathering. You could download these documents and distribute them widely. The materials on the website should be translated into different languages and publicized without modifying its contents.

The registration form should be filled out as soon as possible in order for preparation committee to make its job easier.

Please let us know well before if you need to get visa.

Accommodation and food expenses for the delegations that have got limited resources will be covered. But we are not able to cover their travel expenses.

Besides panels and workshops, there will be sessions that will focus on actual developments in individual countries at the gathering. In this context, the delegations should send their country reports via e-mail which has to be less than 700 words.

The conference shall issue certain declarations on actual and general political developments. If you would like the gathering to issue declarations, please do inform us beforehand. Otherwise, the suggestions submitted during the gathering will not be accepted.

It is crucial that all proposals for presentations to workshops or panels must be handed in because preparatory committee will discuss and finalize proposals by the beginning of February 2007.

For further information please contact us via the e-mail below.

Revolutionary Greetings
ILPS-Youth Commission
December 2006

US to Deploy Unmanned Drones to Patrol Canadian Border

Varlet, CanWest News, 09.01.2007 21:21

The US government has announced its intention to deploy unmanned "Predator" drones to patrol the US/Canadian border, as part of their efforts to develop a high-tech "virtual fence" to monitor illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

Till Deportation Do Us Part

Rebecca DeRosa, 09.01.2007 21:06

Tammy Sullivan (right) moved to the UK to be with Sally Hunter (left). Now that the Republicans have lost control of Congress, perhaps legislation such as the Uniting American Families Act will finally get passed. This bill would give U.S. citizens the right to give their loved ones citizenship.
Yes, this is a right that already exists, but only if you marry someone of the opposite sex.

FABIO MONCALVO capoeira en uruguay

fmfm, 09.01.2007 20:42


FABIO MONCALVO capoeira en uruguay

fmfm, 09.01.2007 20:40


Universal Liver And Bone marrow Donor Now Available For Canadian Child In Need

Veteran Organ Donors International, 09.01.2007 20:29

Universal O-Negative donor is Ontario military veteran

BREAKING NEWS: Obama, Hillary and Edwards all compromised

Tom Heneghan, 09.01.2007 17:54

It can now be reported that Barack Hussein Obama is under investigation for lying to the FBI about his relationship with noted mobster Anthony Rezko.
Obama actually solicited Rezko for the land deal which is where Obama built his house.
This is clearly RICO. Of course, it gets worse. Rezko is now linked to the noted Power Plant Deal in Iraq involving an escaped Iraqi convict.

Who is benouche?, 09.01.2007 17:31

God bless any child in this world and beyond

Romeo died or its a joke?, 09.01.2007 17:31

God bless any child in this world and beyond

My First Experience With Video Logging

3D1on, 09.01.2007 16:20

I know what a fan of mine would say
"You arrogant, arrogant fucking prick How dare you say you have experience Okay, so you did a bunch of video clip, a dozen or two spread over most of the year... and that makes you an Expert?"


IMCista, 09.01.2007 16:13

Closing ceremony, and preparations for the Intergalactic Conference.

2nd January 2007

El Pueblo de Cochabamba de Levanta nuevamente (Bolivia)

Aldo Orellana: Indymedia Cochabamba, 09.01.2007 15:49

Fotografías: Edmundo Nogales (Indymedia Cbba) Lunes 8 de Enero de 2006, El prefecto de Cochabamba Manfred Reyes Villa anuncia que no renunciará ya que fue elegido democráticamente y que por el votaron más de un cuarto millón de personas en las elecciones pasadas del 18 de Diciembre del 2005, así que una renuncia sería una traición a la democracia por su parte y un atentado contra la democracia por parte de los que la demandan y se movilizan por ello. Al mismo tiempo anuncia que llamar a un referéndum autonómico a iniciativa de la prefectura es una actitud que más bien profundiza la democracia y que la consolida.

New-looking Internet portal hopes to enlarge to 100 000 daily visitors this year

Justinas Lapinskas, 09.01.2007 14:06

New-looking Internet portal hopes to enlarge to 100 000 daily visitors this year.

German nuclear power producers bribing governments

Diet Simon, 09.01.2007 12:06

One of Germany’s “Big Four” power companies is offering to bribe a cash-strapped regional government for permission to keep running a nuclear power station longer than allowed under a national pact, and there are suggestions that the other three may follow suit.

water issues

Health Issues Alert!, 09.01.2007 11:46

Military Waste In Our Drinking Water
Researched by Julie Bickel


World Wide Water Crisis
Researched by Michael B Januleski Jr

Israels 1st Atomic War planed against Iran

By Frank-Reginald Wolff and Gal Wexler, 09.01.2007 11:36

America don´t be afraid, Israel is behind you – not just since 9/11... Israel plans the use of atomic weapons against Iran after a report of the Sunday Time.

