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Inflatable George w Bushes iin time for the Elections

Lance, 12.05.2004 01:11

San Francisco CA.- February 21, 2004 - Just in time for the elections, controversial new George W. Bush Punching Dolls (Bop Bags) have been flooding the streets of America.

boneheads march

£, 12.05.2004 00:38

w$ Der rummy ist gut für der heimatland.

US Forces Supervise Massacre of Prisoners

Kenneth Norris, 12.05.2004 00:28

US Special Forces allegedly supervised the summary executions of Afghani prisoners. An American military officer reportedly ordered the digging of a mass grave to hide 3500 bodies in the desert. Information comes from the documentary film, "Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death," available at

Hitler Bush Cleveland and Fox TV

Idell C. Tibbs, 12.05.2004 00:15

911 attacks resemble spring 2001 TV show

no-DNC Flyers From Boston

Bl(A)ck Tea Society, 11.05.2004 23:31

Help us get the word out by distributing these around your city.

Student Group Membership questioned by the Feds

UT Watch, 11.05.2004 22:27

"UT Watch members are on edge after hearing that federal terrorism
investigators asked a student whether he was a member of their
activist group."

Respect for human rights begins at home

Jordan Riak, 11.05.2004 22:00

The author compares the mistreatment of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib jail to the mistreatment of children in the U.S. at behavior modification camps, youth detention centers, and schools.

Paradise of the sea, or the selling out of paradise?

People that leave in La Paz B.C.S Mexico, 11.05.2004 19:49

La Paz has recently received a lot of notoriety as one of the top 10 retirement communities on earth (Money Magazine) and as the most desirable place by television network CNN.

El Mogote has always been a place of myth, fabule and folklore for paceños. It`s said that if a visitor eats the ciruelas of El Mogote they will never be able to leave la Paz and if they do they will return. It has been a place of refuge for Paceños and Mexicans where they could take their families and camp in nature and natural beauty. Generations have done this for centuries now.

El Mogote is also an integral part of the bay of la Paz ecological balance and its mangrove forest protected under law (Norma 022-03) which strictly prohibits any development within 100 meters of the mangrove. El mogote is also the home of a number of endemic species found only in the californias of which our state is the most southern.

The currant planned development of el mogote most certainly would not withstand the legal santiny imposed by the norma 022-03. In fact today with only the development of a palapa and temporary structures for potential foreign investors the law is in extreme violation.

¿Why do we have such an incredible amount of respect and desirability?

Ecotopia 2004 Netherlands

EYFA (European Youth for Action), 11.05.2004 19:08

Ecotopia is an anual international festival on environmental and social justice issues for young people all over Europe. This year it will take place in a nature reserve of The Netherlands, with 5 Dutch youth organisations as hosts (ASEED, IVN-Jong, JMA, LHUMP and VIA). Don't miss it !


Author of the important online database of mainstream articles on 9-11 organized into a timeline format. 22min quicktime vid, 9megs

MKE Radio Callin Gives Torture Local Context

marco, 11.05.2004 18:59

Air America.
Randi Rhodes show yesterday, 10may04
A woman from "Carolina" Wisconsin calls in what she
describes as a "parallel" war here in Wisconsin.
Hints toward abuse and maybe torture in the
Milwaukee Public Schools system.

JOBS Ontario - JOBS Online Jobs - Ontario Employment Related Sites

Malcolm Everett, 11.05.2004 18:17

Using the Internet in Your Job Search A collection of sites related to human resource development, including business, government and non-profit. This site contains Canadian and international information on: job matching, labour market information, workplace trends, career planning, education and training information, employment standards, information on literacy, equity and special needs, and much more.

Don Rumsfeld let Israeli Mossad agents &quot;Torture&quot; Iraqi prisoners?

k.hawley, 11.05.2004 17:53

Don Rumsfeld let Israeli Mossad agents "Torture" Iraqi prisoners?

