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Discourse? Donuts! (with working links?!)

The Dean of Cincinnati, 19.05.2004 11:24

The Dean of Cincinnati ponders the elusive nature of sustained and public discourse.

Discourse? Donuts!

The Dean of Cincinnati, 19.05.2004 11:22

The Dean of Cincinnati ponders the elusive nature of serious and sustained public dialogue.

Refusons le projet de Grand Moyen Orient

Attac Maroc, 19.05.2004 10:56

Attac Maroc prend l'initiative de lancer une campagne unitaire contre le projet américain de Grand Moyen Orient. Cette campagne, à l'échelle du monde arabe devra culminer sur une action commune (déclaration, manifestations ou mobilisations conjointes) parallèlement à la tenue du G8 au début du mois de juin prochain qui a la discussion de ce projet à son ordre du jour.. Dans un premier temps, nous vous convions à adhérer à l'appel que vous trouverez ci-joint et à le diffuser largement auprès de vos contacts .

A 'fair go' in East Timor

Edmund Rice Centre for Social Justice, 19.05.2004 08:31

We the undersigned urge the Australian federal government to...

URGENT: Save Silent Valley National Park from dam project

Anivar Aravind, 19.05.2004 07:36

Attention: Urgent Immediate Action Requested Rejected Silent Valley Hydro Electric Project Revived in the New Form of Pathrakadavu HEP? Bharathapuzha River cannot afford any more dams. plz distribute this widely and respond immediately - Anivar Aravind

Video of Powell's Meet the Press Blunder

Tom Stalcup, 19.05.2004 06:46

Powell NOT on Meet the Press

Watch the video of Powell's off-camera moments here:

Incredibly, this segment has now been edited out of's Internet videos.


Back to Haifa / Testomony From Palestine [+ 27 duplicate authorships]

Zajel / An-Najah National University / Palestine, 19.05.2004 06:12

I would hear him cursing and talking to himself while listening to the news. He was eager to obtain any news which might revive his hopes of returning to Haifa

Press Freedom : a question of political will

Association of Journalists in Africa, 19.05.2004 05:39

Some African leaders despise journalists. Fearing the emergence of a real opposition force, these leaders are often responsible for the complaints, threats or censorship that restrict press freedom in their countries.

Gasoline, but at what price?

Red Ahroun, 19.05.2004 01:53

Is it worth it? My first foray into political art/graphics

Aussie human shield: &quot;They were shooting at everyone&quot;

Zoe Robert and Baldur Arnarson, 19.05.2004 01:31

burnt cars The recent reveal of the torture of Iraqi prisoners by U.S soldiers in Iraq has escalated concerns of further war crimes committed by the Coalition.

Israel: Terrorism and War Crimes

0bs1d1an, 18.05.2004 23:38

George W. Bush's &quot;Man of Peace&quot; A helicopter fires at a Mosque, missiles are fired into residential areas, snipers fire at ambulances...according to Israel, these are acts of self defence. Others would describe these actions as acts of terrorism and war crimes.

US ‘Democracy Light’ Heralds In For Iraqis

Jonathan Senft, 18.05.2004 21:44

Opinion: If US democracy isn't working at home, then why should it work in Iraq?

This week in Seven Oaks, 18.05.2004 21:39

Check out issue 13:

US Raids Sunni Mosque - 4th Time

Dahr Jamail, 18.05.2004 20:27

US military raids and desecrates for the 4th time a mosque
in Baghdad. The outcome is obvious: opposition to US invasion
is ever increasing in Iraq, spreading to all Iraqis.
If people think that this is not a war against Islam, then
no more amount of self-evident oppression committed by the US
military will convience such people.

USA Attempted To Plant WMDs in Iraq — and Failed

whistle blower, 18.05.2004 20:12

According to a stunning report posted by a retired Navy Lt. Commander and 28-year veteran of the Defense Department, the Bush administration's assurance about finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was based on a CIA plan to "plant" WMDs inside the country. Nelda Rogers, the Pentagon whistleblower, claims the plan failed when the secret mission was mistakenly taken out by "friendly fire."

788 U.S. GI's have now died in Iraq

jamie, 18.05.2004 19:44

Here's today's war report from This is a conservative site in that only double confirmed casualties are reported. jamie

I support Mass.Gay Marriages!

Rush Blimphog, 18.05.2004 18:20

I support Mass.Gay Marriages!


