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Peace movement grows in North Queensland, Australia

Byron Lawrie, 20.06.2007 05:48

Peace movement grows Peace Activists hold vigil outside Rockhampton military barracks.

“Semana de las Ciencias Sociales”

Juan Pablo Villarreal, 20.06.2007 04:11

En Villa María, provincia de Córdoba, República Argentina, se realizara del 26 al 29 de Junio, la semana de las ciancias sociales, la cual pretende "festejar" conjuntamente el día del comunicador, y del trabajador social.

Discriminación social, una moda que no pasa.

mjl, 20.06.2007 03:11

Este articulo habla de las actitudes discriminativas, que en una sociedad tan abierta y moderna como hoy, ya tendriasn que ser cosas del pasado.

WTC7 Security Official Details Explosions Inside Building

S. Watson, 20.06.2007 02:17

"The interview, to be featured in the forthcoming Final Cut of Loose Change is currently under wraps but the creators have allowed some details to leak purely to protect themselves and the individual involved who has asked to remain anonymous until the film is released.

While details remain scant for obvious reasons, we can reveal that the individual concerned was asked to report to building seven with a city official after the first attack on the North tower but before the second plane hit the South Tower and before their eventual collapse, in order to provide the official with access to different floors of the building."

Mortar rounds hit Baghdad's Green Zone: Today's real freedom fighter report

Not from zio-ciated Press, 20.06.2007 01:41

The following is an uncommonly honest description of an event in Iraq today. Enjoy.

Independent Lab Finds Medication Deadly to Pets in Unrecalled Pet Food

Don Earl, 19.06.2007 23:22

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) was found in 5 of approximately 150 pet food samples submitted to ExperTox, a Texas analylitical lab, by pet food companies and concerned pet owners. Quantities found in the samples ranged from trace amounts to levels sufficient to cause death in a cat with a single feeding.

Cynthia McKinney - speaks about possible 2008 Presidential Campaign - Harlem NYC

Craig Seeman, 19.06.2007 22:36

Cynthia McKinney, former Congressperson (D-GA) speaks about her possible 2008 Presidential Campaign in 2008. "It's not red and it's not blue" she stated. She makes it clear she has something "in store for 2008." McKinney has had close contact with the Green Party for a number of years and was conspicuously dressed in green for the event.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa closes City animal shelters

Ann Angeleno, 19.06.2007 22:10

In astounding news earlier this week the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services announced that they are basically closing the shelter doors to owner relinquished animals. Their rationale behind this move as per Ed Boks the General Manager is to "fine tune" "the population during the annual spring/summer crush of neonatal turn-ins." Read that, "we have no more room because we've been warehousing animals all year to keep our euthanasia rate artificially low to try to make me look good."

New way to represent material interactions

Martin Concoyle Ph D, 19.06.2007 22:08

This article provides an elaboration about material interactions, and subsequent system formation and stability, within an alternative language which is to be used for physical description. The new alternative language is based in discrete isometry subgroups, or space-forms, or “cubical” simplexes, along with new properties associated to metric spaces. Space-forms provide the hidden structure of both material and space. This article describes the differential equations and their solutions which describe physical systems which result from material interactions between (material) space-forms as well as interaction space-forms in space. It is outside the currently accepted dogma of what is called science today, just as Copernicus spoke outside the dogma of the official truth in his age.
Western societies have traditionally been centrally run and highly authoritarian states, claiming the virtues of liberty and freedom, but in fact these freedoms are mostly only for the privileged few. It is the control of information, most notably physics, which the few so jealously guard, because new ideas about physics can most disrupt their highly controlled “markets.” The “market of ideas as well as goods, must be under the control of the few, so that “knowledge” is always used for their own selfish advantage. This idea of controlling information has been instilled in the population, who worry about the ability of “the people” to determine the high quality of truth, related to the truth that the rich few have harnessed and controlled, and this truth must be carefully protected. This is often expressed in a belief in notions of excellence which the institutions, that are controlled by the rich few, claim as their own, ie excellence, it is claimed, is the exclusive domain of society’s institutions, universities, corporations and the media, which are all controlled by the very rich few.

amerikkkkkant's new bbad word &quot;the e word&quot;

gyme zender, 19.06.2007 22:05

free peoples secret &quot;headz r quarterz pitch hits!, you a preacher or a polutician???

