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We The World Comes TO Austin Texas to Promote World Peace

Donald Iarussi MFA, 10.03.2007 23:36

Award winning Musician , and founder of Rick Ulfik is in Austin, Texas to promote World Peace and his group We The World

A propos des téléphones portables

Régis FAGUELIN, 10.03.2007 22:37

Couverture livre 2 livres sur les effets des tel portable

AUSTRALIA: Lib/Lab Truth Scale TV

Soothsayer, 10.03.2007 22:30

Net Foreign Debt Promises Board! Yeah there was Johnny Howard lecturing about how the Liberals could lead NSW with a Peter Debnam's 'Let's fix NSW' campaign. But the way I see it they know how to 'fix it', all right! In more criminal ways than one. You just have to think like a war criminal and invite the spirits in for a chat about history...

Reseña del 5to Aniversario de RAIZ - Perú

RAIZ, 10.03.2007 21:55

En la casa donde viviera el ilustre pensador José Carlos Mariátegui y con la presencia de aproximadamente cincuenta personas el Colectivo Raíz Diversidad Sexual, celebró su quinto aniversario en un acto político y cultural, que contó con la asistencia de miembros de la comunidad LGTB, además de representantes de organizaciones como la Agrupación Trans Claveles Rojos, Colectivo Nuestra Bandera, la Juventud del Comité Malpica, la Coordinadora Otro Mundo es Posible, la Juventud Comunista del Perú- Patria Roja y el Movimiento Nueva Izquierda.

Terre Haute Demonstration Against the Iraq War

Cathy McGuire, 10.03.2007 21:01

Terre Haute Stop War on Iraq will hold a demonstration against the Iraq War on March 17th, 2007 at 1 p.m. in front of the Vigo Co. Courthouse (Indiana) on U.S. 41.

MySoftCatalog. This new free product can help you make mirrors of drives/CDs.

Danny Hoover, 10.03.2007 21:01

Free Byte Software has released major update (Version 1.01) of MySoftCatalog application intended to make mirrors of drives/CD's. This utility organizes files and folders into a hierarchical tree and lets you handle archive files as ordinary folders.

Bush's next stop met with popular opposition

GuerrillaWarUSA, 10.03.2007 19:52

Tens of thousands turned out to see Chavez in Argentina. The US President continued his journey across Latin America yesterday, this time stopping in Uruguay with thousands of protesters to greet him. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, meanwhile, led a rally of 40,000 to send Bush South America's message: "Gringo go home!"

Kenya : People's Parliament targeted

No Vox, 10.03.2007 19:36

Jeevanjee Gardens January 2007 People's Parliament is a Kenyan grassroot organization founded 15 years ago in Nairobi, Kenya. PP came under international cover during the WSF in Nairobi last january (see )

&quot;Hitler no longer to be an honorary citizen of Bad Doberan&quot;

Gipfelsoli Infogroup, 10.03.2007 18:47

Shut down G8 Gipfelsoli Infogroup: Right-wing globalization critique must be rejected

Formally, Adolf Hitler is still an honorary citizen of Bad Doberan. He was elevated to this status by town officials in 1932.. Prior to the NSDAP coming to power here, Bad Doberan had been the first municipality to grant Hitler this title.

Heiligendamm, where this year's G8 summit will be convened, belongs to the administrative district of Bad Doberan. The two towns are connected by the Lindenallee (Lime Tree Avenue), which Hitler once praised as "the most beautiful of Germany". The Dammchaussee ('Dam Road'), the road leading into the Lindenallee, was subsequently renamed 'Adolf-Hitler-Strasse' (Adolf Hitler Street).

Jailed Africanist Movement Leader Chernoh Bah Live on Sunday, 10.03.2007 18:13

Chernoh Alpha M. Bah and Chairman Omali Yeshitela will discuss this week's arrest of the Africanist Movement Director in Sierra Leone and the ongoing struggles in Guinea-Conakry.


3D1on, 10.03.2007 16:30

You cannot live forever. So what is to be the plight of the people of Palestine once the last of the survivors of the Jewish Holocaust move on?

