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'China's Conscience' Reveals His Family's Torment

By Hu Jia, 14.04.2007 09:47

Chinese human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng What happens next and what can be done for Attorney Gao and his family?

I giardinetti per l'infanzia, Milano, i pedofili e il trio Ligresti-Berlusconi-Moratti

passaparola, 14.04.2007 09:42

Il Generale Domenico Schietti risponde sul tema nemici dell'umanità a Milano. Le collusioni tra potere politico di destra e sinistra, e setta degli ingegneri scientisti, pedofili, mafiosi, trafficanti di persone e riciclaggio denaro sporco. Il Festival Mondiale della Cultura Popolare negato e il Fondo per la Protezione dell'Infanzia. Dopo queste rivelazioni ci sono i presupposti della rivolta popolare.


rahim, 14.04.2007 09:25

rap4islam is the revolution of hiphop .

Google Parody Web Site Closed Down

Michael Brown, 14.04.2007 08:51

Screenshot of parody logo 3rd Google Parody web site closed down.

Another Google Parody Site Laid to Rest

Michael Brown, 14.04.2007 08:38

3rd Google parody site closed down.


Ta Shunka Witko Brigade, 14.04.2007 01:14

A demand for the Mexican government and authorities to bring Mexican military soldiers to justice for the rape, torture, and murder of a 73 year old Nahuatl elder on March 2nd, 2007. (IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH)

Suffering from Chronic Shock-Jock Syndrome: If Don goes, Michelle, Bill, Rush, etc. etc. should go, too.

Lila Rajiva, 14.04.2007 00:03

Imus wasn’t intending to be insulting...he was being, reactively, stupidly, "hip," - trying to imitate a patois he had no feel for.

And what he said, while crude and in public, was in a forum of entertainment which lives or dies by such crudity. If this is regarded as OK 364 days of the year, it’s a little inconsistent to get offended on the 365th day.

Inconsistency in such matters is not a trivial failing. A rule selectively enforced is not a rule - it’s an arbitrary display of power; it’s political pandering. And arbitrary displays of power - even wrapped in righteous rhetoric - have a nasty way of backfiring.

Y hablaron mis ojos

Mariano Cabrero Bárcena, 13.04.2007 22:39

Fotografía del autor( autoría propia ) — La convivencia entre los españoles cada día que pasa se hace más difícil entre los españoles, digamos, entre los políticos, léase: Zapatero y Rajoy, Rajoy y Zapatero. Ambos han hechos que sus vanidades de políticos se reencuentran, fomentando que sus ideas políticas aparezcan contaminadas.

( ... )

Sign to fire Wolfowitz

Avaaz, 13.04.2007 22:18

Add your signature to fire Paul Wolfowitz from the World Bank at

Uncertain East Timorese presidential election outcome foreshadows further instability

Patrick O’Connor, 13.04.2007 21:45

t remains unclear whether Ramos-Horta will receive the backing of the losing six candidates’ supporters in the run-off ballot. While most of the candidates are adamantly anti-Fretilin, Ramos-Horta is widely regarded as an opportunist and a self-serving manoeuvrer. Some of the minor candidates have threatened to boycott the second round unless the preliminary results of the initial vote are revised. Whatever the outcome, none of the problems affecting East Timor’s working class and rural poor will be resolved.

New York Times endorses drinking while driving in Venezuela

Nuisance Man, 13.04.2007 19:47

"[Chavez's] measure prohibits the sale of alcohol altogether along highways and busy streets until after Easter. That may sound unobjectionable, but legions of street vendors here earn money by selling cold beer to drivers advancing at a snail’s pace on traffic-congested roadways."

An Appeal to Abkhazian People: Campaign “Sorry”/ “Hatamzait”

HRIDC, 13.04.2007 18:57

We, representatives of the Georgian Society, consider it is necessary to make this appeal and launch a campaign to bring back the trust between Georgian and Abkhazian people to life.

Today, when fifteen years have passed since the tragic war, it is easier to evaluate the events that resulted into the separation of the two peoples. It is high time to give proper names to everything that happened.

