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&quot;Heyday&quot; &amp; &quot;Nightwood&quot;

Overnight Productions, Inc., 02.07.2007 20:26

July 2, 2007: A novel depiction of New York City's lavender '20s; the lingering legacy of classic lesbian literature; queer pioneer Henry Gerber. Plus Canadian Anglicans ban queer couple blessings, Pride prospers in Europe and North America, top reggae singers swear off gay-bashing lyrics, ex-Exodus leaders renounce "reparative therapy," and more news.

Progressives Leave Google for Goodsearch

Elizabeth Shanklin, 02.07.2007 20:04

Google has solicited the dollars of healthcare profiteers in their fight against Michael Moore and the impact of his documentary, "Sicko." Progressives are responding online.

“Searching” for the Best in Green Cars, 02.07.2007 19:28

How Yahoo! Google and MSN are helping to promote the Green Auto Shift

Deteriorating Global Water Infrastructure Means Big Business for Water Sector Participants and Long-term Growth for Water Stocks, 02.07.2007 19:01 Podcast with Bill Brennan, President & Managing Partner of Aqua Terra Asset Management & Senior Portfolio Manager of the Praetor Global Water Fund, Discusses the Launch of the New Kinetics Water Infrastructure Fund

The Red Pill Vol. 5 No. 11

grand Junction Alternative Media, 02.07.2007 16:47

Youth Activist Assaulted; Police Blame Protesters
Who is the Freedom Fighter?
125 Years of Dissent; An Alternative History to the Grand Valley


anonymous, 02.07.2007 16:47

The CIA is worse than organized crime; it is hell personified.

A weather (disaster) report for July 2nd, 2007

Brent Herbert, 02.07.2007 16:32

Combined weather graphic, floods and fire I have decided to become a weather reporter for the day, just in case some people might not know what is going on.

Executive Directive: Cellphone Tech (blog)

3D1on, 02.07.2007 16:13

370630 iPDA.png previous (first) blog entry:

Some Outsider I-Phone Observations (republishing images)

Just Say AAA: PAUL KRUGMAN - Housing Bubble; FRANK RICH - Wider Cheney Plot +


KRUGMAN: The housing bubble, like the stock bubble before it, is claiming a growing number of innocent victims.

COHEN: Tax authorities in the United States and Britain have lost touch with the super-rich, as has most of humanity.


Boeing/Israeli spy towers aren't working at Arizona border

Brenda Norrell, 02.07.2007 15:00

Boeing and the Israeli company Elbit have built spy towers along the border, for Arizona's Apartheid Wall, which aren't working. Arizona residents, including those in Arivaca, are organizing to halt the government from spying on residents in their backyards.

The Killing Machine

FIDEL CASTRO RUZ, 02.07.2007 12:21

Reflections by Cuban President Fidel Castro

Delegado del Gobierno en Asturias impide a ex vice presidente del Gobierno visitar a los sindicalistas presos

Carmelo de Samalea, 02.07.2007 07:58

Francisco Alvarez-Cascos, ex vice presidente y ex ministro de Fomento no pudo visitar a los dos dirigentes sindicales presos por negarse el Delegado del Gobierno, Sr. Trevín a atender su petición.

Adding Insult to the Injuries of Corporate Globalization

Shane Ruttle Martinez, 02.07.2007 04:56

Media vilification of anti-Atlantica protesters at Halifax rally

Joachim Heimrath Family*Anne Franks of the Philippines ___LEX SED LEX____in Infanta , Quezon Province .......NEMO JUS SIBI DICERE POTEST... ?

Julius M.Pangalinan, 02.07.2007 02:51

Although the State Prosecutor and Authorities in Infanta , Quezon Province know that the Heimrath Family was violently attacked not even sparing the children the culprits are still free allowed to do their things threatening to kill the whole famile , shouting abuse et al what is the matter in Infanta , Quezon ? Do they want to allow them to murder them or tis Dennis America untouchable because he is a relative of Filipa Grace America , the Mayor of Infanta ,Quezon

Joachim Heimrath*Anne Franks of the Philippines _____Infanta,Quezon Province_____W*A*T*C*H.. Allegedly...P200 TWO HUNDRED PESO for absolution for child abuse cases on Brgy Level under Mayor of Infanta in Carmelite country

Mike S.Mercado, 02.07.2007 02:18

Until now child abuse cases have been solved in INFANTA , Quezon Province by Brgy seeing this as their monopoly as it is an open secret for allegedly P200 as representatives of human rights groups informed us via text even the Cath. D S W D of the Carmelite country in Infanta ,Quezon gave their cases to decide to the Barangays where certain of them ignorant of the law of the land made their decisions .This weird practice that ultimately denied the child its inherent human and legal rights rights and would be a disgrace to any country what is practiced in Infanta,Quezon

