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Stichting Kongolese Stimuleringsprojecten &quot;KSP &quot;

Dhr.N. Bale, Voorzitter, 16.04.2007 22:38

Stichting Kongolese Stimuleringsprojecten “KSP “ is opgericht op 1 november 1997 (kvk-nr: 24294142 te Rotterdam) en heeft als ondernemingsvorm een stichting. KSP richt zich op de kanalen via welke DR-Kongolese, andere (Afrikaanse) bevolkingsgroepen en verschillende mensen tekortkomingen voor verbeteringen van de positie van hun achterban signaleren.

Het doel van de Stichting KSP is integratie en participatie van de Kongolese af-komst in de Nederlandse samenleving.

Positionnements candidats sur l'instauration d'un ordre moral sur le net

La Ligue Odebi, 16.04.2007 20:57

Communiqué 15-04-07
[2007/6] Odebi demande aux candidats de se positionner clairement sur la tentative d'instauration d'un ordre moral sur le net par le biais d'une commission nationale de déontologie

Barclays bans Cuban business accounts

ruaidh, 16.04.2007 20:41

Barclays plc has caved in to US Govt pressure and ordered Cuban business accounts to close.

This Way Out: Bishop Robinson Grows Up &amp; Calif. Marriage Equality Bill

Overnight Productions, Inc., 16.04.2007 19:32

April 16, 2007: The first out Episcopalian bishop's early years; CA lawmakers move on same-gender marriage. Plus Pride won in Latvia but lost in Moldova, gays beaten at Jamaican carnival, jailed Honduran activist assaulted, WA partner law awaits governor's pen, Spain's first wedded queers, more news.

El show inconcluso

Yoandy Sanchez BAro, 16.04.2007 17:07

El fabricado show judicial en torno al terrorista Luis Posada Carriles cumplió un nuevo capítulo al revertir un tribunal de apelaciones la orden de la jueza Kathleen Cardone de otorgarle libertad bajo fianza hasta el 11 de mayo próximo, cuando comenzará el juicio por cargos de fraude migratorio.

“Varias Generaciones de Republican@s Conmemoran 76 Aniversario en Caracas”

Modaira Rubio, 16.04.2007 16:43

Carmen Morente de la Plataforma Simón Bolívar de Granada fue invitada especial

Contribute to NEO Binaries as a guest Blogger, get huge readership base to talk to.

Jerry, 16.04.2007 16:36

Great chance for bloggers/writers to get a great platform to showcase their writing skills. Apply to NEO Binaries.


Modaira Rubio, 16.04.2007 15:28

El Presidente de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela Hugo Chávez Frías, anunció la cancelación total de la deuda de nuestro país al Fondo Monetario Internacional y al Banco Mundial, organismos que constituyen los cadáveres insepultos del viejo orden económico sustentado en el sistema Breton Woods.

Way Off Base: PAUL KRUGMAN; Everybody Hates Don Imus: FRANK RICH +


KRUGMAN: On key issues, reluctant Democratic politicians are being dragged by their base into taking highly popular positions.


The Vimal Masters Assemblage - Finale &amp; Foundation of the Forum of Vimal Master Craftsmen

Manu Dagar, 16.04.2007 11:30

The Vimal Masters Assemblage comes to its Finale on the 13th April, 2007 at the Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi

Joachim Heimrath Family on campus of the University of the Philippines protesting the blatant violation of human,constitutional and civil rights in particular his family forced into Exile in the Philippines by the German Government

Mike Cunanan, 16.04.2007 09:02

The question always asked was finally disclosed by Sir Joachim Heimrath who has become a symbol for the request of a lost commodity HUMAN RIGHTS not Filipino , not German , not any countryman's right but they have one thing in common as Sir Heimrath says we are the same under the skin we feel , we love , we hate , we are lonely.He questions those churches forgetting that we are all god's creatures not to be destroyed by the exhaust fumes of a submarine engine let into a sealed room where it took 2 hours to gas them , some of the naked women , children and men who were told they were in a shower were still alive when buriednot to mention other methods to sickening to remind you of Germans.Now here is a German like so many others who stand up for their civil-and human rights they are allowed to be raped , murdered , lynched robbed and degraded.They are facing their extermination and rather die together then being separated and or allegedly sold by perverts in the social services.We are willing to fight for this man .Germans wake up you are not all bad help us he is a joining factor for both our races crucified by the German government for doing what they should have done to work for the welfare of the people..............


