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Arraial Pride e Marcha do Orgulho LGBT

Associação ILGA Portugal, 18.06.2007 00:10

Eventos comemorativos do Orgulho que nós - Lésbicas, Gays, Bissexuais e Trangéneros - temos em recusar o insulto.
Em Lisboa, 23 de Junho de 2007

Los artistas de la calle se organizan para dignificar su profesión.

Alejandro Andares, 17.06.2007 23:05

Domingo 17 de Junio 2007-cultura-gremios- Los artistas de la calle (estatuas vivientes, payasos, músicos y teatreros en general) se organizan para dignificar su profesión y con esto la vida de todos los ciudadanos que vemos alegrada nuestra cotidianidad


Modaira Rubio, 17.06.2007 19:36

Carolus Wimmer y la eurodiputada Sahra Wagenknecht El diputado Carolus Wimmer, Secretario de Relaciones Internacionales del Partido Comunista de Venezuela, fue el único venezolano presente en las actividades de la Contracumbre al G8, en Rostock, Alemania.

Nuclear explosion on Czech TV, 17.06.2007 19:32

An artistic group interfered with the Czech TV broadcast with fictious nuclear explosion

Drug Rehab Warns Parents About Idle Time for Youth During Summer Months

Narconon Arrowhead, 17.06.2007 18:26

No School and No Parents at Home? Summer Months Provide Youth with Opportunities to Start Abusing Drugs

Inequality before law

Samrajyam Srinivasa Rao, 17.06.2007 17:10

The Supreme Court of India like a Kangaroo Court has not taken pains to study the case has dismissed it while in an idential case involving Zahira Sheik of Best Bakery Carnage was convicted for perjury and thereby followed double standards.

Iraq deployment could last a decade: Time to say hell no. We will resist!

General Joe, 17.06.2007 16:21

Iraq deployment could last a decade:

"The US commander in Iraq says American troops could be needed in the country for a decade to battle insurgents." This was always their plan. The American public must be encouraged to reject it now!

Interview with the Salah Al-Ta'mari, the Governor of Bethlehem (date 08/04/2007)

Aris Oikonomou, 17.06.2007 15:50

Interview on the 6 day war ans the palestinian situation,the refugee issue and the 'civil' war

Post-traumatic Iraq syndrome

Christopher J. Fettweis, 17.06.2007 14:50

"Once support for a war is lost, it is gone for good; there is no example of a modern democracy having changed its mind once it turned against a war."

Telesur: Building a TV Station and a Platform for Leftists

Simon Romero, 17.06.2007 14:15

“RCTV practiced a form of media terrorism,” Mr. Izarra said in an interview. “The families that own RCTV hate my guts for saying that, but the oligarchy that once controlled Venezuela is finally coming apart.”

Zoellick warns Venezuela is heading for trouble

Noel Randewich, 17.06.2007 14:04

"After last month's forced resignation of Paul Wolfowitz as World Bank president over a high-paying promotion for his companion, Zoellick was put forward as the candidate of the United States, which traditionally chooses the head of the institutional lender." Left should put forward an alternative?

Howards End?

greg hoey, 17.06.2007 13:02

election possibilities

Howards End?

greg hoey, 17.06.2007 13:00

election possibilities

Corporate Subservience

SomePeopleWorryMe, 17.06.2007 11:47

Across the world the human rights movement is being used by transnational corporations to be the front line they can hide behind. Open borders and unrestricted movement of illegal aliens is the wet dream of capitalism. Corporations would like to pay us as little as possible, so we can all work like slaves. This is first and foremost about making the richest even richer! We need to stopped being dupes and get educated on the forces behind this movement!!!

alle Primarie partecipa con intelligenza

fatanuda, 17.06.2007 09:09 non votare uno dei cialtroni proposti

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Marks, 17.06.2007 08:10

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Proven: European Anti-Zionists are Closet Nazi's and Jewhaters.

Bob Downer, 17.06.2007 07:56

A hypnotist in Denmark has hypnotised a number of high ranking peace activists with strong pro-palestinian sentiments. They have revealed fantasies of killing Jews en mass and Nazi white-supremacist views.


arte x tutti, 17.06.2007 07:44

zooart Passeggiando nell'arte

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Andrew, 17.06.2007 07:28

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Vote for &quot;I wish Canada would remain Pro Choice&quot; on the CBC's Wish List Contest&quot;

Casey Y, 17.06.2007 04:23

Celebrating Canada’s 140th birthday, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is hosting the Great Canadian Wish list on Facebook. Unfortunately, the anti-choice conservative extremists have decided to impose their anti-choice anti gender equality agenda on the rest of Canada.

