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&quot;Worthy and Unworthy Victims&quot;

Stephen Lendman, 02.05.2007 17:46

Bush administration police state targets against targeted victims.

Videos of Terrorist L.A.P.D. Turning on The Peaceful Marchers, May 1st McArthur Park

Daniel Maldonado, 02.05.2007 17:41

3 Videos of Terrorist L.A.P.D. Turning on The Peaceful Marchers, May 1st McArthur Park

Video of May Day March 07 Chicago

Fred Hickler, 02.05.2007 16:24

Video of May Day Immigrant rights March 2007 in Chicago available at:


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 02.05.2007 16:12

Tras campaña internacional iniciada por el Movilh


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 02.05.2007 16:00

En la organización del evento internacional participó el Movilh


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 02.05.2007 15:57

Tras acuerdo con el Movilh

Kashmir Challenges Ahead and Future Prospects

Assabah Khan, 02.05.2007 15:12

How to move forward regarding the resolution of kashmir Issue. for security reasons the identity of the speakers is not revealed

How men think and feel about women

Assabah Khan, 02.05.2007 14:53

Article challenges Patriarchy

How men think and feel about women

Assabah Khan, 02.05.2007 14:52

Article challenges Patriarchy


FEDEAGROMISBOL, 02.05.2007 14:52


How men think and feel about women

Assabah khan, 02.05.2007 14:42

The aricle is a stromg comment on the patriarchy and it is the right time that we should overthrow that strong of patriarchy. unfortunately inour part of the world the men are all powerful and women are known to live by suffering.


FEDEAGROMISBOL., 02.05.2007 14:39


Young men How do we see each other

Assabah khan, 02.05.2007 14:31

The article is a comment on strong patriarchy and challenges that whole system where men are all powerful and women are known to live by suffering.Time is right when we need to overthrow that strong yoke of patriarchy and should try to create spaces for women


Assabah Khan, 02.05.2007 14:02

The article is a comment on the secularideology of Jammu and Kashmir state and there is no scope for any kind of hardliner views in todays world. Communities have to learn to Coexist and be tolerant towards each others faith. That is what civil behaviour demands. Unfortunately we live in that part of the world where people use religion to inflamme public mind and limit it to parocial approach of politics

The guy In Blue

Assabah khan, 02.05.2007 13:54

Spirituality and Perfectionism

Tristan Waterkeyn's New CD 'Hay Day' Launches May 3rd

Cindy D'Adamo, 02.05.2007 13:36

Tristan Waterkeyn Who is this Tristan Waterkeyn? You may be reading this, and asking yourself just that. Trust this music fan when I say, once you hear his new CD, you won’t be asking that ever again! I discovered Tristan quite by accident, while listening to Ben Harper’s music on My Space. Getting the traditional band/friend request, I thought it only fair to give him a listen. Once I did, I was wowed! He is like a musical cocktail! A little bit of Ben Harper, a pinch of John Mayer, stir in some Eric Clapton, and garnish with Ziggy Marley. He has a completely original sound, and each song is just wonderful.

Third Planet Report 5/2/07

Alan Graf, 02.05.2007 13:14

Link to Third Planet Report Radio--interviews with animal rights activist Matt Rosell and podcaster KMO

NZ parents retain right to smack children?

No Smack, 02.05.2007 11:57

Spare the Rod It is not a matter of marching, decent, good parents into court. It's a matter of leading by example. Violence does not win and smacking children is the root cause of domestice violence.

Am I at Risk?

Andrew Robbins, 02.05.2007 11:55

A committed group of volunteers gathered at Philadelphia's Drexel University School of Public Health, March 30-April 1, 2007. They were there for three purposes. First, to launch our country's first proclaimed National Asbestos Awareness Week (April 1-7, 2007). Second, to attend the third Annual Asbestos Disease Awareness Conference. Third, they were there for your health.

WORLD BANK OUT OF INDIA? Southern Nations Question the Legitimacy of Global Institutions

Deepika D'Souza, 02.05.2007 10:42

The decision by President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela to pull his country out of the World Bank and IMF has renewed questions among Southern nations about the legitimacy of these institutions. In India, a broad coalition of community-based organizations has launched an Independent People’s Tribunal on the World Bank to evaluate the global lender and demand accountability.

India’s is the World Bank’s single largest cumulative borrower with lending totaling about US$60 billion since 1944 and a current indebtedness to the Bank of US$11.3 billion (

Due to the India’s huge indebtedness to the World Bank and concerns around the impacts the loans are having on reducing poverty, community organizations across India are mobilizing for an Independent People’s Tribunal on the World Bank Group in India to be held at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi the 21-24 September 2007. Groups working across almost every sector in India are joining together to study the impacts of World Bank projects and policies. In front of a jury composed of former High Court justices, and eminent national and international academics, participating groups will bring together hard evidence and impacted community testimony to question the World Bank’s development model.