£, 18.05.2004 17:45

w$ Go back to watching your precious television finales.

Flash Actions, 18.05.2004 17:14

Reclaim the Streets! This is a proposal for a tactic called Flash Actions. It is all about using our advantages to the full and showing that mass, decentralized, anti-authoritarian organizing techniques can be more effective than the police command hierarchy. If used correctly it should avoid many of the disadvantages of pre-announced mass direct actions, but at the same time is more realistic than simple telling affinity groups to 'plan autonomous actions'.

G8: Island Residents May Suffer from G-8 Presence, but Sea Island Company Will Not

Bork, 18.05.2004 16:29

Sea Island, Georgia -- Sea Island is the actual physical site of the G-8 summit this year though adjacent St. Simons Island will take at least some of the overflow. The leaders from the wealthiest nations, predominantly white, will come together in June at this southern Georgia resort to further their economic domination of the rest of world.

Democracy in Middle East and America

Faisal Hussein, 18.05.2004 15:08

In america, the land of freedom and democracy; people have been trying to persuade their government to stop the wrong hatred generating policy in the middle east, but no change happens. In the Middle East, people have been trying to persuade their leaders to be more effective, but no change happens. Thus, we can assume that there is no freedom either in America or Middle East.

Press Freedom : a question of political will

Association of Journalist in Africa, 18.05.2004 13:36

Some African leaders despise journalists.Fearing the emergence of a real opposition force, these leaders are often responsible for the complaints,threats or censorship that restrict press freedom in their countries.

Aussie human shield in Iraq: &quot;They were shooting at everyone&quot;

Zoë Robert and Baldur Arnarson, 18.05.2004 13:29

Burnt body The recent reveal of the torture of Iraqi prisoners by U.S soldiers in Iraq has escalated concerns of further war crimes committed by the Coalition.

Ruth Russell caught the attention of the world media last year when she spent eight weeks in Iraq as a human shield. The Adelaide-based mother of two left her family to join 500 other human shields from around the world to try to prevent the outbreak of war. In Iraq Ms Russell witnessed what she describes as war crimes committed by U.S forces shortly after the capture of Bagdhad.

Grève à Genève - Strikes and Demo in Geneva

Willy, 18.05.2004 13:26

Panorama du pont de genève - Geneva's bridge panorama Voici mes photographies numérique d'une grève lors de mon voyage à Genève en Suisse, Europe.

Here are my digital pictures about a demo in Geneva, Switzerland during my journey over there.

Nazi Top Google List Again

J Hanson, 18.05.2004 12:47

Nazi Sites Gain #1 Listing on Google for Jewish Terms

Shocking New John Kerry Flyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Sapper, 18.05.2004 11:12

Read this shocking new flyer on john kerry and bush.

The Future of Religious Freedom Under the Israeli Occupation

Nasir Al-Shaer, 18.05.2004 10:07

Currently, the most pressing violation of religious freedom is that Palestinian Muslims

Hoods on Statues, Protest of Iraq Occupation.

z, 18.05.2004 09:38

Hoods placed on statues, Protest of Iraq Occupation.
(Picture), this is a little piece of public art in resistance that EVERYONE can do who´s against this war!!

Gaza: Issaeli terrorist military actions and Palestinina resistance

Astrid Essed, 18.05.2004 08:16

It is striking that the Western media in their newsinformation about the Middle-Eastern conflict still are referring to Israeli military actions being ''legitimate'' and depicting all Palestinian resistance as ''terroristic''

No Shit!!

Wrong'em boy O, 18.05.2004 06:30

Of course Rumsfeld gave a "green lite".

why Islam requires females [+ 45 similar]

Zajel / An-Najah National University - Palestine, 18.05.2004 05:20

why Islam requires females to wear scarves

Massachusetts Is Gay, Let's Invade!

Joe Six Pack, 18.05.2004 03:56

Let's march on the queer liberals in Massachusetts and stop them from invading our homes!

Why is the Pentagon doing &quot;Damage Control&quot; for Don Rumsfeld?

Whorealdo, 18.05.2004 02:53

Why is the Pentagon doing "Damage Control" for Don Rumsfeld?


Pedja, 18.05.2004 00:48

Because of the escalation of violence by American solders against Iraqi prisoners of war, the group for the promotion of LGBT rights Queeria calls upon all NGOs in Serbia and the region to reject donations from the American administration and government foundations.

Take No Prisoners

Information Clearing House, 17.05.2004 23:10

Another proud moment in U.S. Military History.

