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Cliche: Bush Protested Everywhere He Goes Pix

marco, 15.05.2004 08:07

drop bush not bombs Hundreds protested bush along the border to Ozaukee
and Milwaukee counties prior to Bush arriving to address
the graduating class of Concordia College.

The soldier checked all of our bags but one/ From Palestine with Love

Zajel-An-Najah National University, 15.05.2004 07:24

We carried our bags and started to run as fast as we could. After about 5 minutes of running an explosion came from the bag that the Israelis took from us. They had put a sound bomb in it, which caused us to have great psychological shock and hallucinations

I have to take an exam today- Students Updates from Palestine

Zajel-An-Najah National University/Palestine, 15.05.2004 06:21

I have to take an exam today.

Stifling—Japan in a word

Nedroj, 15.05.2004 05:07

Coming from Portland Oregon, it seems like the end of the world.

Nick Berg and Daniel Pearle part of the same CIA/Mossad Conspiracy?

Whorealdo, 15.05.2004 03:52

Nick Berg and Daniel Pearle part of the same CIA/Mossad Conspiracy?

Virus: inteligence of Bill Gates and dullness of justice.

Pires Portugal, 15.05.2004 02:23

The author of virus Sasser that it had ruined milions of PCs in the whole world and caused astronomics damages, was imprisoned and rank in freedom after having confessed. I remember that Bill Gates had offers 250,000 USS to who offered information for its capture. Virus: inteligence of Bill Gates and dullness of justice.

On an Iraqi &quot;hometown&quot;

Posted by jamie from, 15.05.2004 02:10


After reading the article below I am more convinced than ever that the U.S. can not “win” in Iraq. The best our leaders could hope for in that country would be a situation very similar to that between Israel and the people Of Palestine. Constantly at war with a people whose just rights and dignity had been trampled and who would never give up because "everything" had been stolen from them. How could anyone wish that on a nation which they supposedly love and are sworn to protect?

I am inspired by the example of resistance shown to all the world by the people of Fallujah. As I write now, I’m listening to an internet radio interview ( with a journalist who was there during the U.S. assault on that city. “All the people: young and old, men and women, able bodied, sick and injured, Sunni and Shia were united against the invader in the defense of their "hometown.” The people of the United States, in all their "hometowns" must resist this policy of their leaders until that policy is changed.

Don't buy gas day - May 19th

Unknown - Was forwarded to me, 15.05.2004 01:54

This email is making the rounds. Let's fight back at the oil companies. May 19th is being selected as "Don't buy gas day!"


NGVFA - Debbie Fellows, 15.05.2004 01:20

A sick Non-Deployed but vaccinated Gulf War Veteran is hunger striking until the British Government holds a public enquiry.

OFFICE TEL. NO. 01482 808730 OR FAX 01482 808731
24 HOUR HELPLINE 01482 833812 FAX NO 01482 833816

&quot;CIA did it to take the heat off the Pentagon&quot;--NBC reporter

Anonymous, 15.05.2004 00:24

"...the CIA did it to take the heat off the Pentagon"--NBC reporter stated tonight prime time news, continuing, "...a story that will not die easily here in the Arab world".
NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, May 12th

Mosul Police Chief Denies Detaining Slain American Nicholas Berg

The Associated Press, 15.05.2004 00:17

Iraqi police never detained an American whose decapitated body was found last week in Baghdad, the police chief said Thursday, despite U.S. insistence that Nicholas Berg was held by local authorities here shortly before he disappeared last month.

Berg Story Debunked - Statement did NOT say 'al-Qaeda'

OCTAVIA NASR, CNN Sr. Editor for Arab Affairs, 15.05.2004 00:14

How the US CIA/Mililtary/Bush Administration Killed Another American

PaulJanaHoward, 15.05.2004 00:09

The liars in the Bush Administration were in another big mess.

It goes on and on and on and on.

From the farce that was 911 ­ to the capturing and imprisonment (and later release) of Afghani goat herders in Guantanamo Bay ­ while Bin Laden and his lieutenants were "escorted" to safety into Pakistan by their handlers - the CIA.

