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gathering anticivilization 2007

llavors d'anarquia, 24.04.2007 15:52

After the success of the last gathering in Tavertet, we are calling for a new one this year. It will take place the 8, 9, 10 and 11 of September.

Barcelona: danish consulate attacked in solidarity with Ungdomshuset and its prisonners

x, 24.04.2007 14:44

On April 24th, a group of activists carried out an action of solidarity
with the Ungdomshuset struggle.

As talent ? Les élections, l’argent, la faim et les Rafale

De ço qui calt ?, 24.04.2007 14:23

Après la farce du premier tour des élections présidentielles françaises, on a droit à une représentation avec deux acteurs qui demandent le vote des Français (Nicolas Sarkozy et Ségolène Royal), plus un troisième (François Bayrou) à qui des alliances politiciennes sont proposées. La Trigolade a déjà commencé sa mise en scène, mais le débat sur les véritables problèmes est toujours étouffé. Rien de changé donc, par rapport à mon article du 16 avril qui suit plus bas.

Uprising in Greek Prisons

sleepless, 24.04.2007 12:58

Uprising in Greek Prisons

British Press Watchdog slammed by ‘Don’t Attack Iran’ Campaigners

CASMII, 24.04.2007 12:02

Press Complaints Commission fail to properly investigate alleged media bias against Iran.

A Review of Chris Hedges' American Fascists

Stephen Lendman, 24.04.2007 11:21

How the Christian Right is heading the US toward becoming a theocratic fascist state.

Joachim Heimrath Family(anne Franks of the Philippines IN ALL FAIRNESS let us not put the blame only on the Germans PART I

Paul Brunner, 24.04.2007 10:39

but mainly on those supposed to uphold Phil.Law and CONSTITUTION as the crimes were committed in the PHILIPPINES even to Filipinos and Filipino children
1.emittances from Germany from the Heimrath Family via registered mail were stolen at the Philippine Post Office .Police would not act on the falsified signatures as there was no payment.
2.Torture , denial of medical care,especially cruel treatment for daring to collapse on Filipino soil having given most of the food to his children by the diabetic father were executed by Barangay(Parish)officials and policemen who even pulled his pants down in public , let the water delivery handcuff him ,kicked and karate chopped him for causing "public scandal and alarm"in front of his family begging to take him to the hospital.They carted him hog tied to a barangay vehicle broke 3 toes,injured his spine and knocked 8 teeth out of him et al beating him mercilessly in public after picking him up from the ground>Threatening to heat th 3 to 9 year old children for daring to cry in fear for their father Joachim Heimrath.

Mbororos: From Grazers to Farmers

Christopher Fon Achobang, 24.04.2007 09:24

Mbororos are a people who occupy sahelien Africa as this region is appropriate for their grazing. Traditionally, they are grazers. But for sometime, civilization has taken its toll on them as they have sold off most of their cattle stocks. They are now into all sorts of ativities. The most recent is their transformation from grazers to farmers.

Traditional Psychiatric Treatment: Healer Embraces Conventional Medicine

Christopher Fon Achobang, 24.04.2007 09:11

In Cameroon it is believed that witchcraft is invariably responsible for mental disorders. This fact is almost accepted as gospel in a country with only two psychiatric wings in government hospitals in Douala and Yaounde.

False Victory, Supressed Dissent

Ferus Green, 24.04.2007 08:20

An article in the April 20, 2007 edition of the Santa Cruz Sentinel described the victory of SAW (Students Against War) after activists dissuaded military recruiters from participating in a job fair on campus. Victory seems promblematic, and I hope to critique what appears to be a limited, misguided vision of progress.

Australia: g20 solidarity action this morning

Parrort Press, 24.04.2007 08:18

g20 solidarity This morning the first four arrestees appeared in the Melbourne Children’s Court, part of the continuing politically motivated police and state campaign against protestors following the demonstrations at the G20 in November. A solidarity action was held at 10am outside the courtroom in support of the arrestees.

