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Israeli Leftist asks court for jail time after convicted in illegal protest”

Nir Hason- Haaretz newspaper, 18.02.2007 15:23

A left-wing activist convicted of participation in an illegal protest against the separation fence on Sunday asked the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court to sentence him to jail time, rather than community service or a suspended sentence. Despite his request, the court decided to issue him a three-month suspended sentence.

Hollywood-Bollywood peace initiative

Allal EL Alaoui, 18.02.2007 14:21

fishe technique My name is Allal el Alaoui .I am a chronicler and cinemagoer.My dream is to see the world united and everybody smiles again.I have written a project with the help of my colleagues and friends namely Razak , Mustapha Hayran , Essafi and Ahmed Bakkali.
My initiative tackles a noble goal that gathers two gigantic dreaming compagnies ,Hollywood and Bollywood, into a glittering and yet artistic night where the world enjoys a wonderful meeting between stars and super-stars , actors and actresses in order to serve global peace without referring to any geographical space nor any ethnic, religious and political status ,but instead this show or event relies on the mutual respect between people and dialog of cultures .

“Terror Storm”

Alex Jones, 18.02.2007 06:34

“TerrorStorm” Watch For Free, Spread The Word Please help us get Terror Storm to as many people as possible!

demo in Vicenza against USA - Vicenza 7 febbraio 2007 [Italy]

tav, 18.02.2007 04:57

demo in Vicenza against USA - Dal Molin
Vicenza 7 febbraio 2007 [Italy]

Full article: No George Monbiot, These Are The Facts of September 11th 2001

John Doraemi, 18.02.2007 03:42

70+ facts about 9/11 the US government and its corporate media propaganda arm would like you to ignore.


Buy VALIUM ONLINE, 18.02.2007 00:19



Big Dave via sam, 17.02.2007 23:13

What? Things aren't always what they seem....

Ex Post Facto

Dan Benbow, 17.02.2007 21:36

This is an article about the Academy's long-time dissing of Martin Scorsese.

a 24 años , de la masacre de Tenango y GUadalupe ( El Salvador)

el nonualco, 17.02.2007 18:20

Hace 24 años, esta zona fue testigo de la masacre de 250 pobladores, en El Tenango y La Cuesta de Guadalupe (cantones del municipio de Suchitoto), un despliegue militar de grandes dimensiones fue realizado por las fuerzas represivas del ejército salvadoreño que actuaron, en dos operativos aniquilando cientos de civiles.

Coos County Sting

Lowell V. Keef Jr., 17.02.2007 17:51

Coos County sting is intended to show how I became involved in a legal nightmare . Most the information I have posted was discovered in less than two months after my son's conviction, although I contacted all the right people.

Demo NO WAR in ITALY - against US base protest, 17.02.2007 17:38

Italians march in US base protest:
Thousands of people are marching in the north-eastern Italian city of Vicenza against a planned extension of the US army base there.

MayDay 2006 DVD - ¡Gigante: Despierta!

submedia, 17.02.2007 16:53

My name is Franklin Lopez and I am collaborating with Indymedia ( on a DVD project about the May Day 2006 migrant rights marches. The working title is ¡Gigante: Despierta! (Giant: Awake!) This DVD project is a compilation of video pieces shot during the May Day 2006 immigrant marches and due to hit the streets several weeks before May 1 of this year.

Buffalo River Dene Nation ---- International Press Release

Press Release Team, 17.02.2007 14:57

The is the first known attempt of an indigenous nation -Buffalo River Dene Nation- located within the politically defined borders of Canada to seek redress at the International Court of Justice in Hague and the European Court of Justice Canada's rampant treaty violations and genocial policies committed against the Buffalo River Dene Nation.

The Mughrabi Gate project

Palestime, 17.02.2007 13:54

Palestine: Save the human values and rights!

