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Boycott Apocalypto!

Penny Hess, 25.03.2007 21:59

In light of the recent attack by Mel Gibson on the Mayan community at the screening of his film at Cal State Northridge, I thought people should read the follow article by Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People's Solidarity Committee under the leadership of the African People's Socialist Party.

Bases militares fronterizas estudia Venezuela construir con Cuba

Pablo Mora, 25.03.2007 19:44

Bien venida la feliz iniciativa del gobierno nacional anunciada recientemente en relación a la construcción de bases militares fronterizas, mediante el convenio ALBA, con Cuba, que albergarán a los componentes de la Fuerza Armada para combatir a los grupos irregulares y paramilitares en la frontera colombo venezolana en la ejecución del Plan de Seguridad Fronteriza para el Estado.

Mortar shells “fired from direction of US base” blast into Sunni mosque

@l-Habbaniyah., 25.03.2007 17:43

"Mortar shells “fired from direction of US base” blast into Sunni mosque."

Could it be that they are behind the "sectarian attacjs?"

Délepenisons enfin disponible le 26 Mars 2007 !!

Concept Urbain, 25.03.2007 16:48

Visuel Délepenisons Un disque et un DVD sans langue de bois, au témoignage neutre, qui reflette la percée des idées d'extrême-droite dans le paysage politique français.

Un témoignage apparemment gênant puisqu' aucun distributeur de disques n'a eu le courage de placer ce projet chez les disquaires de l'hexagone !

On peut donc se poser la question sur ce qui peut engendrer cette forme de censure. Est-ce :
- les images du défilé du Front National vu de l'intérieur ?
- la critique de la lutte anti-raciste parfois démagogique et trop plate ?
- l'entretien avec le principal organisateur des attentats sur les locaux du Front National à Marseille ?
- le témoignage des habitants d'Orange, ville aux mains d'une mairie d'extrême droite ?
- les exemples de lois et comportements racistes de notre République ?
- l'analyse de l'après-Révoltes de Novembre 2005 et l'absence de mesures sociales ?
- les images interdites en télévision du dernier jour de l'expulsion du gymnase de Cachan ?

Soutien à une TV libre /Support for a French free TV

kiwi, 25.03.2007 15:44

Ceci est un mail pour un appel à soutien d'une TV libre Francaise

The Fun Revolution Daily Good News Bulletin

Genie, 25.03.2007 14:54

"Balancing the News by Celebrating the Great and the Good"


BERARDI BRUNO, 25.03.2007 14:29

the president victimes terrorism GUIDO ROSSA VICTIMES ITALIAN TERRORISM

Dems Call for End to Bison &quot;Murder&quot;

Bozeman Chronicle, 24.03.2007 23:01

The statements by Rahall and Schweitzer are so full of holes that I could spend several pages rebutting their ludicrous statements but, hopefully, it will suffice to say that brucellosis has never been transmitted from bison to cattle or human in the wild. Once, during a Texas A & M study, wherein bison and cattle were confined together in tight quarters, there was such a transmission but if this microorganism was truly the issue, there would be a cry for the slaughter of elk. Elk have transmitted the virus on more than one occasion with some frequency.

Halt Portlands Energy Centre and unsafe nano-tech applications at Toronto's Harbourfront

Ivona Vujica, Co-coordinator, Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance, 24.03.2007 21:56

Come out for Earth Day celebration and Action
Queen's Park, Toronto - Friday April 20, 2007 12 Noon
(family friendly event)
Let's come together to do something,where Premier/Minister of Research and Innovation Dalton McGuinty failed to do. Dalton “Dirty Coal” McGuinty promised to close all of Ontario's coal plants by 2007. He then said he'd close them by 2009. Then in September 2006 said he won't close them until 2014. Do you believe him? Ontario's monstrous coal plant Nanticoke is constantly on
North America's top five carbon and pollution emitters. Closing that coal plant is equivalent to taking more than + 3 million cars off the road. That's a lot of “lightbulb changing.”
Greenhouse gases up 90% from Ontario coal plants from 1995-2005, and McGuinty says he is the one to blame (Toronto Star, Feb 1/07).
Ontario can conserve, and can invest in large scale renewable energy sources.