BY VICTOR YANULEVICH, 16.04.2007 08:50

The Money's Power Over World

America 'freedom to fascism”

Klink, 16.04.2007 07:19

America 'freedom to fascism” Don't Miss it!

'Rice deities' descend on Department of Agriculture demand DA protect RP from GMO rice threat

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 16.04.2007 04:22

Greenpeace activists dressed to symbolize the bul-ul, a traditional Ifugao rice Greenpeace activists dressed to symbolize the bul-ul, a traditional Ifugao rice guardian, carried out a sit-in protest at the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) doorsteps in Quezon City today. The peaceful action was meant to tell the DA to act on its mandate to protect the country's food supply, in this case against looming GMO rice (genetically-modified rice) threat posed by the agency's pending decision on GMO rice Bayer LL62.

gracias Linux por darme la oprtunidad de editar video en libertad

anonimo, 16.04.2007 03:28

ninnxs a por Linux gracias a todxs lxs programadorxs y usuarixs de software libre

Joachim Heimrath one of us...Sudetendeutsche Community condemns inactivity for the protection of the welfare of their people

Holger Baumstetter, 16.04.2007 02:00

Sudtendeutsche condemn Landsmannschaften in Germany as linientreu (anti Sudetendeutsch in the protection of their people).

Upcoming Event In Kentucky

porchwhitler, 16.04.2007 01:58

This is an announcement of a peace rally taking place at the Bowling Green WKU campus.

Joachim Heimrath family's lynching ...of a Sudetendeutschen(German) so many in the Philippines targetting foreigners tolerated by authority.

Paul Brunner, 16.04.2007 01:36

Heimrath has been harased by the houseowner to such an extent that his son ran way in fear when he was supposed to return via bus rather sleeping on the street then one more day in their rented house in Poblacion 38.Witha a Brgy Captain inclined to violate the existing law that forbids the harassment of tenants supposed to be protected by law.In violation of art.12 both proscutor and pao refuse to recognize their bill of rights , humanity and their legal rights apparently watching the same lynching tactics of 2 savages who act in the same way Zenaida B.Heimrath was murdered like an animal by Brgy.Manggahan under their present Brgy.Captain longing for a political position in Pasig City , Manila.So far the Philippine government did not allow the Heimraths' any human or civil rights showing themselves since the Aquiono government as racist and highly bias of those who provide work for Filipinos abroad.Again and again successive governments pointed the finger at foreigners and their governments allegedly to discriminate against Filipinos while in the Philippines lynchings , abuse of authority has been rampant not to speak of human rights violations .Since highly respected MaryCon Bautista as Head of the Philippine Human Rights Commissioner said institution has become questionable and an unnecessary waste for public money better spent otherwise as with so many human rights violations tolerated one cannot be identified any more.Foreigners are mercilessly and cruely targetted however in this the Heimrath family is un acceptable stink in the works of the government.Sickening , disgusting,inhuman and nazi like.

“Los pueblos del mundo deben movilizarsey pedir la extradición de Posada Carriles”

Modaira Rubio, 16.04.2007 01:12

Carolus Wimmer Carolus Wimmer parlamentario y Secretario de RRII del PCV ante la Liberación de Posada Carriles

“Venezuela propone Moral y Luces para combatir la corrupción”

Modaira Rubio, 16.04.2007 00:37

Foro contra la Corrupción en Sudáfrica:
Medios de comunicación contribuyen con su actitud al desarrollo de este flagelo, expuso en su intervención el embajador Antonio Montilla.


