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UFOetry at “Roswell UFO Festival 60th Anniversary”

Jeff Justice, 15.06.2007 08:09

UFOetry Roswell Poster UFOetry to perform at “Roswell UFO Festival 60th Anniversary” July 5-8

GMO corn variety eaten and planted in RP potentially toxic, scientists warn

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 15.06.2007 06:33

Greenpeace demands immediate market withdrawal, moratorium on GMO approvals

La police allemande déjoue une tentative d'attentat étatsunienne contre le G8, 15.06.2007 06:32

Deutsche Presse-Agentur et Agenzia Giornalistica Italia rapportaient jeudi 7 juin 2007 que la police allemande avait surpris des « hommes des services de sécurité US […] tentant de dissimuler des explosifs militaires C4 à travers un point de contrôle à Heiligendamm » où se tenait le sommet du G8.

Blair could face Trial for War Crimes

Anonymous, 14.06.2007 23:59

Worried ... LONDON, June 12--TONY BLAIR could face prosecution for war crimes in Iraq following a legal bid launched yesterday.

O'odham Burial Ground Unearthed During Border Wall Construction

Jeff Hendricks, 14.06.2007 21:11

O'odham remains were unearthed last month during the construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Local O'odham residents are demanding that the remains be returned to them. Green Ad Online Advertising Option for Environmentally Friendly Companies, 14.06.2007 19:46

Electric Vehicle Manufacturer ZAP, (OTCBB: ZAAP) Showcases New Wall Street Mantra “Green is Good” in New Online Green Ads

Mohawks prepare for national rail blockade

Mohawk Nation News, 14.06.2007 18:12

Mohawk Nation News: "Phil Fontaine is Canada's leader, not ours"

Sarkozy, Brard, Chevènement, les élections françaises et la surenchère sécuritaire

De ço qui calt ?, 14.06.2007 17:46

A l'approche ou à l'occasion d'échéances électorales, on assiste à des surenchères sur des sujets que les « politologues » considèrent porteurs. La propagande dite « sécuritaire » en fait apparemment partie. Mais ne s'agit-il pas, en réalité, d'une vaste opération d'intoxication destinée à faire croire à l'importance de ce genre de thématique et à justifier une politique de plus en plus répressive ? Pendant qu'on parle « sécurité », et qu'on finit par croire ou faire croire qu'il s'agit d'une grand enjeu, on ne parle pas de problèmes essentiels tels que, par exemple, les délocalisations. Et force est de constater l'implication de longue date de la « gauche » française dans la propagande sécuritaire.

paris hiltion on in nam

ufo born, 14.06.2007 17:32

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lord of flies--pestisides--------yeild to the god war shps the bugss

attila, 14.06.2007 17:30

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omaha beached destroyer stanford --keys

lord of the flies, 14.06.2007 17:26

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Invasion y despojo a ultranza de Constructora Cragar a lugareños de Baja California Sur

Salvador Bañuelos Miramontes, 14.06.2007 17:10

Constructoras despojan de sus legítimas tierras a lugareños de Cabo Pulmo, único arrecife de coral en la costa del Pacífico en México, el gobierno hace caso omiso a la defensa del pueblo.

The US War Of Terror Against Somalia Escalates

Cathy Garger, 14.06.2007 16:43

US warship shells targets in Somalia The US is attacking Somalia to help it with its "lawlessness" and to go after the same bunch they claim are in hiding there. These are the same boogeymen that have been resurrected from damp Afghan caves after 9/11. So what is the real story behind why Somalia's being blown to bits?

Paris : Michel Gaucher (Paco) in jail

La Villette en lutte, 14.06.2007 15:30

Paco and a friend of him are in jail in Paris since the 13th of may. They are accused of arson attempt on a car who were parked in front of the restaurant "Le Fouquet's" where Nicolas Sarkozy celebrated his victory the evening of the elections.

Reviewing Noam Chomsky's New Book: Interventions

Stephen Lendman, 14.06.2007 14:29

In-depth review of Noam Chomsky's new book.


tyj, 14.06.2007 13:14



Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 14.06.2007 11:48

A George W. Bush le quedan 19 meses en la Casa Blanca -debe entregar el 20 de enero del 2009 - y parece decidido a invertir hasta entonces buena parte de sus energías y escasas neuronas en recrudecer aún más su ya agresiva política contra Cuba.

