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Southern SDS, 23.02.2007 04:30

Call put out by Students for a Democratic Society for nationally coordinated local anti-war demonstrations against the Iraq War on March 20, 2007.

9 11 truth will bring us together. We are all one human family. Fact! They killed OUR Brothers and Sisters!

Dino Gagliasso, 23.02.2007 03:46

This is a letter I sent to my Mayor.

Something is going down at the public schools

x, 23.02.2007 01:01

protect your kids

Concerning the American Liberal Intelligencia

TruthMove, 23.02.2007 00:02

Q: What do Daniel Ellsberg, Howard Zinn, Medea Benjamin, Robert McChesney, Gore Vidal, Thom Hartmann, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Doris "Granny D" Haddock, Ray McGovern, Paul Hawken, David Cobb, Randy Hayes, Ernest Callenbach, Dennis Bernstein, Paul H. Ray, Michael Franti, Janeane Garafalo and Ed Asner all have in Common?

A: All of these leading liberal voices believe that 9/11 may have been an inside operation.


Pam White, 22.02.2007 23:56

Says all the citizens in the state will be
positively affected

AUSTRALIA: &quot;Chain up Cheney/Troops out of Iraq&quot; - Cheney visit protest in Melbourne

pc via sam, 22.02.2007 23:23

Chain up Cheney While the main protest at Dick Cheney's visit was held in Sydney, members of Melbourne's anti-war and civil rights movements marked the occasion yesterday (Thursday) outside the Nike store on Bourke/Swanston ...

AUSTRALIA: Police Violence at Sydney Anti-Cheney Carnival

Elliot K via sam, 22.02.2007 21:59

Police Violence at Sydney Anti-Cheney Carnival Thursday, February 22, 2007: 10 arrested by violent thugs as Cheney protesters gather in Sydney

El lugar donde los terroristas imperan

Andres Gomez. Director de Areitodigital, 22.02.2007 21:24

Santiago Álvarez y Osvaldo Mitat, quienes de acuerdo a declaraciones de autoridades federales, entraron ilegalmente al país, por estas playas, a bordo del barco Santrina a Posada Carriles, y que están presos desde hace un poco más de un año por habérseles encontrado un arsenal de armas, municiones y explosivos, recientemente, el pasado 17 de enero, le entregaron a las autoridades, a través de sus abogados, otro arsenal de armas, municiones y explosivos, propiedad de ellos, que incluía ametralladoras, explosivos C-4, dinamita, detonadores y lanza granadas, aún mayor que el primer arsenal, con el propósito de llegar a otro acuerdo con la fiscalía para que se le rebajaran sus condenas por posesión del primer arsenal.

The Howard government, RAMSI, and the April 2006 Solomon Islands’ riots Part 2

Patrick O’Connor via sam, 22.02.2007 21:17

The conclusion RAMSI The Howard government immediately moved to derail the official investigation, using all the dirty tricks at its disposal. Former Australian Federal Court Justice Marcus Einfeld, who was appointed head of the inquiry, became the target of an extraordinary media witchhunt in Australia, ostensibly over an unpaid $77 speeding fine. Following Einfeld’s announcement that he was resigning from the Solomons’ investigation, the barrage of sensationalist stories disappeared from the headlines as suddenly as they had emerged.


MARK MCGOWAN, 22.02.2007 21:04

In a performance called “Dead Soldier,” Mark McGowan dressed up in army fatigues and lay down in New Street, in Birmingham City Centre, curled up in a ball for one week.

&quot;Money Trumps Peace&quot;: &quot;Turkmenistan seen to be suffering&quot;

Michael McGehee, 22.02.2007 17:09

On Valentines Day our beloved President, George W Bush, admitted that "money trumps peace." As he admitted, this is a "problem... in general." In previous writings I have explored the meanings of his term (namely, that his honesty was expressed towards others and that he would never be so honest to apply that phrase to ourselves), but today I will briefly apply it to Turkmenistan.

Belgique: La descente aux enfers avec Laurette Onkelinx

Max Vries, 22.02.2007 11:53

La Wallonie survivra-t-elle à ses projets de lois?