Georgia G-8 Protests Look to Be Big

Bork, 11.05.2004 16:45

Many activists around the world are aware that the G-8 Summit is to be held on Sea Island, just off the rural coastline of Georgia, June 8th through 10th. However, there has been relatively little talk of the large numbers of activists coming together to oppose it as Europeans did when the G-8 met in Genoa, Italy in 2001.

A Challenge

BitHit47, 11.05.2004 16:21

A challenge on coming up with alternative solutions to the problem of terrorism

-- WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, PRESS CONFERENCE-- U.S. Military learns torture techniques from practicing in U.S. prisons!

Uhuru Movement, Philadelphia, 11.05.2004 16:14

U.S. Military learns torture techniques from practicing in U.S. prisons!
Pennsylvania Death Row Exoneree Nick Yarris Speaks of Abuse by Charles A.
Graner, Jr.,
Pennsylvanian Prison Guard and Abu Ghraib Torturer.

What: Press Conference
When: Wednesday, May 12th, 2004 at 10:00am
Where: Uhuru House Community Center, 503 S. 52nd St, @ Larchwood St, Phila
Contacts: International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, 267-254-5901;
African People's Solidarity Committee, 215-386-3933

Proposal for PATRIOT Act III: A New Defense

Martin W Ball, 11.05.2004 16:04

A satirical call to support the new PATRIOT Act III: State-mandated theme songs to identify potential evildoers.

&quot;Military Times&quot; Editorial Calls US Officials Morons, Censors Itself

Sashi Akuniyo, 11.05.2004 14:54

The May 17 edition of the Military Times newspaper ran an editorial sharply criticizing US Military and Civilian officials "at the highest levels" for "professional negligence" and for "setting the tone," that led to the Abu Ghraib prison abuse. Rejecting repeated GOP claims that the abuse was the result of "a few bad apples," the newspaper states that the blame belongs to the "highest reaches of the military hierarchy and its civilian leadership."

Interview with Radical Folk Artist Evan Greer

Liz Fine, 11.05.2004 14:46

Evan Greer performs on May-Day Liz Fine of interviews up-and-coming radical folksinger Evan Greer about his upcoming tour, new CD, his time in jail in Miami, and other random tidbits.

Israelis Discover Another Arms Smuggling Tunnel in Gaza Strip

axiom, 11.05.2004 14:45

Israeli soldiers pull out a Palestinian man from a tunnel discovered by Israeli forces in the southern Gaza Strip (news - web sites) May 9, 2004. The Palestinian tunnels run under the border between Gaza and Egypt and are primarily used for smuggling weapons and ammunition to the Gaza Strip.

Annonce colloque

Laurence Allard, 11.05.2004 14:12

Les nouvelles Cultures-Média

Ce colloque à double entrée a pour objectif une confrontation de réflexions théoriques et de travaux empiriques sur les nouvelles formes des pratiques culturelles liées à la croissance des médias et des technologies de communication. Il prend la forme d’une séance matinale et d’une série d’ateliers thématiques réunissant des chercheurs, des praticiens, des amateurs et des critiques.

Le vendredi 28 Mai 2004 à la Maison des Métallos, de 9h15 à 21h (94, rue Jean Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris). Entrée Libre, Inscription conseillée : .

free data: JPEGs are not free

£, 11.05.2004 13:45

JPEG patent holder renews royalty offensive


Riego, 11.05.2004 13:40

Convocatoria el día 22 de mayo, fecha de la boda real, para la mayor manifestación civica de Madrid.

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost – Yet Again

Kweli Nzito, 11.05.2004 03:51

American White racism is at the heart of the killing, torture and humiliation of Iraqis in their own country. To address the problem comprehensively, it would require that the racist ethos be abandoned, a nearly impossible task given racism's deep entrenchment and the widespread denials even among the so-called (White) liberals. In reposne to the crimes we can therefore only expect actions that will not go beyond window dressing. Consistent with the phenomenon of denial, leakage of images that belie America claims of democracy and justice will be more tightly controlled, so the torturers can indulge themselves in private. The punishment for those caught is predicted to be light because most perpetrators are white.