General Strike news: Nigeria/South Africa &amp; Egypt workers sit-in

Viola Wilkins, 14.06.2007 10:49

The working class of Africa tired of waiting for IMF/WTO/Bono/Geldorf crumbs have begun to undertake direct action to improve their lot as a class. Bring it on !

against police brutality

kody, 14.06.2007 09:39

clip against police brutality on g8 genova 2001

Sub Group Report Stated ‘Declared Goods Status For Natural Gas’

Alan Peter, 14.06.2007 07:28

The Report of the Sub-Group on Natural Gas and marking of petroleum products for XI Five Year Plan

Breaking News

descriptions from eyewitnesses, 14.06.2007 07:26

This is how eyewitnesses have described

AUSTRALIA: Pine Gap Trial/Closing Speeches

Parrot Press, 14.06.2007 04:30

Pine Gap is an NSA/CIA Base We are all feeling good, and tonight we are holding a "mock trial", to get evidence from the expert witness on Pine Gap we were not allowed to question in the trial, Professor Richard Tanter from Royal Melbourne Institue of Technology, who came all the way to Alice Springs for the trial.

Ultimate disgrace from Iraq yet

James Kurka, 14.06.2007 02:26

Highlights a recent news report from NBC news exposing the use of slave labor to build the US Embassy in Iraq


Ruag, 13.06.2007 22:07

South Africans from all sides of the fence struggle through a nationwide strike by workers from the Public Sector as reportedly a million workers stay away from work for 13 days. Essential Services come to stand still as calls go out to the public to volunteer their services as chaos in hospitals and schools mount. Violence escalates as workers continue into their second week without pay.

Genoa G8 Diaz school massacre

birba, 13.06.2007 18:21

A boss of Genoa G8 cops Michelangelo Fourier today at the trial has confessed, partially.

Read from the italian newspaper Corriere della Sera Updates Directory of Renewable and Alternative Energy Stocks with Recent Green and Solar IPO’s, 13.06.2007 18:14

Investor Interest in Renewable Energy Stocks Expands Globally

omaha beached destroyer at stanford

ufo borntoyetefoot, 13.06.2007 17:38

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On Lice and Fleas: Observations Starting from the Conflict Between Iran and the USA

Wayne Spencer, 13.06.2007 16:04

A critical analysis, drawing on situationist theory, of the conflict between Iran and the USA, the opposition against it, and the workers' movement in Iran.

On Lice and Fleas: Observations Starting from the Conflict Between Iran and the USA

Wayne Spencer, 13.06.2007 15:37

A critical analysis, drawing on situationist theory, of the conflict between Iran and the USA, the opposition against it, and the workers' movement in Iran.

Reseña del Libro: Introducción al Pensamiento de Marx de Milciades Peña

Editorial Ultimo Recurso, 13.06.2007 14:49

Reseña semanal de libros virtuales disponibles para bajar online, por la Editorial Ultimo Recurso.-

Audio interview with Maka from an independent radio in Oaxaca

Carla, 13.06.2007 14:01

In the anti-G8 camp in Reddelich, Germany, i've met Maka. She has been working with different independent radio's in Oaxaca the last years.

there is no d-day plan washington i summit mine code name it yeaaa day

ufo born, 13.06.2007 13:26

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What the &quot;media&quot; is no telling you: Of course it is divide and conquor

Sam, 13.06.2007 12:08

"The idea of “the dissolution of Iraq into a Shi‘ite state, a Sunni state and the separation of the Kurdish part” was voiced by veteran Zionist military correspondent Ze’ev Schiff in Ha'aretz on 2 June 1982 and was a part of the divide-and-rule strategy laid out by Zionist writer Oded Yinon in his “Strategy for Israel in the 1980s,” published in Kivunim (Directions), A Journal for Judaism and Zionism, published by the World Zionist Organization in occupied Jerusalem in February 1982. (It was translated by the late anti-Zionist writer and activist Israel Shahak and is widely available.)"


EcoWaste Coalition, 13.06.2007 11:08

Unknown to most parents, the unnecessary idling of vehicles that pick up children after school can endanger the health of kids as idling cars release harmful fumes that increases the risk of asthma and other adverse health effects among children.

Sexual Harassment at Workplaces More Skeletons to pop out

Assabah Khan, 13.06.2007 08:34

Article is an investigative piece on Sexual Harassment of women at workplaces and who keep suffeering quietly. Our society has not yet reached that stage that we will open up and talk directly about such things. This article is an attempt to encourage women to speak about such issues

Amitabh in Political Spiral

Tanveer Jafri, 13.06.2007 01:15

Tanveer Jafri Now why Amitabh bachchan has to bear once again, after two decades, a bite from the politics? Who stands responsible for his diminishing popularity & making him indulge in a spiral of controversies? Will these new friends of Amitabh also be helpful to him at the time when his popularity graph is falling? Perhaps, never. The controversy due to a small piece of land has again put him in a spiral with a sting from politics.

The Neocon Threat to World Peace and American Freedom

Paul Craig Roberts, 12.06.2007 23:00

"The point is that the neoconservatives do realize this. Their defeat in Iraq and Israel's defeat in Lebanon have taught the neoconservatives that the U.S. cannot prevail in the Middle East by conventional military means. As I have previously explained, the neoconservatives' plan is to escape the failure of their Iraq plan by orchestrating a war with Iran in which the U.S. can prevail only by using nuclear weapons. As previously reported, the neoconservatives believe that the use of nuclear weapons against Iran will convince Muslims that they must accept U.S. hegemony."