Une marche humaine (pour les animaux)

Edith de Cornulier-Lucinière, 10.03.2007 14:03

Les conditions d’existence des animaux sont très dégradées depuis que l’homme a pris les commandes de toute la surface terrestre. La manière de les traiter fait débat, et les tenants de tous les camps se battent à coup d’arguments biologiques, philosophiques, religieux. Pour chacun, il s’agit de prouver la véritable place de l’homme et les droits que cette place lui confère.

Faut-il alors se persuader, comme dans la Ferme des animaux de George Orwell, que « tous les animaux sont égaux, mais il y a des animaux plus égaux que d’autres » ? Ou penser, avec Marguerite Yourcenar, que « La protection de l'animal, c'est au fond le même combat que la protection de l'homme » ?

Constant Ungdomshuset updates from Copenhagen, 10.03.2007 11:15

news from kopenhagen

Festival International du Cinéma Iranien en Exil

Djavad DADSETAN, 10.03.2007 09:10

Festival International du Cinéma Iranien en Exil
Paris, 15 - 18 mars 2007
5ème Edition, dédiée aux femmes

au Cinéma La Clef 21, rue de la Clef, Paris 5e, M° Censier Daubenton

Green light for compressed EU-constitution

Jens Peter Bonde, 10.03.2007 07:52

Merkel got what she wanted: A mandate to finalise the Berlin Declaration and insert a roadmap for the EU-Constitution. Despite the Dutch and French 'NO'!


Angus Buchanan (EnergyMatters), 10.03.2007 03:27

renewable energy It was good news for the environment this week as the member nations of
the European Union (EU) agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per
cent before 2020.

Australia The NSW state elections and the climate change debate

Patrick O’Connor via sam, 10.03.2007 03:14

climate change It is important to note that the only reason climate change has become such a major issue in recent times is that it is beginning to affect the entire population—including the rich. If global warming only seriously impacted the lives of the working class and rural poor—as is the case with most environmental problems—very little would be heard about it.

Chile: Un 8 de Marzo como en dictadura

CMI-Santiago/mediActivista, 10.03.2007 02:24

Mujer detenida este 8 de Marzo Detenidas, golpeadas, mojadas, abusadas, nuevamente violentadas pero siempre combativas. Mujeres dan inicio a un año que vendrá cargado de luchas sociales contra el neopinochetismo.

Call-in campaign pushes back attacks on Chernoh Alpha M. Bah and Africanist Movement!, 09.03.2007 23:02

Within hours after the Uhuru Movement began a protest of the harassment of Africanist Movement Director Chernoh M. Bah and two of his companions in Freetown, Sierra Leone, police dropped all charges against the three men. However, African Socialist International Chairman Omali Yeshitela urges continued vigilance. This harassment of Chernoh Alpha M. Bah and the Africanist Movement is just the beginning of a campaign being orchestrated by imperialists.


Richard Neville, 09.03.2007 23:01

Can Global Warming set you Free? 16 reasons to be cheerful

Mi hermana Ivonne Cazar

María Elena Cazar Ramírez, 09.03.2007 22:56

A los once años de la desaparición de Ivonne Cazar, todavía persiste la impunidad de los responsables. La Familia Cazar Ramírez no ha abandonado la búsqueda de Ivonne


Dan Roberts via sam, 09.03.2007 22:27

The SHORTWAVE REPORT A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

Democratic Arizona Governor Napolitano Does Not Support Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Iraq ! !

Leonard Clark The Damn Liberal, 09.03.2007 22:05

Today, in the Arizona Republic our governor, Janet Napolitano was quoted as saying that she's not ready to advocate for troop withdrawal. It was on the front page of the Arizona Republic newspaper (3-8-07). She also made statements like: there is progress in Iraq and our troops are getting things done.

I want to know why she as political leader for the Democratic party of Arizona is finally making a public statement on Iraq when for many months and years we (the citizens of this state and country) have been dreaming of the day that she would take a stand against the illegal occupation of Iraq and that we would see her with us standing together arm and arm in front of Bloody John McCain's office or Jon Hyl Kyl's office protesting as right wing wackos and monarchists shouted profanities at us and tried to hit us with their cars.

Guatemala: ¿Estado fallido o gobierno al servicio de las mafias y sector privado?

Anònimo, 09.03.2007 19:31

Guatemala al servicio del crimen organizado. La policia, partidos políticos, instituciones de seguridad, operadores políticos y judiciales, violaciones a los derechos humanos y sangre tiñen al gobierno es decir Guatemala al servicio de una mafia corporativa.

