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Solidarity Action Against State Repression

anon, 15.05.2007 22:41

&quot;NO GREEN SCARE - FIGHT THE STATE&quot; On the afternoon of May 15, 2007, three banners against state repression were hung at different locations above the northbound and southbound lanes of Interstate 5 in Seattle, Washington. We did this in solidarity with those accused in the Green Scare trials who are today facing terrorism enhancement to their charges in Eugene, Oregon.

Justice System on Trial as Mumia Case Reaches Climax

Dave Lindorff and Linn Washington, 15.05.2007 22:41

After a quarter of a century, Mumia Abu-Jamal's future hinges on the decision of two or three judges on a panel of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, who will hear his case this Thursday. They could free him, or they could kill him.


Modaira Rubio, 15.05.2007 22:34

Fotos de las víctimas de los asesinatos de Posada Carriles Sobrevivientes de origen cubano y venezolano de los asesinatos y torturas perpetuadas por el terrorista Internacional Luis Posada Carriles dieron sus testimonios y exigieron justicia.

Week of civil disobedience against Nato force visiting Gothenburg

Andreas, 15.05.2007 21:40

On May 9-14, 2007, several acts of civil disobedience were carried out against the 37 warships from the Nato Response Force, NRF, that visited Gothenburg, Sweden. NRF was preparing for major war exercises in the Baltic sea.

Redeverbot auf einer Fachtagung des Bü90/Grüne in Kiel

Werner Hupperich, 15.05.2007 20:11

Abb. 1 Die Fraktion Bündnis90/Grüne hat für den 31.05.2007 in Kiel eine Fachtagung unter dem Titel „Stallpflicht für immer? Legenden und Tatsachen zum Thema Vogelgrippe“ angekündigt. Initiator und Schirmherr dieser Veranstaltung ist Detlef Matthiessen., agrarpolitischer Sprecher der Landesfraktion Bü90/Grüne. Herr Matthiessen legte im Vorfeld dieser Fachtagung allerdings eine recht eigentümliche Auffassung bezüglich Ein- und Ausladung der Referenten an den Tag.


ROBERTO, 15.05.2007 19:09



Miguelito, 15.05.2007 19:03

Desde mucho tiempo se vio la necesidad de informar al público sobre los manejos que se realizan en cuanto a los recursos economicos y a la administracion del personal, no obstante los mandos permitieron.

The Red Pill Vol. 5 No. 10

Grand Junction Alternative Media, 15.05.2007 18:46


Gang Violence Rocks Buena Vista Prison
Burning Desert Collective: The Fire is Alive--TRP interviews members of the fire dancing community in the Valley
Blackwater: An American Mercenary in Iraq
Knox County Jail Rag--Poetry
The Criminal CIA--TRP looks at CIA internal investigations
Death by Cop--'excited delirium' a new cause of deaths involving violent encounters with the cops
Sit-in at Senator Ken Salazar's (D-CO) GJ office on April 16th
Some Cures for the Text Book Blues--inventive ways to save a buck next semester

Elecciones 2007

Damian Lopez Lopez, 15.05.2007 18:32

Tal vez estos individuos piensen que sólo somos una masa fácil de manejar, puede que se equivoquen, pueden que en las próximas elecciones municipales esta injusticia les pase factura, o tal vez tengamos que esperar a las generales. No lo se, lo que si tengo muy claro es que fue el gobierno español quien traiciono una vez al Sahara Occidental, y no serán los españoles, de una o de otra forma, quienes vuelvan a traicionar a nuestros hermanos saharauis.


MR. WILLIAM JOHNSON, ATTY AT LAW, 15.05.2007 17:40

Within the past few months, you entered a Charitable Foundation and their practice on your review website ( A highly negative, very damaging and almost entirely false review was posted and is now indexed by Google.

The individual in question who posted the false information on your site has a history of erratic and potentially dangerous behavior and will post anything against whoever that comes his way.
All claims made in the individual's review on the Independent Media Center website are either patently false, or greatly and negatively exaggerated.

