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Peace Plays Well with Others (Corrections)

Tova Epp, Stacey Martino, 20.01.2007 21:47

The Gift of Peace With a world premiere performance and cross country tour of the play, The Gift of Peace, celebrities, activists, and a documentary film crew come together to educate people nationwide about the non-partisan bill to create a US Department of Peace and Nonviolence.

...depuis le temps qu'on le dit...

louise, 20.01.2007 21:39

Cette situation lui rappelle (au président du mémorial de Yad Vashem sur l'holocauste, Yosef Lapidà) l'antisémitisme des années 1930 en Europe


Jean Valjean Lives, 20.01.2007 20:59

The truth about what is going on in Iraq!
Jean valjean Lives has a team of nine on the ground!

Que acabe la Impunidad de los deliots de Oficiales

Sarita, 20.01.2007 18:58

Pero surgió un revés. El Consejo de Generales al mando del ex -comandante general de la Policía José Vinuesa Jarrín REVOCÓ el dictamen mediante la resolución No. 2006-404, el 08 de mayo del 2006, porque a criterio de los Generales entre ellos Mario Morán Guillén, Enrique Amores Cerda, Paco Terán Bustillos y Rodrigo Heredia Amores, que ahora alegan ser ilegal la disponibilidad solicitado por Usted, en uso de sus atribuciones legales y reglamentaciones resuelven REVOCAR la resolución No. 2005-676 del 14 de septiembre de 2005 adoptada por el Consejo Superior de la Policía Nacional que declara MALA CONDUCTA PROFESIONAL al capitán Guillermo Gomezjurado Astudillo, por cuanto su accionar no encuadra en los preceptos previstos en el Art. 54 de la Ley de Personal de la Policía Nacional.
El fallo lo argumentan en el dictamen del juicio penal No. 892-05-V emitido por la Primera Sala de lo Penal de la Corte Superior de Quito integrada por doctores Pablo Jaramillo Puertas, Alfredo Albuja y Jaime Chimbo Iturralde en investigación por el Consejo Nacional de la Judicatura por petición de la Comisión de Control Cívico de la Corrupción por petición de la Asociación Permanente de Derechos Humanos (APDH) por este mismo caso.


Tom Heneghan, 20.01.2007 18:31

Today, unelectable and extortion-friendly Hillary Rodenhurst-Clinton announced she will set up an operation which should lead to a 2008 Presidential Campaign run. Fact: Unelectable Hillary is the lady that stole thousands of FBI files during the 1990's for political blackmail purposes.
Fact: This is the woman who conspired with her business partners, The Bush Crime Family, to assassinate John F. Kennedy Jr. before he could run for the Senate seat in New York now occupied by Hillary and publish the details of the Bush-Clinton True Colors Assassination teams in his George Magazine. Do not be fooled folks, Hillary is just as much a criminal fascist as is the current Occupunk of the White House, Bushfraud.


3D1on, 20.01.2007 18:28

It appears that I am network-antisocial; gnouvelleization
this: Medium Rules Networking, Not The Other Way Around


RADIO HUMANITARIA 2007, 20.01.2007 18:16


Forest Service Announces Plan to Clearcut old Growth on East Rim of Grand Canyon

Flagstaff Activist Network, 20.01.2007 18:11

The Warm Fire Recovery Project is a Salvage Logging Project in the North Kaibab National Forest. They plan to log 85 million board feet of old growth from an area that beneficially burned this summer. They are accepting comments until Jan. 26 on the project.

Ouvrage sur le Trotskysme français

Daniel Coquema, 20.01.2007 16:50

Analyse à la fois historique et actuelle des différentes organisations se réclamant du Trotskysme en France.

Democrat Agenda Omissions

Stephen Lendman, 20.01.2007 16:42

Democrats in Congress again are betraying the public trust.

prtesidiato l'informagiovani di torino

osservatorio astronomico contro la repressione, 20.01.2007 16:16

presidiato l'informagiovani !!