Japan “Twisting Arms” of Asian Neighbors to Take Toxic Waste

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 22.02.2007 11:10

New Evidence Proves Japan’s Intent to Export Toxic Waste to Asian Countries

Présidentielles 2007 : opération &quot;bouteilles à la rue&quot;

Bouteilles à la rue, 22.02.2007 10:59

Flyer Les élections approchent. Que nous mettions ou non un bulletin dans l’urne, nous serons très nombreux à ressentir cette échéance comme une nouvelle occasion perdue de pouvoir exprimer une aspiration en votant. Nous sommes fatigués d’être méprisés et niés. Le 22 avril et le 6 mai 2007, que nous votions ou pas, écrivons nos propositions ou nos rêves, et mettons ces textes dans une bouteille, comme on jette une bouteille à la mer.

Water sources in the Philippines contaminated by electronics production

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 22.02.2007 10:50

Significant levels of toxic chemicals are contaminating important water sources in the Philippines, Greenpeace revealed today during a press conference in Quezon City. Greenpeace made the expose in the report ‘Cutting Edge Contamination: A study of environmental pollution during the manufacture of electronic products'.

I poteri forti in Italia contro i movimenti

saigon, 22.02.2007 10:19

Già tempo fa proposi l’osservazione che la lotta NO TAV avrebbe incontrato notevoli resistenze da parte di coloro che avrebbero beneficiato della incredibile massa di miliardi in gioco.

Identiche resistenze da parte dei poteri forti si ripropone per la lotta NO DAL MOLIN per le identiche ragioni di interessi economici in gioco e non solo per la realizzazione di Ederle 2 ma, specialmente, per gli indiretti contributi all’industria italiana nelle commesse di Guerra (penso al caro Bersani che si è recato giorni fa a Washington per firmare l’accordo per la costruzione dei caccia F 35).

We'll be fighting in the streets

SOMEBODY, 22.02.2007 05:28


AUSTRALIA: The bullyboys are putting pressure on stealing our water resources

Water is us, 22.02.2007 02:39

Stop them stealing the community's resources The feds want control of our water resources and they want it bad. This material has been generated by John Howard's ABC in the last couple of days. Please read the list and then the reposted article below. Stop them stealing the community's resources. It belongs to the community and it's the taxpayers 10 Billion not John Howard's.

April 15-22: Week-Long National Impeachment Boycott, Rallies

Not Buying It - Solari, 22.02.2007 02:20

Please repost and forward this, and plan to take part in this week of unprecedented actions for peace and justice. Consider joining the week-long protests in DC.

Cover Up

Eugene Plawiuk, 22.02.2007 02:08

The ex Supreme Court Justice John Major's appointed by Harper to conduct a public hearing into the Air India F.U. has discovered that like the Arar Inquiry the State has marshelled all their forces in a united front called National Security.

The RCMP, CSIS, Foreign Affairs, the whole crew of bunglers has blacked out what could be incriminating evidence, refusing the Justice to even preview it in private.

And what could their reason be?

IRAQ, 22.02.2007 00:32


Proposed coal plants equivalent to putting 14000 cars on the road

Texas Business for Clean Air, 21.02.2007 23:32

The coal plants are bad for everyone. The plans of TXU and the other operators promise to increase emissions of carbon dioxide enormously. The proposed TXU plants alone would more than double the company’s emissions of carbon dioxide (the most important global warming gas) from 55 to 133 million tons, the equivalent to putting 14 million cars on the road – more than the total number of cars in the Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso combined.

Palestinian President to US Secretary: &quot;Sorry, No Regime Change&quot;

Ira Glunts, 21.02.2007 23:24

Abbas and Rice In An Uncomfortable Moment The climax of the tri-lateral summit came when Secretary Rice directly told an already browbeaten President Abbas that he should never have accepted the Saudi deal. She reminded Abbas, who she mockingly calls Mahmoud, that President Bush had offered him $86 billion dollars in arms to vanquish Hamas [4] and that both the Americans and Israelis have concluded "he is a wimp" for not fighting the Hamas terrorists. Despite their disappointment, it is clear that the Americans will not cut their ties to Abbas. "If we can starve the people into getting rid of Hamas, Mahmoud is the best we can get right now as a replacement," a highly placed Israeli official stated.

Whose Carbon Is It, Anyway?

Earth Blog, 21.02.2007 22:35

This article is about the carbon emissions that many of us don’t know about, or perhaps choose to ignore. It is about the carbon emissions that are only indirectly related to what we do, but are most certainly caused by what we do. It is also about the way we behave, and how that can have a huge impact on those hidden carbon emissions.

Food for Thought About Global Warming

Bruce Friedrich, 21.02.2007 22:05

Despite the wave of frigid air that swept in with the new year, 2006 was the warmest year on record in the United States.