Dalton “Big Gas” McGuinty is undemocratically pushing a giant methane gas plant on Toronto's Harbourfront known as Portland Energy Plant at 440 Unwin Ave. Opposing this are most local politicians, mayor David Miller, Toronto Work Department, Dr. Sheela Basrur, and the Board of Health, as well as numerous Grassroots Environmental and Community organizations.
This white (greenhouse-spewing) elephant was the brainchild of former Premier Mike Harris with Dalton “Harris-lite” McGuinty implementing it.

For more information contact the newly formed Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance at 416 – 760 6107 or email co-coordinator Ivona Vujica

Pawns in a deadly game of high stakes.

a war hater, 24.03.2007 21:32

'inspectors' The capture of 15 British servicemen by Iranian Revolutionary Guards has turned a tense situation in the Gulf into an explosive one.

The Truth Behind the Wall

Austin Haskell, 24.03.2007 20:46

A first hand look at what Israel's seperation barrier really means to the people of Palestine.

La Toma

Entre Lineas, 24.03.2007 19:22

Un documental de Avi Lewis y Naomi Klein


ADHK, 24.03.2007 18:10


African Americans will bear the brunt of the collapsing subprime mortgage market

Richard Mellor, 24.03.2007 17:19

Institutionalized racism could lead to the greatest plunder of African American wealth in US history

Politicians trying to cover up the mess

Richard Mellor, 24.03.2007 17:11

Living in the belly of the beast, US workers and youth are easy prey.

Workers Know All About Capital Accumulation, Don't We?

Richard Mellor, 24.03.2007 16:57

It is within the pages of the main Bourgeois journals that we find the strongest confirmation of Marx's economic writings.

University Commissions Sculpture By Puppy Killer

Chris Shull, The Wichita Eagle, 24.03.2007 16:52

WSU Sculpture Wichita State University in Kansas, USA, has commissioned a $450,000 sculpture by an artist who shot and killed a puppy for an art film in 1977.


rahim, 24.03.2007 16:06

rap4islam is the revolution of hiphop .


BY VICTOR YANULEVICH, 24.03.2007 11:07

Berlin Declaration: putting Europe and its citizens on the same wavelength.

The Chalk Revolution

Genie, 24.03.2007 10:44

Use chalk to change the world!

The Money Revolution

Genie, 24.03.2007 10:42

Use Money to change the world!

The Fun Revolution Daily Good News Bulletin

Genie, 24.03.2007 10:28

"Balancing the News by Celebrating the Great and the Good"

Witness to an Execution--AUSTIN,TX--tour stop

anonymous, 24.03.2007 04:33

A National Anti-Death Penalty Speaking Tour is making an Austin, Texas stop on April 11th.

Philadelphia Reparations Tribunal, Excerpts on Uhuru Radio, Sunday March 25, 24.03.2007 01:57

Delbert Africa, MOVE Listen to testimony from Consuela Africa on the bombing and incarceration of the MOVE family. She and others testified at the Tribunal for Reparations to African People, March 18th in Philadelphia.

Navigating the web of lies and hoaxes seeded against Venezuela’s Government

JESUS MARIA NERY BARRIOS, 24.03.2007 01:56

DIESEL POWER vs NUCLEAR POWER VHeadline en Español News Editor Jesus Nery Barrios writes: Continuing our cyber crusade, navigating the web of lies and hoaxes seeded against Venezuela’s Bolivarian Government, President Hugo Chavez and its brave people in the mainstream media, and to show readers the other side of the coin, allowing them to achieve some balance in the information they receive and to arrive at their own conclusions, we find yet another oft-reiterated topic concerning the land of Simon Bolivar, Luis Aparicio and Jacinto Convit (the Venezuelan physician who discovered a vaccine for leprosy).

