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Would you like CYANIDE with your coffee or tea mp3

martin via sam, 04.06.2007 00:45

Nim Fm Nim Fm has produced several mp3's worthy a listen

Australia: Nobody gains ground in latest poll

votenobody, 03.06.2007 23:30

Nobody does it better "There is a momentum now heading in the direction of Nobody because Nobody does it better, sometimes I wish someone could," he said.

Migrant Walk for Life arrives in Tucson

Brenda Norrell, 03.06.2007 22:54

Photos: Walkers arrived in Tucson Sunday at noon, after walking 75 miles from the border, to draw attention to the human rights crisis at the border.

War isn't back-page event

By Dr. Col. Katherine Scheirman, USAF (Ret.), 03.06.2007 20:37

Today's (6/2/07) Daily Oklahoman includes a guest editorial by Col. Katherine Scheirman, USAF (Ret.), identified as retired in 2006 after a 20-year career in the Air Force.

Her experienced and forceful statement is an important addition to the growing voices in Oklahoma against the war/occupation in Iraq.

Ample R Zone Land Available in Delhi

Manu Dagar, 03.06.2007 19:57

Nazafgarh sets another record besides producing Virender Sehwag. Delhi’s largest R Zone is proposed in Nazafgarh area

AIDs is US-driven biogenocidal

Cantwell, 03.06.2007 19:46

CIA doctor with established creds--validates AIDs as weapon story. This is a repeat of the truth hinted at by the dead Dr. Kelly, dozens of dead microbiologists and other scientists. Somebody is out to kill off most of the world's population and they are using US weapons laboratories to build the weapons to do it.

Greetings Folks!

Jesus Alberto Cabal, 03.06.2007 18:47

A warm Hello to all the staff and readers of Independent News Media. I am stopping by to invite everyone to visit my new web site dealing with probably the worst violation of human rights ever in the United States.....

Thank you all.

Bilderbergers yearly meet in Istanbul Now! G8 was exciting, but now has become a trap!

Robin Ludd, 03.06.2007 18:22

bilderberger AGM meet in Istanbul now
tracked by intergalactic investigators & a few well funded trolls who have no links with our movement

G8 was exciting, but now has become a trap!

NEW SLAVERY REPARATIONS BOOK: Farmer-Paellmann v. Brown &amp; Williamson

Restitution Study Group, 03.06.2007 17:17

NEW REPARATIONS BOOK: Farmer-Paellmann v. Brown &amp; Williamson In an effort to secure full justice from corporations that exploited slave labor, Deadria Farmer-Paellmann -- an African American lawyer whose ancestors were enslaved in South Carolina -- filed the petition entitled, "Farmer-Paellmann v. Brown & Williamson," Case No. 06-1533, with the Supreme Court of the United States on May 14, 2007. It is published here along with excerpts from BLACK GOLD, a screenplay on the corporate restitution effort, and BLACK EXODUS, a book on the first mass movement for slavery reparations.

Failed Presidents Ain’t What They Used to Be: FRANK RICH - Bush Disaster +

FRANK RICH - THE NEW YORK TIMES, 03.06.2007 16:35

RICH: Will it someday be possible to feel a pang of sympathy for George W. Bush?



CESAR ACHING GUZMAN, 03.06.2007 16:28

“Las grandes trasnacionales y las corporaciones financieras han demostrado codicia desmedida para expoliar economías y depredar la naturaleza; son la mayor amenaza para nuestra supervivencia; por ello el objetivo estratégico de los pueblos es la unidad, para implementar con recursos económicos propios, un sistema financiero alternativo a la expoliación y depredación” [URL1].

Faschistische Globalisierung schon seit der Gründung der UNO akut!

Democracy, 03.06.2007 15:23

Eine Organisation, die (alleine) das Cannabisverbot durchsetzt(e), kann nicht im Sinne von Demokratie, Minderheitenschutz und Gerechtigkeit, vorallem nicht im Sinne des gesunden Menschenverstandes, sein. Die jetzige Antiglobalisierungsdebatte kann (teilweise) auch von Nationalisten betrieben werden, es ist also Vorsicht geboten.