No ties between Hussein and Bin Laden (mortal enemies).

No weapons of Mass Destruction (We KNOW where they are).

A gross lie

--Wilfredo., 14.05.2004 23:59


JUNE 16 BC School Boycott

Farrell Segall, 14.05.2004 22:56

BC Students have had enough cuts and punishment.
A Province wide showdown is planned for all schools, universities and educational institutions by students on June 16th, 2004

The Berg Mystery

Sceptic, 14.05.2004 22:53

What to make of all this?


Not In Our Name bayarea, 14.05.2004 22:37

On June 26th, Not In Our Name will be presenting
an art show fundraiser to raise money to send
people to the protests at the Republican
National Convention in New York City, which is
being held August 29th through September 2nd.

Price of being head of state

IMF, 14.05.2004 22:19

It's a tough game of trying to prove who is less Evil.

Findings from a New National Poll show support for Impeachment, Growing Opposition to War on Terrorism

Reposter, 14.05.2004 21:19

Opposition to War on Terrorism


Jose A Galan, 14.05.2004 21:09


George W. is Mr. Burns

badger10, 14.05.2004 20:53

I call him "Monty"

¡Buscando para Traductores!

The Committee to Elect No One (EEUU), 14.05.2004 20:44

El Comité para Elegir Nadie (en los EEUU) está buscando para alguien a ayudar a traducir partes de un web-site y propaganda anarchista. Necesitamos a individuo que lee inglés y escribe buen español.

Rebels: al-Zarqawi, Top Iraq Terrorist Dead

23, 14.05.2004 20:37

How can a dead man behead Berg?
By the way, the man was an invalid, unlike the man
who acted in the video as his killer.
We are fooled again. Berg was killed before, the beheading was staged.

Allegation of Price Fixing is a case of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black.

Richard Voigt, 14.05.2004 20:02

The Canadian Government wants to look into price fixing in regards to gas prices, I allege the inquiry has to find the fault is poor policy.

Keep hands out of YLE

Pro Finnish public service campaign, 14.05.2004 19:57

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yleisradio(YLE)
is threatend by privatizing frenzy "enthusiasts"
who declare that YLE is nothing more than a
large, bureaucratic apparatus.

Torture as an Instrument of Ideology

Onyango Oloo, 14.05.2004 19:27

This is a link to an essay that makes the argument that torture has been part of US imperialism's tool kit for a very long time.

Homeless create their own home in Tent City

Liz Bewsee, 14.05.2004 19:11

After the closing of a tempoary homeless shelter in Springfield, the homeless of the city set up camp on the Bishops front lawn and call it home.

Homeless create their own home in Tent City

Liz Bewsee, 14.05.2004 19:10

After the closing of a tempoary homeless shelter in Springfield, the homeless of the city set up camp on the Bishops front lawn and call it home.

Homeless create their own home in Tent City

Liz Bewsee, 14.05.2004 19:08

After the closing of a tempoary homeless shelter in Springfield, the homeless of the city set up camp on the Bishops front lawn and call it home.

Forget Iraq - U.S.Govt. &quot;Tortures&quot; its own American prisoners!

k.hawley, 14.05.2004 18:24

Forget Iraq - U.S.Govt. "Tortures" its own American prisoners!

Nick Berg decapitation video a fraud?


Nick Berg decapitation video declared "a fraud" by medical doctor

Socially-conscious music

Salem, 14.05.2004 16:47

Seattle-based socially conscious music and involvement with independent projects.


Janetta Van Rooyen-Delport-Ells, 14.05.2004 16:23

There are three indications of an oppressor: he/she oppresses those above him/her by insubordination, he/she oppresses those below him/her by being domineering, and he/she supports other oppressors.

&quot;who allowed you to open the door?&quot; Students Stories from Palestine

Najah NAtional University/Zajel Program, 14.05.2004 16:12

I began to regret that I wanted to visit my family in Saudi Arabia. At last they allowed us to pass, but they had stolen the pleasure of the visit.