While the Independent Media Center website is no doubt operated with bad intentions, in this case it has been misused in the extreme and the results has proven irreparably harmful to the Foundation and names/ family and business, l will seriously request that you take that article down without delay.

The article in question was posted on 28 day of May, 2006, subect title was: Golden Triangle Caught in FBI Bank Fraud Evidence. This is totally false and was never checked or reviewed by Independent Media Center.

In the event that you fail to delete that article on your website dated 28 May,2006. We will stop you by taking you to court.

Student Hunger Strike to Stop US Nuclear Weapons Program

Darwin BondGraham, 15.05.2007 17:30

Hunger strikers at UCSB rally A hunger strike initiated by 44 UC students, several alumni and a professor has passed its 1-week mark ( The hunger strikers are demanding that the UC Board of Regents withdraw from their contracts to operate Los Alamos and Livermore National Laboratories based on, “the grounds that the Reliable Replacement Warhead program and Los Alamos Labs’ ongoing preparations to conduct plutonium pit manufacturing both clearly violate Article VI of the 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.” The hunger strikers have put their bodies on the line in a time of enormous flux for US nuclear weapons policy. Their target, the UC, has been identified by them as a site of strategic importance in the wider campaign against new nuclear weapons.

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andrew, 15.05.2007 17:27

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Capitalist media always promotes lies

Maoist Green Media, 15.05.2007 11:41

Capitalist print and electronic media are promoting lies for their convinience.

El Bloqueo

Nicolás Gallo, 15.05.2007 07:04

Entrevista a Joaquín Rivery, jefe de equipo, sección internacional del diario Granma

Save Our Spectrum

Chris Fernandez, 15.05.2007 04:16

Congress and the Federal Communications Commission face a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring universal, affordable Internet connections to all Americans.

“The Warrior Wind” Newsletter: Third Issue out Now!

TWW Editors, 15.05.2007 03:44

The long-overdue third issue of “The Warrior Wind,” a newsletter against our society of confinement, is out now. This issue features a new half-page format and an increased page count. It is available as a .pdf file from the following locations:

Version for reading online:
Version for printing out and photocopy distribution:


José Manuel Meléndez Delgado, 15.05.2007 03:16

Durante el gobierno de fujimori fuí obligado a renunciar a mi trabajo bajo la modalidad de renuncias voluntarias,luego de una dura y larga lucha en el poder judicial de mi país,logre demandar al estado peruano ante la CIDH.,por considerar que fuerón violados mis derechos humanos,por favor lèn la página web muchas gracias.

Resolucion Final Bloque Lesbico

Bloque Lesbico, 15.05.2007 02:53

Quiebre politico y termino del Bloque Lesbico en Chile.

La Gran Acción Global

Myster X, 14.05.2007 23:30


La Gran Acción Global

Myster X, 14.05.2007 22:29

Video Convocatorias de la Gran Acción Global:


72 Arab journalists killed

Jordan Times, Welcome to Baqa'a Refugee Camp, 14.05.2007 22:15

An estimated 72 Arab journalists, including 12 women, were killed between 2001 and January 2007 for reasons directly related to their work, according to a report prepared by the Amman-based Arab Archives Institute (AAI).

Twenty Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against The Department Of Homeland Security

Citizens Committee for Constitutional Protection, 14.05.2007 20:44

Former DHS Officer files a multimillion dollar lawsuit against DHS, ICE and CBP, Erin Brockovich attorney joins legal team.

paris d'une manifestation a l'autre le 1 er et 9 mai

anti fas, 14.05.2007 19:23

la police de sarkozy protége l'extréme droite et matraque des militants anti racistes et anti fascistes

Ethnic Cleansing at Jamestown, America's Two-Headed Dragon

Steve Melendez, 14.05.2007 18:41

President of the American Indian Genocide Museum Steve Melendez, Pyramid Lake Paiute and among the most censored voices in Indian country, describes ethnic cleansing and genocide in the U.S. and Canada.

Chapter Zero

3D1on, 14.05.2007 16:34

total stats to date
41238 words
230627 characters
1541 paragraphs

Italian Television the Latest to Enter the “911” Ring

Debbie Lewis, 14.05.2007 15:21

Italian Television, Canale 5, recently aired a segment by that challenges the United States official story of one of the most tragic events in United States history.

