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A real man slaps moron 2 min stereo 1.84 MB

Scan Dot Org via sam, 12.02.2007 23:06

A real man slaps moron A real man slaps moron 2 min stereo 1.84 MB

Australia: [BringDavidHome] Cheney snubs Sydney Committee

Graeme Dunstan &amp; Marlene Obeid, 12.02.2007 22:06

War Criminal Hotline announced Media Release 12 February 2007: War Criminal Hotline announced. Sydney Committee snubbed.

Movilizacion contra llegada de BUSH a Uruguay

Coordinacion Antimperialista.- José Borges, 12.02.2007 22:05

Denuncia de la situacion creada por llegada del Presidente Norteamericano-

Veteran's Love Story--Valentine's Day

Shepherd Bliss, 12.02.2007 21:42

Valentine's Day is a good time to review one's love life. This short story is a veteran's, plural, story. It combines my experiences with those of members of our Veteran's Writing Group, lead by author Maxine Hong Kingston, editor of our recent book "Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace," ( Love can shine brightly, change behavior, and be redmptive. A moment of deep love, especially under dificcult circumstances, can change lives.

This Way Out: &quot;Puccini For Beginners&quot; &amp; &quot;Possible Side Effects&quot;

Overnight Productions, Inc., 12.02.2007 20:55

February 12, 2007: A bi triangle movie of comic opera proportions; a collection of "horrible" essays. Plus Colombia's top court codifies queer couples' shared assets, Italy's cabinet okays civil unions bill, Aussie feds ACT against territorial partners proposal, more news, and a bio of Barbara Jordan.

Complotto Globale, Robotica, Mondo del lavoro, Eliminazione genere umano

passaparola, 12.02.2007 20:49

Fra tre o quattro anni loro avranno robot che sostituiranno i poliziotti, i militari, gli insegnanti, i piloti di aereo, gli autisti di treni, camion, autobus, ... Ci elimineranno o ci abbandoneranno? Abbiamo ancora 3-4 anni di tempo.


CODEPINK, 12.02.2007 19:35

Social justice advocates will launch the Occupation Project today, an eight week long campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience to end funding for the Iraq war. Concerned citizens all over the country will begin occupying their representatives office, pressuring them to end funding for the Iraq war.

Dennis Banks' Sacred Run to Bush Ranch

Brenda Norrell, 12.02.2007 19:31

American Indian Movement leader Dennis Banks and the Sacred Run Caravan leave San Francisco Friday for the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas.

CEA realiza en Salamanca unas jornadas sobre democracia participativa y renovación pedagógica

Paco M. Hoyos, 12.02.2007 19:23 Las jornadas contarán con las ponencias del profesor universitario Salvador Martí i Puig, la diputada de IU en la Asamblea de Madrid Marga Ferré, y el miembro de FEDICARIA Julio Mateos.

Dixie Chicks Iran Iraq War Grammy Win Over Burning George Bush

Karen Fish, 12.02.2007 17:17

Dixie Chicks When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

White House challenged over Iran dossier

Campaign Iran, 12.02.2007 17:05

Implausible and Unlikely: Campaign Iran’s response to the “Iran Dossier”


BY VICTOR YANULEVICH, 12.02.2007 16:56

Global Politics Chaos


Palabra-Clave:¡SUPER-VIVENCIA! Key-World:¡SUR-VIVING!, 12.02.2007 15:05

ENERO 07 Acaba de Ser: ¡El Mes Más Caliente de la Historia! El discurso dominante con el calentamiento global intenta obviar todos los gravísimos impactos de los coches y del transporte, para tratar de vendernos el coche de hidrógeno, con energía procedente de las centrales nucleares, considerándola como "renovable". ¡SON SOLO 5 MINUTOS! ¡Tiahui! ¡Fuerza! ¡Adelante! ¡Juntas podemos!