Massacres in Rio de janeiro, 02.07.2007 01:13

We, the people of Brazil that find unacceptable the governmental policy that, for the past two months has been directed towards the favela Morro do Alemão, under the excuse of combating drug traffic, want to invite you to take charge on this honorable cause.

al qi da ride dave sf im dave

dave, 01.07.2007 23:46

laptop leaves isotoeping images off all enemys in feild-------------third world kid vote machine--------tamogin------enemy without horse can be placed under bolts--by revesing unto fresh horses

marseille france exigeons la vérité sur la mort du petit nelson

no justice no peace, 01.07.2007 22:14

marseille lyon paris exigeons l'arrét de l'impunité policière

¿Que esta pasando en el ministerio de participacion popular en Venezuela?

la chispa, 01.07.2007 20:47

este articulo se escribe desde lo mas recondito espeiritud socialista y reinividicativo de los derechos humanos de la humanidad y el poder popular quien debe ejercer de manera intrasferible el pueblo, y en consecuencia la sociedad.

Pascal.Tesson: The Pride of Quebec

Bobby Meade, 01.07.2007 20:22

Although my account of Operation Desert Sabre lasted three days on Wikipedia, a Pascal.Tesson, an apparent Bush Nazi of Quebec City removed it. I guess that proves that Wikipedia is little more than the empty-headed reasoning of brainless Bush Nazis. Have this dumkopf try to refute one word that I have written and return what I typed for my End of Times submission for the Bible prophecy section of Religion 6/27. (cont.)

El Libertario # 50: alérgicos a la rutina, incordiando al poder

Colectivo Editor de El Libertario-Venezuela, 01.07.2007 19:43

* Ya es accesible vía Internet el nuevo número (julio-agosto 2007) del vocero ácrata de ideas y propuestas para la acción, que llega al medio centenar de ediciones reiterando el compromiso con sus objetivos de dar voz a la crítica radical, a la acción social autónoma y al ideal anarquista.

the tale of two courts

richard olivito, 01.07.2007 17:43

this is a brief inquiry for an interview...

this commentary is a follow up to a brief filed with the U.S. District Court in Cincinnati Ohio last fall
by a civil rights lawyer who was unfairly retaliated against
by the Ohio Supreme Court inside a state disciplinary hearing...

largely as a result of the Ohio Supreme Court's own serious and record breaking ties to corporate donors and special interests like FOP multmillion dollar insurance firms, like Vorys Sayers of Colulmbus...

....and this follows in part both national articles [one] found int he NYTimes...last fall from a very good investigative report...but who now..."has gone silent"

on this very same it relates to real litigants and real civil rights lawyers experiences inside of Ohio...

....and a national survey conducted by the New York University Law School's Brennan Center Institute

its a key issue as if affected everyone living in major and critical political bell weather states like Michigan and Ohio and Illinois and MIssisspi and Georgia and the State of Washington...

its a major major story...which recieves little if any true and derserving attention from the corporate media and main stream media

the first artile is entitled..."high court decisions follow the major campaign donors"

from Adam Liptak...

but my story is the more present and pressing and it concerns how this all relates to the real world of lawyering inside a state dominated by huge insurance interests and FOP special interests and their well funded major law firms...inside a critical and serious population center like political as it gets..

...its also a story of institutional racism of American of the first order...


Collective punishment in Baquba

General Joe, 01.07.2007 14:55

"They termed the operations 'collective punishment' in Baquba, the capital of Diyala province which lies 57 kilometres north-east of Baghdad."

When the Vice President Does It, That Means It’s Not Illegal: FRANK RICH; Tears on My Pillow: MAUREEN DOWD +


RICH: Another half-century could pass before Americans learn the full story of the secrets buried by Dick Cheney and his boss.


Chega de Massacres, 01.07.2007 11:51

Nota enviada por professores universitários, pesquisadores, acadêmicos em geral, se posicionando em relação à política encaminhada pelo governo do estado no Morro do Alemão nos últimos dois meses com vistas a combater o tráfico de drogas.

Para assinar esta nota, envie uma mensagem para informando seus dados (nome e instituição/movimento/ONG). No campo ‘assunto’, preencha ‘Chega de Massacres’.

European Union urged to pressurise Bhutan to resolve 17 years old Refugee crisis.

Ram BK Chhetri, 01.07.2007 10:46

A delegation representing National Front for Democracy in Bhutan (NFD) held very fruitful meetings with Mr. Robert Evans, Member of the European Parliament for London cum Chairman of the European Parliament’s South Asia Delegation and Mr. Jean Christian REMOND, European Commission’s Unit Head for India, Nepal and Bhutan at their respective offices in Brussels separately on Thursday the 28th of June 2007.