Zahrah Hamid Sulttan Al-Kabi to Speak at PSU June 30th

Kim Tolomei, 19.06.2007 20:41

SUN sponsors two events:
(Students United for Nonviolence)
Iraqi refugee, Zahrah Hamid Sulttan Al-Kabi
June 24, 2007, 4-5 p.m. - Hear interview with Zahrah on KPSU, Rock and Street Talk, with DJ Jae Yslas
June 30, 2007, noon-1:30 p.m. - Speaking event in South Park Blocks behind Shattuck Hall

Iraqi refugee, Zahrah Hamid Sulttan Al-Kabi to speak at PSU June 30th

Jae Yslas and Kim Tolomei, 19.06.2007 20:38

SUN sponsors two events:
(Students United for Nonviolence)
Iraqi refugee, Zahrah Hamid Sulttan Al-Kabi
June 24, 2007, 4-5 p.m. - Hear interview with Zahrah on KPSU, Rock and Street Talk, with DJ Jae Yslas June 30, 2007, noon-1:30 p.m. - Speaking event in South Park Blocks behind Shattuck Hall

June 30, 2007, noon-1:30 p.m. - Speaking event in South Park Blocks behind Shattuck Hall

Hip-Hop Humanitarian combats Human Trafficking

Alyson Campbell, 19.06.2007 19:40

Mr. J Medeiros Hip-Hop Humanitarian, Mr. J Medeiros of "The Procuessions" is an eloquent hip-hop artist that is actually using rap for the opportunity that it is by standing up and saying something, primarily on the topics of women’s rights, human trafficking, and child pornography.

Mr. J struggles with hip-hop’s ability to paint women as gods, while simultaneously allowing a misogynistic attitude towards the female race. His soon-to-be-release solo album, “Of Gods and Girls” (7/24/07) demonstrates a consistency that respects women from start to finish. Currently, his music video for “Constance” has been rapidly spreading on YouTube; as it profiles a young girl who is kidnapped and forced into prostitution, and illustrates how Americans can and do play a part in this awful scenario.

Mr. J is on a mission to create massive social change. Soon, he will be implementing the “Constance Campaign”, a movement that will help victims of abuse band together while suggesting methods that can help to eradicate the problem, such as fighting to increase the sentencing for human trafficking worldwide.

Releasing the album on Rawkus Records (home to Mos Def and Talib Kweli) gives Mr. J some immediate legitimacy, but he’s about to break down some big doors and create a name for himself!

His goal is to bring human trafficking before the UN in the hopes of increasing what is no a very minimal sentence for this unacceptable crime.

A time for change in Ireland

jim travers, 19.06.2007 19:36

Who do we really blame?

Is youth the key to the spiralling increase in anti-social behaviour or has the youth of today just taken example from their peers and enhanced the problem to a modern 21st century process in destabilising society. Does the problem go back further than what we are prepared to accept and have we now come to a stage where we need to re-evaluate the way we cherish freedom and human rights.
We see AIDS as being a threat to human existence. We now see ASB as a threat to the stability of our society and subsequently human existence in itself.