Scary Movie 2: PAUL KRUGMAN - Attacking Iran ; US Sending 3rd Carrier Strike Group to Persian Gulf

PAUL KRUGMAN - The New York Times, 12.02.2007 15:00

KRUGMAN: Attacking Iran wouldn’t be the first catastrophic mistake this administration has made, and there are indications that, at the very least, a powerful faction in the administration is spoiling for a fight.


Valuing Buildings Over Employee Health

Andrew Robbins, 12.02.2007 13:48

My impetus for writing It Took My Breath Away began in 2000 when Defense Finance Accounting Services (DFAS) executive officer, Mr. Tom Heavyside, challenged me to prove to him that renovating the Bean Center was jeopardizing employee health. To my amazement, the proof I provided management was met first with talk of my firing and finally with 'reasonable accommodation' at an alternate work site. Moreover, the renovation marched on with hundreds of innocent unprotected employees in its midst.

The Golden Rule

Shalom/Salaam, 12.02.2007 13:41

The Golden Rule And they will hammer their swords into plowshares (Isaiah 2:4, Joel 3:10, Micah 4:3)


peer, 12.02.2007 12:59

Freitag 16.2.2007 : 16:30 Margaretenplatz - CriticalMass rides again

Demo against BBC programme The Verdict

London Feminist Network, 12.02.2007 12:13

Women protest against The Verdict at BBC TV Centre Demo against BBC programme The Verdict, BBC TV Centre, White City, Sunday 11th February 2007

Link to bio, photos, 1st US citizen political refugee in W. Europe

Northern spirit, 12.02.2007 12:02

Dr Les Sachs photo Detailed biography with photos of first US citizen political refugee in western Europe

Greenpeace moves to block GMO rice approval in the country

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 12.02.2007 06:04

Greenpeace today moved to block Bayer's application for the approval of the genetically-modified (GMO) rice LL62 for "direct use in food, feed, and processing" in the country at the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) in Malate. Questioning the expected approval of the GMO rice strain by the bureau's Scientific and Technical Review Panel, the environmental group is set to submit a comprehensive dossier opposing GMOs, particularly the genetically-engineered (GE) Liberty Link (LL) rice, to oppose Bayer's move to legalize LL62 for human consumption.

A. J. Muste: Peace Warrior

The Meadowlark Center, 12.02.2007 05:47

Kurt Harder, Hesston, High School history teacher, will introduce Abraham J. Muste, a man whose life is a challenge to us in these dangerous times of ethnic, racial and religious strife, increasing inequality and injustice and the dependence on violence to solve problems through an Interpretive Program . Muste, active in struggles against war and for justice and peace supported war tax resistance and nonregistry for the draft; he said "”Peaceableness does not mean trying to disturb nothing...

SDO Liberty, Environment delayed ! mp3

martin via sam, 12.02.2007 05:29

SDO Liberty, Environment delayed ! mp3 Nimbin's radio show revolving around civil liberties and climate hyperbole. 30 mins

AUSTRALIA: If you're waiting for Lib/Lab then you're just waiting for a catastrophe!

Melvin Star, 12.02.2007 02:46

Just waiting for a catastrophe! What about all the scapegoats the Howard government has produced for their war on terror/resources? Most, still languishing in isolated segregation prisons and still waiting to be heard. Rendition and torture of our citizens? 20 years for thought crimes? Jury asked to push on when they couldn't make up their mind? Rules of evidence and standards lowered in our local courts? 5 years in Guantanamo without trial or charge? Military style Kangaroo Courts, Control Orders? Detention Orders? Indefinite Detention? Then we have Australian citizens being held in detention and even being deported


Mara Puntano, 12.02.2007 01:03


Mecca Summit: A move towards Peace or a New Intifada?

Jamal Dajani, 12.02.2007 00:45

Mosaic Intelligence Report - February 9, 2007 Link TV's Middle East analyst and award-winning producer, Jamal Dajani, gives his weekly unique perspective and insight on major newsworthy stories. Drawing on reports from more than 30 Middle Eastern news broadcasts, this Mosaic Intelligence Report provides context, analysis and a behind the scenes look at the stories you never see on American TV.

