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Mauretanien/Spanien: Flüchtlinge

Queda la Palabra, 01.05.2007 20:05

Immer noch werden 23 Flüchtlinge unter unmenschlichen Bedigungen und illegal in einer Fischhalle in Mauretanien festgehalten.Text der Beschwerde der Initiative Queda la Palabra an die UNO und Protestbriefvorlage...

Live video From L.A. Marchas!

Daniel Maldonado, 01.05.2007 20:02

Live feed from Los Angeles, CA May 1st Marchas!

¡Descansa y reflexiona Fidel!

Rolo Martínez, 01.05.2007 19:34

El pueblo cubano desfiló este Primero de Mayo para denunciar la libertad del terrorista Luis Posada Carriles y pedir libertad para sus 5 Patriotas.

Announcing: The International I.T. Workers Union

IITWU, 01.05.2007 19:18

This is an announcement and a call to action to the world-wide IT worker community to become involved in the development of a new resource — The International I.T. Workers Union

The top 5 Data Storage Web Applications ranking at a popular web 2.0 portal saw sneaking ahead of other well known rivals like Mediafire, Free Image Hut, Orbitfiles, exaroom

Jerry, 01.05.2007 16:28

NEO Binaries the popular web 2.0 applications portal has made a list of the most popular application in different categories. In their Data Storage Web Applications, is the web 2.0 site’s user favorite. is a online storage space for your digital files
. has bettered other rivals to head the Top 5 Data Storage Web Applications listing on NEO Binaries. It is a web-based storage space for your digital information. Mediafire, Free Image Hut, Orbitfiles and exaroom make up the remainder of the list.


FanX, 01.05.2007 16:10



1 May- Istanbul/Taksım - TURKEY

1 May- Istanbul/Taksım - TURKEY, 01.05.2007 15:39

1 May- Istanbul/Taksım - TURKEY


VMA/NIK, 01.05.2007 15:26



anonyme, 01.05.2007 15:14

analyse sur les votes électroniques et leurs conséquences

Organizing Across Borders for Immigrant Rights

Movement for Justice in El Barrio, 01.05.2007 15:08

NYC Immigrants in the Zapatista’s “Other Campaign”

Jim McGreevey and the China Syndrome

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff, 01.05.2007 14:55

Jim McGreevey, X governor of New Jersey now teaches ethics at Kean University. University Prez Dawood Farahi sends Jim to China. The State University of New York (SUNY) has similar plans in Nanjing. United University Professions (UUP) sends a union message re the treatment of foreign teachers in China and Amnesty International reports on repression in Beijing.


Islamic Community Net, 01.05.2007 14:35

The zionist entity is using Gaza as a field to experiment its new lethal weapons

L'art de l'hypocrisie

Brasseur, 01.05.2007 13:47

"Elle voit la paille dans l'oeil de son voisin, mais pas la poutre dans le sien."

Revenue officers and police ire against poor

Maoist Green Media, 01.05.2007 13:26

Indian authority hates poor people and serves rich people

Fidel Castro Maximum Domain Found

Cuba Maximum Research, 01.05.2007 11:35

DomainsWorld ultimate & maximum Cuba-Domain found

Be not afraid... it's only May Day!

Ben Tanosborn, 01.05.2007 11:29

A rationale for the United States to join most people in the world in celebration of May Day, International Workers' Day... a true Labor Day.

Royal, Mitterrand, histoire du &quot;socialisme&quot; français et censure (2)

Ralbol, 01.05.2007 10:55

Les partis bourgeois français de "droite", de "gauche" et de "centre" se disputent la récupération d’un certain nombre de personnages historiques ancrés dans la mémoire populaire. C’est le cas de Jean Jaurès, par exemple, qui fut assassiné à cause de sa lutte contre la guerre juste avant la boucherie de 1914-18. Mais les deux candidats en présence au deuxième tour des présidentielles françaises sont porteurs, précisément, d’un héritage politique opposé à ce que Jaurès incarnait en 1914. On « comprend », dans ces conditions, que la censure règne en ce moment en France dès qu’on rappelle quelque peu l’histoire et les antécédents de « nos » politiques.


Marion de Jesus, 01.05.2007 08:12

Kangaroo courts , lynchings , mob rule , murders , rape , degradations and robberies tolerated by the Filipino authority with a racist bias legal system

El Salvador: Fight Against ILEA, the New US Police Training Academy

Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador, 01.05.2007 07:27

The ILEA – San Salvador academy, opened in July, 2005, is intended to replace the School of the Americas in Ft. Benning, GA. The project is an attempt to continue militarizing Latin American police to protect foreign investment by exporting the US's criminal justice system to Latin America from a base in El Salvador.

