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Movement for Justice in El Barrio, 06.04.2007 19:33

The Other Campaign From Below and to the Left:
NYC Immigrants Present Special Message from Zapatista Spokes Person El Subcomandante Marcos!!

Protect Your Gains And Cut Losses With SELL@MARKET

Aliaksandr Murauski, 06.04.2007 19:24

Sell@Market is a brand new service that uses the Adaptive Trailing Stop method as the sell strategy. It tracks and analyzes stock quotes daily on all major exchanges, including AMEX, NASDAQ, and NYSE, and re-evaluates the profit to risk ratio according to the chosen risk strategy. If a stock being monitored matches certain criteria, Sell@Market emails you a recommendation to sell.

Canadian government report refers to native groups as &quot;terrorist&quot;

H. Mathew Barkhausen III, 06.04.2007 19:21

In the draft of the Canadian army's counterinsurgency manual on the 11th page, under the heading "Overview of insurgencies and counter-insurgencies," there is a paragraph reading: "The rise of radical Native American organizations, such as the Mohawk Warrior Society, can be viewed as insurgencies with specific and limited aims. Although they do not seek complete control of the federal government, they do seek particular political concessions in their relationship with national governments and control (either overt or covert) of political affairs at a local/reserve ("First Nation") level, through the threat of, or use of, violence."

La com Sarkozy : un système &quot;d'information&quot; intriguant

Guillaume David, 06.04.2007 18:06

A l’heure où les médias français sont de plus en plus concentrés au sein de grands groupes industriels, Nicolas Sarkozy a placé la communication au cœur de sa stratégie politique. Il a non seulement su établir un réseau impressionnant de relations d’amitié avec les propriétaires des grands groupes de médias et de nombreux directeurs de rédaction, mais il a aussi développé un véritable système de communication afin de véhiculer sa politique comme il l’entend. Par conséquent, on ne peut s’empêcher de s’interroger sur l’influence qu’il a sur les médias, et la probité de son système. On l’accuse en effet de verrouiller des informations compromettantes, de pratiquer la censure, d’exercer des pressions sur les journalistes, de truquer les statistiques et d’avoir trop souvent pour lui des médias complaisants. Qu’en est-il réellement ? Y a-t-il un danger pour la démocratie ?

Join John Pilger, Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill @ Socialism 2007

Ashley Smith, 06.04.2007 14:04

Conference Announcement

DEMATERIALISER ? Oui, mais encore…

Espace Environnement asbl, 06.04.2007 13:50

Un forum transfrontalier inédit pour échanger des idées et découvrir des bonnes pratiques au niveau local
- le vendredi 04 mai 2007 à Tournai (B)-

paris les syndicats expulsent le 9 éme collectif de sans papiers

honte aux syndicats collabos, 06.04.2007 13:21

les compromissions du syndicalisme reformiste ca suffit

France: François Bayrou, l’ENA et la privatisation des services publics

De ço qui calt ?, 06.04.2007 01:53

François Bayrou vient de proposer « une réforme en profondeur de l'Etat qui commencera par la suppression de l'ENA (Ecole Nationale d’Administration) et son remplacement par une école de haut niveau, une Ecole des services publics ». Quelques jours plus tôt, à Lille, Nicolas Sarkozy s’en prenait à la « pensée unique » tout au long d’un discours manifestement destiné à rassurer son électorat. Le 28 février, la simulation de la présidentielle organisée à l’ENA avait placé en tête Ségolène Royal, très loin devant les candidats de l’UMP et de l’UDF. A ce stade, la pantomime électorale dévoile une information intéressante sur ce qui nous attend après les présidentielles. Car, indépendamment du rôle néfaste joué par l’ENA dans le fonctionnement de l’Etat, des administrations et de la politique au cours des trois dernières décennies, le projet de François Bayrou met en évidence une volonté politique de ramener les services publics à de la simple administration. Autrement dit, de procéder à une privatisation générale de la matérialité de ces services.

“Foul nuclear waste deal” alleged by German activists

Diet Simon, 06.04.2007 01:44

Opponents of Germany’s main dump for highly radioactive nuclear waste are crying foul over a deal the environment minister is proposing. The deal would be to resume exploration of a salt deposit as a final repository if the minister’s opponents agree to a wider search for alternative sites. Local opponents to dumping near the northern village of Gorleben point out that since the early 80s there has been scientific proof that the salt dome there cannot prevent atomic waste from entering the biosphere because it lacks rock cover.