Sobresaturan relleno sanitario de Puebla; autoridades lo niegan

Por Diana López Silva, 01.07.2007 05:49

Reportaje del Relleno Sanitario de Chiltepeque, para verificar denuncias de grupos ecologistas sobre saturación de desechos, filtraciones de contaminantes a la laguna de Valsequillo y vencimiento de vida útil.

Military Execrcises in the Caribbean

55, 01.07.2007 01:58

Royal Dutch Navy vessel seen in the Netherlands Antilles Are the Dutch military and US military doing practice runs in the Caribbean to prepare for an invasion of Venezuela? Will they stage a false flag 'terror' incident to justify action?

Manifeste solidaire avec les anarchistes et les mouvements sociaux du Vénézuela

Internationale des Fédérations Anarchistes, 01.07.2007 00:01

Ce présent manifeste veut rappeller aux compagnons et compagnes libertaires du Vénézuela, ainsi qu'aux autres organisations sociales autonomes de base dans ce pays, qu'ils peuvent compter avec notre estime, notre appui et notre solidarité. Nos organisations et initiatives anarchistes dénonceront, dans la mesure de leurs possibilités, la démagogie et l'incohérence qui se cachent sous l'alibi de la "révolution bolivarienne", en activant les mécanismes d'appuis nécessaires à chaque attaque gouvernementale contre les aspirations concrètes de justice sociale et de liberté du peuple vénézuelien.

In the military, thinking of joining?

email, 30.06.2007 22:09

video of presentation at AFSC in Pasadena during 2002

Police protects, well... actually...supports Nazis in Rostock, Germany

benjamin walter, 30.06.2007 20:56

Today, 2000 policemen, from seven states, protected a Nazi demonstration in Rostock.

Marc van Roosmalen Ecologist Jailed in Brazil

UK, 30.06.2007 18:39

Rainforest researcher jailed

Executive Directive: Cellphone Tech

3D1on, 30.06.2007 17:39

370630 iPDA.png Background:
~ see images

I recall - so much so that most every time I review matters of economy, a daily discipline, the minor episode - when I used to visit a website called infoshoppe, where people who I might describe as often a cross between pseudomarxist and quasisocialist run under the '"aAnarchist"' moniker (adorned as a badge of honour, irrelevant to whether or not it is deserving (however that could even be measured, in the first place and in reality)), the apparent honest consternation amongst a number of commenters (this just before placing commentary to the website became a minefield of censoring of the likes that plagues dot-com's, Indymedia too) on the subject of economics. And, frankly, there was practically nothing on the website that met any interest other than commentation. So, you know here, crazy ideas like working theory, why money is even needed, or why we should even pay heed to economists. The comments, usually by those not belonging to the (it seems now to be rather chauvanistic, or perhaps just machismo (with undoubtedly a token fem, or better yet, gasp!, grrl or wimin, thrown in for good measure)) Clique of the webiste, brought out the mysterious matter I come to here. That perhaps the answer the to questions regarding economy, economics, and economists is... the question itself.

Podcast interview with Captain Ward Boston (USN, Ret.) about the USS Liberty

George Kenney, 30.06.2007 17:37

A rare oral history interview with Captain Ward Boston, former chief counsel to the Navy's Court of Inquiry into the June 8, 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. The Court white-washed the event, declaring it a mistake, but now Captain Boston says he believes it was deliberate and that there was a cover-up.

Die dubiosen Machenschaften des deutschen Vorzeigebürgermeisters der Europäischen Kulturhauptstadt Sibiu/Hermannstadt

Frank-Reginald Wolff, 30.06.2007 17:29

Am Montag kommt Horst Köhler in seiner Eigenschaft als Bundespräsident nach Bukarest und am Tag darauf auch in die Kulturhauptstadt 2007. Jedoch sollte er sich diesen dubiosen deutschen Vorzeigebürgermeister (der auch dt. Paßinhaber ist) etwas näher ansehen, bevor er ihm wirklich die Hand gibt. Dieser Klaus Werner Johannis war schon vor seiner Wahl zum Bürgermeister der 170.000 Einwohner zählenden Hermannstadt/Sibiu in dubiose Sachen verstrickt verstrickt, was man heute politischerseits versucht zu vertuschen – wie vieles im extrem korrupten Rumänien! Die größtenteils einseitigen rumänischen Medien spielen dieses Brainwaschspiel mit und berichten nicht über diese „alten Skandale“. Einzig die in Bukarest und Sibiu erscheinende Wochenzeitung JUSTITIARUL SIBIAN brachte in ihrer neuen Ausgabe den 1. Teil eines Kinderhandelskandals, in den Johannis und seine Ehefrau verwickelt sind. Die Kinder verschwanden nach Kanada und sind wie vom Erdboden verschluckt – man spricht von Organhandel... Am Montag erscheint bei JUSTITIARUL SIBIAN der 2. Teil und ich werde beide Teile für Herrn Köhler zwecks weiterer Untersuchung im hiesigen dt. Generalkonsulat einreichen und versuchen mit Herrn Köhler in Hermannstadt sprechen zu können. –


CESAR ACHING GUZMAN, 30.06.2007 15:49

“…ya es tiempo de que el tan mentado crecimiento del PBI se traduzca en beneficio de las mayorías nacionales,…”

forum &quot;appel au peuple&quot; à concarneau

paï, 30.06.2007 11:50

Après le 17 juin à brest le forum "appel au peuple" se tiendra le 15 juillet à concarneau.