ESSO done for stealing

Seb Guro adapted from, 11.05.2004 03:49

ESSO on Friday was caught red handed not declaring
14.9 thousand tonnes of crude that it brought into
Argentina, to avoid paying 7 million US dollars of taxes. The fine will be between 4 and 20 times that amount and will also include court costs.

'Military Times' calls Officials &quot;Morons,&quot; but Removes a Rumsfeld Slam

Sakura Aman, 11.05.2004 03:49

A May 17 Military Times newspaper editorial sharply criticized US Military and Civilian officials "at the highest levels" for "professional negligence" and for "setting the tone" of abuse, that led to the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. Contrary to repeated claims that the abuse was the result of "a few bad apples." the newspaper states that the blame belongs to the "highest reaches of the military hierarchy and its civilian leadership." "Around the halls of the Pentagon," the editorial reports, "a term of caustic derision has emerged for the enlisted soldiers at the heart of the furor over the Abu Ghraib prison scandal: the six morons who lost the war... "But the folks in the Pentagon are talking about the wrong morons." "Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld," they said, "set the tone early in this war by steadfastly refusing to give captives the rights accorded to prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention." This passage appeared in the print and original web version, for unknown reasons, it was removed from the website edition. "Indeed, the damage done to the U.S. military and the nation as a whole..." "is incalculable." The editorial also slams Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, for asking CBS' "60 minutes" to embaro the story, having not read the Taguba report himself until after the scandal broke. "Myers, Rumsfeld and their staffs failed to recognize the impact the scandal would have not only in the United States, but around the world." The Military Times, owned by Gannet newspapers, publishes the Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times, and the Marine Times, and distributes them to US bases around the world. carries the original paragraph criticizing Rumsfeld.

In Defense of Sister Shayhka Maulani Aeisha Muhammad

John Paul Cupp, Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network, 11.05.2004 02:18

Join the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network Yahoo Discussion Group

Fallujah Rebels, Residents, Police Celebrate Victory over U.S. Marines

Dahr Jamail, 11.05.2004 02:14

While Marines report a successful excursion to the heart of Fallujah, civilians and armed mujahideen join Iraqi police and soldiers in touting the defeat and retreat of US forces in the battle for Fallujah.

Two Articles From the Korean Democratic Women's Union

Songun Politics Study Group (USA), 11.05.2004 02:14

Korean People's Army Soldiers Some time ago, at the request of Comrade Wendy Binion, a pro-DPRK activist, enviromental scientist, and women's studies personage, I had the opertunity to request of the National Democratic Front of South Korea, information related to the life of women in Socialist Korea. This was part of a college level international studies project, and the ongoing efforts of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) to better understand what the Juche Idea of KIM IL SUNG and the Songun Idea of KIM JONG IL mean in terms of Women's Liberation.

A letter From the NDFSK dated May 4th Juche 93 stated as follows :

"As you requested in March 26 e-mail: " 4.. About Life in the DPRK for Women A Comrade of mine is requesting information about women in the DPRK. Would it also be okay if to put her in Contact with the Korean Social Scientists, or Women's leagues.", we made contact with the staff members of the Central Committee of the KDWU(Korean Democratic Women's Union) and asked them to give an eye to our US comrades' earnest desire.

They are very pleased at the news that even the US progressive women are deeply interested in the worthwhile life of women in the DPRK ensured by the three generals of Mt. Baekdu.

Here are some presents(Introduction of the KDWU and Brief on the Status and Role of the Women in the DPRK) from the KDWU comrades to your female comrade, a practicing communist and Songun supporter of the US."

The Songun Followers in the US are thankful for this gift and display these interesting articles for the progressive masses in the US and the world, as part of our on-going solidarity with the DPRK and NDFSK, united as one as Soldiers of the three great generals of Mt.Baekdu in the US.

--- John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

Nu Logo

Naji Makarem, 11.05.2004 01:47

It is time consumers focus beyond the logo, and judge a brand by the impact of its 'value-chains' on people and the environment. That's how we can create a Nu Real of Competition.

