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India: Kalam, The First Preference

Tanveer Jafri, 05.06.2007 02:10

Author Tanveer Jafri Indian citizen is sitting in the hope that God will show the path to all the political parties. They will leave their limited & selfish thoughts & make a common consent in making Kalam, a great man, the President of the country. Otherwise his adorers would think that the politics of India didn't suit Kalam. And Kalam didn't suit politics of India. Now it may be a good omen or a bad omen for the country. The person, who wanted to make India a developed country by 2020, couldn't get a common consent from the political parties on the issue of the candidature of this great man, for the President of India. If there is a common consent, then really, it would be a good omen. A farsighted person like me is of the view that Indian Parliament should be unanimous in making Kalam President of India up to 2020. For it they should not hesitate to amend the constitution

Australia watching home grown threats: expert?

Parrot Press, 05.06.2007 01:44

It's all in the wrist action!!! He should know he comes from the bombing capital of the Pacific Indonesia who incidentally needs a terrorism expert to do his job!!!

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mork, 05.06.2007 01:19

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mork, 05.06.2007 01:16

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Australia: Write off Lib/Lab, says Nobody' director

Adam Ant, 05.06.2007 00:47

No leadership and definitely no opposition "I don't think there's a difference between Australians wanting a strong opposition and Australians finally deciding to vote for Nobody because there is no leadership and definitely no opposition," he said.

Down With Police Terror Against the Anti-G8 Demonstrators!

International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist), 05.06.2007 00:47

Down With Police Terror Against the Anti-G8 Demonstrators!
For Mass Protests Against State Terror Based on the Social Power of the Working Class!
Down With the Witchhunt Against the “Black Block”!

This Way Out: White House Summit 30th Anniversary

Overnight Productions, Inc., 04.06.2007 21:18

June 4, 2007: Recalling the historic LGBT meeting with the Carter Administration and its continuing impact on queer politics. Plus Moscow Pride petitioners busted after militant melee, Tinky Winky perseveres in Poland, "pretty repulsive" comments rile Northern Ireland, gay bar bans embroil Melbourne and Montreal, and more news.

Reality Addiction' aAnnounces Its New EP Release

Cindy D'Adamo, 04.06.2007 21:12

RealityAddiction.jpg The 5 man, New Jersey-based pop/rock band, 'Reality Addiction' has just released its dynamic new self-titled EP.


Aldo Vidali, 04.06.2007 20:59

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Why a different world is possible -- taking a look at Hugo Chavez' vision

Thoughts about the Rostock clash between the German police and the so-called Black Block (militants)

Marion Kuepker, 04.06.2007 20:36

An eye-witness report of the Rostok G8 demonstration

Disabled Conscientious Objector Vet Goes Before Judge Over Freedom of Speech

Cathy Garger, 04.06.2007 19:48

Gulf War Tank Contaminated With Depleted Uranium The Coils were reading when they noticed through a glass window a room in which two military recruiters with a stack of forms were trying to recruit a young man who Tim thought could not have been more than 17 or 18 years old.

no c/dc directly linked to drug problems around the world

tomy zenderz, 04.06.2007 19:42

the folks @ 1666 pen will vain ya ave
are in many ways responsible for the
fact that many of our neighborhoods
are filled with drugs.

NY Police spied on Indymedia &amp; human rights groups

Brenda Norrell, 04.06.2007 19:23

New York police spied on everyone from Indymedia and the Quakers, to the Sierra Club and grandmothers promoting peace.

2008 Elections - USA #1

America Jones, 04.06.2007 19:22

The best thing that might come to the United States from the War in Iraq is not oil, but an opportunity to examine the collective hallucination of USA #1 that makes our people so easily manipulated.