dall'interno dell'ufficio

presidiato l'informagiovani di torino

osservatorio astronomico contro la respressione, 20.01.2007 16:11

dall'interno dell'informagiovani


Bahrain: Continued use of violence against peaceful protesters

anon, 20.01.2007 07:33

Bahraini paramilitary police attack the sit-in Government paramilitary police in the Persian Gulf island of Bahrain attacked a peaceful demonstration, including women and children, calling for the release of two political prisoners known as the "Leaflet Detainees" on Friday afternoon. The sit-in commenced peacefully near the Bahrain Mall in Sanabis, near the capital Manama. However, after the sit-in ended, government forces dispersed the demonstrators forcefully, firing rubber bullets and tear gas at the crowd. One man, Ibrahim Habib from Isa Town, was injured and had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

peace - poetry

Paolo Borsoni, 20.01.2007 07:02

peace - poetry

ACLU releases Penatgon's secret spy report on peace activists

ACLU, 20.01.2007 03:12

Quakers, Code Pink, PETA, Veterans for Peace and peace activists were spied on by Pentagon; ACLU releases full report on Pentagon spying

Earth First Enemy, Pacific Lumber Co. files bankruptcy

The Toxic Reverend, 20.01.2007 02:48

Posting of a news story from the Santa Rosa California Press Democrat: about Pacific Lumber Co. filing bankruptcy. That is the lumber company that Juli Butterfly Hill was tree sitting about as an Earth First advocate. The question of Pacific Lumber spending too much money when they funded a recall campaign against the Humboldt County District Attorney that had charged them with fraud, is also posed. With a link to "Red Collar Crime" that is documenting the "political fallout" when criminal charges are filed against a corporation. at


3D1on, 20.01.2007 01:38

new graphic novel pic that:Galdangit! I have to continuously pause to resync video audio-tracking

this: It appears that I am network-antisocial; gnouvelleization (my invented word expands! heeheehee)

Por que es Bloqueo y no Embargo

Pedro Rodriguez Medina, 20.01.2007 00:41


MERCANCIAS DE ORIGEN DE EE.UU. announces first two events of the year

Debt Consolidation Care, 20.01.2007 00:29

New Year’s Resolutions are often ignored especially when it comes to plan one’s personal finance. Debt Consolidation Care has planned some measures to keep community members motivated towards their goal of becoming Debt Free.

mambo bambato

mambo bambato lubit banani, 19.01.2007 23:11

mambo bambato lubit banani i xz

Les médias nous imposent-ils réellement Ségolène et Sarkozy ?

Alex, 19.01.2007 21:56

La preuve par A+B que les médias aident bien Ségolène et Sarkozy et que c'est tout à fait dans leur intérêt de le faire...

Armenischer Intellektueller in Istanbul ermordet

DERSIMLI, 19.01.2007 21:26

Hrant Dink Hrant Dink, der wohl prominenteste armenische Intellektuelle der Türkei, wurde heute vor der Redaktion seiner Zeitung „Agos“ erschossen

Detrás de la guerra

José Gregorio González Márquez, 19.01.2007 20:58

Detrás de la guerra están los intereses de EEUU por su petróleo

Digest of Oklahoma City Bombing 10th Anniversary Conference Presentations

IT, 19.01.2007 20:42

A summary of selected bits of over four hours of detailed audio related to independent, government-sanctioned investigations related to the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma exposing physical impossibilities and cover-up in the official story of the event.


Jean Valjean Lives, 19.01.2007 20:34

Jean Valjean Lives is with a team of nine in Iraq covering what is really going on!

Michigan passed a law that makes adultery a serious crime

my name is tootellnews, 19.01.2007 20:09

adultery is a serious crime in michigan. this article a news article from michigan this news source i copied and pastes to show absurdity of this law. i want this article to spead to masses.

Prominent Armenian-origin journalist Hrant Dink assassinated

The New Anatolian - submitted by Varlet, 19.01.2007 19:58

Armenian-origin Turkish journalist Hrant Dink, well known in Turkey and abroad for having to defend his right to free expression in court, was killed yesterday by an unknown gunman. Dink was one of the most prominent and outspoken voices of Turkey's Armenian community. His murder came at a very explosive time, when pressure from countries in Europe, the Americas and elsewhere has grown for Turkey to recognize the so-called Armenian genocide claims.
Dink's legal travails began with a column in his daily Agos in 2005 for which he was charged with "denigrating Turkishness." The journalist was convicted in July and given a six-month suspended prison sentence for a series of articles in which he called on diaspora Armenians to stop focusing on the Turks and redirect their attention to the welfare of Armenia.
In his youth Dink was influenced by left-wing politics in Turkey and became engaged in politics in a line similar to that of the illegal Turkish Communist Party/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML). He got his name legally changed to Firat to avoid people linking the group he was involved with and the Armenian community, in case he was arrested. After graduating from high school, he studied zoology at Istanbul University. He married a woman named Rakel whom he had met at the orphanage. Meanwhile, he became estranged from left-wing politics, which at that time was becoming more associated with terrorism...