Pakistan: politische Lösung für Afghanistan!

pk dawn 16.feb.2007, 17.02.2007 10:19

Ali Jan Mohammad Aurakzai Govener of NWFP
Koalition in Afghanistan soll mit pakistanischen Anstrengungen gleichziehen!
dawn 15.feb.2007: West must match Pakistan’s efforts: Aurakzai: Call for political process in Afghanistan

Army Exploiting Immigrants with Promises of Fast Track Citizenship to in Iraq

playahata, 17.02.2007 09:52

I just found out about this tonight when I was watching a video made by the Iraqi Resistance adressed to the American public and they talked about thousands of soldiers from South American countries lured into the US Army by promises of citizenship to fight on the frontlines and serve as virtual cannon foder for the war.

Afghanistan under occupation: An assessment-Part three

Harvey Thompson via sam, 17.02.2007 03:59

Help offset its economic decline Today, control over the whole of the Central Asian/Caspian region is viewed by the imperialist powers as a vital “life and death” struggle. As the current undisputed military power, the US aims to claim this region for itself, thereby frustrating its rivals in Europe, Japan, Russia and China while obtaining vitally needed resources to help offset its economic decline.

Elle fera quoi, Ségolène, pour des gens comme moi?

Maria Khourma, 17.02.2007 00:49

Pour la première fois en France, une femme, Ségolène Royal du Parti socialiste, a des chances d'accéder à la présidence. Voici quelques points de vue sur le sujet. On peut commenter ces articles sur Sisyphe.


Penelope Rosemont, 17.02.2007 00:14

Saturday, February 17, 2007 the founding convention of the Movement for a Democratic Society takes place. Students for a Democratic Society was reestablished this last summer. The following statement is by Penelope Rosemont, Co-pres/

What to do with a Democratic Congress?

Ian Wilder, 16.02.2007 23:57

1/25/07 Speech to Huntington chapter of the Long Island Progressive Coalition about the course of the new Congress concluded that radical election reform and media reform is the only path to having Congress pass any meaningful reforms.

You can fool some of the people some of the time

Honest Abe, 16.02.2007 23:41

The dam of lies is finally breaking...

Solidarity with the workers of Guinea!

International Communist Party, 16.02.2007 22:45

Four days after its official beginning on Monday, the general strike continues in Guinea. The production of C.G.B, the second leading Bauxite producer in the world, has been halted, the workers also having stopped the trains carrying ore, while the production of the other consortium continues to grind towards a halt (provoking incendiary inflation in the prices of bauxite and aluminum on the world market). All economic activities are paralysed.

UN Peacekeeping Paramilitarism

Stephen Lendman, 16.02.2007 21:00

How UN peacekeepers are used as thuggish paramilitary enforcers for empire.

ASI: Urgent support needed for freedom struggle in Guinea-Conakry! Touch One, Touch All!, 16.02.2007 20:27

African shot in Guinea The African Socialist International calls on urgent support
for the freedom struggle in Guinea-Conakry; raises the slogan, “Touch One! Touch All!”


MOVIMIENTO &quot;TINKU&quot;, 16.02.2007 18:45

Del 16 al 18 de Febrero en Santiago, Chile se realizará el V ENCUENTRO LATINOAMERICANO DE ORGANIZACIONES POPULARES AUTONOMAS ( ELAOPA). Recurrimos a Indymedia Global porque aquí los que administran Indymedia Bolivia violan a diario los principios de Indymedia global al censurar todo los mensaje de nuestra organización.

George Bush Psychotic Legacy Fears Drive Him to Nuke Iran

Karen Fish, 16.02.2007 17:21

Pegasus A psychotic clown in the White House.

Jingle: Mobilization G8 Heiligendamm

Gipfelsoli Infogruppe, 16.02.2007 16:37

there are radio-jingles for international mobilization online. they are
made quite short and even reporting about ALL mobilizations, for having
it distributed widely. at the end it is referring to

Ethiopian Prime Minister: &quot;We Don't Need Doctors&quot;

Don Bassman, 16.02.2007 16:34

Astonished health officials and physicians were stunned when Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi told a recent health care conference "We don't need doctors in Ethiopia....Let the doctors leave to wherever they want." Witnesses pointed out that Ethiopia has some of the world's most desperate health-care problems and were shocked by the Prime Minister's comments.