The new language of new ideas (Alternative to the material centered approach of physical theory today)

Martin Concoyle Ph D, 01.05.2007 06:43

Language has built in limitations which are never dealt with in a fundamental and general manner. Physical science was built from the “new language” which Copernicus began, when he revealed the hidden structure of the solar system. The differential equation has become the mystical base for physical description, but the hidden structure of discrete isometry subgroups may diminish the differential equations importance in physical description, and instead channel physical description toward the idea of material’s dependence on its own spectral environments and how to control such a spectral context. Control of spectra is possible because spectra, in the new ideas, have a geometric as well as a multi-dimensional basis.

Antena mutante traxmite de bogota colombia el primero de mayo

antena mutante, 01.05.2007 05:42

Somos un grupo de fulanos de dudosa procedencia, participantes sin falta de la celebracion del primero de mayo. Somos los que somos y estamos los que estamos porque de primero de mayo en primero de mayo nos hemos ido conociendo. Somos ANTENA MUTANTE, porque de tanto oir nos cansamos y queremos amplificar libremente todo lo que escuchamos,creamos y transformamos. Teniendo la propagacion como mision, la tecnologia es un detonante de nuestra produccion, es el soporte y el style. Somos la mala hierba que se reproduce en el forcejeo de lo organico y cibernetico, la urbe y los bytes. Es por eso que muestro unico objetivo es ser reconocidos como comunicadores piratas sintonizados.

Mauricio Quiroz Sentenciado

Jorge Luis Ramirez, 01.05.2007 04:50

Efraín Racacha Valladares, logró que la II Sala Civil confirmara la Sentencia condenatoria a la pena privativa de libertad de un año, asi mismo el pago de S/. 500.00 nuevos soles por concepto de reparacion civil por el delito de difamación que cometiera el condenado Mauricio Rodolfo Quiroz Torres.

Maurico Quiroz Reo Contumas

Jorge Luis Ramirez, 01.05.2007 04:29

Mauricio Quiroz, asesor político del aprista Lino Cerna Manrique, ex consejero regional de Lima, hoy brazo derecho y hombre de absoluta confianza del actual alcalde del Distrito de Sayan, Provincia de Huaura, Fernando Marquez Trinidad, esta como no habido ante los ojos de la justicia.

Community flags retroactive federal election boycott to stop Howard profits

Parrot Press, 01.05.2007 03:43

War Crimes! "We're trying to stop them from murdering more innocent people and we are saying you can't profit from it.

1º de Mayo. Importante noticia relacionada con Cuba, 01.05.2007 01:13

Convocamos a una rueda de prensa virtual, por Internet, el día 1 de mayo, en la que informaremos sobre una importante noticia relacionada con Cuba.

Greece: The student movement appears dead but it is has only adapted!!!

Aris Oikonomou, 30.04.2007 22:17

The movement against education reforms that have lasted almost a year have according to some has died. However according to students themselves they are only adapting to the new conditions. They are very alive, of course tired but alive. Ahead they have student elections, the application of the reforms already voted and the resistance to new ones. The privatization of the Greek education system will not be that easy.

cri urgent, une actualité du dedans

sandro, 30.04.2007 20:47

par solidarité pour un collectif d'artiste, un comédien propose des lectures et des ventes de textes courts: la collection cri urgent; pour réunir l'art et la vie, dans l'urgence.

This Way Out: Souls A'Fire &amp; New Queer CDs

Overnight Productions, Inc., 30.04.2007 20:32

April 30, 2007: African American LGBT faithful confer on spiritual justice; clever combos, live ruckus-raising, and social evolution in queer music. Plus E.U. slams Poland's official homo-hatred, partnership proposal propels Aussie Victorians, same-gender couples progress in Washington and New Hampshire, Nepal queers "beautify" history, and more news.

El derecho a la verdad o: ¿cómo forzamos a DaimlerChrysler, Exxon_Mobil, Mossad y otros decir la verdad?

gaby weber, 30.04.2007 20:19

Las leyes sobre el acceso a la información no resultan aplicables en la práctica. Tienen muchas excepciones (seguridad nacional etc.), las solicitudes no son contestadas (Mossad), y la CIA ofrece la información por dinero, en vez de desclasificar los expedientes. Y en muchos países tales leyes ni siquiera existen.

El derecho a la verdad o: ¿cómo forzamos a DaimlerChrysler, Exxon_Mobil, Mossad y otros decir la verdad?

gaby weber, 30.04.2007 20:19

Las leyes sobre el acceso a la información no resultan aplicables en la práctica. Tienen muchas excepciones (seguridad nacional etc.), las solicitudes no son contestadas (Mossad), y la CIA ofrece la información por dinero, en vez de desclasificar los expedientes. Y en muchos países tales leyes ni siquiera existen.

It takes balls (I guess) to veto $124 billion more dollars to escalate war: THANKS BUSH!

Zanne Sam Joi, 30.04.2007 18:43

Protest Bush vetoing the "Iraq Accountability Act"??? Hell no - celebrate!!!