Alec Baldwin’s Tirade a publicity stunt for Martin Scorcese’s Lymelife

Karen Fish, 24.04.2007 07:44

Kim Basinger and Ireland Imaginary angst.

Australian government argues for mass detention power in “war on terror”

Mike Head, 24.04.2007 06:38

Jack Thomas Jack Thomas “control order” case

Time to Charge Automobiles a Fee to Drive in New York City's Manhattan?

Cody Lyon, 24.04.2007 05:05

On Earth Day 2007, Mayor Michael Bloomberg went public with a proposal that would impose an $8 fee on automobile drivers coming into Manhattan. There are a number of reasons why this might be a good idea, while setting an example for other American cities.

Time to Charge Automobiles a Fee to Drive in New York City's Manhattan?

Cody Lyon, 24.04.2007 04:50

On Earth Day 2007, Mayor Michael Bloomberg went public with a proposal that would impose an $8 fee on automobile drivers coming into Manhattan. There are a number of reasons why this might be a good idea, while setting an example for other American cities.

IMCUK In Censorship Frenzy

IMCUKcester, 24.04.2007 00:02

Kurt Nimmo Given Prority publishing rights on IMCUK

Nordic Freedom

mantra, 23.04.2007 23:30

The enslavement of the nordic peoples by the english, Americans & Australians

This Way Out: Larry Kramer Conundrum: A Historical Perspective

Overnight Productions, Inc., 23.04.2007 22:06

April 23, 2007: Gay historian Stuart Timmons puts the latest controversy in context. Plus anti-Pride protest explodes in Jerusalem, Canterbury refutes gay-bashing Bible reading, U.S. clergy lobby Congress for LGBT rights, "Day of Silence" speaks volumes against homophobia, Moscow court says "satanic" is no slur, the subway artist, and more news.

University Professor Studies Music and Politics

Mark Pedelty, 23.04.2007 21:48

What role does music play in social movements?

SOA Watch Launches Nationwide Fasts to Denounce Controversial Training Facility for Latin Americans

SOA Watch Media, 23.04.2007 19:22

Human rights organization School of the Americas Watch is launching a three day nationwide fast to denounce the former U.S. Army School of the Americas (SOA), renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation(WHINSEC), and pressure Congress to approve HR 1707. The legislation, introduced by Rep. Jim McGovern (MA-D) would cut funding and suspend operations at WHINSEC.

Vermont Secession, The Extreme Right, And Democracy

David Van Deusen, 23.04.2007 18:36

Vermont secession can be a powerful weapon in the arsenal of democracy. But can it deliver a comprehensive freedom? Can it open the doors for a full participatory and equitable economy? Probably not. The chains of authoritarianism and capitalism can only be shattered when they are broken at many links.

Second Vermont Republic Implodes Over Rightwing Scandal

Natasha Voline, 23.04.2007 18:32

In late February reports began to circulate on the web alleging that the Second Vermont Republic (SVR) was fostering ties to racist and extremist rightwing organizations and intellectuals. John Odum, a writer for the Green Mountain Daily website (, used information initially gathered by a certain John Rowley, to connect the dots in his damning article ‘Second Vermont Republic Tied To Racists.’

Trident Submarine Protest

ptvet, 23.04.2007 17:48

Two activists arrested at Naval Magazine Indian Island (Washington State) protesting the arrival of the Trident sub USS Ohio.

Senator John Kerry - WTC 7 Was a Controlled Demolition

Austin 9/11 Truth, 23.04.2007 16:57


A Hostage Situation: PAUL KRUGMAN - Iraq Funding +


KRUGMAN: In response to a confrontation over financing for the Iraq surge, President Bush is threatening dire consequences for innocent bystanders.



