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The Death of Saddam Hussein

Jenny Campbell, 13.01.2007 23:04

Saddam Hussein was a murderous dictator, but there was something criminal about the way he met his end.

Save Westside Santa Cruz - Stop the Bus Yard!

Don Brookes, 13.01.2007 21:30

Santa Cruz City Schools is trying to build a bus and maintenance yard at 313 Swift St. The site is immediately adjacent to PCS, Headstart, Derby park, and Swift St/Derby neighborhood residences. The School District must find a more suitable site! Please help us convince city leaders that allowing this project to go through would be POOR PLANNING!

A Storm of Denial

Paul Loeb, 13.01.2007 20:26

How global warming disasters are escalating in the US and how the major media is ignoring them. Why it's hard fo rus to deal with this issue

Cochabamba in Flames, Bolivia Divided

Jessica Weisberg, 13.01.2007 19:51

Political mob war in Cochabamba highlights Bolivia's underlying racial tensions.

A Risky Game of Risk: MAUREEN DOWD - 'I feel good about the new war with Iran' +

MAUREEN DOWD, 13.01.2007 18:19

DOWD: I feel good about the new war with Iran.

El reformismo del MAS, camisa de fuerza de las masas combatientes

Centro de Estudios Populares, 13.01.2007 18:04

Los enfrentamientos en Cochabamba han mostrado a las masas que deben romper los límites reformistas que le impone el gobierno si quiere conseguir sus objetivos de liberación.

iTechblog - Behinds the scenes report; Confessions Of A TechnoTerrorist

3D1on, 13.01.2007 17:53

last blog article: The Internet strategy is privacy

Three blog entries here...

Bloquear o no bloquear. Datisdecuestion

Luis E. Sabini Fernández, 13.01.2007 15:14

Análisis de la"movida" de la Asamblea vecinal de Gualeguaychú en el puerto de Buenos Aires tratando de extender su influencia en el tema del bloqueo a los turistas o viajeros que cruzan entre Argentina y Uruguay. Enfrentando la instalaciókn de Botnia en Fray Bentos, Uruguay.+

To the Person Sitting in Darkness

Andrea Galli, 13.01.2007 13:58

Short film adaptated from a piece of Mark Twain (North American Review. February 1901) and interpretated in the context of the Iraq war.


CARMEN, 13.01.2007 13:53



IM, 13.01.2007 07:13

La Primera Revista de Runas y para Runas del Chinchaysuyu (Ecuador)

Toys (fo) R Us

everardo carvajal, 13.01.2007 06:21

National retailer steps into immigration debate with first baby contest.


Islamic Community Net, 13.01.2007 05:13

Freedom fighters attacking British bases in occupied Basra are using aerial footage displayed by the Google Earth internet tool to pinpoint their attacks, say Army intelligence sources.

Keeping all eyes focused on Iraq while Bush and Israel plot attack on Iran

Mike Whitney, 13.01.2007 04:04

"The Bush administration has run out of gas. They have no plan for "pacification," security, reconstruction, or regional stability. Their "one-size-fits-all" solution requires ever-increasing levels of violence for an intractable Iraqi Resistance and which is now fated to spread mayhem throughout the entire Middle East."

surge for peace: protests in southern humboldt, California

greenfuse, 12.01.2007 23:09

small but ongoing protests in this rural area.

Venezuela: Cono de sombra

CRA - El Libertario, Venezuela, 12.01.2007 21:37

* Desde la redacción de El Libertario, vocero de la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas de Venezuela, se presenta una reflexión sobre las perspectivas para este país luego de la supuestamente inobjetable reelección de Hugo Chávez, que ahora comienza un nuevo período presidencial de 6 años.

Man fuel: Is it in you?

Jason Miller, 12.01.2007 21:15

What could better reflect the collective psychosis of the American Empire than our mass obsession with the NFL? Born through violent revolution, expanded by genocide, enriched by slavery, and elevated to hegemony through imperialism, militarism, and economic tyranny, the United States, like NFL football, embodies avaricious savagery masked by a fastidiously maintained illusion of benevolent civility.

Lynch The N Word

Kamal Imani, 12.01.2007 19:46

This is a spoken word video by Poet Kamal Imani regarding the negative and blatant use of the word nigger and the overstanding behind it.

FDA Overhaul Needed to Quell Drug Threat

By Lucas A Catton, CCDC, 12.01.2007 19:38

The director of the international Drug-Free Alliance says objective, independent safety net needed to reign in the corruption of Big Pharma

A Indymedia Tech Web Log - The Internet strategy is privacy

3D1on, 12.01.2007 17:42

last blog post: Remembering a little something called iCraveTV The Internet strategy is privacy

¿Por qué?

compañero &quot;Chato&quot;, 12.01.2007 16:52

A veces en el oficio uno siempre se protege detrás de la cámara, y esta a salvo incluso de las balas, insultos, e incluso del dolor. Pero a veces lo que sucede delante de ti traspasa esa gigantesca valla llamada cámara.


aztc, 12.01.2007 15:51


Everyone can take the train instead of flying.