3D1on, 16.02.2007 16:34

form factor Welcome to my b'log! To see the first chapter, advance to page 432 on the newswire search dated 24.01.2007 17:36.
last: das: Ammo Against Cynicism; Shenaniganing ISP; Sexblog Slumming

ici, maintenant: My Present Take On Form Factor; Pwning Puters, Phu-u-uk...

Touch One! Touch All! ASI makes urgent call for support

African Socialist International, 16.02.2007 15:23

Chernoh Alpha M. Bah, Africanist Movement Leader The following statement comes from Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the Interim Committee of the African Socialist International (ASI). The African Socialist International is an international party of African revolutionaries. The ASI has as its historical mission the unification and liberation of Africa under an all-African socialist government under the leadership of the African working class and poor peasantry. The ASI calls on all who receive this document to forward it to as many contacts as possible and distribute it around the world in order to lend support to the just struggles on the ground in Guinea-Conakry, West Africa.

The Health Care Racket: PAUL KRUGMAN ; Dick Cheney’s Dangerous Son-in-Law

PAUL KRUGMAN: The New York Times, 16.02.2007 15:17

KRUGMAN: In our health insurance system, resources that could have been used to pay for medical care are instead wasted in a zero-sum struggle over who ends up with the bill.


A Bolsa de Petróleo do Irão ameaça o dólar

Mike Whitney, 16.02.2007 13:42

A administração Bush quer a todo custo impedir que o governo iraniano abra uma bolsa que comercie o petróleo em euros [1] . Se isto acontecer, centenas de milhares de milhões de dólares seriam despejados de volta nos Estados Unidos, esmagando a moeda verde e destruindo a sua economia.

Indymedia UK shutting down

IMC, 16.02.2007 11:32

The UK Indymedia site is shutting down as from this weekend

A GOY-less Media and Kosher Wars

Mohamed Khodr, 16.02.2007 10:16

The most powerful tool for Israel's interests and Lobby is the Media. It ensures through intimidation or exclusion that political views and foreign poicy in our nation serve Israel, not America's interests. The Media "accentuates Israel's Positives and Eliminates Israel's Negatives" contributing to America's ignorance on Israel's brutality and our continued billions, weapons, vetoes and spilling of American blood to fight its wars. Yesterday it was Iraq, tomorrow Iran.

Hold Your Breath - JULAI the butterfly - goes Hollywoodie

dingo and geronimo, 16.02.2007 09:14

wow wow wowie HOLLYWOOD is making the Julia - New Age - Recycler - MOVIE !!!
imagine - AND I BET NONE OF THE 100 peopel - mostly bums and riff raff who made it haoppen - many of them months before she arrived - will have any part - any say - any meaning - in this glitzy waste of money... I wonder why we risked our life - our liberty - our health and our time...

Australia: Get Up campaign for David Hicks

Postcard Pundit, 16.02.2007 06:09

Bring David Hicks home Use our newest technology to send your own message to a resident of John Howard's electorate of Bennelong, in Sydney's North, asking them to join the call for justice. We'll compile every personal message and hand-deliver an individual letter to every home in Bennelong. We'll also give every resident there a Bring David Hicks Home postcard to fill in and send straight to the Prime Minister's office.

New, Stunning 9/11 documentary

Brother Raymond, 16.02.2007 02:57

Reopen 9/11


Dan Roberts via sam, 16.02.2007 02:43

The SHORTWAVE REPORT A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, China, Cuba, and Russia.

Ethiopian Strongman Zenawi: America's new Mobutu?

Don Bassman, 16.02.2007 02:36

Monday's (Feb. 19) trial in Ethiopia of a group of human rights advocates, social scientists, journalists, social entrepeneurs and lawyers will be closely watched in the US and abroad as a true test of the committment to democratic values by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. His recent 'victory' in Somalia is seen merely as a smokescreen which blinds the United States community to his own internal human rights abuses.