PATRICIO MONTESINOS, 23.04.2007 13:02

La culta Europa, tan dada a criticar a otros gobiernos por supuestas violaciones de los derechos humanos, guarda silencio ante la liberación del terrorista Luis Posada Carriles, por un tribunal norteamericano


ARSENIO RODRIGUEZ, 23.04.2007 12:58

Berlin acogerá a partir de mañana a personeros de diversas latitudes, quienes desde la capital alemana pretenderán decidir el futuro de Cuba, claro sin la presencia de los que en la Isla viven, trabajan, luchan y defienden el sistema social que allí existe

Joachim Heimrath Family (Anne Franks of the Philippines)W A N T E D ! child abuser , criminal or government official ?

Sonia Maier, 23.04.2007 09:02

allegedly trafficking children,extortion,harassment , stalking , involvement in child molesting

Virons-le !

Electro Pop 80's, 23.04.2007 07:29

Le score du 1er tour des élections présidentielles de 2007 est suspect

L'électeur était en blanc...

Lanarko, 23.04.2007 06:30

Second tour de l'élection présidentielle : Sarkozy-Royal. Comme je le pensais, je vais voter blanc. Problème : les votes blancs sont comptés avec les bulletins nuls, et n'ont de plus aucune influence institutionnelle. Il s'agit donc d'un vote symbolique. Problème 2 : Comment donner une visibilité à ce vote symbolique (sachant que l'expression d'opinions politiques dans un bureau de vote est interdit) ?

Argentina: Why so much theater? What was the purpose of U.S. government with the Eichmann operation?

gaby weber, 23.04.2007 02:24

It seems that one party profited that very same day from the Eichmann operation: the U.S. government, which is probably the reason why U.S. citizens and a U.S. aircraft played a central role in the execution of the action. Why did the U.S choose to humiliate Argentina before the whole world?

Come to Boston for Biojustice 2007!

Belac, 23.04.2007 02:04

BioJustice 2007 is a week long celebration of sustainable food and alternatives to corporate healthcare. It is being developed by a wide coalition of public interest groups, activists, farmers, scientists, and concerned citizens, working together in response to the biotechnology industry's international convention scheduled for the new Boston Convention and Exhibition Center during May 6-9, 2007.

Australia: Sheikh denies Hezbollah funding

Parrort Press, 23.04.2007 00:02

Sheikh Taj el-din Al Hilali But in an interview on SBS [AIPAC] the sheikh said all the funds went directly to needy families.

Illicit drugs costing Australian business billions in sales$$$

Hardys, 22.04.2007 22:48

Legal Drugs Because and old report has found illicit drugs are costing Australian businesses because less people are buying alcohol and cigarettes. But alcohol and cigarettes are costing the community a lot more, because of the community having to pay for absenteeism, road accidents, domestic violence, police, prisons, hospitals and the morgue.

Virginia Tech: Laying The Blame

Karen Harper, 22.04.2007 21:35

There will be a lot of blame dished out in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech massacre. But one element will be missing and that is the system itself. Capitalism and the society it nurtures will remain unscathed in the big business press.

The hierarchy of the society

Martin Concoyle Ph D, 22.04.2007 20:32

In order for one to understand why there is such extreme control within society over what ideas are allowed to be heard one must have a picture of how society works. Essentially it is only the truth as believed by the elite rulers which is heard. Criticisms are allowed as long as they are in the voice of an elite, who are educated in the education systems of the elite rulers. Education systems funded by the projects of the elite rulers, eg military projects.