Red Symfony

YAMAGUCHI, 14.05.2007 14:02

jflt i believe that whoever is a socialist or marxsist has to read this article because some people are taking the piss out of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crime of the Century

Allan and Julie Knight, 14.05.2007 13:10

Nicholas Sarkozy, newly elected President of France is a fraud and criminal according to Lord Justice Clarke's evidence in a criminal trial in the Brussels Court of Human Rights recently.

This Way Out: &quot;Stranger Than Straight&quot;

Overnight Productions, Inc., 14.05.2007 09:08

May 14, 2007: Inspired by the iconic American DJ "Doctor Demento," “Nurse Pimento” adds his own spice to the peculiarities of popular culture, like these rarely heard tidbits from Groucho Marx, Laurel & Hardy, Mel Brooks, Judy Garland, Tommy Smothers, Bing Crosby, Martin Mull, Danny Kaye, Noel Coward, Bessie Smith, and more! (No "NewsWrap" segment this week.)

¿Es posible establecer un sistema de justicia indígena en Nicaragua?

Paulina Aguilera Muñoz, 14.05.2007 02:03

Una mirada filosófica y constitucional desde los derechos liberales.

“Aunque una persona individual, moralmente reflexiva, pueda
apartarse legítimamente del diálogo en el mundo real; un ciudadano
responsable no puede hacer lo mismo respecto del diálogo político” .Bruce Ackerman

Nim Fm mp3's out

martin via sam, 14.05.2007 01:18

Nim Fm mp3's out Hemp Hour and Scan Dot Org out now.

Gap between rich and the rest must be narrowed

Jerry West, 14.05.2007 00:43

One must question the morals of the business sector that resists the idea of paying a livable minimum wage while at the same time opposing taxes to provide social services to those whom they keep in poverty.

Conferencia Mundial de Medios y Propaganda

Seinforma Canada, 13.05.2007 23:43

La manipulación de la información y de la tecnología por parte del gobierno y de la prensa estadounidense en apoyo del aparato de guerra de su país; la influencia del modelo propaganda en otras latitudes como Latinoamérica y el Caribe; la demonización de minorías, de movimientos sociales y de vastos grupos religiosos como el islamismo; así como la obra de Herman y Chomsky; son los tópicos primordiales de este encuentro.

Major International Media and Propaganda Conference

Seinforma Canada, 13.05.2007 23:40

Some topics of this meeting are the American media manipulation in support of the war; the influence of the Propaganda Model in other latitudes such as Latin America and the Caribbean; the discrimination of minorities, social movements and vast religious groups as Islamism; as well as the Propaganda Model 20 years later.

New Arts Collective/Infoshop Opens in Akron, OH

Rich, 13.05.2007 22:40

Volunteers collectively resisting the corporatization of public spaces in Akron, Ohio.

SURGE Film Festival World Premier: Golden Gloves! Then: Anarchist Bike Caravan Documentary

SURGE, 13.05.2007 21:19

Police patrol the Anarchist Bike Caravan The A World Beyond Capitalism (AWBC) Organizers and Activists are helping to bring you SURGE! The Third Annual, International, Social Uprising, Resistance and Grassroots Encouragement (S.U.R.G.E.) Film Festival and Film Festival Network. World Premier: Golden Gloves! Then: Anarchist Bike Caravan Documentary. More info:

Comments and words from France about Neocon, left and social struggles…

News Activist, 13.05.2007 21:16

News, views, comments, words from post-electoral France and social struggles


Claudia Vaca Flores, 13.05.2007 20:24

la migración una consecuencia de la globalización, mejorar sus condiciones es el desafío de la sociedad global.
la globalización –hoy por hoy- es esa alevosía que ha conseguido que todos dependamos de todos.
Esta situación deja ver que la globalización ha alcanzado uno de sus grandes objetivos: ROMPER FRONTERAS…puesto que ha roto todas las fronteras, empezando por las de cualquier tipo de moral, y se mueve en un territorio en el que rige, por supuesto, la ley del más fuerte, con una particularidad: Los más fuertes no aniquilan por completo a los más débiles, sino que los alimentan lo justo para que sobrevivan al límite de sus fuerzas y poder, los dejan heridos, agonizantes, y así, es más fácil esclavizarlos.