Sciopero nazionale delle lavoratrici elavoratori delle pulizie

Maurizio, 12.06.2007 21:03

I lavoratori delle imprese di puluzie sono scesi in sciopero per due giorni, oggi (12 giugno e domani ). La mobilitazione a livello Nazionale è nata per chiedere il rinnovo del contratto collettivo nazionale ormai scaduto da più di 2 anni, la difesa dell'art. 4 che obbliga le aziende che si aggiudicano la gara di appalto ad assumere il personale della ditta uscente e per manenere i diritti su la malattia.


., 12.06.2007 20:36

nouvelles compétences du ministre de l'intérieur

Whats hot and not G82007 Heiligendamm

whatshotandnot, 12.06.2007 19:49

From the streets, blockades and bars the self elected, unrepresentative group of 8 that make up the Whats hot team have this report....

Campaña BBVA sin armas

Justícia i Pau, 12.06.2007 17:57

El Centre d'Estudis per a la Pau J.M. Delàs, de Justícia i Pau, y el Observatori del Deute en la Globalització inician una Campaña de denuncia sobre las inversiones del BBVA en empresas que producen armamento y contaminan (

kremlin iso-toe-ping-----

ufo born, 12.06.2007 17:56

operations dragons flies rotation of a satilight is perpetual motion measured in time one hooked up like hoover dam enouth energy conqfuest of space--time for a spear head threw america--brad pit the warship is at stanford------

Bloody Toto in Mortgage Fraud Land

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff, 12.06.2007 17:46

Toto Constant was the founder of FRAPH, a death squad active in Haiti after the military ousted President Aristide in 1991. When Aristide returned, Toto slipped into the USA on a tourist visa. Toto had a past with the CIA. The Clinton administration didn't deport him. Stateside, Toto devoted himself to mega mortgage frauds. Working with organized players from New York and New Jersey...

‘Cleansing’ the Two-state ‘Vision’ in Jerusalem

Nicola Nasser*, 12.06.2007 17:13

“Israel Slides towards the Disastrous One State Trap,” The Baltimore Sun’s editorial concluded on June 5. The conclusion is no more true than in Jerusalem, where systematically and persistently Israel is accelerating her “Israelization” plans for eastern Jerusalem that will in the foreseen future doom the “land-for-peace” formula as obsolete, outdated and dead letter, and rule out the widely trumpeted solution of the two-state “vision” based on it as “unrealistic” wishful thinking, unless the world community intervenes with determination to make a difference in salvaging whatever remains of potential peace prerogatives in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

GenoMed Welcomes Dame Shirley Bassey as Its First Patron

David W. Moskowitz MD, 12.06.2007 15:47

GenoMed (OTC Pink Sheets GMED), a Next Generation Disease Management company whose business is public health™, today announced that Dame Shirley Bassey has agreed to become the company’s first Patron.

Nuclear Weapons Programs Are about Regime Survival: or All Safer with the Bomb

Dilip Hiro, 12.06.2007 11:35

"As it is, U.S. credibility in Tehran is low. On the eve of the January 1981 release of the hostages taken at the U.S. embassy in November 1979, the U.S. agreed in the Algiers Accord not to interfere in Iran's internal affairs. In December 1995, however, it began violating that agreement when, following the passage of a directive by Congress sanctioning $18 million for a covert action program against Iran, the Clinton White House announced that the sum would be spent inter alia to cultivate new enemies of the Islamic regime."


DHARMA MARKETING, 12.06.2007 11:32

This new concept aims to reach the deepest level of the human psyche, finding in the oriental example of enterprising spirit - which has a strong resource to spiritual values - the path to a new internal proximity Marketing.

The United States' new strategy in Lebanon : the secret war against Hizbollah

Alberto Cruz, 12.06.2007 10:59

"Time, an implacable judge, has ended up vindicating people who have been right all along despite the campaigns of the Western mass media. No one can dispute that Hizbollah's victory over Israel is perhaps the most striking event so far in the 21st century, given that it put an end to one of the myths of the 20th Centruy, the invincibility of Israel. It is what Middle East experts are beginning to call the "Hizbollah effect" and it has overturned neocolonial designs in this part of the world. That is why from almost the very moment it acknowledged Israel's defeat the United States has set in motion a secret war against the Lebanese political-military movement."

policia local indignado

anonimo, 12.06.2007 09:11

ya esta bien por dios

Melbourne Indymedia

Indy Kid via sam, 12.06.2007 02:08

Freedom for all is our destiny We thank our many loyal readers and contributors for several years of grassroots journalism and media activism and hope we can resume reporting with an even better interface at some stage in the future.

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