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Leigh Dick-Read, 14.05.2004 02:20

Too much hype about terrorism and what is happening in Iraq. It is time to face facts - however unpleasnt Launched Today

Thomas Stalcup, 14.05.2004 02:08 A new website (cnnX), which takes a critical look into CNN's news stories, was launched today. cnnX provides daily critiques and assigns a "Slant Index" to's headline stories.

The Arab Baath Socialist Party May 4th 2004 Statement!!!

The Arab Baath Socialist Party May 4th 2004 Statement!!!, 14.05.2004 01:54

Death to US Imperialism and the Zionist Entity!!! Free President Saddam Hussein!!!
Victory to Iraqi Arab and Islamic Armed Resistance!!!
Death to Zionist AmeriKKKa!!!
Join the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network On Line News and Views Forum

Why I support &quot;Holocaust&quot; Revisionism (and You Should Too)!

John Paul Cupp, Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network Co-Editor, 14.05.2004 01:40

Join the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network On-line News and Views Forum

Immediate News Release - Oingo Boingo to Attend Raymond Hearing Monday!

Raymond Reporter, 14.05.2004 01:17

Members of the band Oingo Boingo will be attending May 17 City Council hearing in Pasadena, Calif., as a growing number of celebrities are lend their support to save the venerable rock venue from conversation to a condo, retail, office complex. David Lee Roth, Slash (ex- Guns N' Roses/Velvet Revolver), Jackson Browne, Billy Idol, Carrie Hamilton, W.A.S.P. and many others have lent their help and support.


Gillian G., 14.05.2004 00:48

TEAM CANADA CAPTURES GOLD MEDAL; HEATLEY NAMED MVP TORONTO (May 10, 2004) - TSN's coverage of Canada's 5-3 come-from behind win over Sweden in yesterday's gold medal game from Prague was the highest rated IIHF Men's World Hockey Championship game ever on TSN with a total national audience of 1,142,000 viewers* to both the live and encore broadcast combined (live at 2:30 p.m. et

5/13/04-CFL ALERT: 1,100 Palestinians Made Homeless in Gaza in 10 Days of Destruction in Gaza.

Citizens for Fair Legislation, 13.05.2004 22:18

A UN report issued on 5/11/04 states that in the last ten days over 131 residential buildings in Gaza have been demolished or damaged beyond repair by the Israeli Occupation Forces. And that these recent demolitions have left over 1,100 Palestinians homeless bringing the total number of people to have lost their homes in the Gaza Strip to 17,594.

&quot;101 Things to Do Before the Revolution&quot;

Pastor Mike, 13.05.2004 21:28

101 things to do before the revolution. This stuff is great Have fun.

Insurgent Ideas

pattrice jones, 13.05.2004 20:46

Federal, state, and private security forces converged to police not actions but ideas at the Student Animal Rights Organization (SARO) conference on animal liberation, which included the first ever academic symposium on the Animal Liberation Front (ALF).

U.S. Marines brutally arrest Haitian singer and activist

Franz Phanon, 13.05.2004 20:31

United States Marines have arrested Anne Auguste (So Anne), a prominent Haitian singer and humanitarian activist. A sizeable contingent of marines attacked So Anne's home in Port-au-Prince, where she was recuperating from surgery. They detained eleven friends and family, who were handcuffed and taken away, including two young children (ages five and twelve years old). The military ransacked the house. The U.S. Marines apparently still hold So Anne incommunicado.

Winning In Iraq

Martin Griffin (, 13.05.2004 20:12

working towards rebuliding Iraq infrastructure and American prestige.


q, 13.05.2004 20:02

United States Marines have arrested Anne Auguste (Sò Anne), a prominent Haitian singer and humanitarian activist. A sizeable contingent of marines attacked Sò Anne’s home in Port-Au-Prince, where she was recuperating from surgery. They detained eleven friends and family, who were handcuffed and taken away, including two young children (ages five and twelve years old). The military ransacked the house. The U.S. Marines apparently still hold Sò Anne incommunicado.