FANNY FERNANDEZ MELO, 04.06.2007 19:08

LOS NIÑOS DE OXAPAMPA Y EL OSO DE ANTEOJOS RECIBIENDO EL LIBRO En el Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente la importancia del agua, los bosques y la biodiversidad

Freie Meinungsaüsserrung unter Polizeischutz?

valentin, 04.06.2007 18:51

Hier geht es um die Rolle der Polizei in Demonstrationen, Aufgaben, Verpflichtungen...
Eine kritische Sicht die nach dem 2.6.2007 formuliert wurde.

Vladimir Putin Threatens George Bush with Nuclear Armageddon

Karen Fish, 04.06.2007 18:40

Find Judas George Bush wakes up the sleeping Communist Bear.

Time For Congressional Oversight On Permanent Bases

General Joe, 04.06.2007 18:39

"SEC. 3301. None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this or any other Act shall be obligated or expended by the United States Government for a purpose as follows:
(1) To establish any military installation or base for the purpose of providing for the permanent stationing of United States Armed Forces in Iraq."

Baghdad surge not working

General Joe, 04.06.2007 18:32

"BAGHDAD, June 3 — Three months after the start of the Baghdad security plan that has added thousands of American and Iraqi troops to the capital, they control fewer than one-third of the city’s neighborhoods, far short of the initial goal for the operation, according to some commanders and an internal military assessment."

G8 summit musik

christian, 04.06.2007 18:07

Voices of the G8 leaders, taken from, were re-recorded
at the courtyard of the Kempinski Hotel Heiligendamm,
free download at

La experiencia socialista de la URSS

Fernando Hugo Azcurra - Agrupación Mate Amargo de Entre Ríos - Argentina, 04.06.2007 17:23

¿Existió similitud de la relaciones sociales de producción entre el capitalismo y el socialismo en la URSS?

Email Beschwerden

anonymus, 04.06.2007 17:16

Beschwerde bei der Stadt Heiligendamm und Bad Doberan für ihre Unterstützung zu Realisierung des G8 Gipfels.


Area Antagonista, 04.06.2007 17:05



anti-G8 demo June 2 police violence

Erika Ransom, 04.06.2007 16:48

video of cops beating protesters!

Footage needed!!!

KAI, 04.06.2007 16:44

I am a photographer and urgently looking for footage showing me being attacked by the police during Saturday’s violent events in Rostock.

Suche nach Zeugen oder Bildmaterial

KAI, 04.06.2007 16:39

Ich bin Fotografin und suche Bildmaterial, das eine Attacke der Polizei bei der Demo in Rostock am 2.06 gegen mich zeigt bei der u.a. meine Kamera zu Schaden kam.

anonymus, 04.06.2007 16:38


Obama in Second Place: PAUL KRUGMAN - Health Plan; FRANK RICH +


KRUGMAN: The Obama health care plan is better than I feared but not as comprehensive as I would have liked.


A Message for the Pentagon: &quot;A Bloody Summer in America&quot;

Brent Herbert, 04.06.2007 16:04

Some people know more than you do. I thought I would share some 'top secret' information with you, since I believe in full disclosure and I don't believe in hiding things or 'top secrets'.

hiphop islam

rahim, 04.06.2007 13:33

rap4islam over 3000 hits .

Iraq: USLAW/UFPJ Again Sponsor Pro-Occupation Speaker

New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW), 04.06.2007 13:31

The General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW) (formerly IFTU) is sponsored by the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) and former U.S.-installed Prime Minister Iyad Allawi. These parties oppose immediate U.S. withdrawal, support Bush's "surge," and demand that the Iraqi puppet regime crush Iraqi resistance -- positions that are echoed by the GFIW.

May - June 2007 National Immigrant Solidarity Network Monthly Digest

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network, 04.06.2007 13:10

Say NO to the Senate - White House "Compromise" Immigrant Bill! No to the Police Terror Against the Immigrant Rights Movement!

Annals of Mendacious Punditry: When the Shill Enables the Kill

Jason Miller, 04.06.2007 12:42

Jonah Goldberg is the living, breathing embodiment of virtually all that is pernicious in the malignant socioeconomic and political structures collectively known as the American Empire. Yet tragically, this scheming sycophant to the cynical, privileged criminals of the US plutocracy reaches countless millions through myriad corporate media conduits as he weaves his sophistic arguments supporting nearly every morally repulsive aspect of United States foreign policy.