Corrupción urbanística en Logroño (España)

Julio Aprieta, 13.04.2007 18:41

Los trasuntos y miserias que están detrás de la planificación urbanística en la ciudad de Logroño (La Rioja, España), un caso más de la corrupción del ladrillo que está destruyendo la economía de muchas familias e impidiendo el acceso a la vivienda de la gran mayoría de los jóvenes españoles, mientras unos pocos especulan con el suelo y los precios para enriquecerse personalmente.


Funke, 13.04.2007 18:00

Direct action in Bellingham, Wa

Informed minister Exposes World Banking Fraud and the de facto state of affairs

Zeal, 13.04.2007 17:56

This minister who is obviously well researched has opened up pandoras box on Fraud so all can see what really backs money to give it value and how the criminal justice system simply does not aplly to you if you have no violated God's law.

This pure information has been heavily censored and removed from the net on several occasions as of it's truth and simple expose of the fraud.

It is my hope ,many more will awaken as a result of more of these types of informational efforts and the editors amongst these forums can grasp the sincerity of the offer and promote it.

Blessings upon all


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 13.04.2007 16:46

Asistieron altos representes del gobierno, del parlamento y el mundo académico en Chile

Der türkische Staat konnte den Wunsch nach Freiheit nicht ertragen

AvEG-Kon, 13.04.2007 15:43

Der türkische Staat konnte den Wunsch nach Freiheit nicht ertragen und hat die Menschen, die sich heute vor dem Gerichtsgebäude Istanbul-Besiktas versammelt hatten, um gegen den Prozess der Vertreter von demokratischen Einrichtungen, die am 21. September verhaftet worden waren, zu protestieren, mit Trängas, Pfefferspray und Schlagstöcken angegriffen. Es gibt viele Verletzte und Dutzende von Festegenommenen.

Faslane 365 – Blockadeaktion für eine atomwaffenfreie Zukunft

Evelyne Astner, 13.04.2007 15:29

Die Blockadeaktion am 28. März in Faslane, Shottland Seit Beginn der gewaltfreien Dauerblockade „Faslane 365“ am 1. Oktober 2006 im shottischen Faslane, 45km von Glasgow, haben 80 Blockadegruppen unterschiedlicher Nationalität insgesamt 108 Tage den Zugang zum dortigen britischen U-Boot-Atomwaffenstützpunkt blockiert. Dabei gehen sie äußerst kreativ vor, neben Transparenten und anderen Demonstrationsobjekten wird sich verkleidet, Musik gemacht oder Theater gespielt.

For God’s Sake: PAUL KRUGMAN - And More


KRUGMAN: The infiltration of the federal government by large numbers of people seeking to impose a religious agenda is one of the most important stories of the last six years.


I Was Brutally Tortured in the Gansu Province Women's Forced Labor Camp

By a Falun Gong practitioner in China, 13.04.2007 14:22

This woman describes the tortures inflicted on her, during her confinment in a Forced Labor Camp in China

Exposing the Evil Deeds of Perpetrator Sun Haibo from Changyi City, Shandong Province (Photo)

By a Dafa practitioner in Shandong Province, China, 13.04.2007 14:16

Sun Haibo from Changyi City, Weifang, Shandong Province Here's some information about a woman perpetrator of tortures in China. Including her photo and telephone number of her work place

Wall Street Journal and New York Times Attack

Stephen Lendman, 13.04.2007 12:58

US corporate media assault against two independent world leaders.

EU secret about freezing borders

FxH, 13.04.2007 12:28

highly sensitive (so far private) EU letter revealing the EU's rigid attitude to freeze the muredrous Versailles borders

Gao Zhisheng's Letter to Fellow Rights Activist

Gao Zhisheng, 13.04.2007 12:22

Under house arrest, the renowned Beijing-based rights lawyer finally succeeds in contacting Hu Jia, a personal friend and supporter

Carta de Gao Zhisheng a colega activista por los derechos civiles

Gao Zhisheng, 13.04.2007 12:18

Bajo arresto domiciliario, el renombrado abogado radicado en Beijing finalmente consigue contactarse con Hu Jia, amigo personal y apoyo

Activistas pro-democracia arrestados por rendir homenaje a Zhao Ziyang

Qu Qingr y Chen Mingde, 13.04.2007 12:11

Sobre el arresto a activistas pro-democracia en China, tras rendir homenaje al antiguo Primer Ministro chino Zhao Ziyang, ya fallecido.