Afghans now rejecting NATO troops - for Taliban

From the Newswire, 24.03.2007 00:52

Serious trouble in Afghanistan Senlis Council’s Norine MacDonald QC. said: “The results from the survey are extremely alarming because they indicate that the international community is in serious trouble in Afghanistan.

bye bye israel

Barry Chamish, 24.03.2007 00:30

Israeli government corruption threatens the end of the state.

Some Things Are Too Horrible To Ignore

Keith Farnish, 24.03.2007 00:21

1907-2007 Have you ever walked along the street and found that you are purposefully ignoring something because you think your mind is playing tricks with you? You know the kind of thing, the cloud in the shape of a crocodile that changes into something new while you are looking away, or a person with two heads, which was, in fact, two people viewed from an odd angle.

The New Alcoholism

Keith Farnish, 24.03.2007 00:16

Not bothering to do anything to reverse climate change is habit forming. We are in denial of our own responsibility. Sounds familiar?

ONGs y gobiernos de todo el mundo piden que se reconozca &quot;derecho al agua&quot;

AFP, 23.03.2007 22:56

ONGs y gobierno de varios continentes, entre ellos América Latina, reunidos esta semana en Bruselas en una asamblea sobre el agua en el Europarlamento se manifestaron por reconocer el acceso a este recurso como un "derecho", estimando que la gestión de este "bien común" no debía bajo ningún caso quedar en manos de empresas privadas.

ONGs e governos defendem o reconhecimento do direito à água

AFP, 23.03.2007 22:52

Organizações Não-Governamentais (ONGs) e governos de todos os continentes, reunidos esta semana em Bruxelas para uma assembléia sobre a água no Europarlamento, defenderam o reconhecimento do acesso a este recurso como um "direito" e consideraram que a gestão deste bem comum não deve, em nenhum caso, ficar nas mãos de empresas privadas.

(EU) EP/ENVIRONMENT: Water should be recognised as 'Common, public and universal good' - World Water Assembly for Elected Representatives and Citizens held at European Parliament

Agence Europe, 23.03.2007 22:49

The World Water Assembly for Elected Representatives and Citizens (WWAEPC) at the European Parliament in Brussels on 18-20 March made this crystal clear, and resolved to mobilise widely to get the right incorporated in a United Nations Declaration as a way of counteracting water privatisation policies, universally accepted as devastating by all the participants

Assemblée Mondiale des Elus et citoyens pour l'Eau

Kim et AFP, 23.03.2007 22:44

Conclusions générales de l'Assemblée (ONG, syndicats, élus, entreprises publiques et maires)selon Kim et AFP

Gobierno y Gremios vs. Escuela Publica

Eledhwen, 23.03.2007 22:38

Alumnos de escuelas publicas de Lomas de Zamora sin escuela por problemas entre gremios y gobierno.


cgt energie paris, 23.03.2007 22:36

Sarko l'avait promis :"on ne viendra pas à la privatisation". La vidéo FR3 du 06/04/2004. Les promesses n'engagent que ceux qui les croient. Menteur ou impuissant, c'est donc à nous de lui faire tenir parole.

mon nom ne vous dit peut-être rien, mais vous connaissez forcément son oeuvre, ou tout au moins son travail. ...
Membre du Groupe d'Intervention des Gaziers Nationalisés"GIGN"

Résistance à EDF-GDF

Rally and Action, 23.03.2007 22:14

APRIL 1ST 2007 WE WON‚T BE FOOLED! Rally and Action at the Nevada Test Site 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Houdini's well-planned PR stunt: “I promise I will return...”

Magic of Curtis, 23.03.2007 21:20

DEATH TRAP by Curtis Eugene Lovell II Will Houdini keep his 80-year-old promise to return from the grave? Escape artist Curtis Eugene Lovell II weighs in on this deathbed promise.


rahim, 23.03.2007 20:04

rap4islam is the revolution of hiphop .