Another Chavez in the Dominican Republic

Franklin Garcia, 30.04.2007 18:19

Voters in the Dominican Republic are once again facing a reelection dilemma. This time around reelection efforts are been sought by two-time president Leonel Fernandez.

Royal, Mitterrand, histoire du &quot;socialisme&quot; français et censure (1)

Ralbol, 30.04.2007 17:50

Dans cette parodie d'élections présidentielles françaises, "droite", "gauche" et "centre" rivalisent en matière de censure de l'information. Les citoyens subissent, partout ou presque, un blocage total de l'accès à une réelle connaissance de l'histoire politique du pays, des antécédents de ceux qui sollicitent leur vote... Brouiller ou occulter les informations est un ingrédient clé du dispositif de domination de classe dans la société moderne. L'histoire du "socialisme" français est sans doute, en la matière, un "matériel classé" que l'on cherche à "protéger".

A mi hermano Pancho

Guillermo Ramirez Bravo, 30.04.2007 17:32

Al martirio que sufrio mi hermano

global revolution

Timothy Johnson, 30.04.2007 17:11

This is what needs to be done in order to avoid further destruction of the world.

Top 5 Web Office Applications – is the winner!

jerry, 30.04.2007 16:36

NEO Binaries the popular web 2.0 applications portal has made a list of the most popular application in different categories. In their Web Office Applications, is the web 2.0 site user’s favorite.

This is world wide message to 'peace convoy' type people

King Amdo, 30.04.2007 14:58

The racist attacks on the native american tribal give away whalehunt (Makah etc) by the Sea Sheppard etc have gone far enough. I call for action to be taken against these fucking wankers...CHEK CHEK CHEK...

Movimiento San Marcos // Zapatismo Intergaláctico

sup-joaco, 30.04.2007 14:33

El mundo en nuestras manos...

Marokkanischer Journalist braucht dringenst Solidarität

CGT-UAB, 30.04.2007 14:21

Der marokkanische Soziologe Brahim Fillali befindet sich gegen die Entrechtung, die es ihm unmöglich macht zu arbeiten, im Hungerstreik. Sollte die marokkanische Regierung diese Umstände nicht ändern, will Fillali am 01.Mai seinem Leben ein Ende setzen. Die spanische Gewerkschaft CGTruft deshalb dazu auf, dringenst Solidaritäts-Faxe zu versenden. Vor morgen wäre das ja noch möglich!!!

May Day 2007 Documentary - Request for Contributions

Mark Cooley, 30.04.2007 14:20

Call for May 1 2007 contributions to new internet documentary / journalism program entitled Calling America

TASSC To renew MCA Repeal Demand at Pelosi’s Office

Paul Magno, 30.04.2007 13:29

For the second consecutive month, the Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International (TASSC International) plans to deliver an installment of petitions to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and appeal to her to provide urgently needed leadership to address the practice of torture and to repeal the Military Commissions Act of 2006. The petitions are expected to be delivered to the Speaker on Monday, April 30th at 1 p.m.

Practitioner Tortured to Death in Panjin Prison, Liaoning Province

anonimous, 30.04.2007 13:27

Tortures and killings of Falun Dafa practitioners in China

Come to Boston for Biojustice 2007!

Belac, 30.04.2007 13:10

BioJustice 2007 is a week long celebration of sustainable food and alternatives to corporate healthcare. It is being developed by a wide coalition of public interest groups, activists, farmers, scientists, and concerned citizens, working together in response to the biotechnology industry's international convention scheduled for the new Boston Convention and Exhibition Center during May 6-9, 2007.

Sexual abuse of girls in Indian hostels

Maoist Green Media, 30.04.2007 12:30

Sexual abuse of girls in state owned hostels in India.

La Polizia di Schietti spara in faccia a difesa del genere umano

passaparola, 30.04.2007 08:23

Il Generale Domenico Schietti ha istituito la Polizia a difesa dei bambini, delle donne, dell'aziende etiche, dell'ambiente e dei lavoratori onesti. Dopo anni di inutili appelli alle polizie di tutto il mondo Schietti è passato all'azione.


rahim, 30.04.2007 08:16

rap4islam over 2000 hits in the first month .


rahim, 30.04.2007 08:15

rap4islam over 2000 hits in the first month .

MUSLIMS in Teran Iran

French gay pride front, 30.04.2007 07:04

Lou Muslims in middle east are bidding on ebay to win a date with this french gay man


Angus Buchanan, 30.04.2007 04:41

Solar Panel Labor opposition leader Kevin Rudd has unveiled a $300 million plan to offer interest-free loans to households converting to green power.

May Day 2007: National Mobilization to Support Immigrant Worker Rights!

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network, 30.04.2007 04:20

We are calling A national day of multi-ethnic unity with youth, labor, peace and justice communities in solidarity with immigrant workers and building new immigrant rights & civil rights movement!

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