Manifiesto solidario con anarquistas y movimientos sociales en Venezuela

Internacional de Federaciones Anarquistas, 16.06.2007 21:40

El periódico Tierra y Libertad -vocero de la Federación Anarquista Ibérica- publica en su # 227 de junio de 2007, este manifiesto de la Internacional de Federaciones Anarquistas en apoyo a quienes hoy en Venezuela enfrentan tanto al proyecto capitalista burocratico del chavismo como a sus oponentes socialdemócratas y de derechas.

Cándido y Morala ingresan en prisión. Los dos sindicalistas asturianos están en estos momentos en la cárcel de Villabona.

eterno, 16.06.2007 21:10

Alrededor de les 20:30 han sido asaltados literalmente y encarcelados.

movimiento estudiantil en colombia, de nuevo es estigamatizado y señalado falsamente de guerrilleros

estudiante universidad de caldas, 16.06.2007 20:24

dos compañeros estudiantes de la univeraidad de caldas y un profesosr q han participado de las dinamicas de la huelga estudiantil en la universida, son detenidos acusados falsamente de pertenecer a grupos al margen de la ley

Sarkozy a-t-il fait campagne pour la « gauche » contre l’abstention au second tour des législatives françaises ?

De ço qui calt ?, 16.06.2007 18:24

Le premier tour des élections législatives françaises s’était soldé avant tout par une « victoire de l’abstention » (presque 40%) qui avait inquiété les « politologues ». Les abstentionnistes, « premier parti de France » ? Un retour à la « mauvaise image » tant décriée par les tribuns et plumitifs du système. Car l’abstention comporte un rejet du parlementarisme et oblige, de ce fait, à se poser des questions indésirables. Comment y remédier ? Le résultat du premier tour des législatives a conduit les « experts » à penser, principalement, à une abstention « à gauche ». Or, si les étiquettes politiques des élus sont sans importance réelle, le taux de participation est une donnée essentielle pour les champions des institutions en place. Il est donc plus important, pour les « élites », de faire voter à « gauche » que d’accroître la victoire électorale annoncée de la « droite ». Certaines mauvaises langues s’interrogent, à ce sujet, à propos de l’annonce par le ministre UMP Jean-Louis Borloo, le soir du premier des législatives, de la mise en place rapide d’une « TVA sociale » dont le caractère conflictuel n’était un secret pour personne. Quelques jours plus tard, Le Point annonce un sondage moins défavorable pour la « gauche ».

This Hostile World

Max Gordon, 16.06.2007 18:20

A discussion of violence against women in film


3D1on, 16.06.2007 16:24

Chapter Seven (8th)

US occupiers complicit in Sammara blast: Nothing new in this imperial strategy

Press TV, 16.06.2007 13:12

"In a message on the recent bombing of the shrines of the two revered Shia Imams in the Iraqi town of Samarra, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei blamed the intelligence services of the Zionist regime and the occupation forces in Iraq for the bombing, saying such terrorist acts are meant to intensify sectarian violence in the Muslim world."

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Andrew Marks, 16.06.2007 11:15

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Interview with William Singletary confirms Mumia Abu-Jamal's innocence

IBT, 16.06.2007 11:14

This new interview with William Singletary confirms Mumia Abu-Jamal's innocence in the killing of police officer Daniel Faulkner.

View &quot;Mumia's Lawyer Speaks&quot; online

IBT, 16.06.2007 11:06

This 80 min video by Movement Productions shows Eliot Grossman, one of Mumia's lawyers during the period, discussing the legal and political dimensions of the case at a public meeting in Toronto on 8 June 2002.

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Andrew, 16.06.2007 10:58

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Mr. Heimrath is a Cruel Father

benson, 16.06.2007 07:12

I have ask some people in the town called Infanta they are dissapointed to this old man because instead he was the one to work for his family, his 2 children doing it for him... is it really fair?



Reprime el Gobierno municipal y estatal a compañeros de la organizacion "Dorados de Villa" y de "Red Unidos por los Derechos Humanos, A. C." en Ixhuatlan de Madero, Veracruz, Mexico, el dia 14 de Junio, 2007. Por la toma de tierras que al pueblo le pertenecen

Yes Men embarass ExxonMobil at Canadian petroleum industry conference

Press Release, 15.06.2007 21:57

Activist duo and sometime filmmakers the Yes Men recently infiltrated Canada's largest oil conference as keynote speakers and presented some proactive suggestions for protecting the industry

The Poverty-Education Link

Shelley Seale, 15.06.2007 20:02

He Should be in School For millions of children, daily life is simply a struggle to survive. The difference that an education, literacy and competence in English makes in the future of a child cannot be overestimated – especially a marginalized or vulnerable child.

In Plain Sight But Invisible

Shelley Seale, 15.06.2007 19:21

Railway children Millions of children in India live in the streets and railway stations; waves of people step over and around them every day without ever really seeing them. With no supervision of any kind and largely unprotected by adults, they are extremely vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Of all the vulnerable children they are the least hidden, in plain sight right out on the pavement or the train stations – yet they are perhaps the most invisible of all.