Reviewing Michel Chossudovsky's America's War on Terrorism

Stephen Lendman, 19.06.2007 19:22

Exposing the war on terrorism as a cruel hoax

Reviewing Michel Chossudovsky's America's War on Terrorism

Stephen Lendman, 19.06.2007 19:03

Exposing the war on terrorism as a cruel hoax. Sound Off Empowers Investors with a Voice Online in New Audio Bytes, 19.06.2007 18:16

New Investor “Sound Off” and Investor Affiliate Program add to Stock Directories and Multiple Online Investor Tools and Resources at

Sergio Coser fue reelecto

Basso, Carle, Meiler., 19.06.2007 18:13

El radical Coser gano las elecciones en Hernando, con el 66% de los votos.

Creating Business Opportunities in Digital Music and Movies through Digital Watermarking Technology, 19.06.2007 18:03

Viable Business Models are being Created by Companies such as Philips, USA Video Interactive Corp., and Verimatrix, through Innovations in Content Protection and Profiled Designs Announce Launch of new Tilbury Industrial Park Directory and Online Community for Delta B.C., 19.06.2007 17:24, a leading global investor and industry research resource portal servicing investors and public companies and Profiled Designs announce the launch of the online directory and community for business owners in the Tilbury Industrial Park in Delta B.C.

Filmmaker Michael Moore Now Says 9/11 Could Be Inside Job

Infowars Network, 19.06.2007 16:01

"Moore brought up his lingering questions on 9/11, which are a clear departure from the 'government negligence' picture he painted in his film Fahrenheit 9/11 , released some three years ago."

And the VP was certainly in on it. That is why he is willing to burn the world now. World must stop him.

The Age of Atlantica: As Goes Mexico, so Goes the US and Canada

nn reader, 19.06.2007 16:01

The End of Sovereignty and Democracy Tolls for Upstate New York, Northern New England, Quebec and the Maritime Provinces, and, Soon, for Boston and NYC Too

putting christ into power not god but the natual phenmena

ufo born, 19.06.2007 12:31

tec tools-----stonehenge to bring lords of other relms onto stage---laptops leave isotoeping images of enemys in feilds medusa mintour bull ect--take place of sheilds--rainbow bridge closed going to have to open land based child thor thundar is war some guy on ship hemdal=---sunlight threw water creates rainbow thatsthe brige---tv on head pluged into world sid bads christ law

Fervor fills US war rally; crowds don't

BEN MONTGOMERY, 19.06.2007 12:23

"The "Florida Victory Rally" — put on across the street from the Hillsborough County Center by the local Community Issues Council, a Christian group, and national Vets for Victory - turned out about 60 people, and two dogs."

Protection of paedophile networks

Thomas Deflo, 19.06.2007 10:50

Paedophile networks with high ranking people do exist. In the article below, we will consecutively address Belgium, Australia and the United States. A common trait is the complicity of corrupt intelligence agencies to help the guilty maintain their cover.

Road to War Games Closed

Byron Lawrie, 19.06.2007 09:35

The road is closed Seventy Australian peace activists were stopped today on their way to oppose Australia-US war games


reenvio, 19.06.2007 07:47

Madeleine, una niña inglesa de 4 años, fue secuestrada el 3 de mayo de 2007


reenvio, 19.06.2007 07:40

Madeleine, una niña inglesa de 4 años, fue secuestrada el 3 de mayo de 2007

pink and black bloc at the pride parade, NYC, 24 june 2007

TP, 19.06.2007 04:51

Join the Radical Homosexual Agenda for a Pink and Black Bloc at the Pride
Parade on 6/24. Meet us at "Section 11" : Bi/Trans/Political Movement/

Look for us in pink and black signs and banners!