The Howard government, RAMSI, and the April 2006 Solomon Islands’ riots Part 1

Patrick O’Connor via sam, 21.02.2007 21:13

April 2006 Solomon Islands’ riots Taken together, what is known about the events of April 18-19, 2006 leaves little doubt that Australian forces were deliberately stood down in order to allow for an extended eruption of violence. Certainly the least plausible explanation is that offered by Castles and other Australian officials.

Carta de Charo la prostituta a Ségolène Royal

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 21.02.2007 20:45

La remitente explica a la candidata a la presidencia de la República por el Partido Socialista francés que la última no tiene derecho a otorgarse la representación de las ciudadanas, como muestra aquélla en la actualidad francesa del 21 de febrero.

Cheney’s trip to Japan and Australia: the preparation for new war crimes

SEP Australia via sam, 21.02.2007 20:33

War Crimes Cheney’s talks with political leaders in Japan and Australia constitute gatherings of what can only be described as an international criminal cabal. Behind the backs of ordinary people, sordid deals will be done to escalate the criminal violence emanating from Washington. In exchange for ongoing US support, Abe and Howard will be expected, at the very least, to echo US lies and fabrications about Tehran in the UN and other forums, as they did in relation to Iraq, thus providing a veneer of international support for further Bush administration war crimes.

Carta de Charo la prostituta a Ségolène Royal

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 21.02.2007 20:25

La remitente explica a la candidata a la presidencia de la República por el Partido Socialista francés que la última no tiene derecho a otorgarse la representación de las ciudadanas, como muestra aquélla en la actualidad francesa del 21 de febrero.

Van Nuys Woman Named As Finalist in National Search for America's Greatest Hometown Hero

Haberman &amp; Associates, 21.02.2007 19:41

Robina Suwol recognized in 5th Annual Volvo for life Awards,
honored for her fight to prevent harmful chemicals being used on
school grounds


unomás, 21.02.2007 19:34

As the trial against AAA (1) (TRIPLE A) has been re-activated and accelerated by Judge Oyarbide who has required to Spain the extradition of Isabel Peron (2), Sergio Ortíz has attacked the RCP(3)once again.

Presidential candidate John Edwards: Israel biggest threat to world peace

Toby Harnden - Variety, 21.02.2007 18:21

2008 Memo: Don't Mess With Israel

No a los móviles para niñ@s

Jóvenes verdes, 21.02.2007 17:44

A mediados de febrero, Movistar presentó en la feria de Barcelona de nuevas tecnologías ligadas al móvil, destinados a niños de 6 a 10 años, es el WIN1. Jóvenes Verdes al conocer esta noticia, denunció que "con el móvil y la salud no se juega", las compañías que apoyan este tipo de productos están obviando los problemas para la salud y para su desarrollo social.

Por ello, Jóvenes Verdes te propone mandar una carta a Movistar y a Imaginarium, completando el formulario que aparece más abajo.


unomás, 21.02.2007 15:55

As the trial against AAA (1) (TRIPLE A) has been re-activated and accelerated by Judge Oyarbide who has required to Spain the extradition of Isabel Peron (2), Sergio Ortíz has attacked the RCP(3)once again.

An Invitation to Promote Ethical Corporate Behavior Through TIAA-CREF Investments

International Coaltion of Activists, 21.02.2007 15:17

YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE IN POWERFUL TIAA-CREF TO MAKE THEM CLEAN UP OTHERS' IRRESPONSIBLE CORPORATE BEHAVIOR THEY ARE CURRENTLY DECIDING ON ISSUES AND COMPANIES TO TAKE ON. YOUR CALLS AND EMAILS ARE NEEDED RIGHT NOW Tell TIAA-CREF that if they remain invested in Coke, Wal-Mart, Costco, Nike, Altria/Philip Morris, and Chevron, that they should direct their proven record of shareholder advocacy to change these company's irresponsible behavior. And ask them to add low-income area community investment and social venture capital to their socially responsible fund. If you are a TIAA-CREF participant, say that. Call and ask for CEO Herbert Allison at 800-842-2733; 212-490-9000 (leave message with an assistant), plus email him at (copies to ).

Anti-biotech Workshop in PGA weeting.Hamburg 23-25.02

order81, 21.02.2007 13:19

3 texts about biotechnology to be presented in a workshop within Peoples Global Action Meeting in Rote Flora. Hamburg

La diputada de IU Isaura Navarro pide al gobierno que paralice la destrucción de la fosa común de Valencia, 21.02.2007 12:38

fosa común del cementerio de Valencia

Renowned Jewish Scholar Object of University of Helsinki Hiring Scandal

N. Rockefeller, 21.02.2007 11:40

University of Helsinki authorities to investigate for irregularities and slander in hiring process at Swedish School of Social Sciences. International scholar calls for major overhaul to "amateurish" hiring practises.

