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Where do the moneylenders get their money?

Richard Mellor, 13.05.2007 05:53

Accepting that labor creates all wealth alone will not open the road to our emancipation. Understanding how it creates it is paramount.

Portland, Oregon City Repair's 2007 Village Building Convergence Needs Your Help!!

kate, 12.05.2007 20:20

Village Buil-Out
Come Build, Create & Collaborate!
VBC7 Venue Builders need a serious sack of help!

We a completely building a new venue for this years VBC and need help with construction, electrical, plumbing, design and creativity. Please Join Us!



Crònica de l'Acció viscuda el 12 de maig a VILADECANS


BRUNO BERARDI, 12.05.2007 13:32


riots in france

illich, 12.05.2007 12:10

riots in france since the election of the new fachist president Sarkozy

Rendez-vous samedi prochain à la Veggie Pride

Sara, 12.05.2007 11:22

La Veggie Pride, manifestation des personnes qui refusent de manger les animaux, aura lieu à partir de 14h le 19 mai 2007 à Paris, place Joachim du Bellay.

Meeting in Paris on the 19 th May 2007

Solidarity with the students struggle in Israel

Communist Party of Israel, International Dept., 12.05.2007 10:33

Two students were taken to hospital for treatment and dozens of student protesters were arrested yesterday night in Jerusalem (Thursday, May 10) during protests over proposed education reforms. The clashes erupted when more than 1,000 student marchers blocked streets for several hours in Jerusalem city center.

RNRL ploy to earn profits by trading gas instead of using it for producing power

Alan Peter, 12.05.2007 09:21

The intention of Anil Ambani owned Reliance Natural Resources limited is to use the gas produced by KGD-6 for trading purposes and not for producing power.


Maritta de Beur, 12.05.2007 05:56

Tanod Denis of Poblacion 38 , Infanta , Quezon Province found back to humanity.THE P1500 the Altezza family offered does INCLUDE THE PHYSICAL HARM of Ambassador(hon)of the free people of the Sudetenland Joachim HEIMRATH"S FAMILY.There is a talk of wiping out of the family of hayups(animals).MAlicious rumours spread by the mayor and her friends through the Altezzas happily living above the law as "they can do what they want as they have money" ruined their name and reputation that a hate campaign has spread among the mostly ignorant people lacking ediucation that they are not able to respect others but MONEY ONLY treating them as animals.

July 27-29 Richmond, VA: National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference

Lee Siu Hin - National Immigrant Solidarity Network, 12.05.2007 04:28

Yesterday We Marched, Today Stand Up and We Organized, Tomorrow We'll Achieve Our Dreams and Goals! Together We Build A New National, Broad-Based, Immigrant Rights/Civil Rights Movement!

New Coal?

Situational Scientist, 12.05.2007 02:39

'm a librarian at the Cedar Falls, IA public library. I am a concerned citizen and environmental advocate. Right now in Waterloo, IA, a city next door, there is a plan to build a 750 Mw coal fired power plant by LS Power Co. of New Jersey. There is much opposition to it but it keeps moving forward. It just got approval from the Waterloo City council. Here's my thoughts on that situation.

Indymedia Honored with Goodwriter.Net's 2007 Democratic Media Award

Viktoria Vidali, 12.05.2007 00:47

2007 Democratic Media Award Indymedia is again awarded the seal of Democratic Media Reform for its independence and defense of freedom of the press.

Putin on US: &quot;New threat&quot;, like &quot;Third Reich&quot;

IHT, FT repost, 11.05.2007 22:48

"Moreover, in our time, these threats are not diminishing, they are only transforming, changing their appearance. In these new threats - as during the time of the Third Reich - are the same contempt for human life and the same claims of exceptionality and diktat in the world."--Russian President Vladimir Putin in a speech commemorating the defeat of German Fascism

Hollander Consultants Achieves Highest Weekly Revenue in History of the Company

Matt Bratschi, 11.05.2007 22:45

Hollander Consultants logo Hollander Consultants Breaks Many Internal Records


Ray Trivedi, 11.05.2007 22:12

(London, May 11, 2007) – Bangladesh's military-backed care-taker government should immediately release Tasneem Khalil, an investigative journalist and part-time Human Rights Watch consultant, who was detained by security forces late last night, Human Rights Watch said today.


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 11.05.2007 21:28

Dos hombres y dos mujeres padecieron atropellos por orientación sexual desde marzo a la fecha

Male Gynaecologist / Obstetricians a violation to Human Rights

Fight for your rights., 11.05.2007 19:44

Force intimate exams on women constitute a violation of Human Rights. A woman has a choice. A call to stop male practitioners to violate family and human values and to people to fight for their rights.

riots against sarkozysts in all the french cities and suburbs

illich, 11.05.2007 19:26

since may the 6th, date of the election of the ultra-conservative french president nicolas Sarkozy protests spread in all the cities of france to refuse the pro-richs policy the president promissed like the destruction of public university sold to capitalists wankers, expulsion of foreigners without papers...

summary of hamas

mark, 11.05.2007 17:22

mickey mouse ban from tv

Scotland’s May 2007 Election Fiasco

Keith Mothersson, 11.05.2007 14:29

Rejected Ballots led to a Night of Confusion and a Dubious Election Result Are we seeing a para-political coup against Scottish democracy?