Priebke - Ex-Nazi gets work release in Italy

bb, 19.06.2007 03:50

Priebke pig
By FRANCESCO D'EMILIO, Associated Press Writer

A former Nazi captain serving a life sentence for war crimes took a motorbike to his lawyer's office Monday on a work-release permit, outraging Jewish residents and prompting Italy's defense minister to summon a military prosecutor for an explanation.

escuela militar de inteligencia

cia, 19.06.2007 03:49

enterence del vinculo del gral antezana y la oficial xiomara valdivieso

National Day of Action - Support the Lubicon Cree in Edmonton June 29th

Friends of the Lubicon Alberta, 18.06.2007 23:10


Edmonton, Alberta- June 29th, 2007 is a National Day of Action condemning the Canadian Government's shameful approach to long standing First Nations land claims.It’s time to give the Alberta government a taste of its own medicine. Join us on Friday, 29 June - Alberta Legislature – 12PM. We will publicly demand justice for the Lubicon Cree of Northern Alberta concerning three outstanding issues with Government of Canada and one with the Government of Alberta:

This Way Out: Lily Tomlin &amp; Boston's Dyke March

Overnight Productions, Inc., 18.06.2007 21:18

June 18, 2007: Comedienne reveals personal and performance secrets; marching queer women's issues forward. Plus rights win for Colombian couples, marriage equality splits Swedish government, marriage inequality loses in Mass. legislature, two dads adopt in Western Australia, Sao Paulo the Proudest city, more news.

Chavisme et anarchisme aujourd'hui au Venezuela

El Libertario, Venezuela, 18.06.2007 18:49

* Depuis les éditeurs "d'El Libertario", voici notre réponse aux habituels réquisitoires qui nous adressent souvent la droite rustique ou cette gauche pseudo-révolutionnaire du chavisme. Nous devrions/pourrions/aimerions dire plus sur ce thème, mais pour le moment nous condensons et actualisons ici l'essentiel de notre perspective, exprimée avant mais qu'y vaut la peine d'être répété.

Pozzuoli, Italia. &quot;Falling Down&quot;. Un giorno di ordinaria spazzatura.

fului robertwalser, 18.06.2007 17:09

Morning, hours 10. I exit to buy the newspaper. To 50 meters from the newspaper stand, I see an old woman

Tapping into the Long Term Potential of Solar Stocks, 18.06.2007 16:31 Investor Podcast “Shrewd Speculators” Provide Commentary on Investment Opportunities in Solar IPO’s and the Solar Chinese Markets


Xavi Solé (La Trintxera), 18.06.2007 16:26

¡¡El ganador será el que más se aproxime a suu.... Canon Justo!!! ¡Vuelve el mítico concurso de televisión ahora en la red! Siguiendo los pas os de gurús como Joaquín Prat, el colectivo La Trintxera ha creado el canon justo. Se trata de un concurso on-line donde el concursante debe adivinar el precio del canon digital que va a imponer la SGAE "para la protección de los derechos de autor" (o para aguantar un poco más un modelo de negocio que está en peligro de extinción). Realizado con una estética absolutamente casera, muestra que con muy pocos medios se puede hacer mucho, pero el canon encarece y dificulta el acceso a esta tecnología y el desarrollo social ¿Te quieres comprar una bobina de DVD's? ¿una cámara digital? ¿un disco duro? ¿Cuanto más estás dispuesto a pagar? El Canon Justo, un concurso satírico sobre el insulto que supone el nuevo canon digital. Entra y participa en

La Fatanuda alle tue Primarie

fatanuda, 18.06.2007 15:23 ridicolizziamo il gioco delle Primarie

par un jour du journaliste africain

Silvina Silva Aras, 18.06.2007 12:55

JOurnalists africaines, Republique Democratique du Congo, Radio Okapi, Journaliste assasiné

For an African journalist's day

Silvina Silva Aras, 18.06.2007 12:53

Journalists, Democratic Republic of Congo, Radio Okapi, murdered journalist, african journalists

Congressional Vote to Cut Funding for Controversial U.S. Army School Expected Wednesday, June 20, 2007 - Take Action!

SOA Watch, 18.06.2007 12:53

Congress Will Decide the Fate of the former School of the Americas this Wednesday - June 20, 2007

Por el día del periodista africano

Silvina Silva Aras, 18.06.2007 12:50

Periodistas africanos, Radio Okapi, república democrática del COngo, periodista asesinado.