Boudicia Women &amp; Violence Criminology Group, 02.05.2007 09:51

Radical researchers suggest link between clandestine government violence and the perpetrators in mass assaults aimed at students.

Women speak out on Virginia Tech massacre

I. M. Runagate, 02.05.2007 09:47

Women from the academic community denounce college practices which contributed to the deaths of 32 students.


Daniela Pfeffer (Presse/Oeffentlichkeit), 02.05.2007 07:26

Due to unabated attacks foreigners in general and Sudetendeutsche Specifically Advisories will be issued in GERMAN .
We condemn the tolerated lynchings,harassment,mob rule tolerated by the Philippine Human Rights Commission and the Philippe Government.Sad the refusal to assist help to our wounded nationals by the RED CROSS HEAQUARTERS IN MANILA.

Goodbye Aasiya

Assabah khan, 02.05.2007 07:12

It is my tribute to Asiya who was not only my classmate and died in the prime of her Youth in an IED Blast at Lolab valley in Kashmir. Asiya and me were together upto lal Chowk on that very fateful day. Driver Guljan also got killed in that blast who was also a young boy and a bread earner for the family and our another friend Khurram Parvez lost his right leg. My article is my way of expressing my love for her. World might have forgotten her as she died on 20th April 2004 bt she will continue to live in my heart

Villi Fushi

Assabah Khan, 02.05.2007 07:02

Peeping deeper into socio cultural dynamics of maldivian way of life

sri Lanka

Assabah, 02.05.2007 06:40

Look into Srilankan way of life

Joachim Heimrath Family*Anne FRANKS OF THE PHILIPPINES* ARF - Anti Racist/Fascit Heimrath Movement forms goup in INFANTA ,QUEZON PROVINCE ,PHILIPPINES

Leah de Jesus, 02.05.2007 06:33

The anti Racist/ Fascist Movemt found by Zenaida (Pinay) and Joachim Heimrath (Sudetendeutscher/German) set up a group fighting racist activities in the area as used by certain members of the Roman Catholic Church around Theodorus van Loon (alias Deacon Mario) and his friends in the administration such as the present mayor of Infanta running to be crowned Mayor again.

Euromayday 2007 in Milan Italy

Circolo Anarchico Ponte della Ghisolfa, 02.05.2007 06:30

Euromayday 2007 in Milan Italy

Maldives Workshop

Assabah Khan, 02.05.2007 06:26

Inter kashmir diplomacy

Maldives workshop

Assabah Khan, 02.05.2007 06:11

Inter kashmir Diplomacy

Male workshop

Assabah Khan, 02.05.2007 05:56

Inter-Kashmir Dialogue and how to discover alternative tracks of Diplomacy

5/1: NISN Statement on LAPD Attacks May Day Immigrant Marchers, TAKE ACTION!

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network, 02.05.2007 05:43

NISN Statement on LAPD Brutally Attacks May Day Immigrant Marchers at McArthur Park.

Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel Supports Impeachment

Jodin Morey, 02.05.2007 05:37

I had the privilege of meeting Presidential candidate and former Alaskan Senator Mike Gravel at the National Impeachment Summit in New York earlier this year. At that time, he was considering his position on impeachment, and his campaign said they would inform me of his position as it was formulated.

Video of Chicago May Day March 07 available on YouTube

Fred Hickler, 02.05.2007 05:03

Video of May Day Immigrant rights March 2007 in Chicago available at:

Police abuse migrant march on may 1 2007

Togo, 02.05.2007 04:10

Police stop whit vilonce a manifestant for wearing wrestling mask.

Chapter Zero (3D1on)

3D1on, 02.05.2007 03:53

Chapter Zero is a new blog chronicle written off-line with the intention of publishing on indymedia once a 'chapter' of writing has been completed. Each published writing is planned to be called, Chapter Zero, and the entire blog chronicle is entitled, Chapter Zero. It begs a question: in the fastest paced possible writing of the blogging era, what happens to traditional writing technique? Can it not be published today as well? Also, as its seems to continue along themes related to my last work, the iTechblog, it represents a de-emphasis on reportage and a return to more journalistic/secular form. The hope is to mark out boundaries with clarity and substance and not from bias of prior knowledge alone. I am only using one tool: my collection of mostly dated program software. Aside from that, I am an actor on a blank computer working from a blank slate, tabula rasa. No prior url's. No prior newsfeeds. No conditioning of which sites are best for which data or news. As I continue, I chronicle the precise extent to which I descend into employing past indexes and specialized techniques. But, by in large, even these may be uninstalled in favour of a stripped down approach.

