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Rainforest Action Network forces Bank of America to Adopt New Environmental Standards

Dan F, 17.05.2004 17:31

Rainforest Action Network's Global Finance Campaign works to hold banks and financial institutions accountable for their investment decisions and bring social and environmental ethics to corporate bottom lines. After declaring victory in the 4-year Citigroup campaign, RAN targetted Bank of America. The company conceded to RAN's demands even before the campaign was launched on May 4.

GATS Free Zone

Alain, 17.05.2004 17:25

To show that we don't want GATS, a GATS Free Zone logo is available

The State Inflicted Disability onto Malclom X's Family.............

Leroy F. Moore Jr., 17.05.2004 16:49

How State institutions inflicted disability onto Malclom X family and how it continues today.

Ralph Nader To Address Students At George Mason University

Rick Johnson, 17.05.2004 16:00

Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader to address students and meet with volunteers at George Mason University's Johnson Center on Wednesday, May 19 at 7:00 p.m..

Improvised Chemical Weapon Round explosion in Iraq

Mark J. Kelly, 17.05.2004 15:55

Breaking News From Reuters: Improvised Chemical Weapon Round explosion in Iraq, some say it was planted by the US, some say it was real, but just a insurgent unknowingly using it.

Massachusetts: New Sodom &amp; Gomorrah?

By Pastor Michael Treis, 17.05.2004 15:24

Massachusetts issues marriage licenses to those keeping a gay lifestyle. It would seem they have no problems with breaking the Law of Yahweh; the Ever-Living God of Jacob, Abraham & Isaac Even they may soon be the next to suffer wreath for being the new...

kuba und israel

suzan beermann, 17.05.2004 15:18

ein film über den kubanischen musiker bola de nieve und ein film über die black panther in israel

(Jun 11-13 2004) National Community Technology Conference (Seattle, WA)

Community Technology Centers' Network, 17.05.2004 14:51

The Community Technology Centers’ Network (CTCNet) invites you to join over 600 attendees from around the world in Seattle, Washington for the largest national gathering of community technology organizations, programs, and experts addressing technology access, information resources and applications for underserved communities.


L. BRAUN, 17.05.2004 14:21

If you think that a war can be prepared in few months, it is far behind reality. A war has to be prepared in a long term basis, ordering all the uniforms for 300,000 soldiers and from other supplier. Pentagone planning is a long process too because you need figure out the plan of the ennemy.

PC 0ff

£, 17.05.2004 13:28

w$ 0


geneX, 17.05.2004 13:09

La video de l'expulsion du CineStar : témoignage de la violence de l'intervention...

Pot TV To Air Torture Tapes

Pete Brady, 17.05.2004 12:52

Iraqi prisoners suffer abuses at Abu Ghraib.
The similarities between Bush administration wartime incarceration and interrogation techniques and abuses in US prisons will be illuminated in a compelling show soon to air on Marc Emery's Pot-TV Internet television network (

Pot-TV News reporter Loretta Nall, who is also president of the US Marijuana Party, says she recently received and viewed videotapes showing torture meted out to prisoners in Texas during the late 1990's. Nall says she is editing the tapes for presentation on Pot-TV.

God Bless Israeli Soldiers / Violations of Detained [+ 4 related]

Zajel / An-Najah National University / Palestine, 17.05.2004 10:54

God Bless Israeli Soldiers.

I saw a girl laying on the floor [+ 16 related stories]

Zajel - An- Najah National University / Palestine, 17.05.2004 05:51

I saw a girl laying on the floor


Tim O'Shea, 17.05.2004 05:30

There's an American born every minute.

Get chipped, then charge without plastic -- you are the card

..., 16.05.2004 23:11

"..When implanted in a person's brain, the device can allow that person to control a computer just by thinking. It is essentially a (computer) mouse moved by brain waves.."