Carnaval Liège Nord

Pierre, 09.01.2007 11:25

photojoce.1 Carnaval Staint Léonard Liège 3 mars 2007

United States bombs Somalian village

one world, 09.01.2007 10:09

A US air strike on a Somali village, thought to be the hideout of an al-Qaida cell, has left "many dead", reports said today.
The attack yesterday, by a heavily armed gunship, allegedly targeted Islamic radicals wanted for the 1998 bombings of US embassies in other African countries.

Federalism: A Solution More for Israel than for Iraq

Nicola Nasser*, 09.01.2007 09:27

Revealing both the double standards of U.S. policies and the propaganda-oriented Israeli advocacy of “minority rights” in the Arab world, the U.S.-allied Iraqi Kurdish and sectarian leaders reacted angrily to James Baker-Lee Hamilton report because it recommended what they perceived as a possible American retract from federalism in Iraq and the Israeli Jews condemned as a catastrophic declaration of war an Israeli Arabs’ “future visions” because those visions could lead to a “federal” Israel.


Javier Mancilla Luna, 08.01.2007 23:18

Este artìculo muestra que la visiòn teòrica que se tiene sobre la comunicaciòn, condiciona la investigaciòn en èse campo. Es decir no hay tècnicas axiològicamente neutras y cada instrumento responde a una visiòn teòrica. O en palabras de Vasallo Lopes, la tècnica es la teorìa en ejecuciòn

Israel admits its going to use Nuclear Weapons on Iran - So wheres the U.N.???

Fauxlosopher, 08.01.2007 22:16

"On January 7 the London Times reported that it has learned from "several Israeli military sources" that "Israel has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran's uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons."

Personne est le candidat parfait !

Personne, 08.01.2007 22:13

Votez bien, votez rien !

rome must yeild to the god that war ship-ss the bug-ss

mark, 08.01.2007 22:09

cia operations withing holly wood canceled-notice movie heavy metal-1982

Inicia la emisión televisiva &quot;La verdad sea dicha&quot; del Gobierno Legítimo de México

Mex, 08.01.2007 21:55

Programa de TV para romper el cerco informativo. Con duración de media hora, el programa será semanal y la conducción estará a cargo del cineasta Luis Mandoki

Kasseler Neofaschisten vergewaltigen einen jungen Genossen im Musikförderverein

Germanymustdie, 08.01.2007 20:46

Am Samstag, den 06.01.2007 wurde im Musikförderverein Kassel ein junger REBELL-Aktivist im Musikföderverein Kassel sexuell missbraucht. Die rechtsextremistischen Täter waren laut der Aussage des Genossen 2 Skinheads gewesen, die ihn erstmal freundlich zu Analverkehr zwangen. Als sich der Antifaschist weigerte, bekam er es mit extremer Gewalt zu tun, so dass sie ihn mit auf die nebenstehenden Toiletten zerrten...


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 08.01.2007 20:42

El presidente George W. Bush alcanzó la presidencia mediante un colosal fraude; logró elevados niveles de popularidad que no tenía
tras los atentados del 11 de septiembre, falseando los peligros provenientes de Al Qaeda y su ex socio Osama bin Laden, y mantuvo el respaldo de los norteamericanos cuando lanzó, con pretextos mentirosos, las tropas sobre Iraq.

Do Legalized Drug Pushers Influence TeenScreen?

John Carey, 08.01.2007 19:49

Raise your hand if you think that a drug company’s main purpose is to help mankind? In a perfect world that would be the case, but instead, welcome to Planet Earth. The Board of Directors of any drug company has but one obligation to their stockholders – to provide a good return on their investment by increasing revenue and profits.

Costas y conflictos socioambientales en Panamá

Jose Gonzalez Jaramillo de Asociacion espacios Comunes, 08.01.2007 19:28

HACE UNOS DÍAS, un conocido biólogo marino explicaba cómo los arrecifes son el reflejo de la salud de los ecosistemas, que la tala de un bosque, que ocurre a kilómetros continente a dentro, puede producir el aumento de los niveles de sedimentos transportados por las lluvias, afectando la productividad de los mismos.

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