Of course, I do not use email and therefore have no registration for all of the new sites and social networks. And so my work begins were it began and ended: on the indymedia global open publishing centre. Will I sink so far as to return to using paper? Will I return to the past and only work on computers if and when I can put all of my personalized stuff on it? Can I work with the Internet without some kind of guide or will I just follow the herd? Will Chapter Zero be ASCII-only?

One question I ask now is whether I might find the website I am publishing on in the same, tabula rasa fashion. If software is my acting tool, indymedia is my stage. So welcome to my script.


Buffalo Field Campaign, 02.05.2007 03:24

"Montana livestock interests are lying to the public trying to make people believe that brucellosis in wild bison is a serious threat to human health and cattle," said Mike Mease of BFC. "The truth is, brucellosis is off the CDC radar. It's a cattle-borne disease, and that's where management controls should be focused."

A Call for July 7th Truth &amp; Justice, 02.05.2007 03:01

No-one has yet accounted for the many contradictions and outright lies from the Bliar Regime, nor accounted for the many suspicious facts which point to a military covert op, instead of a "terrorist" act. Meanwhile, Bliar remains in possession of the powers, which the courts had denied him for four years, that he was able to seize through this "useful crisis".

China, Taiwan, Hong Kong: culture, entrepreneurship, travel, political challenge, trade conflicts, development trends

wealth, investment and globalization, 02.05.2007 02:05

essential lessons of Chinese multinationals, political development, economic strategies: opportunities and challenges

A Whoring She Will Go

Jason Miller, 02.05.2007 01:51

With ease, delight, and ample reward, Ms. Noonan joins a bevy of cynical pundits in sustaining the false consciousness of the masses, which in turn paves the way for the egregious crimes of the United States’ avaricious and malevolent plutocracy. If this sounds hyperbolic to you, you don’t know much about the true history of the United States, particularly its foreign policy.

Lankan govt had no part in Tigers arrests: Ruddock?

Parrot Press, 02.05.2007 01:27

[allegedly] 'diverted to Tamil Tigers For instance why the initial PR broadcast before they were arrested declaring they were guilty of the crime? Tsunami relief funds [allegedly] 'diverted to Tamil Tigers'

Occupied Iraq: Something about &quot;Liberation&quot;...

Layla Anwar, 02.05.2007 01:14

Never has a "liberation" managed to generate so many death mercenaries and contractors being paid up to 5'000 dollars a day with the sole aim of exterminating...and "pacifying".
Never has a country been so openly plundered and pillaged right in front of everyone's eyes and to the utter silence of its spectators...

War criminal Bush vetoes Iraq withdrawal Bill

Parrot Press, 01.05.2007 23:45

I M P E A C H N O W ! His veto of a Bill that would fund wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with $US100 billion was allegedly a rejection of attempts by Democrats who control the US Congress to force him into a shift in strategy in the unpopular war?

Who Is Charles Jacobs?

KARIN FRIEDEMANN, 01.05.2007 23:41

Neocons in the establishment, pro-Israel organizations, the mass media, and Islamophobic academics, working together to make the public fear the Muslim community.

NATO troops launch new offensives in Afghanistan

Joe Kay via sam, 01.05.2007 22:29

These killings are only the beginning These killings are only the beginning of an escalation of the US-led counterinsurgency war in Afghanistan during the spring and summer, even as more troops are also being sent into Iraq. In addition to the US and British forces, in recent months Australia and Germany have also agreed to send additional equipment and soldiers to Afghanistan in an effort to crush mounting opposition.

The Big Fishing Net

Buddy Bee, 01.05.2007 21:04

What do you do when you are accused of Sexual misconduct. A plea can ruin your life.

Did Virginia Tech pull the trigger.

Buddy Bee Anthony, 01.05.2007 20:52

What if the Students in The 60's had gotten more control over curriculum and usurped the old guard at our Universities,as scholarship consumers,would we all be better off,and better educated.

Border Guardians Spew Hatred at Migrant Rights March

Brenda Norrell, 01.05.2007 20:42

Members of the hate group Border Guardians yelled racial slurs and obscenities during the migrant rights march here today.

Zoo Babies Are Cute Today, Unwanted Tomorrow

Debbie Leahy, 01.05.2007 20:29

Zoos tout new crop of baby animals every spring to draw visitors, but don’t provide lifetime care for all animals.

“Surplus” animals end up in roadside zoos and dilapidated circuses.

¡Descansa y reflexiona Fidel!

Rolo Martínez, 01.05.2007 20:28

Hay momentos en la vida en que el cuerpo pide una parada. En ocasiones son paradas inoportunas y riesgosas que reducen ese andar agitado de los hombres que hacen historia. Son las paradas por la vida, imprescindibles siempre, difíciles de ganar en ocasiones.

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