U.S. Diplomacy Aborts Jerusalem Summit, Shuns Arab Allies

Nicola Nasser*, 21.02.2007 10:20

Instead of building a diplomatic momentum on the political breakthrough mediated by their Saudi Arabian ally who succeeded in developing an Arab and Palestinian consensus on going along with the U.S.-steered Quartet efforts to revive the deadlocked peace process, the American diplomacy has turned their sponsored Palestinian – Israeli summit meeting in Jerusalem on Monday from a promising event into a missed opportunity, thus shaking off a burgeoning potential for a more coordinated regional U.S. – Arab front.

The Courage to Resist and The Need to Listen

T. LaBee, 21.02.2007 09:01

Why Iraq GI War Resistors Need To Be Heard

India’s 11th Plan : A critical view of PC’s Approach Paper

S. Mohammed Irshad, 21.02.2007 09:00

Since completing one and a half decades of liberalisation the current policy dilemma confronting the governance is how to replace the state owned capital to private/corporate capital. Though the private corporate capital hinges upon the public domain; ‘the state’ is in a dilemma to carry over this policy. This dilemma is the result of public especially the impoverished huge mass’s visible upsurge of the discontent against the policy. Hence, this dilemma is highly visible in the contemporary development debate and public documents as well. So PC Approach Paper for 11th FYP should be viewed with reference to this dilemma


Nexus magazine, 21.02.2007 05:08

Pharma conspiracy


3D1on, 21.02.2007 04:30

Welcome to my (uneditted) b'log! To see the first chapter, advance to page 432 on the newswire search dated 24.01.2007 17:36.
Creative Opposition POEM; The End Of The Establishment GNOUVELLE FRAMES
today: The Age Of Multitrack Desktop Music; Beginning Of The End Of iTechblog

Forest Farming- The Ecological Approach to Forest Management

j.a. kendrick, 21.02.2007 03:18

Forest Farm Management Principles constitute an Ecological Approach to Forest Management. Our efforts to find a balance between conservation and judicious utilization of the forest's abundant resources, are vital to the future of our planet earth and the survival of humans as a species.

Vicenza: 200.000 people marched against the new US Army Camp &quot;Dal Molin&quot;., 21.02.2007 00:21

17th of February 2007 was the "NoDalMolin day". This demonstration represented one great challenge. A bet has been won. A challenge that now is going to continue. A new movement, a determined and joyful multitude of beyond 150.000 people has invaded the city to say NO to the new US Army Base in the name of a future without war. Amato (Home Office minister) and Prodi's (premier) provocations were rejected, and nobody was intimidated by government's threats of tensions. A multitude of people arrived in Vicenza on his own, by bus or by train. In this feature, you will find news, photos and audios collected during this extraordinary mobilisation against the Dal Molin Base and against the War.

New Iraq Oil Law To Open Iraq's Oil Reserves to Western Companies

Democracy Now!, 20.02.2007 23:41

Oil Resource Wars The Iraqi blogger Raed Jarrar has obtained a copy of the proposed oil law and has just translated it into English. He discusses the new law with Antonia Juhasz, author of "The Bush Agenda: Invading the World One Economy at a Time.”

Free Sarah Wykes!

Free the Oiler Investigator!, 20.02.2007 22:55

Activist Sarah Wykes illegealy held in Angolan Prison

No end to deadly Bolivian floods

BBC, 20.02.2007 21:58

At least 35 people have died and 10 are missing in Bolivia as a result of floods caused by months of heavy rain.

US troops terrorize Baghdad in “Operation Law and Order”

Kate Randall via sam, 20.02.2007 21:41

Death toll was nearing the 100-per-day While in the initial days of the operation sectarian violence and deaths appeared to decline, by Sunday the death toll was nearing the 100-per-day Baghdad residents have come to expect. Three car bombs exploded in mainly Shia areas of the city, killing at least 67 and injuring more than 120.

Carta de la señorita Marple a Ségolène Royal

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 20.02.2007 20:01

La señorita Marple indica a Ségolène Royal que la estrategia de la campaña actual de la misma podrían producir resultados inesperados en la segunda vuelta de las presidenciales, pero ésta estaría demasiado comprometida en un modelo que la remitente considera excesivamente cargado de rasgos neogolistas.

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