Bush using Darfur, Aids to salvage failed Presidency

James Opiko, 15.06.2007 18:35

Now that his legacy seems headed to the dustbin, and amidst intense pleading by the International community -- Bush suddenly cares? Do I think Bush is a bigot. No. I think he is part of a predatory, lying, devious and hypocritical system, an elitist system of government that doesn't really care about the poor, and whenever they seem to do, it is always with debilitating strings attached.

Bob Barker's Priceless Work for Animals

Bruce Wieland, 15.06.2007 18:29

Bob Barker is retiring but his work for animals will continue. For many decades, he has been a tireless advocate for all species.

The New Hampshire Debate - Recap of a Fear Mongering Feast

James Opiko, 15.06.2007 18:24

They threatened nuking Iran with tactical nuclear weapons, kicking out all immigrants. John McCain even insinuated that Bill Clinton started the Kosovo war, comparing it to erroneously Bush's "illegal" Iraq war. This Republican group offered nothing substantive in terms of policy, other than fear-mongering and the usual empty and predatory rhetoric.® Expands Services and Investor Relations Tools for Public Companies in Global Markets and Leading Sectors Including Renewable Energy Stocks, Energy Stocks, Mining Stocks, China Stocks and Water Stocks, 15.06.2007 18:00

Unique Investor Relations Showcase Highlights Company’s Technology and Story within Related Industry Sector in Audio Podcasts, Articles and Corporate Profiles

Dakota Region: America's Secret Chernobyl

Brenda Norrell, 15.06.2007 17:36

Uranium mining and nuclear contamination: Dark secrets in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming

An Introduction to Futures for Investors Interested in Futures Trading, 15.06.2007 17:11 Announces Expanded Investor Educational Resources – An Ongoing Audio Interview Series with optionsXpress® Building Knowledge on the Futures Market

Atlantic City police union running out of patience on promotions

LYNDA COHEN Staff Writer, Press of Atlantic City, 15.06.2007 17:03

Published: Friday, June 15, 2007
ATLANTIC CITY — Police need to have patience, but they also need leadership, according to the union president for the city's officers.

Chapter Zero

3D1on, 15.06.2007 15:51

the cockpit.png Chapter Six (7th)

Dennis Fritz The Other Innocent Man in John Grisham's &quot;The Innocent Man&quot; Writes Book &quot;Journey Toward Justice&quot;

Barbara Owens, 15.06.2007 13:20

Author Dennis Fritz Dennis Fritz writes his own story. Endorsed by John Grisham, John Grisham states on Jacket "Compelling and Fascinating".
A Companion book to "The Innocent Man",is "Journey Toward Justice" Author, Dennis Fritz.

Barbara's Journey Toward Justice Blogger Meets Authors Dennis Fritz and Edward Winterhalder Book Expo NYC 2007

Barbara Owens, 15.06.2007 12:18

Jim Riordan, Author Edward Winterhalde and Author Dennis Fritz After reading "Journey Toward Justice" by Dennis Fritz, I decided to join his Journey. To bring Public awareness of issues. Such as : Wrongful Convictions - Death Penalty - The Exonerated - Faith - The Criminal Justice System and The Innocence Project

carlo vive

anam, 15.06.2007 11:50

petition for g8 genoa


Coordinadora para la Prevención de la Tortura, 15.06.2007 11:49

La Coordinadora para la Prevención de la Tortura muestra su preocupación y rechazo a que el Gobierno español diseñe el mecanismo nacional en torno a la oficina del Defensor del Pueblo Español, porque el valor del nuevo mecanismo estaría devaluado si se atribuyen sus competencias a una institución ya existente y que no ha sido capaz de reducir los excesos de los funcionarios de fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad del Estado en el ejercicio de sus funciones.

time for a spear therw ameria --steven sea guall the destoryer is at stanford

ufo born, 15.06.2007 11:47

there is a destroyer at stanford-keys that start it brad pit helen of troy sin bad come out sid bad--pre asteriods era video games suff the laptops become sheilds leave isotoeping images of enemys in feild------------------------------------yeild to the god war hsips the bugsss---------attila

SINAI, imagen de rostro humano con &quot;cuernos&quot; en la foto de satélite

Ramon Ramonet Riu, 15.06.2007 11:01

SINAI IMAGEN DE ROSTRO HUMANO En las cimas del sur de la península del Sinaí, una foto satélite ofrece la imagen de un busto humano con dos cuernos. Este rostro aparece como otros de diferentes lugares sagrados, pero en el Sinaí incluso se distingue una forma de estrella de seis puntas, y uno de sus brazos toca la frente del dicho rostro.

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