Australia: Our Fascist Welcome Mat John Howard's ABC

Not Your ABC, 06.04.2007 01:00

American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)? When someone comes to visit how do you greet him or her? With open arms and a welcome mat or with a list of allegations and a naming and shaming file? True it is Labor this time but not Liberal even though Lab is Lib hence Lib/Lab but what proves the point is that when it's too embarrassing for Lib then it's up to Lab to do the dirty work and attempts to get away with it. But the process is clear it's all about Isamophobia and what mileage John Howard's ABC and their mass media and political allies can make out of it for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)?

Calling all Documentary Filmmakers!

Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, 05.04.2007 21:42

Submissions are now being accepted for the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, to be held this Nov. 8-11 in Sebastopol, CA.

The mission of the festival is to showcase strong, independent documentary films.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Just Lie

Clinton Fein, 05.04.2007 20:37

Uncle Sam Don't Ask, Don;t Tell is a flawed policy, that continues to this day, and under which more than 10 000 servicemembers have been discharged, and which allows an absurd charade to exist, which communicates that although the military knows that gays are rife among their ranks, they don't want to know who. Lie, cheat, deceive or trick your comrades -- or be discharged.


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 05.04.2007 20:08

Confirmado compromiso, tras petición del Movilh.

Mother of imprisoned youth Shaquanda Cotton on Uhuru Radio Sunday, 05.04.2007 20:02

Shaquanda Cotton in prison Talk Live with Creola Cotton about her successful campaign to free her daughter, 15-year-old Shaquanda from juvenile prison in Texas.

Houston Councilman, Racist radio talk offends American Indians

Brenda Norrell, 05.04.2007 19:04

After hosting his racist radio talk show on blacks, slavery and American Indians, Houston Councilman Michael Berry was blasted with responses.

Coming War in Iraq

Scott Becker, 05.04.2007 17:50

Considering the news, most of it bad, I thought it important to stress the seriousness of the political situation of the US as it enjoins its vassal states to join it along with Israel in armed conflict with IRAN. The players are lined up on the line of scrimmage and only looking for the chief executive to yell, 'Hike'.

El Primer Congreso de Anahuac

mexicanistas, 05.04.2007 16:48

Josè Maria Morelos defendiò al Primer Congreso de Anahuac contra el asecho del gobierno

Sobre la campaña presidencial francesa de 2007

Alejo S., 05.04.2007 16:34

Los invitamos a conocer el lado oculto de la campaña presidencial francesa contado por dos periodistas argentinos radicados en Francia (no tan afrancesados). Nuestra dirección:

New Dutch Documentary on &quot;The Israel Lobby&quot;

anonymous, 05.04.2007 16:11

A new Dutch documentary on "The Israel Lobby" is well worth watching, very illuminating.

Turkey's Con Game--Sibel Edmonds' Silenced

john stanton, 05.04.2007 13:28

Turkey's Con Game
US Officials On the Take, FBI Provides Cover

What is Going on With Spaet/Skirt/Bear Mountain?

By Jared Nyberg and Alix Temple-Hurley, 05.04.2007 12:21

When a mountain has three names, depending on who you talk to, there is ample cause for trouble. It gets worse when that trouble involves a team of developers (who call it Bear), the government (who still officially call it Skirt), and First Nations (who have call it Spaet, which ironically means Bear).

What is Going on With Spaet/Skirt/Bear Mountain?

By Jared Nyberg and Alix Temple-Hurley, 05.04.2007 12:20

When a mountain has three names, depending on who you talk to, there is ample cause for trouble. It gets worse when that trouble involves a team of developers (who call it Bear), the government (who still officially call it Skirt), and First Nations (who have call it Spaet, which ironically means Bear).

Spaet/Skirt/Bear Mountain: Conflicting Worldviews on First Nations’ Sacred Mountain and Developer’s Housing Development, Resort and Golf Courses

Jared Nyberg and Alix Temple-Hurley, 05.04.2007 12:09

Full report on colliding world views between First Nations on Vancouver Island, and developers who are developing housing, a resort, and golf courses on a sacred mountain.


Islamic Community Net, 05.04.2007 11:11

The name of Bilal Philips, along with 171 others, was included in a classic McCarthyite "guilt by association" list set up by a US attorney.

Belgique: merci Laurette

Lizette Godefroid, 05.04.2007 10:33

Remercions Laurette Onkelinx, Ministre de la Justice belge pour son travail de sape


Attilio Folliero, 05.04.2007 09:14

Ancora una volta la Stampa, il giornale della famiglia Agnelli e della FIAT esce con un articolo che definire una cretinata è poco. Verrebbe da usare ben altro termine, che per rispetto dei lettori non utilizziamo. L'articolo, che riportiamo in calce, si intitola "Chávez contro l'alcol, il popolo contro Chávez".