The Hidden Toture

actnow, 11.05.2004 01:42

Citizens of many western democracies, including Germany, are complaining that they are victims of crimes being committed with a new kind of weapons technology -- a technology that the public is unaware of and that police are currently not equipped to combat.

Feinland blasts Boxer, Jones for death penalty attacks

Marsha Feinland, 10.05.2004 23:44

Peace and Freedom Party candidate Democrat, Republican for their attacks on SF district attorney Kamala Harris.

(JOB) Project Manager (Washington, DC)

Community Technology Centers' Network, 10.05.2004 23:38

Job opening with national memebrship association addressing technology access in underserved communities.

Free Poster

tastycakes, 10.05.2004 22:18

thumbnail of poster go to site to download pdf A free poster regarding Bush's job record

KO a cannes

l'homme du picardie, 10.05.2004 22:09


June 12 Day of Action &amp; Solidarity with anarchist prisoner Jeff Luers

Friends of Jeff 'Free' Luers, 10.05.2004 21:48

Jeff in prison-Winter 2004 An update on the June 12 Day of Action Planned in solidarity with Jeff Luers. Please get involved and host an event, action or otherwise.

Galeropia: call for articles, inks and digital media, 10.05.2004 21:34

This is an open call for articles, inks, digital media or audio files on the topic of insurgency. The work will appear in the first issue of Galeropia, a digital magazine produced by Why War?. Galeropia's vision is a nonviolent theory and practice more potent than the prevailing reliance on polemics and death. Our method will be a targeted expansion of the movement's self-knowledge, aesthetics and practice.

Censura de artículo y retención de IP en IMC Barna

anonymus, 10.05.2004 21:15

Your IP address has been blocked, and is no longer permitted to post to the IMC Barcelona site.

Mussolini In Palestine

Richard Hugus, 10.05.2004 21:05

This succinct but illustrative description of the Israeli occupation of Palestine was written by Richard Hugus, member of the New England Committee to Defend Palestine, who has been visiting Palestine for some years now.

Why western leaders are afraid to debate with political Islam?

Nizam Khan, 10.05.2004 20:33

... Political Islam is purely an intellectual and ideological struggle; if the western world is convinced its ideas are superior, they should not fear to debate and discuss them with Muslims. To try and evade this debate and discussion through falsely dismissing Muslims as terrorists is tantamount to admitting western ideas will not stand up to scrutiny.

Sanctions against Syria?, 10.05.2004 19:41

Will we see a repeat of what happened in Iraq?


meverett, 10.05.2004 19:27

Shame... Medical Scandals

Site Map of Knight's Canadian Info Collection - All About ....

Malcolm Everett-Submission, 10.05.2004 19:22

Only in Canada - Get the FACTS... - The fe(Male) Perspective

BFP Media Productions, 10.05.2004 19:14

MBC has not only been a major destination on the Internet for women since it’s inception, but the playing field levels out with a steadily increasing surge of male interest and membership.


Malcolm Everett-Submission, 10.05.2004 19:08

Alert on Ontario doctors - Quackery...! SCHOOL OF PUBLIC SAFETY AND POLICE STUDIES FACULTY...?????

Papuan Prisoner Support Week

mama, 10.05.2004 18:34

Its a special Papua prisoner support week this week with many people now held for political "crimes" such as flag raising and defending trees from illegal logging.I hope you will join me in writing and telephoning as much as possible throughout the week. We know these tactics to work and your efforts will improve conditions for the prisoners and in some cases may even facilitate release.




How the US lost the was in Iraq and other articles

Frontlines Newspaper, 10.05.2004 18:07

Latest articles and headlines from Frontlines, the newspaper of the Left

Most recent picture

jamie, 10.05.2004 16:24

As I post this article I’m looking at one of the recent photos that has just come out. It shows a naked manands behind head, secured to the bars of the jail cell behind him. Two guys in fatigues are in front of him with large dogs pulling to get at this unfortunate human being. This can be seen at I’m sure these can be found elsewhere as well.

Newest Issue Ad - U.s. Presidential Campaign 2004

Ryan Gierach, 10.05.2004 16:15

What might happen in America if gays are not allowed to marry?

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