SDS March 20 National Day of Action: Thousands of students walk out, take to streets

Josh Sykes, 23.03.2007 19:59

“Stop the war, yes we can! SDS is back again!” This was a popular chant heard around the country as students in high schools and colleges walked out of classes, held rallies, marches, teach-ins and other creative actions in response to the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) call for national coordinated student actions on March 20, the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War. The call was put out by SDS groups that met at the School of the Americas protest last November, where 100 students from 20 campuses voted unanimously to make March 20 a national day of student action against the war. Those 20 schools quickly became 83, as colleges and high schools from the Northeast to the Midwest, from West Coast to the South, signed on to the call.

A Review of John Ross' Zapatistas

Stephen Lendman, 23.03.2007 19:54

Review of Zapatistas struggle for autonomy and freedom.

Nationwide Impeachment Actions on April 28!

Jodin Morey, 23.03.2007 19:03

There will be protests in towns and cities all over the country. And everywhere people will be using signs, their bodies, chalk, or anything else they can think of to spell out IMPEACH! We invite everybody to start thinking about the most creative, spectacular, beautiful, and clever ways they can come up with to spell it out. This is a spin-off of the BeachImpeach project on the shores of San Francisco where over 1,100 people spelled out "Impeach!" Find out what is going on in your town, or start your own project.

Editorial Doble J publica Las Harpías en Madrid y coche de las estafas

Editorial Doble J, 23.03.2007 18:45

Novela de picaresca femenina triunfante, empírica y cortesana, reeditada con una introducción de José Ignacio del Barrio Olano

“HIP-HOP COLONY” The African Hip-Hop Explosion Available on DVD!!

Annette Ruah, 23.03.2007 17:25

“Kenya is not just about Lions, Giraffes and fast running me it’s also about Studios and Hip-hop” - Tedd Josiah, Music Producer

Hip-hop Colony is one of the first films to actively capture the hip-hop revolution in Africa while upgrading the image of the continent.

Carta a los Reyes

Alicia, 23.03.2007 17:02

¿Porque los Reyes de España pueden visitar todos los paises del mundo menos el Sahara Occidental? ¿Porque no pueden visitar a los refugiados saharauis, esoa que hasta hace algunos años fueron españoles? ¿Tan pronto olvidan?

Apostasy in Bengal

Appleman, 23.03.2007 16:50

Mr. Battacharya two hundread and twenty three years to the day that the great man bade farewell to this mess, and on the 14th of March the CPI(M) communist party of India marxist sent a combined force of police and party goons into the Nandigram area of West Bengal.
the area had been chosen by head of state elect Mr. Bhattacharya to become an SEZ (special economic zone) incidentally an american invention allowing a big corporation to operate free of taxes etc. the company aiming to take up this prime agricultural land was the salim group of indonesia, funnily enough the former plaything of the 'freindly' mr suharto

Art Not Oil 2007 gallery stands at 31 items, but we'd like more please...

London Bob, 23.03.2007 15:23


You can find the galleries here:

And below the Art Not Oil info, please find a link for Rising Tide North America's current tour with the wildly creative and very inspiring Beehive Collective.


Bob from Art Not Oil/London Rising Tide

Presentación Nodo Córdoba Indymedia-estrecho

P. Rabasco, 23.03.2007 11:51

Hoy viernes 23 de marzo, a las 19,00 h., en el Centro Cívico de la Plaza de la Corredera de Córdoba (España) y en el marco de la XV Feria de la Solidaridad presentaremos el nodo-córdoba de Indymedia-estrecho.

Jack Thomas to face trial on scapegoat terrorism charges

Not your ABC, 23.03.2007 03:59

Scapegoat terrorism charges So whatever you do don't give the media an interview if you're being accused or look like being accused, your life and your children's future may depend on it!

Oaxaca cochinero electoral/Punto y Aparte Oaxaca

Punto y Aparte, 23.03.2007 03:50

PRD exige imparcialidad. Denuncias contra instituciones del gobierno.

Message of solidarity to Milwaukee youth in the struggle to stop the war

Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice (MECAWI), 23.03.2007 02:15

The Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice (MECAWI), a Detroit-based anti-war organization, extends its solidarity to the students and youth arrested at the U.S. Army recruiting center in Milwaukee on Tuesday, March 20, 2007, and demands that any and all charges against them be dropped immediately.

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