IMCs Need Better Marketing

Lombard Bukke, 16.05.2004 23:07

Ideas on how to improve readership and interest in publishing on Independent Media Center. Why the right to right as a citizen is important. Opportunities to write more opinion than the scrawny Letters to the Editors that are hacked up to a few sentences is a way to go. Can’t main stream media practice democracy?

A Race For The Middle

Martin Griffin, 16.05.2004 22:20

The "middle of the road" voter will be sought to resolve political issues in America and Iraq.

The Secret Weapon That Will Democratize the World

Lloyd Hart, 16.05.2004 21:37

The Secret Weapon That Will Democratize the World

Kerry is such a great leader...., 16.05.2004 20:46

The truth the Dems don't want you to hear about Kerry.

Pinochet de Chile recibe simpatía de Klein en Canadá

Arnold Cohin, 16.05.2004 17:54

El Primer Ministro de Alberta, la provincia más rica del Canadá, no tuvo la oportunidad de una educación universitaria y para remediarlo, toma cursos por correspondencia. Durante un debate en la cámara de representantes, él aludió uno de sus trabajos estudiantiles y lo presentó a la sala. El trabajo, sobre la crisis del 73 en Chile, a generado una gran controversia y muy malas notas, incluso acusaciones de plagio.

The Geneva Convention

The Protecting Powers, 16.05.2004 17:26

Of special interest is the following excerpt from PART II, GENERAL PROTECTION OF PRISONERS OF WAR, Article 12 (which could be used as a basis for a law suit against the United States Government for breach of the Geneva Convention and International Law):

Prisoners of war are in the hands of the enemy Power, but not of the individuals or military units who have captured them. Irrespective of the individual responsibilities that may exist, the Detaining Power is responsible for the treatment given them.

Iraq - Send in the Clowns - When a smile can break a thousand chains

Davey garland, 16.05.2004 15:55

An insight into the work of activist Jo Wilding and the "circus to iraq" project

US Air Force Develops New Nonlethal Weapon Technology

ojos azules, 16.05.2004 15:19

The US Air Force has developed a new technology for crowd control and other purposes designed to cause a "sensation of heating and irresistible pain" on the skin of its target. Included in this article is the text of a letter from the USAF to invite students to investigate public reaction to it.


£, 16.05.2004 13:51

w$ Whoa! I must be antisemetic!

Google this!

tastycakes, 16.05.2004 13:30

google this! google screwing over everbody.

BTL:Former Counsel to President Richard Nixon Declares that Misconduct in...

Between the Lines' Scott Harris, 16.05.2004 12:33

...Bush White House is 'Worse than Watergate' * Interview with John Dean, former counsel to President Richard Nixon, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

US hyprocrisy without limits

Elisa, 16.05.2004 10:58

The US culture is based on image, and lots of hypocrisy. Radical change is needed.

Entrevista a David Velásquez dirigente político y estudiantil venezolano

L'Avanç, 16.05.2004 10:38

David Velásquez El dirigente popular habla sobre el papel de los gobiernos español y venezolano en la desestabilización, así como sobre la situación venezolana en el contexto de la lucha por el petróleo mundial y la guerra de Irak. También la organización de base y el papel de los medios de comunicación son partes destacadas de su discurso.

Victim of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorism

DavidVGoliath, 16.05.2004 04:57

There is a new, old phenomena in America. It is cause stalking by vigilante groups. These groups are usually supported by police and fire departments, and have spread all accross America.

A groundbreaking book that will reveal the details of these groups is:

Terrorist Stalking in America
By David Lawson
Copyright 2001
Published by Scrambling News
915 N.W. First Avenue - Suite 2903
Miami, FL 33136-3541 USA
ISBN 0-9703092-0-1
73 pages, indexed

Bush and Rumsfeld are Outta Here!

Swamp Fox, 16.05.2004 03:52

stand by your man (in prison) The New Yorker blows the cover on the Neocon/Nazi cabal.

Torture and Guerrilla Warfare

Gary Sudborough, 16.05.2004 02:33

Guerrilla warfare depends on popular support for its success and torture is a counterinsurgency tactic not intended primarily for interrogation, but for intimidation.