New US Federal Court lawsuit re Bush friend, author Patricia Cornwell; threats to murder biographer

Dr Les Sachs, 13.05.2007 16:28

New US Federal Court lawsuit involving President Bush friend and contributor, author Patricia Cornwell - Cornwell renews reported threats to jail and "kill" her biographer

War-Pimping with a Smile: Of American Exceptionalism, Apple Pie, and Moral Rot

Jason Miller, 13.05.2007 15:05

Kathleen Parker is one of the establishment’s chief proponents in the corporate media. As such, she provides relentless cover for a class of criminals who manifest virtually all the perversities of the human soul.

Scotland to remain Corrupt Britannia's Colony?

KosmikK, 13.05.2007 14:01

Vote Rigging for Dummies If it was the intention of Blair's venal Nu Labor administration in London to make a mockery of the Scottish electoral process they certainly succeeded.

My life and September 11

By: Sohel Ahmed Bahjat, 13.05.2007 13:34

1 This would be not similar the lives of people's lives natural, because I am not from the people who truly wrote about their adventures and travels.
This is not the biography of a man of political relations with the big political events, and coups, wars and invasions, but rather a man paralyzed and prisoners between four walls.
Although this prison, which left him in a rare, but not allowed to these walls that stand between him and found and give his opinion in politics, religion and culture.

Caste question and reservations

Maoist Green Media, 13.05.2007 13:23

Communism and dalits question

My life and 11 of September

By: Sohel Ahmed Bahjat, 13.05.2007 13:22

This would be not similar the lives of people's lives natural, because I am not from the people who truly wrote about their adventures and travels. This is not the biography of a man of political relations with the big political events, and coups, wars and invasions, but rather a man paralyzed and prisoners between four walls.

Capitalist culture of prostitution

Maoist Green Media, 13.05.2007 12:31

Capitalism breeds the culture of prostitution

Poverty and unemployment forces lower caste women to prostitute

Maoist Green Media, 13.05.2007 11:59

Lower caste women in India are forced by their own family members to prostitute. Poverty breeds prostitution.

corteo nazionale di FN

mother, 13.05.2007 11:48

il 19/05 si terrà a genova un corteo nazionale di FN


CRAC - centro de reursos para asociaciones de Cádiz y la Bahía, 13.05.2007 11:05

En las organizaciones sociales y asociaciones...¿cualquier forma de actuar, cualquier tipo de funcionamiento, todo vale... en nombre de la solidaridad, el voluntariado, la cooperación, la transformación social?
¿Cómo deben actuar, cómo deben funcionar las organizaciones solidarias, las asociaciones y ONG, las experiencias de acción y participación social?
¿Cómo deben hacerlo para que consideremos que aportan algo significativo a los procesos de cambio y mejora social, a la transformación de la realidad, a la construcción de otro mundo posible?
¿Qué "buenas prácticas" -organizativas, de actuación- deben exigírseles a las organizaciones solidarias para que puedan contar con la confianza y el apoyo social?
Las organizaciones solidarias somos las primeras interesadas en distinguir entre aquellas experiencias e iniciativas que contribuyen a transformar y mejorar la realidad social, y aquellas otras que responden a intereses particulares o se limitan a hacer ruido.
Por eso, te proponemos participar en un estudio participativo...

Συνεχείς Δράσεις απο ΑΠΚ

ΑΠΚ, 13.05.2007 10:01

.jpg Η δραση συνείζεται και ο αγώνας δεν εγκαταλείπεται!

Berkeley Critical Mass Out of Line

Joe Konn, 13.05.2007 07:32

Video released by Jason Meggs of Berkeley Critical Mass undermines the efforts of bikers. Video shows a clearly befuddled senior couple surrounded by Critical Mass bikers harassing them.

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