Israel's Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D

Anonymous, 11.02.2007 23:01

Israel's Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D

Where is The American Liberation Front?

The Phalcon, 11.02.2007 22:18

Why do "they" hate us, and why is the mainstream media asking if Americans are now ready for socialism? Is a new period of 'revolutionary possiblilities' dawning with the 21st century?

Agustín Aguayo War Resister Needs Support

Joe Anybody, 11.02.2007 21:18

This War Resister needs to hear fromus all
Here is a video of his wife pleeding for support
And a link to send him a post card

Extreme right attacks Dutch Antifa activists

NN, 11.02.2007 21:06

Nazi beats antifa activist 3 February
Several antifascists from Afa (Antifascist action)Netherlands were
injured in a demonstration against the extreme right nationalist folk
movement(NVB) in Uitgeest, Noord Holland, last Saturday. The demonstrators
were beginning with their manifestation against a meeting of the NVB when
almost straight away the demonstrators where attacked by armed rightwing
extremists. After 5 minutes, the police were able to separate the groups
and arrested several NVB members

SBI Life Insurance Company promotes organised fraud and protects its officers.

Centre for Corporate Resposnibility, 11.02.2007 20:58

Organised fraud and deceiving of common public by SBI Life Insurance Company Limited and inducing the public to invest their hard earned money on the basis of fraudulent / misleading communications.

Anna Nicole Smith Reveals THE Secret from Heaven

Karen Fish, 11.02.2007 20:04

Heaven Learn the secret.

Stop Him Before He Gets More Experience: FRANK RICH - Obama ; U.S. Prepares War on Iran and ...

FRANK RICH - The New York Times, 11.02.2007 14:44

RICH: If time in the United States Senate is what counts for presidential seasoning, maybe Barack Obama’s two years’ worth is already too much.


Detained Refugee would rather have peace (starve to death) than face further torture

norrie mAy-welby, 11.02.2007 11:18

Syrian man ready to die rather than be deported Detained Refugee would rather have peace (starve to death) than face further torture. He has been on hunger strike in Villawood Immigration Detention Centre for fifteen days.

Detained Refugee would rather have peace (starve to death) than face further torture

norrie mAy-welby, 11.02.2007 10:57

Syrian man injured in detention, lost will to live Detained Refugee would rather have peace (starve to death) than face further torture. He has been on hunger strike in Villawood Immigration Detention Centre for fifteen days.


3D1on, 11.02.2007 05:12

last: Computer Welfare

first month anniversary: Who Gives A Shit About PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

The G8 (Gleneagles 2006) Revisited and the African Gulags.

Hesq., 11.02.2007 04:43

geo-politics another start to the constant re-examaning of our own systems of social justice.

Whose Portrayal of Idi Amin is Correct - Forest Whitaker's or Sathya Sai Baba's?

Barry Pittard, 11.02.2007 03:55

The pieces referred to below look at how Sathya Sai Baba and head of Sai Radio International, Sai Baba's propaganda broadcaster, and deputy world head Dr G. Venkataraman waxed at Christmas 2006 with such flowery warmth about "Mr Idi Amin" (as Venkataraman describes him). By contrast, both Sai Baba and G. Venkataraman have gone into such incredibly unfactual denunciation of hundreds of good and decent men and women from many countries who have made serious and responsible allegations against Sai Baba. They are nothing like Idi Amin. They have left the Sai Organization as a matter of highest ethical principle. There is a whole history of former Sai Baba devotees (not a mere "handful" which Sai Baba devotees have stated with profound detachment from the truth) who have worked hard to see Sai Baba and the Sathya Sai Baba Organization become accountable and observant of duty-of-care. Instead the Sathya Sai Organization is a Soviet-Style monolith.

Australia: NSW: [BringDavidHome] [mardi gras]

BringDavidHome, 11.02.2007 02:17

Love Justice We need volunteers to join in the walking group in the parade. We're seeking 50 volunteers to get dressed in bright orange coveralls, along with others to carry banners, placards and other assorted dress to emphasise the message that David Hicks must be brought home.