Pedro Rodriguez Medina, 03.06.2007 15:07

Este gusano rojo llamado Guillermo Milan Reyes alega que en Cuba no hay Democracia, claro, no la democracia que los entreguistas - como es su caso - de Estados Unidos de America desea.

UFS: emudecidos estudantes não querem greve.

Higo Brito, 03.06.2007 14:33

Mudos para não receber represálias de seus superiores nas universidades, alunos vivem em estado totalitário e despótico de professores e funcionários dentro dos muros fechados e autônomos das universidades federais brasileiras.


The Black Chapel Filmproject, 03.06.2007 10:53

STOP THE G8! Se the video! G8 in Germany: FIGHT AGAINST LIES!

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Andrew, 03.06.2007 10:50

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Manifestation géante pour Chavèz au Vénézuela

Bolivario, 03.06.2007 10:33

Des centaines de milliers de personnes ont manifesté samedi à Caracas leur soutien au président Hugo Chavez. Cela après une semaine de protestations des étudiants qui dénoncent un recul de la liberté d'expression au Venezuela.

Aussies blockade cyanide train

Pip Wilson, 03.06.2007 09:54

A handful of Australian activists claim victory in their blockade of a train carrying deadly cyanide

Buddhadeb Bhattacharya - The Nazi Dictator of West Bengal

Red Flag, 03.06.2007 09:49

Buddha Deb Bhattacharya is fan of Adolf Hitler Buddhadeb Bhattacharya is Nazi leader of West Bengal


Geo Hage, doyen de l'assemblée nationale, 03.06.2007 09:24

rendez vous militant pour un vrai parti communiste en france

Sarkozy, Royal, Kouchner, Bayrou, les « gauches » et l’euronationalisme consensuel

De ço qui calt ?, 03.06.2007 08:44

Europe et France : A l’approche de la réunion du G8, les manifestations en Allemagne prennent une ampleur croissante, au point qu’Angela Merkel s’est sentie obligée de « souligner la nécessité » de ce sommet. Mais sur le long terme, dans quelle direction partent les mouvements de protestation contre la politique des lobbies capitalistes et impérialistes ? La réalité est que, dans la pratique, la stratégie des « élites » planétaires bénéficie souvent de grands consensus dont le contrôle échappe aux militants « de base ». L’actuel projet de création d’une méga-puissance européenne nous en fournit un exemple inquiétant.

AMC 2007 - Spread the word

AMC 2007, 03.06.2007 05:47

In just three weeks, hundreds of independent media-makers and social justice activists from around the country will convene in Detroit for the 9th annual Allied Media Conference.

Why’s Lebanon burning? Israel should know!

Aijaz Zaka Syed, 03.06.2007 04:05

"The fact that most of these families are the survivors of the 1982 Invasion by Israel and the subsequent Sabra and Shatila massacres by Ariel Sharon’s goons only underscores the never-ending tragedy that is the Palestinian existence. How long will the Palestinians have to pay for the crimes that they have not committed?"

Fotos von Rostock G8

bully, 03.06.2007 00:28

Fotos von der Grossdemo in Rostock

iso-toe-ping---ufo-----------trjectorey predtour of war--a-rainbow bridge

yet-e-foot, 02.06.2007 23:05

sunlight threw water creates rainbow-thats the bridge--------------it is there------land based child--thor--tundar sound of war--hemdayl is some guyyyyyyyyyyy on a ship

¿Cuál es el llanto por la RCTV?

Wilfredo Gutiérrez, 02.06.2007 22:46


Eco-sabotage cases: Report from Sentencing for Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher, 6/1/07

flies on the wall, 02.06.2007 21:30

original post:

On Friday, June 1, in Eugene federal court, Judge Ann Aiken sentenced Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher. Judge Aiken agreed to sentence both defendants together in one hearing. Both received 92-month (7 years, 8 months) sentences.