P. AMINA, 15.04.2007 23:04


Importing Dissent!

Floating Lab Collective, 15.04.2007 22:40

On April 21st and 22nd the socio-political group, the Floating Lab Collective, will be staging protests and street theater throughout Washington, DC. People from all over the world are invited to send emails detailing whatever it is that irks them. Whether it is global injustice or too many veggies for dinner, the Collective will protest your qualm for three minutes. All protests will be fully documented and streamed simultaneously into a DC gallery, sharing your protests with the world!

The Anna Nicole Smith JonBenet Ramsey Connection

Karen Fish, 15.04.2007 21:50

Beauty Queen Linked in death.

Fascistas en la red

Fritz Lang, 15.04.2007 21:07

Fascistas promovidos por la red contrarrevolucionaria mundial atacan a través de internet y otros medios a los servidores privados y ciudadanos que leen noticias.

Are you ready for the truth? Updadted

Daniel j Towsey, 15.04.2007 19:00

Heres the scary truth..this will be the most important article you'll ever read in your life..

Everybody Hates Don Imus: FRANK RICH; More Con Than Neo: MAUREEN DOWD - Wolfowitz +

FRANK RICH - THE NEW YORK TIMES, 15.04.2007 15:58

RICH: In the wake of Don Imus’s racist and sexist comments, there’s been an astounding display of hypocrisy, sanctimony and self-congratulation from all sides.


Présidentielles 2007

DM, 15.04.2007 14:42

Appel à une abstention massive

Has Baseball Really Progressed As Baseballs Celebrats the Anniversay Of Jackie Robinson Breaking the Color Line

Donald Iarussi MFA, 15.04.2007 14:37

As Major League Baseball gets ready to celebrate the Anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color line. Has professional baseball really progressed? This Professional baseball camera operator says no.


yassala, 15.04.2007 12:00


Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and crimes of Bush pal Patricia Cornwell

Dr Les Sachs, 15.04.2007 12:00

Update on status of felony crimes involving Bush friend and famous author Patricia Cornwell, the Bush-Rove White House, the 4th Circuit US federal judges and Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty of 'AIPAC Israeli spy trial' fame

FARE STRIKE! San Francisco 2005: First-Hand Accounts... a deceitful account of the failed transit fare strike in San Francisco in 2005

Kevin Keating, 15.04.2007 07:55

After helping to bungled the effort to foment a transit fare strike in San Francisco in 2005, some of the bunglers are now re-writing the history books on this failed effort...

Joachim Heimrath welcome Spokesman /Ambassador of the SUDETENDEUTSCHE

Rainer Kaltenschmidt, 15.04.2007 04:17

Heimrath Seen as Ambassador and Spokesman of the Sudetendeutsche community

Joachim HEIMRATH..racist government or tolerated crime against Foreigners in the Philippines and by the Germans providing selective consular service in Manila

Paul Brunner, 15.04.2007 04:10

Atrocities to the HEIMRATH FAMILY , recognized and seen as AMBASSADOR of the People of the Sudetenland , thnic community in the former CSSR who were target of a genocide that wiped out the people some surviving in Austria , Germany and scattered around the world robbed of their culture , identity in intent

Australia: Baby bonus for early ADF enlistment

Parrot Press, 15.04.2007 02:12

Recruitment and retention schemes The initiative is part of the Federal Government's billion-dollar overhaul of recruitment and retention schemes in the ADF.

Marcos at Mexico-US Border

Zezta LA, 14.04.2007 22:11

"We Will Come and Stay With You, Without Guns, Only With Our Words" Zapatista Comandantes Arrive at Mexico-US Border

By Brenda Norrell
Special to The Narco News Bulletin
April 11, 2007

Qui contrôle les débats électoraux sur la Toile ?