Iran Shows the Way to Civilised Behaviour

Editor -, 05.04.2007 09:11

If these wars are to be ended and mankind is to live in peace, the western world will have to listen to former Iranian President Khatami and support his “ dialogue of civilisation”

Arab Perspective: Playing US Politics with Iraqi Blood for Oil

Nicola Nasser, 05.04.2007 07:20

Bracing for 2008 presidential election, US Democrats in opposition and the ruling Republicans have embroiled the American public in a political crisis between the executive and legislative powers over deadlines for combat operations in Iraq that could develop into a constitutional showdown, but for Arabs and Iraqis in particular it is merely playing electoral politics with Iraqi blood for oil because the Democratic Alternative for President George W. Bush’s strategy, when scrutinized, promises them no fundamental change to the bloody status quo.

Australia: GetUp! delivers 65,000 protest letters for David Hicks

Parrot Press, 05.04.2007 04:40

65,000 protest letters for David Hicks The group says Australians have now lost faith that the Government will come to their aid if they are treated unjustly overseas.

Stop Eviction, Guarding Lo-Sheng Sanatorium, for People Affected by Leprosy's Dignity

em resistance, 05.04.2007 03:47

Protesting Taiwan government's eviction/demolition policy on Lo-Sheng Sanatorium before April 16's deadline, and arouse international attention.

Ingewahrsamnahmen bei Gorleben-Castortransport rechtswidrig

Francis Althoff, 05.04.2007 01:14

Nach fast fünfeinhalb Jahren erhielten nun vier Kläger einen Beschluss des Landgerichts Lüneburg zur Rechtswidrigkeit ihrer Ingewahrsamnahme bei einem Castortransport nach Gorleben im Jahr 2001. Zuvor hatte nach jahrelanger Gerichts-Odyssee das Karlsruher Bundesverfassungsgericht vorherige Urteile als rechtswidrig eingestuft und das Landgericht angewiesen, einen entsprechenden
neuen Beschluss zu fällen. "Statt Klarheit zu schaffen, bleiben damit
zukünftig wohl weitere Ingewahrsamnahmen und Klagen dagegen in der
"Sonderrechtszone Gorleben" an der Tagesordnung", moniert der Sprecher der Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow Dannenberg (BI).

nueva okupacion!!!

cso la ratonera, 04.04.2007 23:51

El pasado 23 de marzo, un grupo de activistas okupamos un edificio situado en la calle 5 de marzo (también colindante con el paseo Calvo Sotelo) en Orihuela.

March 17, 2007 Anti-war march on the pentagon - video

rupert, 04.04.2007 22:22

Video of the peace march on the Pentagon March 17, 2007 from the Virginia side of the Memorial bridge. part one 18 minutes.

Australia: Villawood detainee hospitalised after hunger strike

Parrot Press, 04.04.2007 22:08

About 60 prisoners The Refugee Action Coalition says 35 asylum seekers are taking part, but a spokeswoman for the department says she only knows of eight asylum seekers.

Nancy Pelosi Secures Release of British Sailors despite George Bush

Karen Fish, 04.04.2007 21:16

Speaking It’s called talking.

Flajector 2.0: Oceans of new opportunities at lower costs

Artem Razin, 04.04.2007 19:12

Softanics unveils Flajector 2.0, a full-fledged converter of flash movies. Designed for Windows OS, Flajector 2.0 is a one-stop shopping solution for quick creation of windowless applications from flash movies. The key benefits of Flajector 2.0 include intuitive user-friendly interface that allows for converting flash movies to exe files in a one click.

dando barraka hip hop festival

dando, 04.04.2007 18:22

dando barraka conciertos hip hop sabado 7 de abril KAN KADENA, 8 de abril LA OPERA

Jesus Wouldn’t Bomb Anyone:

Jason Miller, 04.04.2007 14:48

Yet far from having ended, thanks to the tireless efforts of Goldwater, Buckley, Nixon, Reagan, Cheney, Bush, and a host of other neo-fascists, the enduring socioeconomic struggle has reached a fever pitch. Tragically, the ruling elite have utilized their formidable agitprop to beguile the confused masses into believing that our depraved system’s victims (and their champions) are the enemy.

Rental Refugees

Concerned, 04.04.2007 14:38

We're living in the slums of Studio City, CA. Our apartment building is being converted into condos. Our legal minimum of 180 days to vacate the premises is not even close to up, yet our building has been turned into a hazardous, potentially deadly, full on construction site.