1 dead in Tallin Riot 26 ap 2007

sow, 04.06.2007 12:30

Tallin Riot

Brandanschlag auf P20 in Arnstadt

Big Mama, 04.06.2007 12:11

In der Nacht vom 3. zum 4. Juni verübten Unbekannte einen Brandanschlag auf das Gebäude der P20 in Arnstadt.
Niemand wurde verletzt.

G8 Poster

Loesje, 04.06.2007 11:15

g8 poster G8 Poster

Arrest at the Anti-G8 Summit demo in Rostock

Alec Smart, 04.06.2007 11:10

Arrest at the Anti-G8 Summit demo in Rostock, Germany. Photo: Alec Smart Sat 2 Jun 2007

Arrest at the Anti-G8 Summit demo in Rostock

Alec Smart, 04.06.2007 11:10

Arrest at the Anti-G8 Summit demo in Rostock, Germany. Photo: Alec Smart Sat 2 Jun 2007

Arrest at the Anti-G8 Summit demo in Rostock

Alec Smart, 04.06.2007 11:09

Arrest at the Anti-G8 Summit demo in Rostock, Germany. Photo: Alec Smart Sat 2 Jun 2007

Arrest at the Anti-G8 Summit demo in Rostock

Alec Smart, 04.06.2007 11:09

Arrest at the Anti-G8 Summit demo in Rostock, Germany. Photo: Alec Smart Sat 2 Jun 2007

Glum Klown at G8

Alec Smart, 04.06.2007 11:05

Glum Klown guarded by police during the Anti-G8 Summit demo in Rostock, Germany. Photo: Alec Smart Sat 2 Jun 2007

Carlos Taibo: Por una Europa Social, no a la Europa del Capital

CGT, 04.06.2007 10:48

cartel "Cada día en nuestro quehacer habitual:
Peleamos contra los delincuentes que a escala planetaria roban comida, estrangulan salarios y asesinan empleos.
Denunciamos a los violadores de la tierra, a los envenenadores del agua y a los ladrones de bosques.
Luchamos contra los mercaderes de armas, que necesitan la guerra como los fabricantes de abrigos necesitan el frío.
Nos enfrentamos contra la banda internacional, contra las multinacionales que secuestran países y jamás devuelven a sus cautivos, aunque cobran rescates multimillonarios que en el lenguaje del mercado llaman servicios de deuda y beneficios".

France: Le « sarkommuniste » Jean-Pierre Brard, candidat « apparenté PCF » sur Montreuil

Turpin, 04.06.2007 10:27

Nicolas Sarkozy a remporté contre Ségolène Royal une élection présidentielle que « la gauche ne pouvait pas perdre ». Mais, lorsque des militants se posent des questions, les dirigeants de la « gauche » et de la « gauche de la gauche » leur répondent que l’essentiel, à présent, c’est de préserver un maximum de places de député(e). Le débat de fond serait, semble-t-il, pour après les législatives, lorsque les candidats des appareils en place s’en seront tirés le mieux possible. Sauf que les nouveaux mandats de cinq ans ainsi obtenus auront contribué à renforcer la position de ces appareils qui, en réalité, n’ont aucune explication à offrir aux militants. Le système continuera à tourner avec, au besoin, quelques changements de têtes visibles qui à terme s’avèreront sans incidence sur les grands traits de la ligne politique. C’est ainsi qu’a toujours fonctionné la politique bourgeoise, et c’est ainsi que se perpétue la mystification électoraliste et parlementaire. C'est ainsi, également, que le « sarkommuniste » Jean-Pierre Brard est à nouveau candidat « apparenté Parti Communiste Français » sur Montreuil.

JFK Four: Connecting Propaganda Dots from Jamaat al-Muslimeen to Hugo Chávez?