Anatomy of the American Empire

Joe Licentia, 16.05.2004 01:10

The United States is an imperialist nation that has been constructing an empire for over a hundred years. The US pursues an imperialist foreign policy designed to maintain neocolonialism and the US's ability to dominate other countries.

Possible Draft in June 2004

Adam Stutz (not me), 15.05.2004 22:46

Copied from Third World Traveler

Please copy and post this article, along with it's heading. Spread the information.

President George Bush, Are You Fit To Rule?

Allie Ochs, 15.05.2004 21:36

Pic Allie Ochs Letter to President Bush capturing the views of many Americans and Canadians from the day the US invaded Iraq. It is bold, sharp and asks President Bush the real tough question for which people at large seek and deserve answers.

Israel's wild destruction in Rafah, Palestine

Rafah watch, 15.05.2004 20:50

The Israeli occupation army has destroyed dozens of civilian homes in Rafah, at the southern tip of the Gaza Strip.

Could Nicholas Berg's Execution be Fake?

Anonymous, 15.05.2004 18:52

Given the incomprehensible jungle of information, the very first question, when viewing this video of an American civilian, N. Berg's execution, should be whether it is even true?

Forget Iraq - U.S.Govt. &quot;Tortures&quot; its own American prisoners!

k.hawley, 15.05.2004 18:49

Forget Iraq - U.S.Govt. "Tortures" its own American prisoners!

WARNING: 999 Days of Terror

Andrew, 15.05.2004 18:42

Spain attacks happened exactly 911 days after S-11
June 6th 2004 = 6 - 6 - 6
June 7th 2004 = 999 days after September 11th
June 8th 2004 = Transit of Venus
June 9th 2004 = (6 - 9 - 6) 1001 days after September 11th

15 May / 15 de Mayo

War Resisters´ International, 15.05.2004 18:31

In front of the Armed Forces building in Santiago de Chile Action in Santiago de Chile

Mr. Burns and &quot;Monty&quot; Bush

badger 10, 15.05.2004 18:05

Comparing the Simpsons to real life

URGENT!!! Anarchist in Trouble!!!

Nick Evans, 15.05.2004 16:31

Anarchist Rob Middaugh pulled over by FBI and Riverside Sheriff Department this moment!!

Computer Tie-Die!

£, 15.05.2004 13:38

gee Tired of plain fields of colour?
Like all those shaded, 3d fields on computers these days?

he asked the taxi driver to leave with girls

Zajel- Youth Exchange Program/Palestine, 15.05.2004 11:56

he asked the taxi driver to leave with girls

Star of David on Palestinian Student`s

Zajel- An-Najah National University, 15.05.2004 11:37

Star of David

My friends and I decided to take Al-Badan road to get to the University but Drooz and Lahd soldiers who were driving in their vehicles stopped us.

The ground was muddy and dirty due to the rain/ Students in Palestine

Zajel-An-Najah National University-Palestine, 15.05.2004 11:25

The ground was muddy and dirty due to the rain

Academic Rights Abusing in Palestine

Zajel-An-Najah National University/Palestine, 15.05.2004 11:20

After having spent the weekend with his family Baha made his journey back to Nablus to resume his classes on Monday morning, which could take all day

BTL:Human Rights Abuses in U.S.-Run Iraq and Afghan Prisons are...

Between the Lines' Scott Harris, 15.05.2004 11:16

...Widespread and Systemic * Interview with Carroll Bogert, associate director, Human Rights Watch, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

The Israeli soldier tore the book into 2 pieces- Violations to Palestinian Right to Education

Zajel / AN-Najah national University, 15.05.2004 11:13

The Israeli soldier asked, "what about your teacher of history?" The student did not fear replying to such a question, so he did. The soldier replied,

Please Support Tim Donoghue

.., 15.05.2004 09:46

Please Support Human Rights Activist Tim Donoghue

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