Political commentary from Death Row

Peoples Video Network, 11.05.2007 14:27


Oral Arguments for Mumia in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals will finally begin on May 17th, 9:30 AM, at the US Courthouse in Philadelphia

A major mobilization for Philadelphia will take place on MAY 17 to demand a new trial for MUMIA: 9 am in front of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, 6 St. & Market St. in Philadelphia

Newcomb: Jamestown 2007: Commemorating the colonization of North America

Steven Newcomb / Indigenous Law Institute, 11.05.2007 13:53

May marks the 400th anniversary of the 1607 founding of the Jamestown colony. From May 11 - 13, President Bush and thousands of others gathered in Virginia to commemorate and celebrate the first permanent English colony in North America.

6th UNPF to focus on IP land rights

AT Bengwayan, 11.05.2007 10:57

The Sixth Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFii) will focus on indigenous peoples’ rights to lands, territories and natural resources. It will also include presentations on other key issues such as urban indigenous peoples and migration, data collection and disaggregation. More than 1,000 representatives of indigenous organizations and communities from regions of the world and advocate groups are expected to gather on May 14 at New York.

Japanese, US rights groups call for a stop to extrajudicial killings in RP

AT Bengwayan, 11.05.2007 10:56

Japanese and Us-based human rights organizations signed a joint petition addressed to the Japanese government urging it to call on the Philippine President Gloria Arroyo to put a stop to the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. Arroyo is set to travel to Japan this month.

Gempa dan tsunami: Hercolubus, planet yang mendekati Bumi kita.

rosegar, 11.05.2007 09:08

Anda seharusnya tahu kalau sebuah planet berukuran sangat besar mendekati Bumi. Dalam karya ini V.M. Rabolu akan menggambarkan secara detil suatu bencana yang akan dialami umat manusia dalam waktu yang singkat oleh pergerakan suatu benda berukuran raksasa, dan apa yang kita bisa perbuat untuk menghindarinya.


BY VICTOR YANULEVICH, 11.05.2007 08:46

"The hearings behind closed doors testify to the fact that the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office has no such evidence or that the evidence it presented cannot stand any criticism, the document points out court decision is illegal."

Censorship of Facts re Biosafety, Erich Traub and Lyme Disease

Amanda Field, 11.05.2007 07:26

Shortly after WWII, the US government invited Erich Traub, Hitler's top bioweapons expert, to head activities at the shadowy Plum Island Animal Desease Center in Long Island , NY. Serious breaches in biosafety at Plum Island, a clandestine military installation posing as a civilian lab, allowed the escape of foot-and-mouth virus, and may have resulted in the Lyme disease epidemic, and even the release of West Nile fever.
When author Michael Carroll tried to illuminate these issues, the full weight of the establishment came down to silence him. Now anyone seeking to raise them on the internet finds themselves subject to harassment and censorship, even at sites like Wikipedia, where right-wingers and government operatives are working to delete all mention of these topics.

The Great Betrayal of the British People, by the art of misdirection

John Harris via sam, 11.05.2007 06:29

Traitors to the UK The rise of Blair the Dictator

Tarot Law Passes in Livingston Parish, La

Sean-NightFairy 2001, 11.05.2007 06:15

This law passes with an odd twist!

Tactical Offensives vs Oplan Bantay Laya 2 in Negros Island

Jolibelle Tubayalan, 11.05.2007 03:41

Series of successful tactical offensives by the NPA in Negros island

on the May 07 Elections

Ka Frank Fernandez, 11.05.2007 03:38

Views on the elections


José Manuel Meléndez Delgado, 11.05.2007 03:27

Durante el gobierno de fujimori fuí obligado a renunciar a mi trabajo,bajo la modalidad de renuncias voluntarias,luego de una dura y larga lucha en el poder judicial de mi país,logre demandar al estado peruano ante la CIDH.,por considerar que fuerón violados mis derechos humanos,por favor leán la página web muchas gracias.

Unity 08: Could This Be The Ticket?

The-G-Blog, 11.05.2007 02:56

A discussion about a possible alternative to choosing between the Democratic or Republican parties.

America's Dialogue: Platform for Change

Aaron M. Watkins, 11.05.2007 02:48

This is the unfinished literature for a lecture that I am giving for the Arkansas Coalition for Peace and Justice in June. It is a brief summmary of some of the symptoms of corporate government and suggestions for change. Most of it are things we already inherently know but don't articulate so I felt I would articulate it. Contact me with suggestions and all the exposure I can get would be greatly appreciated.

puzzles, myth, new weath: globalized economy, investment, banking, employment, travel, competition, entrepreneurship

globalization, management, strategy and theory, 11.05.2007 02:44

explore global finance, business, investment, employment, banking issues under globalization. Get vast ideas on how China, India, and other emerging nations push for global growth.