Eco-sabotage Cases: Report from Sentencing for Kendall Tankersley, 5/31/07

sore butt, 02.06.2007 21:28

original post:

For extarordinary cooperation and for being the least involved with the least crimes, she got 46 months in jail plus full restitution and 3 years supervised probation.

Eco-sabotage cases: Report from Sentencing for Suzanne Savoie, 5/31/07

sore butt (mainly someone else really), 02.06.2007 21:26

original post:

Savoie received a 51-month sentence. She got the Terrorism Enhancement for Jefferson Poplar, and the 3 years supervised probation that everyone has been getting. EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS PHI BETA KAPPA!

The court and the feds noted that she gave substantial assistance especially when it came to the book club meetings.

Aiken and the gov't stressed, even quoting Caroline Paul's OPED's subhead, that the gov't is not out to label these people as terrorists. ??? (This is as they are seeking the TE for Jeff. Pop. and as Aiken is sentencing her with that label!)

pacte contre hulot

Yann Amar, 02.06.2007 14:57

L’Institut d'Etudes Economiques et Sociales pour la Décroissance
Soutenable sur la Toile

Pour sauver la planète, mais surtout ses habitants, signez et faîtes
signer le plus largement possible le « Pacte contre Hulot ». Merci.


ΑΝΕΝΤΑΧΤΟΙ, 02.06.2007 14:56


Articulación nacional de organizaciones sociales aplica plan de movilización antigolpista. Piden al presidente formar un Estado Mayor Conjunto del Movimiento Popular y el Gobierno para enfrentar la escalada

Aporrea/MRC/LPG, 02.06.2007 14:33

LPG Organizaciones sociales nacionales y colectivos de la región capital han constituido una articulación nacional de organizaciones para enfrentar el nuevo complot mediático-golpista, que se ha suscitado a raíz del vencimiento y no renovación de la concesión de uso del espacio radioeléctrico al canal de televisión RCTV, involucrado en el golpe del año 2002 contra el gobierno del presidente Chávez y en el paro patronal-sabotaje petrolero del 2002-2003. RCTV es considerado como un medio “psicoterrorista” por el movimiento popular revolucionario en Venezuela y uno de los principales instrumentos de propaganda de la oligarquía. Los movimientos populares respaldan la medida adoptada por el gobierno como una decisión altamente progresiva, que favorecerá la participación social en la comunicación, monopolizada por grandes grupos empresariales, y abrirá mayores posibilidades para la libertad de expresión del pueblo.


ΑΝΕΝΤΑΧΤΟΙ, 02.06.2007 14:27


G8 Kritische Seiten sind abgeschaltet worden.

Viele Seiten betroffen, 02.06.2007 13:35

Eine altbekannte Art der Informationssperre.


thalassolukoi, 02.06.2007 13:02

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Andrew, 02.06.2007 11:48

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Martin Pausch (Montagsdemo-Dortmund), verwies Claudia Roth von der Demo

Bernd Birk, 02.06.2007 11:39

Eskalation bei Demo in Rostock vermieden

Beekeepers here and nationwide worried about unexplained deaths

Dan Wilson, 02.06.2007 09:41

“They are getting pollen that is killing the bees.” “There is no doubt in my mind and just wait until after June 15 when the pesticide applications start,” he said. “They are getting pollen that is killing the bees.”

Notes On A Thursday Before Memorial Day In New York City

Cody Lyon, 02.06.2007 05:29

Concentrating on simple questions, during a sunset along the Hudson in New York City overcame earlier observations of urban life. Questions about the fate of the around 25 thousand seriously injured military members coming home from Iraq begin to puncture the relative calm of an evening by the river. How many limbs have been lost, how many bones crushed, how many skulls shattered, how many bills not paid, how many minds damaged? Why?

El Comunista: Nelson Rubio

Arturo Ron Messer, 02.06.2007 02:35

Este individuo fue miembro de la cúpula gobernante de Cuba, yerno del asesino gallego Fernández, estudio psicología y fue miembro de los aparatos represivos de Cuba por mas de 10 años.