“I will not surrender my education to the occupying forces….” -right to education in palestine

Zajel - An-Najah National University, 13.05.2004 19:19

This one story of the many stories since the beginning of the Israeli siege that has been imposed on us. We used not to be able to see our families unless on the occasions, I can only

Two Exams-Three Months/ An-Najah National University-Palestine

zajel- An-Najah National University-Palestine, 13.05.2004 18:40

Confusion and darkness are the main topics any student at An-Najah University can talk about these days. The 9000 students of A.N.U. have been forced to stay at home since 21st June 2002, when the Israeli Occupation Forces imposed the current

party for Berlusconi

a.h., 13.05.2004 17:30

we want to collect money for helping him to substain his legal processes.. maybe we are far away but...

Finger Lickin' Good? Farmed Salmon Feed Contains Chicken Parts

Theresa Rothenbush, 13.05.2004 17:22

Raincoast Conservation Society has determined that chicken parts,including blood, carcasses, and feathers, are ingredients in farmed salmon feed. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has confirmed that
undersized chickens culled in connection with the avian-flu outbreaks are being processed for animal
feed as well as food for human consumption.

Listening the Maoist Radio in Nepal

Jagannath Adhikari, 13.05.2004 16:52

This article describes the program of FM radio operated by Maoist rebels in Nepal under a very difficult and dangerous conditions. As they want to change the kingdom into a republican state, they are facing a brutal repression from state army. This one day's radio program gives insight into what message they want to convey to people.

Living on a tightrope: adaptive strategies of grassroots development workers in Maoist-conflict area

Jagannath Adhikari, 13.05.2004 16:34

This report describes how grassroots development workers cope with the difficult situation created by the conflict between Maoist rebels and government army in Nepal's rural and inaccessible areas. Since 1995, Maoist rebels started armed struggle against the political establishment represented by the king. In the name of controlling the rebels, government army also resorted to various violent and inhuman acts affecting the lives of the people adversely. The grassroots workers have been facing difficulties from both sides. This paper narrates their coping strategies to live in such a difficult situation.

4th Annual Media That Matters Film Festival Premiere

Wendy, 13.05.2004 15:54


Rummy &amp; Lidice

Lester Schonbrun, 13.05.2004 13:17

The obvious parallel to Fallujah is Lidice -- where 170 Czechs were killed to avenge the death of Reinhard Heydrich

Contradictions on Berg case?

Joe, 13.05.2004 13:13

Contradictions on Berg case? Both Iraqi police and U.S. authorities deny ever holding the man? "The Iraqi police do not tell the FBI what to do, the FBI tells the Iraqi police what to do," Michael Berg told the AP. "Who do they think they're kidding?"
This could be huge! Joe

Proof Michael Moore Is Moliere

marco, 13.05.2004 13:05

Say what you want about a/v pundit Michael Moore,
his brilliance precedes him in mythical proporations.

NEOCOLONIALISM visual metaphor

£, 13.05.2004 12:39

science politics history big bang bling baby, big bang bling bling

HELP ! cant get indymedia israel !!!???

shahar, 13.05.2004 10:49

can not reach
my name is shahar:
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thank you :-)

Americas Dumbest Soldiers

ads, 13.05.2004 09:13

A new website is started - all about Americas Dumbest Soldiers

Right to Education in Palestine/ Mr. Adnan Idrees Refused Permission to Leave

Zajel / Palestine, 13.05.2004 06:26

The Israeli Supreme Court disallowed instructor Adnan Idrees his right to leave the country to visit the Holy Land of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Idrees was informed by the Court.

Anomalies in Berg Video and Other Questions

Me, 13.05.2004 06:20

While watching the horrific video of Nick Berg's murder - and it was so disturbing I'm almost sorry I did - a number of odd things caught my attention.

Please keep an eye on Venezuela or...

jamie, 13.05.2004 05:45

Please keep an eye on Venezuela or imperialism may strike. It's fangs are at the ready. jamie

Berg's Father and Firm Were On A Right-Wing 'Enemies' List

Fintan Dunne, 13.05.2004 05:27

The family firm of beheaded American Nick Berg, was named by a conservative website in a list of 'enemies' of the Iraq occupation. That could explain his arrest by Iraqi police --a detention which fatally delayed his planned return from Iraq and may have led directly to his death.

Release all prisoners of U.S. occupation in Iraq now!

jamie, 13.05.2004 05:19

Given the nature of treatment recieved at the hands of the occupation all justification for continued incarceration has vanished.

Women raped in the US military.

ThinkingMind, 12.05.2004 18:35

Time and again, some of the victims dare to come out of the trauma
to reveal this ongoing evil practice in the US military. Is it a
surprise to the thinking mind, that an institution such as the US
military systematically uses torture and rape to terrorize and
dehumanize it's "perceived enemy", that our own women will not
fall victim to the terror of the US military?