Usager-administré, 14.04.2007 19:26

Les élections présidentielles françaises font depuis des mois l'objet d'une campagne d'une singulière opacité, autant sur le plan de l'exposé des enjeux que sur celui du programme défendu par chaque candidat. Ce simulacre de " démocratie " n'apportera, à la fin des courses, rien de bon aux citoyens. Ce n'est d'ailleurs pas le résultat d'une ou plusieurs élections qui détermine la politique réelle du système en place. Cependant, les péripéties d'une telle campagne peuvent s'avérer porteuses d'enseignements en ce qui concerne l'évolution du fonctionnement de ce système. L'un d'entre eux n'est pas une surprise, mais il est toujours utile de le constater de manière " visible ", notamment avec le développement des échanges sur la Toile. Il s'agit de l'évidence du rôle croissant des médias privés conventionnels, et de l'absence d'emprise réelle des " petits internautes " sur la plupart des opérations de la campagne électorale sur Internet.

Mohawks: Indigenous Soliders, Canada's military solution

Kahentinetha Horn/Mohawk Nation News, 14.04.2007 18:28

Mohawks: "Is this how Canada tries to deal with recent worldwide criticism over their continued genocide of our people? There is no border for us. It is an imaginary colonial line."

Ms. Li Fengmei Barbarically Persecuted at the Women's Prison of Liaoning Province

anonimous witness, 14.04.2007 18:02

Report on tortures against Falun Gong practitioner in China

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Andy Moor, 14.04.2007 17:49

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Indigenous: Canada following genocidial terror mapped by US

Brenda Norrell, 14.04.2007 17:41

Canada is now following the genocidial terror mapped by the US and carried out in Central and South America. With torture and secret prisons given only a casual glance in the US, militaries and private security contractors have now been given the green light to declare war on human rights activists, peace activists and Indigenous struggling to survive.

Protest Grows over Blackwater U.S.A Training Camp

Tony Perry, 14.04.2007 17:37

The Blackwater dispute has brought together a coalition not often seen locally: rural residents, environmental activists and urban peaceniks. They are making common cause to convince the county Board of Supervisors to keep Blackwater out of the backcountry.

Nineteen Falun Dafa Practitioners from Jilin City Detained and Tortured in the Jilin City Third Detention Center (Jilin Province)

anonimous witness, 14.04.2007 17:14

Report on illegal detention and torture of Falun Gong practitioners in China

Diecinueve practicantes de Falun Dafa de la ciudad de Jilin detenidos y torturados en el tercer centro de detención de esta ciudad (provincia de Jilin)

testigo anónimo, 14.04.2007 17:12

Informe sobre detenciones y torturas a practicantes de Falun Gong en China

cop watch surveillons ceux qui nous répriment

no narko, 14.04.2007 16:31

surveillons les forces répressives

Cowboy Mentality Dominates Bison Slaughter

George Wuerthner, 14.04.2007 14:21

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Columbus Delano, speaking in 1873: "I would not seriously regret the total disappearance of the buffalo from our western plains, in its effect upon the Indians. I would regard it rather as a means of hastening their sense of dependence upon the products of the soil and their own labors."

Guantánamo Bay detainee railroaded into guilty plea

Mike Head, 14.04.2007 12:31

David Hicks The issues of principle in the case of David Hicks

Συναυλία &quot;Αγγελάκας και επισκέπτες - 13.04.07&quot;

Νίκος, 14.04.2007 12:22

Ο "αντικαπιταλιστής" Αγγελάκας που "περιφρονεί το σύστημα" "δε μάσησε" και βγήκε να τραγουδήσει σε μία συναυλία που δε χωρούσε ο κόσμος γιατί κόπηκαν πολύ περισσότερα εισητήρια από ότι έπρεπε και "δε μάσησε" που ο κόσμος έφευγε απογοητευμένος.

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buy xanax, 14.04.2007 11:10

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Australian Army - Don't Become A Statistic For Capital!

Con, 14.04.2007 10:32

&quot;News that's not known, or not known enough.&quot; UNkNOWN News

Reclaim the Streets Media Wanted!! URGENT!

Yesenia, 14.04.2007 10:05

Looking for any recorded altercations that happened between marchers and police to aid in a case brought against a marcher!

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