U.S. rulers are in a panic to stop the flow of &quot;bad news&quot; from Iraq

joe, 14.05.2004 14:27

Our leaders are working double time to spin the news and throw ups smoke screens to cover up the disater of their crimes in Iraq. Don't let them succeed!

Gimping: Rusharon

£, 14.05.2004 13:59

£tough self-criticize!

I have to walk through the check point -Students of Palestine

An-Najah National University, 14.05.2004 13:54

We were on the way to our homes last week when an Israeli tank stopped us. They investigated and questioned us for a long time, while we were forced to knell down on our knees. They finally called on us,

An Open Letter To Iraqi Citizens

Kamran Hesham, 14.05.2004 13:24

The release of the gory images of the rape, torture and murder of Iraqi citizens by occupation forces only goes to show the real "culture" of the nations that have illegally invaded and occupied a sovereign state. If present day Iraq is to ever become a free country there has to be a popular revolution to eliminate and expel the occupying forces.

We were forced us to lie on the ground / Violations of Palestinian Students

zajel-An-Najah National University, 14.05.2004 13:00

They checked our identities, and beat up one of the guys They were beating him with their guns on his legs in front of our eyes. They checked our bags, took out our clothes, and left us waiting in the rain. We had to wait for one hour in such windy and rainy conditions.

A what and how to do the rite thinkg about World Bank Corruption (May Top $100 Bln)

yahoo news via piet, 14.05.2004 12:36

not all diseases have their healing herb growing right beside it but you can count on/out a cure too. Call to limber up for the trace carrying chores ahead. Targeting Anti-War folks

Concerned, 14.05.2004 12:05 has published names and groups on its website in order to encourage harassment and intimidation against progressives for their anti-war views.

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Manuel Fischer, 14.05.2004 12:00

The Role of Petroleum in Violent Conflicts - a conference paper about the swisspeace annual conference.

Peace Now rejects calls to cancel Saturday peace protest

haaretz via gehrig (reoiatse), 14.05.2004 08:50

Peace Now is under pressure to cancel their planned Tel Aviv rally calling for withdrawal from Gaza. "The Families' Forum, a project of the Bereaved Families Supporting Peace,

when we were just waiting for death / An-Najah National University-Right to Education/Palestine

Zajel- An-Najah National University, 14.05.2004 06:36

. I will never forget when we were just waiting for death, our turn to die, tears, fear, worry, screams, blood. I will never forget the scene of the dead bodies, which were mixed with garbage and the streets dust.

Thought Reading Capacity

..., 14.05.2004 06:07

This is a pretty well-researched paper on the present capacity of thought reading technologically from open science and technology sources

Berg Father &amp; Firm were on a Right-Wing 'Enemies' List

Fintan Dunne Editor,, 14.05.2004 05:24

Nick Berg Berg's Father and Firm
Were On A Right-Wing
'Enemies' List EXCLUSIVE

The family firm of beheaded American Nick Berg, was named by a conservative website in a list of 'enemies' of the Iraq occupation. That could explain his arrest by Iraqi police --a detention which fatally delayed his planned return from Iraq and may have led directly to his death.

Homeland Security making firms rich

Stone Cold, 14.05.2004 04:41

Homeland Security, rising from Bush's connections in the Skull and Bones Society, is making his old friends rich

For 8 days in May, Truckers closed the Port of Oakland

Daniel Borgström, 14.05.2004 03:44

For eight days in May, the Port of Oakland was virtually shut down by truckers striking for better conditions. The same port had been closed down by antiwar protesters just three weeks before, so a small contingent of us from Direct Action to Stop the War (DASW) joined them as a community support group and reported their struggle on Indymedia.


David Grimes, 14.05.2004 03:02


How the Nazis found a box of Soviet Gold

Alan Clark, 14.05.2004 02:37

Uncle Adolf decided to liberate Russia. But the Russian people disagreed and ended up liberating German instead. The following are some methods of their disagreements. or How 4 nazis lost their heads in search for Soviet Gold.

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