Nico Souisa, 30.06.2007 09:04

Some 30 Moluccan sympatisers of the Republic of the South Moluccas were arrested by the Indonesian Densus 88 in Maluku provincial capital of Ambon on June 29, during the commemoration ceremony of the 14th Indonesian Family Day.

Reliable sources in Ambon/Moluccas have confirmed that the arrested persons were badly ill-treated by the security personal in Tantui.

Peace Tour 2007

Peace Tour, 30.06.2007 08:49

Tour for Peace When did Rock and Roll get a social conscience? Maybe it was always there, underneath the sex and drugs and party like there’s no tomorrow image, but nowadays whether it’s huge campaigns like the One Campaign or a big national tour like Van’s Warped Tour or smaller but just as strong campaigns like To Write Love on Her Arms, music is about being and doing more. And into this new consciousness steps a rising Los Angeles- based Indie band, China Room, fresh from being featured on the hit show “Prom Queen” and about to set out on the West Coast leg of their national tour.

'Traitor Psychology' Getting Expanded Role in DoD 'Deception-Detection' Training

Steve Peacock,, 30.06.2007 01:27

Assessing the "psychology of traitors" is among the numerous areas of expertise that the Pentagon's Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA) unit hopes to instill in its investigators and polygraph examiners.

[Paraguay] Cumbre de los Pueblos del Sur: FOTOS DE LA MARCHA

Publicacion y fotos por xaba, 29.06.2007 23:43

indymedia_paraguay_cumbrepueblos_marcha_001 Marcha multitudinaria, del dia viernes 29/06, para celebrar y culminar la cumbre internacional de los movimientos sociales.

Cumbre de Presidentes y Cumbre de los Pueblos del Sur en Paraguay

National Front for Democracy in Bhutan (NFD) appealed European Union for urgent help.

Ram Bahadur karki Chhetri, 29.06.2007 23:39

European Union was urged to put pressure on Bhutan to solve 17 years old Bhutanese refugee crisis.

[Paraguay] Cumbre de los Pueblos del Sur: DECLARACION DE ASUNCION

Cumbre de los Pueblos del Sur, 29.06.2007 22:41

DECLARACION DE ASUNCION (declaración final de la cumbre).

Are CPD contact cards unconstitutional

By; Ms. Beauty Turner, 29.06.2007 21:28

The Chicago Police officers are filling out contact cards asking for very personal information from low income residents that are living in the Dearborn Homes, as well as in other low income areas.
The residents in the Dearborn Homes wanted to know if these type of actions unconstitutional.


DarylToor, 29.06.2007 20:54

Cover Atlanta Author Publishes First Reader Interactive Novel

— Sequel to Popular “The Legacy” Invites Readers to Become Characters in the ongoing Series of Novels —

PRESS RELEASE - Hate crime against aboriginal community - PLEASE DISTRIBUTE

Claudette D. Commanda, 29.06.2007 15:33

On this day when we are to celebration the great and rich heritage and culture of the aboriginal peoples, we, the members of Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Algonquin First Nations, have become victims of a hate crime.

start petitie voor het behoud van de sociale zekerheid

sven naessens, 29.06.2007 13:22

Onze sociale vrijheden staan sinds 10 juni compleet op de helling

Saving Iceland Conference 2007 - 7 &amp; 8th July

Saving Iceland Collective, 29.06.2007 12:47

Aluminium Invasion of Iceland Global Consequences of Heavy Industry and Large Dams
Saving Iceland Gathering Saturday & Sunday July 7 - 8th, 2007
Hótel Hlíð, Krókur, Ölfus, Iceland



Los poderosos y no siempre objetivos grandes medios de prensa del Primer Mundo, han criticado la decision soberana del Gobierno de Venezuela de no renovar la licencia a Radio Caracas Televisión

L'opposition de Monsieur le Président et la loi d'autonomie des universités françaises

De ço qui calt ?, 29.06.2007 11:42

L'opposition de Monsieur le Président, à savoir, l'opposition de pure façade au service des grandes options de la politique du système, est déjà en place. Le Parti Socialiste a bien obtenu la présidence de la Commission des Finances de l'Assemblée Nationale française, et Jack Lang aide Valérie Pécresse à faire passer son projet de loi sur les universités. « Normal », car les universités et la recherche constituent un enjeu stratégique.

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