Navajos rally NM legislature to oppose power plant

Dooda Desert Rock, 19.01.2007 18:44

Rally with Navajos to oppose Desert Rock Power Plant: New Mexico state legislature Feb. 5 in Santa Fe.

Activists to Protest International Diamond Convention in New York

African People's Solidarity Committee, 19.01.2007 18:40

On February 5th at noon, human rights activists will hold a demonstration at the New York City Hilton Hotel (1335 Avenue of the Americas at W. 54th) where the 4th Annual Rapaport International Diamond Conference will take place.

A community forum will follow at 7pm at The Church of the Village with natinoal leaders of the Uhuru (African Freedom) Movement.

El Tribunal Supremo español declara &quot;terrorista&quot; la organicación juvenil vasca Segi

gazte, 19.01.2007 16:54

Mediante está sentencia endurece aún más la impuesta por la Audiencia Nacional, en la cual se declaraba "ilícita" a esta organización. Al mismo tiempo se ordena la detención de 23 jóvenes para que cumplan los 6 años de prisión ahora impuestos.

The Concept of Peace and the Cameroonian Reality.

Mokosso Divine Keming, 19.01.2007 16:51

As a matter of fact, conflicts emanating from the all elusive or ignored Anglophone Problem, and the selective or quack application of controversial regional formulas for the partitioning of the national cake and political representation, must not be taken with a pinch of salt. For A Stitch in Time Saves Nine. Therefore, republican dialogue and understanding prescribed by the out-going UN Scribe Kofi Annan for Cameroon must not be delayed until civil strife erupts!
A Nation of Patriots is a Potential Superpower!

Animals and Albert Schweitzer

Ingrid E. Newkirk, 19.01.2007 15:45

January marks the 131st anniversary of the birth of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, a giant of a man whose legacy of kindness has trickled down through the years and still touches us today.


3D1on, 19.01.2007 15:31

iTechblogphone product placement ad

last: Video Gives Some Hope

this: Galdangit! I have to continuously pause to resync video audio-tracking

The EPA's Unconscionable Silence

Andrew Robbins, 19.01.2007 15:22

The outcome of inhaling mineral particulate is a vast array of predictable diseases. For example, asthma, blood clot, many types of cancer, erectile dysfunction (impotence), congestive heart failure, and heart attack begin forming when inhaled earthen minerals (dust) enter through the lungs into the patient's blood and lymph fluids.

Surging and Purging: PAUL KRUGMAN +

PAUL KRUGMAN - The New York Times, 19.01.2007 15:10

KRUGMAN: The Bush administration is trying to protect itself by purging independent-minded prosecutors. THE COMPLETE ARTICLE AND MORE

Kennecott: Swim in sulfuric acid in Michigan

anonymous, 19.01.2007 14:41

Want to swim in sulfuric acid? Kennecott Minerals Co. thinks it is a good idea for Michigan.

Private security spies target environmentalists in Peru

anonymous, 19.01.2007 14:36

Private security agent of Yanacocha mining firm targets grassroots group in Peru. Code names, e-mail and videos uncovered in sting operation.

Collagen Cross-Linking treatment using Riboflavin and UVA exposure for Keratoconus patients. First prospective study initiated in India at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad

Dr Rajesh Fogla, 19.01.2007 05:31

Collagen crosslinking is a new treatment for keratoconus which helps arrest the progression of this disease. Currently available only at select centres all over the world under a IRB study protocol. C3R or collagen crosslinking is now being initiated for the first time in India under IRB approved prospective study at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. Keratoconus patients can enquire if they are eligible for this treatment.


Tom Heneghan, 19.01.2007 05:09

It can now be reported that both Rodenhurst Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama are linked to a corrupt Dutch company with the initials ING. Noted radical Zionist and Democratic Party bagman, Louis Susman, has also found his way into this mess. Eliot Spitzer, known Mossad agent and 9-11 ratfink has just covered up a massive scandal involving money laundering and campaign contributions directed to both Hillary and Obama through the Dutch company ING. New York State teachers union along with the Chicago teachers union have lost millions of dollars of their own money through this offshore scam tied to ING Holland and the noted Bitch-Bush Mark Rich piggy bank, the New York State Childrens Defense Fund. New York State teachers union along with the Chicago teachers union have lost millions of dollars of their own money through this offshore scam tied to ING Holland and the noted Bitch-Bush Mark Rich piggy bank, the New York State Childrens Defense Fund.