Nick Berg &quot;Beheaded&quot; by CIA/Israeli Mossad as &quot;Pro Bush&quot; Propaganda?

Whorealdo, 12.05.2004 17:42

Nick Berg "Beheaded" by CIA/Mossad as "Pro Bush" Propaganda?

Comrade Zaitsev says Shoot for the Stars

Vassili Zaitsev, 12.05.2004 16:28

Details on how to liberate the 'liberators'. An oldie but goodie

Chicago Indymdeia's Problem With Censorship

Jackson Stonewall, 12.05.2004 15:58

Chicago Indymedia is off the wall, their censorship problem is just as obvious as below

Transcript Of Callin To RandiRhodes Show About Torture

marco, 12.05.2004 15:57

Here's the transcript to attach to this story:

noticias de la programacion en Argentina

Rabiamuffin, 12.05.2004 15:45

les mando una carta que me llego de un programa de la TV Argentina

Headless in Iraq - Nick Berg loses his head in Iraq

Caution: Very Graphic Violence, 12.05.2004 15:33

Nick Berg has his head cut off Nick Berg a private mercenary who went to Iraq to help the American Empire install a puppet government gets his head cut off for his crimes.

Las revelaciones del señor W.

ALTERNATIVO, 12.05.2004 15:30

carta de un grupo cultural cubano a Bush.

The Beast Of Abu Grhaib

Matt/hew of Kent, 12.05.2004 15:21

The Bush administration thinks and acts like an irresponsible corporate board -- it is obessed with secrecy, accepts little or no accountability, and behaves like it owes duty to none but itself. Like the Wall Street CEOs so many of them have been, this administration assumes a self-regulating posture. This is nothing more than ganster logic. Should it now come as a shock to learn that people are being tortued and humiliated as a direct result of their actions ?

Rana Hajaj /violation of palestinain students rights

Zajel, 12.05.2004 14:23

One morning on a rainy day I was forced to return back to my home city of Jenin after a month or

Urgent - Greenpeace on Trial

Citizens' Initiative Omega, 12.05.2004 14:11

Greenpeace is going on trial on Monday for protecting the rainforest in the Amazon.

For the first time ever, the US government has decided to prosecute an entire organisation for exercising its right to free speech through non-violent protest.

Is this the same man?

SickOfPropaganda, 12.05.2004 14:10

Who is the man in the "Al-Qaida" video?

Please write similar letters to the White House

1Planet1People, 12.05.2004 07:52

Here is a copy of a letter I just sent to the white house about Nick Byrd. Please take this idea and write a letter in your own words to him. If enough of us do it, someone there may actually listen. As a side note, do not watch the actual video unless you have a strong stomach. I do, and I have seen a lot, but I had to run to the toilet as soon as it happened and I puked all over. It is bad and the SOBs were as wrong as Bush! Nonetheless, they wouldn't be there if Bush hadn't set the stage for their acceptance. Iraq was a no secular state, but now Islamic fundamentalism (which is as bad as Christian fundamentalism) is there. Now we must convince the Iraqis that this is not the solution, we must leave and set an example. Quagmire is here.

Rental Trucks, Moving Vans And Israelis

Daniel Hopsicker, 12.05.2004 07:27

While Torturegate takes up the headlines, this is going on behind your backs.

Western Canada For Us: No More

MalleusM, 12.05.2004 06:16

Canadian racist group implodes

Daves Not Here: SuperFreak-A-Liscious

CSR PRODUCTIONS Entertainment Group, 12.05.2004 05:44

Daves Not Here Album Release-"We Likes To Party"

Ignoring The Obvious

Mike Schiller, 12.05.2004 04:54

We have damaged our ability to be productive in Iraq, beyond repair. There is no longer a possibility of an improvement in the situation as long as we remain there. This article explains why.

Meaning of this &quot;beheading&quot;

Joy, 12.05.2004 04:31

Below find a reposted comment from that I found very interesting regarding the killing of Mr. Berg. Is someone trying to distract us from the prison torture story?

The Subversion of Political Activism in America

Phillip Darrell Collins, 12.05.2004 02:33

A Critical Analysis Of Anti-Establishment Movements In America


guy, 12.05.2004 01:36


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