We are paying market value rent to have our rights trampled, our dignity diminished, and our humanity cast aside.

Convocatória ao Encontro Internacional Anarquista na Cidade do México,

estebandido, 06.04.2007 21:24

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A rebeldia galopa em nossos corações, milhões de seres humanos, os invisíveis, os pobres e os ignorantes se levantam contra a dominação em todos os rincões do planeta. Milhões de indivíduos se empenham em realizar a batalha para defender o gênero humano e o seu planeta; esses milhões se negam a integrar-se no mundo global, ao mundo da democracia e da pluralidade homogênea, pouco lhes importa a ridícula era da informação e a infinidade de possibilidades, porque eles são os que pagam o preço da comodidade de uns quantos.

Storie tese a Milano tra Schietti e Moratti-Ligresti-Berlusconi

passaparola, 04.04.2007 12:47

Continuano ad esserci problemi per l'organizzazione del grande evento del 14 Luglio, Un Mondo a Misura di Bambino - Aria Pulita - Motore di Schietti. Ho provato a chiedere a Schietti dei chiarimenti per capire come affrontare la problematica.

Political Prisoners Begin Hunger Strike in Durban, South Africa.

Kennedy Road Development Committee, 04.04.2007 11:53

Bahlali outside the court in the rain for the Kennedy Road 5 Kennedy Road is a large shack settlement in Durban, South Africa. Two years ago residents of Kennedy Road blockade a major 6 lane highway with burning barricades beginning a struggle that now includes people from almost 40 settlements across the city and nearby towns. This movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo, has faced sustained repression from a rampantly criminal city authority. Now 5 militants have been arrested on trumped up murder charges. This is a common tactic used by the movement breakers in the NIA (the local version of the CIA) and was previously used to good effect against the Landless People's Movement in Johannesburg. Now the arrested have begun a hunger strike.

HUSTISYA (JUSTICE!) A Documentary About Human Rights Violations in the Bicol Region, Philippines

Bikol X Press, 04.04.2007 08:29

Hustisya! (Justice!) Hustisya! (Justice!) investigates the series of human rights violations of the Macapagal-Arroyo regime in the Bicol region. One of the cases highlighted by the documentary is the murder of Pastor Isaias Sta. Rosa by elements of the 9th Military Intelligence Batalion of the Philippine Army. Hustisya! shows the resoluteness of the people in their struggle to defend their rights and livelihood amidst the violence perpetrated by government forces.

- A Manifesto For Paleo-Progressives -

Mark Walter Evans, 04.04.2007 07:07

- An Exposition of an historic Movement, and a definition of a term describing a profound, & venerable current of American Radicalism -

Black Mesa Support Updates

black mesa indigenous support, 04.04.2007 06:08

Black Mesa Support Updates

Battle of Baghdad Cover-Up Four Years Later (Links)

W. Leon Smith, Iconoclast Publisher, 04.04.2007 04:09

Captain Eric May, leader and founder of Ghost Troop, is back with two new interviews! Please check out the following links.

Silence Broken David Hicks tells all - Afghanistan, Guantanamo, politics, guilt...

Liberal Demockracey, 04.04.2007 04:01

1. Why I made a guilty plea 2. The guilty plea: how I advised David 3. My island home: first weeks at Guantanamo 4. Ten torture techniques in 12 months 5. Solitary confinement was one thing, just don't get me started on the food 6. I never met a DFAT official I didn't like. Come to think of it, I never met a DFAT official

Can’t Attend a Peace Rally? War Protestors Can Go Virtual!

American Friends Service Committee, 04.04.2007 01:30

Friends for Peace,, offers a online way to support ending the Iraq war. It is a project of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), an international social justice organization and co-recipient of the Nobel Peace prize on behalf of Quakers for humanitarian service during wartime.

- A Modest Proposal Concerning A Proper Use For High C -

Mark Walter Evans, 04.04.2007 01:27

=OR= How we can Redeem the Legacy of the 'Sixties, Fight the Good Fight, Vanquish Darkness, Play the Trumpet, and Win the Revolution without firing a shot... no promise we won't be fired upon, tho...

Seized explosives 'four times bigger' than Bali bomb Megablast in 2002?

Not Your ABC, 04.04.2007 01:24

2002 BALI MEGA BLAST It seems the CIA, Indonesian and Australian authorities are trying to cover their tracks with propaganda. Now they say that they have found explosives 'four times bigger' than the Bali bombs in 2002. But that is not possible because the biggest blast was a [mini nuke] Megablast. And there is ample evidence of it from eyewitness accounts.

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