AUSTRALIA: Howard warns against 'change for change's sake'?

Votenobody, 02.06.2007 02:27

Now if we get these decisions wrong!!! Now if we get these decisions wrong about you and your party, and you burden the Australian community with no place to live, nothing, than ought otherwise be the case, you via us will inflict life threatening damage to all Australians and inflict great pain on all Australian lifestyles and future. So we're not going to get it wrong are we!!!

A message to the American Military

Brent Herbert, 02.06.2007 01:47

Want to see something really amazing?

Venezuela: Ante la medida de Chávez contra RC

FT-CI, 02.06.2007 00:47


El Comunista: Nelson Rubio

Arturo Ron Messer, 02.06.2007 00:11

Este individuo fue miembro de la cúpula gobernante de Cuba, yerno del asesino gallego Fernández, estudio psicología y fue miembro de los aparatos represivos de Cuba por mas de 10 años.
Después De graduarse de Psicología fue enviado a cursar estudios de investigación e interrogatorio policíacos en la academia del Pitirre, en La Habana, para prepararse e infiltrarse en grupos de disidentes y periodistas independientes.

K I L L .

Luc Majno, 01.06.2007 23:16

kill The younger generation always have ways to catch us 'in the act'.
Asking questions most of the time we cannot answer.
And we try to make sense of it all... 'Out of the mouths of babes...'
It is true. Children are pure and untarnished.
One can only live and hopefully learn from THEM.


media matters, 01.06.2007 22:54

The future of Internet radio is in immediate danger !

02. Juni 1967 - 2007: 40 Jahre Staatsrepressionen

Christof Weisenbacher, 01.06.2007 22:28

Heute, am 02. Juni 2007, jährt sich der Tod von Benno Ohnesorg zum 40. Mal. Am 02. Juni 1967 beging der Romanistik- und Germanistik-Student den Fehler zur falschen Zeit am falschen Ort zu sein. Er nahm teil an der Demonstration gegen den Schah von Persien, der an diesem Abend die Deutsche Oper in Berlin besuchte. Für Benno Ohnesorg endete die Demonstration mit einem tödlichen Schuss in den Kopf durch den Kriminalobermeister Karl-Heinz Kurras. Die Frage Wie starb Benno Ohnesorg ist nach wie vor nicht vollständig geklärt - Uwe Soukup beantwortet diese Frage nun in seinem neuen Buch.

Sarkozy, opium du « peuple français de gauche » : 2 – Le buffet sans frontières de Bernard Kouchner

De ço qui calt ?, 01.06.2007 21:21

Après l’élection de Nicolas Sarkozy, le « socialiste » Bernard Kouchner est devenu ministre du gouvernement de François Fillon au même moment où le « travailliste » Tony Blair se répandait en éloges du nouveau président de la République Française : « il sera très bien » (11 mai), « une occasion fantastique » et « une grande opportunité » pour « moderniser » la France (22 mai), et ainsi de suite... Et si l’UMP est censée incarner la « droite décomplexée », Laurent Fabius souhaite à son tour une « gauche décomplexée » qui sache « adapter ses propositions à un monde qui a changé ». Il appelle même le Parti Socialiste à « tirer les leçons de ce qu'a fait Nicolas Sarkozy à droite ». Quant au Maire de Paris Bertrand Delanoë, il propose d’aider le nouveau Président de la République avec une « opposition intelligente et constructive »... Au juste, à quoi servent vraiment les élections dites « démocratiques » dans le fonctionnement du système capitaliste ?

NJ: Shut Down HLS, June 7-9.

nj anarchists against hls., 01.06.2007 21:07

Join individuals from up and down the east coast for three days of
demonstrations in New Jersey to shut down Huntingdon Life Sciences
once and for all.


M.P.I., 01.06.2007 19:58

Hace un año del asesinato de Angela Solanch y aun sigue impune, recordemos que fue uno de los 13 feminicidios que se cometieron en el estqado de Mexico, en el municipio de Chimalhuacan

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