Please investigate the breaches of process - censorship - and condoning of neo-nazi tactics by Oz indymedia

happy for truth to come out, 12.01.2007 15:50

O z indymedia have blocked my IP on every O z and NZ imc - they are also blocking words to stop relevant posts - the bottom-line is that melbourne - perth sydney (offline) adelaide and NZ are dying as the truth comes out - because I can bypass these blocks

Missile fired at the american embassy in Athens, Greece

@, 12.01.2007 12:31


Podchef Neal Foley, Gastrocast

small WORLD Podcast, 12.01.2007 08:51

Gastrocast Gastrocast is a podcast about cooking, food, and the politics of what we eat.

Roadblock Roadshow!!!

Roadblock Earth First!, 12.01.2007 03:35

roadshow along the route of I-69. The Roadshow will talk about Interstate 69(the NAFTA Superhighway), Plan Puebla Panama, infrastructure and globalization, and the general impact of road building.

See-through-wall technologies-surveillance

R K, 12.01.2007 02:19

Illegal domestic spying in the form of illegal email, internet and phone monitoring in the US, has slowly come to light (not much has been exposed in Canada). However, surreptitious forms of surveillance through infra-red cameras, audio bugging devices and celldar phones that can see through walls and into people’s homes remain largely hidden from the public. In this post, I describe my and my family’s experiences of targeted harassment, 24/7 surveillance, and cheap sadistic games based on the illegal information obtained about personal lives and daily living that amounts to abuse of power by agents of the state in US and Canada. It also describes how neighbors and probably neighborhood watch groups are being used as eyes and ears of the state to spy on “foreigners”. We are a South Asian family and we question racism and other forms of oppression – our experience is another example of false information and low-grade intelligence gathered on minorities, constituting violation of their human rights and the basic right to privacy. Please read and circulate widely to stop these gross human rights violations

Navajos protest at President Shirley's inauguration

Dooda Desert Rock, 12.01.2007 02:01

Navajos protested at the inauguration of Navajo President Joe Shirley, Jr., wearing masks to symbolize the stench and pollution from two power plants and opposing the third one, Desert Rock, Shirley is pushing for.

A Indymedia Tech Web Log - Remember a little something called, iCraveTV

3D1on, 12.01.2007 01:42

Craig's iCraveTV, 1999 Last blog post: indymedia blurb

Remember a little something called, iCraveTV

Landmark Bill for Civil Rights Filed in Boston - Got Fresh Air?

Jonathan Dosick, 12.01.2007 01:31

Do you suffer from "cabin fever?" Is your mood more depressed and gloomy if you have to stay indoors? Imagine if you were hospitalized in an inpatient psychiatric unit, and had to spend days inside on locked, gloomy wards? This unfortunate scenario is happening increasingly more often around the state. However, a grassroots coalition is looking to change that.

Bob is Dead. Long Live Bob! Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007)

e, 12.01.2007 00:00

Robert Anton Wilson Died today. Hail Eris!


Pacha Terán, 11.01.2007 23:45

En la sede de la Federación de Barrios del Cantón Otavalo se reunieron mas de 100 dirigentes, representantes de diferentes organizaciones sociales: urbanas, campesinas, indígenas, jóvenes, estudiantes secundarios, universitarios, cabildos comunitarios, uniones, entre otros; en el que por consenso absoluto eligieron como Coordinador Cantonal de la Asamblea Constituyente, al Compañero Julián Muenala.
En esta masiva asamblea se eligió Representantes de la Mujer y la Juventud, quines junto al Coordinador, el FPPI, organizaciones presente; hacen un llamado a que la sociedad sea la actora principal en este proceso, hacen una invitación a jóvenes, artistas, músicos, pintores, poetas, escritores que quieran sumarse a la expresión de los pueblos con una marcha a realizarse el 15 de enero a partir de las 9 de la mañana desde el Redondel de los Danzantes y concentrarse en el Parque Bolívar, como muestra de apoyo del pueblo de los diferente puntos del ecuador, a la posesión del presidente.

A Indymedia Tech Web Log - afternoon, you

3D1on, 11.01.2007 22:52

3D1on New Product Announcement: the Flying Cell Phone Ici, maintenant: Just a little blurbing about indymedia via goooglenews

Aria compressa per tutti con il cubo di Domenico Schietti

passaparola, 11.01.2007 21:58

iL CUBO COMPRESSORE DI DOMENICO SCHIETTI Da ormai più di 3 anni Domenico Schietti e i membri del Comitato per la produzione del Motore di Schietti devono vivere in clandestinità. Una persona è morta in circostanze misteriose, un'altra è scomparsa da Agosto 2006, minacce, percosse, ritorsioni, siti esclusi dai motori di ricerca ancora molto peggio: 20 mila morti al giorno per i ritardi di produzione

A Indymedia Tech Web Log

3D1on, 11.01.2007 18:20

Consumer Electronic BOXES:

US forces storm Iranian consulate

Reziztencia, 11.01.2007 17:39

No surprises left. We know what to expect because they tell us.
"War on Terror"
+- the deads

Kofi Annan’s last job: call fallacious ‘Addis Ababa’ Finfinne, capital of Oromo Ethiopia!