Kurt Nimmo, 04.06.2007 09:06

Russell Defreitas, the elderly and hapless patsy ensnared by the FBI for the crime of dreaming up a fantastical plot to blow up Kennedy Airport, “may have been inspired by Osama bin Laden,” however “was not an al-Qaida wannabe, according to authorities. According to the corporate media, Defreitas may prove to be a convenient link to Jamaat al-Muslimeen and Hugo Chávez, as the former is basically insignificant beyond the realm of kidnapping and drug smuggling, while the latter is a big fish with a lot of oil at his disposal and the neocons would love to demonize him as a terrorist, thus working toward his overthrow.

Australia: protesters face jail for opposing spy base’s role in Iraq war

Mike Head via sam, 04.06.2007 08:21

Opposing spy base’s role in Iraq war The Howard government and the security authorities have gone to extraordinary lengths to suppress any information emerging from the trial about the base or the associated operations of the intelligence agencies. Last year, a judge placed constraining orders on the defendants to prevent them from making any comments about ASIO’s surveillance activities.

Ron Paul vs. the Throng: The Last of the Texas Outsiders

ALEXANDER COCKBURN, 04.06.2007 04:10

"This is the second time Paul has scored big in such debates, and it points to a potential crisis of credibility for both the Republican and Democratic Parties. A majority of Americans--65 per cent and up--hate the war in Iraq and think the US troops should leave. But the leading candidates from both parties fence-straddle at best, and also parrot Giuliani on the "war on terror". Hence the popularity of Ron Paul, as soon as he gets a national venue. The same happened to a Democratic outsider, Mike Gravel, even as his party votes Bush the money to go on fighting the war."

*****NEWSFLASH FROM LYNCHING TOWN INFANTA,QUEZON PROVINCE WHERE 12 year old children are exposed to public ridicule and are dragged to the main street accused of stolen a cellphone they already had handed over to the police to give to the owner

Marianne Koch, 04.06.2007 04:00

Paul Heimrath the Philippine government allowed to be raped,gang raped and lept in child trafficking by a aoman with connections to the German Embassy and the Carmelites was dragged during broad daylight theough the main street of Infanta,Quezon by a fat lad who dragged the boy 12 years old like an animal and pushed him in a waiting tricycle .Bystander saved the boy .The fat Lady turned out as a TEACHER FROM INFANTA foul mouthed and taking the law in her own hand allegedly a relative of Efren Altezza who allegedly(recoding are available) offered P1500 for wiping the family out to Brgy Tanods.This man is using any dirty mehods not even sparing the reputation of a child to get what he other authors

The counter-revolutionary offensive in Venezuela – What it all means: What must be done

Yonie Moreno and William Sanabria, 04.06.2007 03:33

"Above all the main mistake would be one of complacency, of thinking that because we are in a majority, we are right, we won the elections and that everything is therefore alright. A revolution cannot remain halfway. The only way in which the future of the revolution can be ensured is through the expropriation of the means of production and the replacement of the current state apparatus by a regime of workers' democracy. If the revolution takes up these tasks it will spread like an almighty tidal wave throughout Latin America becoming a point of reference for workers all over the world. This is the task that Venezuelan revolutionary youth, workers and peasants have in front of them."

National Peace Convergence to meet U.S.-Australian joint war games

Peace Convergence, 04.06.2007 03:04

June 17-24 a Peace Convergence will see thousands of people meet in the seaside town of Yeppoon, (Australia) to oppose joint U.S.-Australian war games on the Great Barrier Reef and surrounds. Over 20,000 U.S. troops and about 12,000 Australian troops have been involved in Operation Talisman Sabre 07 since May. The convergence will mark the start of the live firing exercise at Shoalwater bay Military Training Area.

Community urges Howard to leave the Murray-Darling issue to the people of Australia

Water is Us, 04.06.2007 02:11

Water is Us In just four short months after Howard announced his $10 billion water package, he is still trying to pressure Victoria to agree to the plan.

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