Two Ugandans shot dead in jungle land clash

Rainforest Portal, 13.04.2007 11:58

Ugandan police have opened fire at hundreds of Mabira rainforest
protection campaigners in Uganda protesting against government
plans to allocate forest land to a sugar company. Ecological
Internet is sad to report that two local rainforest
conservationists, protesting to save the Mabira protected
rainforest from being 1/3 cleared for sugar cane have, were shot
dead when protesting according to BBC.

joachim Heimrath and the Philippine governments' welfare

Jonathan and Mary Pangiliban, 13.04.2007 11:21

More atrocitcs and further wrongs to make other wrongs right?

Joachim Heimraths' appeal to his supporters

Joachim Heimrath, 13.04.2007 11:04

The fight is not for racism but civil-and human rights

Joachim Heimrath further atrocities committed and allowed by Brgy Poblacion 38 under Infanta,Quezon Province Mayor inciting lynching against the family

Susanne Holler, 13.04.2007 10:43

We are informed that the family has been subjected to such an extend that Paul frightened to go home to Infanta has been forced on the strret waiting for his dad in Manila unfortunately the bus combapy did not allow the father to go without money.The houseowner a certain Efren Altezza and his wife Sheila and Overseas Worker in allegedly Japan allegedly harassed the family to such an extent that the children are hiding like Anne Frank in a corner .The Brgy tries to force Heimrath to talk to him for amicable settlement.However Heimrath does not live there but is kept virtually as Hostage as the family was abondened by Theodorus van Loon the private assistant of the bishop of Infanta , Quezon.No barangay has the right to amicable settlemnt if the person does not live there.Allegedly the houseowner called the family hayup no need to talk.Being unable to get justice in Infanta as the PAO refuses to act for Heimrath and allegedly accuses him to take the law in his hands as he fights for his legal rights may have a problem to explain what he means.

Un 13ème Candidat aux Présidentielles en France?

Liste P.R.I.A.P - France, 13.04.2007 10:21

OUI on peut voter

MSNBC cancels Imus; will Newsweek fire Howard Fineman?

Nuisance Man, 13.04.2007 09:03

Now that MSNBC has pulled the plug on talkshow host Don Imus for his overtly bigoted remarks, will Newsweek yank away Howard Fineman's editorship for his overtly bigoted logic?

NEO Binaries completes one eventful year in the web 2.0 world.

Stephen Paul, 13.04.2007 05:28

Today, April 12th is the First anniversary of NEO Binaries. It has been an eventful year in the web 2.0 domain for NEO Binaries. They are handing out free packages.

Principales acciones terroristas contra Cuba

Yanay, 13.04.2007 04:26

Cuba es un pais que ha sido sometido durante muchos años a diferentes acciones terrorista...

La respuesta brutal


"Solo de la Casa Blanca podían proceder las instrucciones para el fallo dictado por Kathleen Cardone, jueza de la Corte Federal de El Paso, Texas, concediéndole la libertad bajo fianza a Luis Posada Carriles", afirma hoy en reflexiones sobre el tema el presidente de Cuba, Fidel Castro Ruz, Bajo el título de "La respuesta brutal", el líder de la Revolución Cubana precisa que tal decisión fue tomada por "el más genuino representante de un sistema de terror que ha sido impuesto al mundo por la superioridad tecnológica, económica y política de la potencia más poderosa que ha conocido nuestro planeta."

We Press Technological Advances, now let's press China on Darfur

Maria Lewytzkyj, 13.04.2007 03:38

China should use its close ties with Khartoum to stop the genocide.