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, 11.01.2007 17:25

Few people in America and allover the world know that the Amhara etymology Addis Ababa is a fake name, imposed by the Abyssinian colonial invaders of the Biyya Oromo (land). The Amhara name, meaning ‘New Flower’, was coined to give the false impression that the city was newly founded. Nothing is more fallacious than this version.

Usurping the name 'Ethiopia', Abyssinia provokes Islamic Terror

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, 11.01.2007 17:19

Today, the worst threat for Islamic Terror diffusion in Africa emanates from the tyrannical realm that has been fallaciously named 'Ethiopia'; call it correctly 'Abyssinia' and liberate the oppressed Oromos, Ogadenis, Sidamas, and Afars, and you avert the Islamic bomb of East Africa.

Politicians in 15 nations take stand against Bush’s Iran Plans

Campaign Iran, 11.01.2007 17:04

Hands off Iran

Politicians in 15 nations take stand against Bush’s Iran Plans

Campaign Iran, 11.01.2007 17:03

MP's in 15 UN Security Council Nations urged to force their governments to stop Bush's plans to intervene in Iran

Medicine Lake action San Jose Jan. 29

Mount Shasta protectors, 11.01.2007 14:09

Protest at Calpine headquarters in San Jose on January 29, 2007, to protect Medicine Lake near Mount Shasta from power plant.

Mohawks: Colonists don't dictate Indigenous border crossing

Kahentinetha Horn, 11.01.2007 13:56

Mohawks and other Indigenous Peoples do not need the colonists permission to travel in their own territories.

EXPLOSIVE: Bush's Domestic Assassination Teams Fingered

Tom Heneghan, 11.01.2007 13:53

International Intelligence Expert Tom Heneghan outs the names of assassination teams and the complicity of FBI Directors Louis Freeh and Robert Mueller in the training of Mohammed Atta.

George Mougios Reports

George Mougios, 11.01.2007 12:59

More info on the CORRUPTION in Bridgeport, CT showing that even ARSON on this author's home was NOT INVESTiGATED by the Bridgeport Fire Department nor reported by CONNECTICUT POST , a paper controlled by DEAN SINGLETON's group of newspapers, which may have ties to corrupt Bridgeport politicians.

I'll Take The N-word

Edrea Davis, 11.01.2007 10:31

During the last few months of 2006 the n-word made headlines, taking on a life of it’s own. I believe the African American community has more pressing issues that need to be addressed in the new year.

A Indymedia Tech Web Log

3D1on, 11.01.2007 05:38

!made using macpaint/mspaint (-: Previous: CE-Show log - HD; ethics

Consumer Electronic BOXES

Israel Needs its Own (Gandhi) King, The King Will Bring World Peace

Roman Zalman Shusterman, 11.01.2007 03:41

Judeo-Christian civilization has on many occasions
come close to or at least made an attempt at world
peace. The obvious first example is the movement lead
by the Christians under the Roman Empire. Their goal
was to unite the world in peace, by establishing a new
world capital in Israel with a pacifist King. The
authorities of the Roman Empire as well as Jewish
religious authorities did not like this grass roots
revolutionary struggle for world peace because it
threatened the power of the empire and the power of
the religious establishment. This is why they killed
the leader of the radical Jews, and made sure that his
movement gave up the idea of world government and
world peace. Instead the empire adopted Judaism, but
made it into a personality cult of the leader of the
Christians and even went as far as to rename their
empire the "Holy Roman Empire", they also aggressively
pursued their vision of one world government which was
based on any thing but peace. The government and
religious authorities from then on spread their
beliefs by the sword.

St. Marks Church taken over by Neo-Nazis

Roman Zalman Shusterman, 11.01.2007 03:38

St. Marks Church taken over by Neo-Nazis ( Drug
Trafficking Frank Morales, Urantia cultist Les
Jamieson, Eminem wannabe Luke Rudkowski) and their
sympathizers (Tom Foti...etc.) Time for a boycott!
Death to Nazism! Long live Globalism!

Ex-Felon Turns A Negative Situation Into A Positive Opportunity

Marguerite Spence, 11.01.2007 03:25

With statistics saying that 1 in every 4 persons released from prison will return in 1-3 years, Randy Kearse is the face of the new felon coming home to stay home!

Sat, March 17: March on the Pentagon

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, 11.01.2007 01:51

March 17 Flyer March on the Pentagon on the 4th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war and the 40th anniversary of the historic 1967 march on the Pentagon. Over 1,000 endorsers already! Buses will be coming from across the country. Assemble at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Constitution Gardens, 21st St. & Constitution Ave NW) at 12 noon in Washington DC and march to the Pentagon. Get involved today!

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