Airport Screeners Fight for Union Rights

Tom Conlon, 11.05.2007 02:41

In a demonstration at SeaTac airport May 3, security screeners demanded changes in federal law that prohibits them from forming unions.

US: Defendants Decry Gov’t Attempt to Label Crimes “Terrorism”

Civil Rights Outreach Committee, 11.05.2007 00:44

Eugene, OR -- On May 15 defense attorneys representing environmental activists accused of arson and property destruction will argue to U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken that the “terrorism enhancement” provision of the federal sentencing guidelines – which would add an extra 20 years of prison time to each defendant’s sentence – should not be applied to their clients.

A night in the shape of nothing; the future of advertising

Kid Akai, 11.05.2007 00:34

The new Origami This is about the shape of advertising to come. This is about how the lines between "us" and "them" are growing thinner and thinner. This is about how our generation is being sold off by ourselves and made to look something like a account outsourced from the virtual to the real and the affect this concept has on communication.

Fountainhead e-Letter, Berlin Germany

Fountainhead, 10.05.2007 23:31

An overview of the international, intercultural undertakings of Berlin Germany based organizations.

May Day Movement 2007 in Modesto

Xiuhcoatl, 10.05.2007 21:52

We are NOT Immigrants was the message at this year’s May Day Movement in Modesto, California. Over 3,000 protestors took to Modesto streets to demand a legalization bill and equal treatment for the millions living in the United States without papers. The turnout was nowhere near the 10,000 to 12,000 that marched in 2006, when the threat of Sensenbrenner’s House Resolution 4437 brought out record numbers across the nation. But the message was more powerful and resolute.

Campecine Film Festival Coming To A City Near You

El Messiah, 10.05.2007 21:31

Youth Film Festival focusing on issues of Globalization, Industrialization, Eco Justice,

Analysis: U.S. Politicians Step Up War Propaganda News, 10.05.2007 21:10

05/10 (LWN) While many American politicians and sycophantic media "pundits" have admitted to mistakes regarding how the Iraq war began or was carried out, there is little disagreement on starting a new war against Iran.

Un año después seguimos pidiendo la Absolución, 10.05.2007 19:13

Primera sentada, 14 mayo Casi un año ha pasado desde que nuestros compañeros fueron apaleados, humillados y detenidos.Faltan pocos días para que cumpla un año de montajes policiales y judiciales y mientras tanto... ¿que sabemos?¿que pasa con ellos?La respuesta es sencilla y directa: No sabemos nada.Distintos días, mismas acusaciones, distintos resultados.!! DETENIDOS ABSOLUCION ¡¡

Grant cut hits seniors helper

Georgia Straight, 10.05.2007 18:57

I find what is happening here mean-spirited and beyond the pale," Tan said of the NPA vote. "It is an uncivil act for someone trying to create a civil city, and it has collateral damages. Without me, how would Mrs. Lee get to the doctors and who would change the locks at Mrs. Ngan's place?"

Police Crackdowns and Government Cutbacks in BC (title by auntiepov)

Vancouver Sun, Frances Bula, 10.05.2007 18:47

Agency's executive director delivers statement of claim that he was defamed by statements made during radio program

Vancouver Muzzles Activists

CBC news, 10.05.2007 18:37

A social worker with the Downtown Eastside Residents Association accuses Vancouver city council of trying to silence its critics by pulling the funding for his position.

Bericht vom letzten Plenum-Treffen vor dem „gegen-m8-kultur“ Festival am 19. und 20 Mai in Essen:

Julia Ayas (gegen-macht-kultur Bündnis, 10.05.2007 18:05

Bericht vom letzten Plenum-Treffen vor dem „gegen-m8-kultur“ Festival am 19. und 20 Mai in Essen
Letzte organisatorische Hürden und Reaktion auf die Hausdurchsuchungen in verschiedenen Städten des Bundesgebietes

War on Free Expression

Stephen Lendman, 10.05.2007 17:36

The struggle to save our First Amendment rights.

No G8 Demonstratio in Vienna: Stop the Raids!

nog8, 10.05.2007 16:14

On May 10, 2007 a spontaneous demonstration took place in Vienna, Austria. Some 150 people met around 4pm at Schwarzenbergplatz and marched to the nearby German Ambessay to protest against the repression against the anti-g8 movement in Germany and the eviction of the Köpi, a squatted autonomous center in Berlin.

Arrested and Detained in The Netherlands for Protesting Against the G8

Jun Saturay, People's Artists Network (PAN), 10.05.2007 15:07

Activist father and 16-year old daughter arrested in The Netherlands Filipino activist Jun Saturay and his 16-year old daughter Hiyasmin were arrested along with a hundred others when police broke up a bicycle caravan against the G8 in Utrecht last May 5, 2007. Ironically, the incident as the rest of Holland celebrates Freedom Day, a national holiday in the Netherlands.

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