Online video footage of UC Santa Barbara Anti-Iraq War Protest

Norman Douglas Bradley, 16.02.2007 01:24

Online video footage of UC Santa Barbara anti-Iraq War Protest

“Vulture Fund” Company Seeks $40 Million Payment from Zambia on $4 Million Debt

Democracy Now!, 16.02.2007 01:21

“Vulture Fund” “Vulture fund” companies buy up the debt of poor countries at cheap prices, and then demand payments much higher than the original amount of the debt, often taking poor countries to court when they cannot afford to repay. Investigative journalist Greg Palast reports on one company trying to collect $40 million from the government of Zambia after buying its debt for $4 million.

Venezuela's Economic Revolution Continues

GuerrillaWarUSA, 15.02.2007 21:52

President Hugo Chavez Frias of Venezuela Hugo Chavez's revolutionary government continues action to nationalize key economic areas and lower prices for staple foods.

&gt; Through the Roof: A Natural History

professor Rick Mitchell, 15.02.2007 21:20

> Tuesday, February 27, 2007 at 7:30
> Through the Roof: A Natural History
> A staged-reading of a new play about "Natural
> Disaster" by Cal State Northridge professor Rick
> Mitchell. The play is about two people who meet on a
> rooftop in New Orleans while escaping rising
> floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina. They
> inadvertently travel back in history, to New Orleans
> and California, and discover that race, gender, and
> natural catastrophe are never far removed. The play
> is based, in part, on recent interviews with Katrina
> survivors. Produced by Cal State Northridge as part
> of a grant from the California Council for the
> Humanities

Afghanistan under occupation: An assessment—Part 2

Harvey Thompson via sam, 15.02.2007 21:18

Stop the Bombing Shortly after the US-led invasion of 2001, international donors committed roughly US$5 billion for Afghan reconstruction.

The strange case of the Australian PM and the American Senator

Patrick O’Connor via sam, 15.02.2007 20:54

Denouncing the US Democrats These issues are being deliberately censored because the entire Australian political and media establishment is complicit in the war crimes of the Bush administration and the Howard government.

Naturally Blood Thirsty

Harris Brio, 15.02.2007 18:29

Zionist Daycare Parade The war has been going on for some time in Iraq, but it seems Americans just can’t have enough of it. Christian supporters who backed the invasion of Iraq, to boost Bible sales. Now are readying themselves for next big Bible dump, in Iran.

Countless Christian supporters of the Iraq war say, “as long as civilians aren’t intentionally being killed... Killing them is OK.” The world is left wondering why the blood-lust why the love of carnage by American Evangelicals. This complex issue has been taken up by several medical professionals. These professionals claim, Bush’s Christian supporters rarely see news coverage. The US media doesn’t show death and destruction on TV, especially at dinner time.

But the internet does, in fact the internet shows death and destruction all the time. Just type, “dead Iraqis,’ in your favorite search engine and you’ll see it. The only problem is Evangelicals have been told, “dead Iraqis,” really aren’t dead, but liberated.

Gegen Kriminalisierung der kurdischen Bewegung

Informationstelle Kurdistan, 15.02.2007 16:20

Bei Razzien in Paris sind am Montag 13 Personen kurdischer Herkunft festgenommen worden. Eine weitere Person wurde an der Grenze nach Belgien aufgrund eines europäischen Haftbefehls festgenommen. Die Razzien fanden zeitgleich früh morgens im Kurdischen Kulturzentrum Ahmet Kaya, im Informationszentrum Kurdistan sowie in mehreren Privatwohnungen statt. Im Verein und im Informationszentrum wurden in Abwesenheit der Nutzer die Türen aufgebrochen und die Einrichtung verwüstet. Beschlagnahmt wurden mehrere Akten und Computer.


3D1on, 15.02.2007 14:52

0 last: Electronic Press

das: Ammo Against Cynicism; Shenaniganing ISPs; Sexblog Slumming

Yet another house squatted in Freiburg, Germany

Black Forest Cherry Pie, 15.02.2007 14:36

Students and anarchists squat yet another house in Freiburg --- great article with super images:

Cuatro días de derroche, 15.02.2007 13:38

Cada bailarín debe tener entre $us 170 y $us 890 sólo para el disfraz y la banda. Las más caras son la diablada y la morenada. Para los 4 días de fiesta estarán los mejores grupos musicales del país.

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