Bush faced by massive protests in Brazil

GuerrillaWarUSA, 09.03.2007 19:26

The American President faces protests and opposition after unveiling a new bribery scheme to keep Latin America within the grasp of the United States.


FANNY FERNANDEZ MELO, 09.03.2007 18:54

El Día Mundial del Agua podría dar paso a la Cultura Solidaria en el Uso del Agua, el agua que tu derrochas podría salvar la vida a un niño en el otro lado del mundo

DARK WATER -- plans to dredge toxic PCBs from the Hudson River

Kyle York, 09.03.2007 17:09

DARK WATER is the complete history of plans to dredge toxic PCBs from the Hudson River near the town of Queensbury, NY. This 60-minute PowerPoint presentation offers a look at the 20-year history of planning by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the responsible party, National Grid. In these times where the public demands more transparency from government, never has a massive plan to forever alter the Hudson river been kept more secretive.

Giant squid is evidence of trouble to come

Paula Moore, 09.03.2007 16:08

Leaving fish (and other animals) off our plates is the most humane choice—and the best way to help replenish the world’s fragile oceans.


Islamic Community Net, 09.03.2007 16:05

The zionist entity, already steeped in criminality so far beyond the pale that it shocks humanity, has now undertaken the invention and design of actual Daleks, the machine-gun toting robots from the Dr. Who science fiction program that screamed "Ex-ter-mi-nate! Ex-ter-mi-nate!" whenever attacking their intended victims.

Department of Injustice: PAUL KRUGMAN: #1 U.K. Paper: Israel using Kids as Human Shields


KRUGMAN: The politicization of the Justice Department was a key component of the Bush administration’s attempt to create a permanent Republican lock on power.



Modaira Rubio, 09.03.2007 13:48

Reflexiones sobre el 8 de Marzo en Venezuela:


Modaira Rubio, 09.03.2007 13:46

Cow boy,
7 días con sus siete noches
tu ira recorrerá mi Patria
Tu afilada espuela
presta para herirnos
está desvencijada
Aún tienes tu rifle
pero aquí te esperamos
con las armas abiertas

Sarkozy tente de justifier sa loi façe à la presse internationale.

La Ligue ODEBI, 09.03.2007 12:44

Selon une dépêche AP [1], le porte parole de Nicolas Sarkozy , Franck Louvrier, aurait tenté de défendre l'article 44 de la Loi prévention de la délinquance, qui prétend punir de cinq ans de prison la diffusion de vidéos comportant des violences si le diffuseur n'est pas journaliste ou ne diffuse pas cette vidéo afin d'apporter des preuves à la justice.

d'apporter des preuves à la justice.

ΒΙΑ και Μ.Μ.Ε.

Οικονομίδης Δημήτρης, 09.03.2007 12:23

Μερικές σκέψεις για τις επιπτώσεις της παρουσίασης της βίας στα ΜΜΕ, σε ατομικό ψυχολογικό και σε κοινωνικό επίπεδο, και τους τρόπους με τους οποίους δημιουργούνται αυτές οι επιπτώσεις.

Make a Film and Make a Difference!

Rachel Peterson, 09.03.2007 12:16

Solar Youth NUFF Global is a grassroots side-project of the Nordic Youth Film Festival (NUFF) held each year in Tromsø, Norway.


ANTONI, 09.03.2007 11:58


Direct Action, Honestly The Only Effective Approach

Anonymous, 09.03.2007 11:56

Look at all the protests, civil disobedience, fighting to change legislation, etc. Most of it, if any of it ever amounts to real change and people get police records, harrased, beaten, thrown in jail, killed for their actions, but for what? Ineffective approaches to change.


AIME MATHURIN MOUSSY, 09.03.2007 11:43

sous le joug de Monsieur Paul Biya, les femmes sont loin d'avoir des droits, encore moins une reconnaissance sociale.....

March 17th and 18th Peace Events

In Solidarity For Peace, 09.03.2007 11:32

EPeace vents taking place in Wausau,Wisconsin on March 17th and 18th

Step It Up Worcester 2007

Ivan Vasin, 09.03.2007 10:47

What: Rally Against Global Climate Change
Bands, Speakers, Info, Food and Fun

When: April 14th

Where: Elm Park, Worcester
(and hundreds of other cities)

Why: To mobilize the masses and let our voices be heard, with the goal of making Worcester an example of how a city can reduce greenhouse emissions on a local level.