Islamic Community Net, 19.01.2007 04:56

In June 2005, President George W. Bush launched his Presidential Malaria Initiative (PMI). He promised a U.S. contribution to global malaria efforts of $1.2 billion dollars spread over five years. However, the amount the President's Malaria Initiative actually spent this fiscal year on malaria was $30 million - far less than the $230 million that one might expect based on Mr. Bush's promise of 1.2 billion over five years.

Anti-Torture, Habeas Corpus Protesters Have Their Day in Court

PT, 19.01.2007 02:48

In October, 2006 President Bush signed into law the Military Commissions Act of 2006. A demonstration at The White House ended in the arrest of 16 activists. They had their day in court on Wednesday January 17.

Truth is Speaking….Is Power Listening?

Carolyn Baker and Jason Miller, 19.01.2007 02:16

Why do so many amongst the poor and working class of the United States embrace the spiritual cancers of consumerism, patriotism, nationalism, blind allegiance to corporations, and delusional thinking so readily proffered by a relatively tiny group of aristocrats who reside on the other side of a wealth canyon that was once known as a gap?

Grupos del titulado &quot;exilio cubano&quot; marcharán en Miami en apoyo a Posada Carriles.

Combate News, 19.01.2007 01:35

Dice el Cifarrero Miguel Saavedra, presidente del grupo Vigilia Mambisa, con esta manifestación expresamos "nuestro apoyo" a quienes como Posada Carriles "defienden la libertad y la democracia".

Bush the Empire Slayer

Bernard Chazelle, 19.01.2007 01:22

The apostle of imperial dominance, Bush slew the “last empire.” The towering figure of our time, he is a piteously small man. The self-anointed emissary of a “higher father,” he is servant to no power but himself. The captain of the sinking ship has laid his command upon his fellow Americans: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for me.” No sacrifice of life shall be too great, no damage to civil liberties too high, no expenses too vast for a vainglorious man deluded by fantastic dreams of redemption by force.

But who besides the bereaved will mourn? Who besides the orphan will whimper? Who besides the humiliated will stare back? Who besides the thugs and the craven will lead? Patriotism is a lovely thing. In its name, some go dying by the side of an Iraqi road in twitching agony; others go shopping in oversized automobiles festooned with yellow ribbons. We all play our part—and nobody else's.

Yeats bemoaned an era when the best lacked all conviction, while the worst were full of passionate intensity. Today, Kristol blusters and hectors, Cheney scolds and forebodes, Bush struts and smirks. Meanwhile, the giant, timid chorus listens politely to the deafening silence of the outraged—and the mad march of war goes on.


Gilma Camargo, 19.01.2007 00:52


Weary of war but ready for action: American murderers and mercenaries set their sights on delights of Rio

Tom Paine, 19.01.2007 00:38

Imperialist troops and mercenaries deprived of Iraqi woman to screw flock to Rio de Janeiro to share their PTSD and DU contaminated trauma ridden bodies with unsuspecting Cariocas.

Truth is Speaking….Is Power Listening?

Carolyn Baker interviewed by Jason Miller, 19.01.2007 00:17

Why do so many amongst the poor and working class of the United States embrace the spiritual cancers of consumerism, patriotism, nationalism, blind allegiance to corporations, and delusional thinking so readily proffered by a relatively tiny group of aristocrats who reside on the other side of a wealth canyon that was once known as a gap?

CEA exige a la Universidad de Salamanca un homenaje a uno de los asesinados en la Matanza de Atocha

Paco M. Hoyos, 18.01.2007 23:27

Los miembros de CEA Roberto Cilleros y Paula Rubio El Colectivo Estudiantil Alternativo (CEA), asociación de la Universidad de Salamanca, analizó en una rueda de prensa diferentes temas como el 30º aniversario de la Matanza de Atocha, la campaña de recogida de firmas para la construcción de una Biblioteca General de Biomédicas o la falta de horarios especiales en las bibliotecas de la Universidad de Salamanca en época de exámenes.

A Hole At The End Of The Runway!

Jean Valjean Lives, 18.01.2007 23:24

Live Reports From The Ground In Iraq!


Djémil KESSOUS, 18.01.2007 15:43

Il s'aggit d'un réquisitoire contre l'occidentalo-centrisme et d'une démystification de la fascination exercée par l'Occident sur le reste du monde.

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