U.S. Marines execute an Iraqi to the cheers of fellow marines

No basta con castigar a los perpetradores

Wilfredo Gutiérrez, 17.05.2004 22:57


The Iraqi oil in the heart of the Baath and the Resistance Strategy

Iraqi Branch of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, 17.05.2004 22:18

Victory to Iraq!!! Death to US Imperialism and the Zionist Entity!!! Join the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network On-line News and Views Forum:

Hawkesbury River by Christopher Rogers

CSR PRODUCTIONS Entertainment Group - May 2004 - USA, 17.05.2004 22:18

“…A boys journey discovering his grandfather’s hidden ties to the Australian central coast.”

La democracia de USA, el pueblo elegido de Dios y la supuesta dictadura existente en Venezuela

José Del Grosso, 17.05.2004 22:05

El presente artículo es un análisis psicológico/político/religioso de la democracia y pone en evidencia cómo USA, mantiene una tesis teórica de democracia y una tesis práctica. Así mismo, se diferencian democracia participativa y democracia representativa y lo que ello significan respectivamente en la práctica en Venezuela y USA.

Prof Kerri Dunn ( Pomona college Hate Hoax ) needs money for her defense

Shem Green, 17.05.2004 21:35

Kerri Dunn is the Jewess who claims her car was vandalized by Nazis and it turns out she faked the whole thing - she went to jail and now needs money for her defense

Pushing Kerry to the Left

Concerned Citizen, 17.05.2004 21:24

The well known and inflential political action group, PAC is putting together a new petition to John Kerry that is making headlines.

A brief view into the future of USA's tyranny!

., 17.05.2004 20:28

Following are presented two articles:
1) Strategic Forcast:
The Edge of the Razor
2) Robert Dreyfuss:
Just the Beginning--Is Iraq the opening salvo in a war to
remake the world?

Petition supporting Camilo Mejia US conscientious objector

Payday, 17.05.2004 20:10

Support Camilo Mejia, US conscientious objector,
awaiting court-martial for “desertion” on 19 May 2004

Manar News 05/17/2004

Manar TV (Lebenon), 17.05.2004 20:09

A non-US perspective on the US invasion of Iraq.

My Invisible Auschwitz: An African-American woman tortured in a Cincinnati suburb

Gail Whittaker, 17.05.2004 19:00

When I read the stories of the prison tortures in Iraq, I have to turn away. I have experienced everything these victims have in Iraq in the “Invisible Auschwitz” that the slick operatives within the military and US government have unleashed upon me through stealth with their psychotronic, directed energy and e-weapons along with God only knows what else.

I am an African American woman, now living in Cincinnati because my family is nearby. I was a child MKUltra subject, moderately tortured, and constantly subjected to racist Gestapo-like intrusions upon my life, my dignity and my peace.


Alexys Vasstrom, 17.05.2004 18:55

Pizza Boli's window Three kids viciously brutalized in Towson for no more than a mere public urination violation.

High School Principal Discusses Local Implementation of &quot;No Child

Francine Dibben, 17.05.2004 18:44

Oakwood, Georgia
June 10 Thursday 7:00 PM at Gainesville College's Student Center Dr. Richard Krise, principal of White County High School, will address the impact of the Bush administration’s "No Child Left Behind" Act,


Peelovska, 17.05.2004 18:16

Altos cargos de la policía italiana y europea subirán al banquillo como responsables de la violencia de Génova 2001. La acusación popular internacional de la que forman parte 13 activistas del estado español llama públicamente a la solidaridad y a la movilización para que nunca se olvide la verdad y se haga justicia con todas las víctimas de la violencia militar y económica del G-8.

The U.S. Airforce &quot;Bombed&quot; Saddam's &quot;Nerve Gas&quot; factories in 1st.Gulf War!

Whorealdo, 17.05.2004 17:51

The U.S. Airforce "Bombed" Saddam's "Nerve Gas" factories in 1st.Gulf War!

CFL ALERT: The destruction of homes in Rafah continues, contact your Reps today!

Citizens for Fair Legislation, 17.05.2004 17:42

A UN report issued on 5/11/04 states that in the last ten days over 131 residential buildings in Gaza have been demolished or damaged beyond repair by the Israeli Occupation Forces. And that these recent demolitions have left over 1,100 Palestinians homeless bringing the total number of people to have lost their homes in the Gaza Strip to 17,594.

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