Statement from Political Prisoner Maroon Shoatz on his medical situation

Russell Maroon Shoatz, 13.04.2007 03:02

I need your help in order to get the prison to allow me to see a heart specialist and be given a stress test and be fitted with a holter monitor in order to pinpoint the problem, before being prescribed proper treatment.

Federal Lawsuit Filed for Civil Rights Violations

COPWATCH, 13.04.2007 02:22

A federal lawsuit was filed on 3-12-07 in the United States District Court Eastern District of California against the City of Reedley and three police officers for civil rights violations


Hernan Mena Cifuentes, 13.04.2007 00:53

Los medios de informacion prepararon el guion. El pueblo no obedecio,actuo Dias históricos en la nación de Bolivar muestran el camino para la verdadera liberación de los pueblos.

Bush es tan terrorista como Posada Carriles

Ronal Suárez Ramos, 13.04.2007 00:45

Al ordenar mediante la jueza federal de El Paso, Texas, la liberación de Posada Carriles, el gobierno de los Estados Unidos y en particular su presidente, demuestran que son tan terroristas como él.

People could die in Paraguay jungle land clash

Rettet den Regenwald, 13.04.2007 00:35

Lives could be lost in a confrontation over jungle land in Paraguay.

The rainforest of Amotocodie in Paraguay is home to isolated groups of Ayorèode indigenous people.

The company UMBU S.A. has bought 40,000 hectares of virgin rainforest right in the centre of Amotocodie, in order to establish cattle ranches.

Maywood Community Exposes Police and City Corruption

Cop Watch Los Angeles, 13.04.2007 00:34

Maywood, California -- A prime example of how police, government officials, and local capitalists work together as a function of the police state to exploit and oppress our people.

Hambali denies Al Qaeda link

Parrot Press, 13.04.2007 00:08

Another political scapegoat But notice the double question "while you were a member of JI?"

The Strange Death of Dr David Kelly

London Sound Posse recording of Norman Baker MP, 12.04.2007 23:32

Summary: Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (MP) for Lewes in East Sussex England, speaks and fields questions about his research into the strange death of UN weapons inspector Dr David Kelly.

Australia: Call for skilled migrants to be sent to the ADF

Parrot Press, 12.04.2007 22:29

Chronic shortages in the Defence [WAR] Force Prime Minister John Howard wants the migrants to help fill chronic shortages in the Defence [WAR] Force.

the secret pact of standard oil with the nazis

gaby weber, 12.04.2007 21:59

The interest of the Rockefeller family were identical with the interest of Deutsche Bank. And after WW1, their shares of the „Turkish Petroleum Company“ were transferred as „enemy property“ to France. For many years, the Deutsche Bank tried to litigate against this expropriation, but finally they realized that there wouldn’t be any chance on the legal front. There is strong evidence to suggest that approximately in 1927, Deutsche Bank and Standard Oil made a secret pact aimed at bringing Hitler to power in order to conquer the Oil of Baku. Standard Oil promised to supply the fuel.

Global Warming Is The Biggest Tale Ever Told to Humanity

Timothy Ball, 12.04.2007 20:51

After a reported all-night session on April 5, the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its second major report on Global Warming. Climate scientists and government policy administrators from more than 120 countries concluded that we’ve reached a point that is worse than previously thought. But Canadian climatologist Tim Ball, who wrote last year’s article on Orato. com entitled "Global Warming: The Cold, Hard Facts?," insists that Global Warming is a big lie and that he has accumulated enough scientific research to prove everybody wrong.

Français ! Votez tous et sur papier !

Carmelle malpaso, 12.04.2007 20:48

Contre les machines à voter et l'abstention !!!

Network Emerging to Smash the Conventions in 2008

Unconventional Action, 12.04.2007 19:56

Let's get together and make these the last RNC and DNC's ever! Woo!

Stars Placed for Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia on Hollywood Walk of Fame

carolfrances, 12.04.2007 18:52

one star The peace and justice community of Los Angeles recognized the courage and humanism of three revolutionary countries, as part of the national day demanding "Hands off Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia."

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