Obscure Attacks on Iraq Mosques

Tanveer Jafri, 18.06.2007 12:40

Author Tanveer Jafri It is unfortunate that after blast on the holy places in Iraq, the groupism erupts. As a result of it thousands of innocent people are killed. Hundreds of Masjids of the Shiites & the Sunnies are damaged. In such circumstances, America gets a chance to show the world that circumstances don’t allow America to leave the place earlier. Now who is at the back of those attacks on the holy places? This unanswerable question stands as it was. And the present self styled guardian of Iraq again starts to plan new excuses, causes & conspiracies.

Venezuela: Youtube zensiert

Luigino Bracci Roa, Aporrea, 18.06.2007 10:01

Youtube hat mehr als 450 Videos über den revolutionären Prozess in Venezuela zensiert... aufgrund einer Beschwerde des spanischen TV-Senders Antenne 3.

Die Mythen über Biokraftstoff

E.Holt-Giménez, 18.06.2007 09:52

Sind Biokraftstoffe tatsächlich in der Lage den enstsprechenden Bedarf zu decken?- die Umwelt zu schonen? - keinen Hunger mit zu verursachen?- oder dienen sie vielmehr den Marktinteressen ihrer Lobby und bewirken das Gegenteil...

Barcelona police again surround, repress demo

p, 18.06.2007 09:51

On Sunday, 17 June 2007, about 300 people gathered in Barcelona to protest police repression, under a banner that read “la represió mai ens tallerá les ales,” Repression will never cut our wings. Shortly after the march set off, 450 riot cops surrounded it, permitted it to go two blocks, and bottled it up.

7/27-29 Richmond, VA: National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conf. Please Come!

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network, 18.06.2007 06:18

Yesterday We Marched, Today We Organized, Tomorrow We'll Achieve Our Dreams and Goals! Together We Build A New National, Broad-Based, Immigrant Rights/Civil Rights Movement!

Mr.Heimrath is a cruel father

Maricris S. de Jesus, 18.06.2007 04:03

Family Heimrath kept in EXILE in the Philippines for 21 years by the Germans for the father's human rights activities for Filipinos in his native country GERMANY, his youngest daughter murdered in Manila,the Pinay wife Zenaida B.Heimrath murdered by low life at Brgy. Manggahan , Pasig ,the son raped and kept in child trafficking,several lynchings , robberies this time under the leadership of Efren Altezza and Denis America a relative of the Mayor Filipa Grace America who showed their last acts of savagery of barbarians putting shame to our people.We agree Mayor with you that Filipinos do no bad things , you do not do believe that(statement made to Sir Joachim Heimrath during his arbitrary arrest by orders of the Mayor on December 11th,2006) as in Poblacion 38,Infanta under leadership of Brgy Tanod Denis America certain low life acted like the lowest life form humanity can produce.YOU MADAM ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW BUT ACT LIKE THAT.WE ASK THOSE THAT COULD NOT BE CONTACTED YET TO USE INTERNET TO SHOW WHAT THIS AMERICA IN POBLACION 38 IS DOING.CAN HE NOT KEEP HIS DIRTY FINGERS OF THE BREASTS AND PRIVATE PARTS OF OF SIR Joachim Heimrath's kids and the Pinay guardian of the family.Action for Solidarity in process are requested world wide .

Americans Unready to Revolt, Despite Revolting Conditions

Joel S. Hirschhorn, 18.06.2007 03:15

Americans apparently have given up on their government, but the power elites that control the government have brilliantly removed the rebellion gene from the population.

Bielorussia - Antifascista condannato ai lavori forzati!

bb, 18.06.2007 01:45

... Maksim Gubski 17 anni di Minsk/ Bielorussia, antifascista ed attivista di "Food Not Bomb" è stato recentemente condannato a 3 anni di lavori forzati per essersi difeso da un attacco neonazista verso la fine 2006.

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