Enfermedades Ocupacionales Ortopédicas en los Periodistas

Lic. Susana Mafla - Periodista, 11.02.2007 00:11

Los periodistas, al menos la mayoría, están expuestos más frecuentemente a las enfermedades ortopédicas ocupacionales de escritorio y a las enfermedades del TECLADO, aparentemente no padecen lesiones o enfermedades ocupacionales ortopédicas ESPECÍFICAS DE LA PROFESIÓN.

4 Bildeindrücke von der Anti-SiKo-Demo in München Feb.20007

edgar, 10.02.2007 23:39

Der Organisator des Kriegertreffens sagte, in einer Diktatur würde 4 Bildeindrücke von der Anti-SiKo-Demo in München Feb.20007

Global Warming - All Talk,No Action Worsens Threat

Anonymous, 10.02.2007 23:24

In industrializing the world, the capitalist system carries in its wake environmental degradation and destruction. The most far-reaching example of this is global warming. Despite clear evidence of dramatic effects happening today and the devastating effects global warming will have in the future, the United States, the leading source of greenhouse gases, refuses to take timely action to deal with the problem because such action will adversely affect capitalist profits and economic growth.

Was kostet heute ein reines Gewissen?

im Bild, 10.02.2007 23:13

Was kostet heute ein reines Gewissen?

Ich kaufs Euch ab.

Achso - Ihr habt es schon verkauft.

Dear Sir Richard Branson

Peace Train To DC, 10.02.2007 23:12

In response to your announcement of a $25 million dollar prize for the best idea to stop global warming, here is my entry.

Unions and the Class Struggle

Anonymous, 10.02.2007 23:10

As tens of thousands of workers are losing jobs, being “bought out,” or experiencing forced wage reductions in the auto industry, are unions organizing and fighting back on class lines? Unfortunately not! Instead, union leaders muddy reality by declaring that their members are being kicked “out of the middle class” by unscrupulous corporate executives. And they are offering deals to capitalists to “share the suffering” of bankruptcy-threatened companies.


3D1on, 10.02.2007 23:08

last: Search Is Dead; This Is Not A Windows Rant
2nd last: Peanut Galleries And Terror; Downloading Copyrighted Material Is Technically Illegal; Video Update

this: Computer Welfare

Polizisten einfangen und abführen am Rande der Anti-SiKo-Demo München 2007

edgar, 10.02.2007 22:59

[Satire] Clevere Clowntruppe unter den Anti-Siko-Demonstranten ("I love rebel army") entdeckt ein Polizeiabsperrungsband auf der Straße und führt es dem engeren Sinn von "Polizeiabsperrung" zu.


RAIZ DIVERSIDAD SEXUAL, 10.02.2007 20:27

El pasado 7 de febrero con la presencia de más de 200 activistas de 18 países se inició el VII Encuentro de Lesbianas Feministas de América Latina y el Caribe, las activistas congregadas en Santiago de Chile

Earth First! 2007 Winter Organizer's Conference: February 22-26 in Austin, TX

some girl, 10.02.2007 20:01

The 2007 Earth First! Winter Organizer's Conference will be hosted February 22nd-26th at Rhizome Collective's Brownfield in Austin, Texas.

free tax filing

Josh Marcus, 10.02.2007 19:41

An open source development group in Philadelphia is offering free online services to file your taxes. Sidney and The Benefit Bank are designed to help low to moderate income families. These tax-payers are often overcharged by other tax preparers. Help us in our mission to create and promote a good
product for a good cause by spreading the word to your friends and

Australia: the socialist alternative in the New South Wales state election

Support the SEP campaign, 10.02.2007 19:30

The SEP’s election campaign We urge all workers and young people to support the SEP’s election campaign. We invite those who support the struggle for the socialist alternative to nominate to stand as SEP candidates on our Legislative Council slate, headed by Nick Beams and Terry Cook, to contact the SEP and the WSWS, and to make the decision to join and build our party.

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