PRAVEEN DALAL, 09.03.2007 06:40

PRAVEEN DALAL An original and dedicated effort towards meeting the mandates of ICT and Cyber Security in India is the establishment of Cyber Law Database of India. It is a web based resource dedicated to and analysing the reality that exists vis-à-vis Cyber Law in India in general and ICT in particular. It is intended to be a “single place database” where the position regarding Cyber Law in India and ICT Strategy and Policies of India can be found with all their strengths and weaknesses. The resource is courageous enough to “call a spade a spade”. Despite the cozy picture the “present” stark reality is pointing towards death knell of ICT and Cyber Security in India. To remove various drawbacks and lacunas of Indian Cyber Law and ICT Policies and Strategies, various suggestions and recommendations have also been provided in the forms of views, opinions, articles, etc. Let us hope that our initiatives would prove a good step in the right direction and that also at a time when we need it most.


PRAVEEN DALAL, 09.03.2007 06:34

PRAVEEN DALAL ICT and Cyber Security in India need rejuvenation and it cannot be kept alive anymore by false claims and empty formalities. We need true, sincere and genuine efforts in this regard so that critical infrastructures in India can survive cyber-attacks in the long run. The Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act, 2000) is the sole Cyber Law in India that has been made “impotent” and a “tiger without teeth” by the proposed amendments. Till now, we are not sure about the true nature of amendments that would finally be transformed into a newer Cyber Law of India. To aggravate this precarious situation, the ICT and Cyber Security in India have not been taken seriously. This work is analysing some of the weaknesses of the present ICT and Cyber Security Policy of India.

ICE Raids in New Bedford, MA

Sam Wheeler and Sofia Jarrin-Thomas, 09.03.2007 06:15

Audio aricle on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid on a factory in New Bedford, MA on Tuesday, March 6, 2007 and the response by the immigrant community and advocates.

Manifiesto a la inexistencia de dios

anónimo, 09.03.2007 04:34

Una apología al escepticismo

Bush en Uruguay, Una visita indeseable.

RMR, 09.03.2007 00:49

Bush en Uruguay, Una visita indeseable. Bush en Uruguay, Una visita indeseable.


DC, 08.03.2007 23:26

MARCH 16TH 17TH & 18TH

New UK media watchdog to challenge anti-Iran bias

Westminister Committee on Iran, 08.03.2007 23:21

A new Westminister monitoring group will combat bias in the media aimed to soften up the public for an invasion of Iran

En el día Internacional de la Mujer, La Fortaleza de la Mujer del SUR (8 de Marzo)

CMI Cochabamba, 08.03.2007 22:54

Warmi (Mujer) En las primeras décadas del siglo XX, las celebraciones del 8 de marzo se enmarcan en el contexto de una creciente actividad de los partidos de izquierda y el auge del movimiento sindical. Sólo a partir de la aparición de las corrientes feministas en los años setenta, esta fecha adquiere un nuevo significado que no solo esta asociado al trabajo laboral de las mujeres. Sin embargo la lucha del feminismo europeo de los 70s, conformado principalmente por mujeres de clase media y de clase media alta, demandaba igualdad de oportunidades y eso las sacaba del hogar para convertirse en filosofas, escritoras, científicas, artistas, profesionales al igual que sus maridos. En cambio es otra la realidad que vino para las mujeres del sur, donde muchas están obligadas a salir a trabajar con horarios de más de 10 o 12 horas y con multiplicidad de tareas. Dentro estas tareas si hablamos del trabajo domestico, para muchas mujeres del sur esta labor continua en condiciones muy desiguales.

George Mougios Reports-even My Church?

George Mougios, 08.03.2007 21:57

A review of how the City of Bridgeport seizes furniture and items from those foreclosed and then keeps then in storage for two weeks only. Who gets then after the two weeks passes?

War on Terror, War on Women

Heather Wokusch, 08.03.2007 21:22

Under Bush, the US has become more militaristic and less tolerant of diplomacy and dissent. Women's rights have deteriorated accordingly.

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