“Biocombustibles son complementarios no sustitutos del combustible fósil”

Modaira Rubio, 22.04.2007 19:14

Así lo señala el Ex Secretario General de la OPEP Dr. Alvaro Silva Calderóm

“Libertad de Posada Carriles es un Homenaje al Cinismo”

Modaira Rubio, 22.04.2007 19:07

Declara el Embajador Antonio Montilla

Wimmer: “Carmona Estanga no es un asilado político sino un criminal en fuga”

Modaira Rubio, 22.04.2007 18:54

El Parlamentario venezolano Carolus Wimmer también hace un llamado para que las ONGs que luchan por la paz y los pueblos del mundo realicen manifestaciones en apoyo a la petición del gobierno bolivariano de extradición del criminal Luis Posada Carriles

“El sueño de Bolívar avanza”

Modaira Rubio, 22.04.2007 18:09

Creación del Banco del SUR Y UNASUR

Iraq Is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac: FRANK RICH - Iraq, the Larger Sin +

FRANK RICH - THE NEW YORK TIMES, 22.04.2007 16:41

RICH: Each new scandal fills in a different piece of the elaborate White House scheme to cover up the lies that took us into Iraq and the failures that keep us mired there.


Deni de service sur les sites suisses et belges ?

Anargratos, 22.04.2007 15:39

En fait, pas un article mais une demande de confirmation. J'essaie depuis plusieurs minutes de me connecter aux sites belges (le soir) et suisses (tdg et 24 h) qui vont publier les resultats des elections avant l`heure officielle. Il semble que depuis qq minutes, ces sites soient injoignables.
Serait ce un deni de service organise ? ou ma parano ?


FANNY FERNANDEZ MELO, 22.04.2007 15:10

ESCOLARES Y ENTREGA DE LIBROS Escolares de la Región Callao en Lima, Perú, reflexionan en torno a la Madre Tierra, la homenajean con poemas y reciben el libro "MItos y Leyendas del Agua en el Perú"


FANNY FERNANDEZ MELO, 22.04.2007 15:06

Entrega de libro al Alcalde de Pacucha Escolar campesino es premiado por recopilar hermosa leyenda de la Laguna de Pacucha, y se realiza la presentación del libro "MITOS Y LEYENDAS DEL AGUA EN EL PERU" por la Ing. Fanny Fernandez Melo, en la ciudad de Andahuyalas, Apurimac, Perú


FANNY FERNANDEZ MELO, 22.04.2007 14:47

ESCOLARES RECIBIENDO LOS LIBROS Libro "Mitos y leyendas del Agua en el Perú" fue presentado en la ciudad de POZUZO, Pasco, Perú, en un ambiente de algarabia por los escolares de Pozuzo.

From Palestine to Virginia Tech: We are with you in this Time of Pain

sami awad, 22.04.2007 12:26

palestinian support and solidarity with the victims in virginia

Ataque Terrorista Nazi Cona EL Semillero

Sembrador uno de tantos, 22.04.2007 11:15

ataque Terrorista contra El Semillero

Joachim Heimrath &amp; crusade against lynching of foreigners

Ancita B.Macalat, 22.04.2007 11:13

Crusade against lynching of foreigners will commence publishing lynchings in the Philippines one case per week to expose extreme cruelty , barbarism and savagery committed against foreigners.There will be a special issue about well known Human Rights Advocate Joachim Heimrath (Sudetendeutscher?german) denied any assistance by the German government in criminal intent harassed and starved to death on behalf of the Germans by the Philippine governemnt.

Podcast Interview with Shashi Tharoor

George Kenney, 22.04.2007 10:09

A glimpse into the thinking of senior UN officials.

Joachim Heimrath Family Sudtendeutsche like us we prepare rescue mission from those certain barbaric savages terrorizing our people

MarkusSchmidt, 22.04.2007 09:08

Treated like animals , exploited and degraded by certain savages the Embassy of Sudetenland now takes actions and asks Sudetendeutsche for funds for this family SOS SAVE THE HEIMRATH FAMILY FROM CERTAIN BARBARIANS IN INFANTA,Quezon Province ,Philippines.Please Filipino friends help.The work of thsese people is not indicative of Filipinos but we should not allow them to do this to human beings most of them in tender age.Shameful for any human being to do this to another.Tell us Philippine Government why you allow foreigners to be subjected to this treatment.Animals only.

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